1 Full Pound of Wheat Pennies Assortment – 148 Unsearched Coins

1 Full Pound of Wheat Pennies Assortment – 148 Unsearched Coins

Yakibest.com: 1 Full Pound of Wheat Pennies Assortment – 148 Unsearched Coins : Collectibles & Fine Art
1 Full Pound of Wheat Pennies Assortment – 148 Unsearched Coins: Great assortment of unsearched wheat cents in average circulated condition. Most will likely be from the 1940’s & 1950’s but you will likely find some earlier dates too, as well as steel cents. Comes is a velveteen gift bag as shown. Who knows what you might find.

What are 1 full pound of wheat pennies assortment – 148 unsearched coins features?

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  • Pound of wheat pennies
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1 full pound of wheat pennies assortment – 148 unsearched coins details:

Package dimensions

5.6 x 3.6 x 1.3 inches

Item weight

10.4 ounces

Item model number

Pound of wheat pennies

Is discontinued by manufacturer



Pound of wheat pennies

1 Full Pound of Wheat Pennies Assortment – 148 Unsearched Coins AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 1 Full Pound of Wheat Pennies Assortment – 148 Unsearched Coins : Collectibles & Fine Art

Looking for specific info?

How can it be a pound of pennies with a shipping weight 10.4 oz?

Amazon description is wrong they create listings on this lot i weigh them up to make sure it’s at least 16 oz

Shouldn’t one pound of wheat pennies be closer to 181 instead of 148?

Shouldn’t be a decrepancy of 40+ pennies! Per pound! I buy copper pennies all the time and if i got ripped off by 40+ pennies every time i’d be ticked!

Why do people say unsearched???? When an educated buy and seller clearly knows this is false. Like the three fifty gallon drums found. Not true!!!!!!

Unsearched is a term used to say ‘they haven’t searched it’. When you buy 1000’s of wheat pennies and careless to go through them and only buying to sell them, then they are classified as unsearched. But yes, 60+ years after the wheat penny had been retired, i’m sure they have been searched by someone since then.

Are they real?

Yes. The lincoln cents in this bag are authentic ‘wheat back’ pennies minted between the years 1909 and 1958. The majotity of the coins are minted in the 1940’s and 1950’s with about 10-20% being pre-1940. Occasionally you may find a 1909 or indian head penny in the bag as well.

I gfound s penny dated 20089 is that worth anything

I’m assuming you meant a 2008 s or 2009 s penny. San francisco minted pennies for that year were only minted in proof sets. So its from a proof set that was opened. It’s not worth alot, but more than a penny

How can this be unsearched and you also know what the majority of the years are?

Hello, there are 1000s of wheat pennies. It is unsearched because when i buy hoards of wheat pennies i dump them in my giant chest of them. I drew around 200 of them tonget statistics.

How many pennies will i receive if i order one bag?

A full pound of wheat pennies is about 3 rolls. No less than 148 wheat pennies, but sometimes more when there are more steel 1943 wheat pennies.

What is the distribution of the pennies? On average, how many from the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s? Are there various mint locations? 1lb ?

1 lb is around 148 pennies, roughly 3 rolls.

Teens usually 3-5%
20s usually 5 – 10%
30s usually 5-10%
40s-50s 75-80%
indian head penny 0-2%

even distribution of p, d, and s

How many in a pound???????

16 ounces to a pound x 28.38 grams p/ounce (16) = 454 grams per pound. Brand spanking new a penny is 3.11 grams but yours had grubby little fingers all over them fot who knows how long- so lets guess they now weigh an even 3 grams, 454 grams (1lbs) divided by 3 grams should put you in the vicinity of 151 penny’s +/- a penny so lets just say you should of got 3 rolls. Like i said, you got jiped.

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Wheat pennies are worth about three cents each. How can anyone justify buying five dollars worth of pennies for $20? Am i missing something?

The wheat pennies are not found often in circulation. Some folks like searching for coins for their collections and this bag is a fun way of doing so.

Why haven’t you updated the title to match the item description informing the people that it is actually 10 ounces?


i am not sure about other sellers (because this listing is associated with multiple sellers) but i guarantee my listing is a full pound. 1 full pound is about 3 rolls (148 wheat pennies) to be exact.

1 Full Pound of Wheat Pennies Assortment – 148 Unsearched Coins AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 1 Full Pound of Wheat Pennies Assortment – 148 Unsearched Coins : Collectibles & Fine Art

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Decent purchase.

Product was delivered on time. Ahead of time actually. Other than there being more completely destroyed coins that are virtually unrecognizable than i would have liked it is a decent lot of old wheat cents.

5Expert Score
What fun (for families & beginners)!

I purchased this pound because my grandaughter was interested in the wheat back pennies issued in the era in which i grew up. A photo and tabulation (without regard to mint mark or condition) of the 146 pennies by year and decade is included above. We had tons of fun sorting them and remarking on those dates significant to our family. After reading other reviews, i might consider myself fortunate in the coins included in this pound. However, we are encouraged enough to purchase penny albums and order another pound.

5Expert Score
Always a surprise

I bought from this company several times an this exact product many times an i can honestly say i have always been happy never disappointed!

5Expert Score
Was pretty satisfied

Wheat back panties but there was a couple ordinary ones

5Expert Score
No complaints!

138 pennies. 58 from the 50s, 60 from the 40s, 14 from the 30s, and 6 from 1918. Just as expected from the reviews. Not a bad mix of coins about $1.38 worth.

5Expert Score
Finally an honest seller

Ive been a collector for many years. I normally dont risk getting coins from ebay or amazon as most dobt send what they say but with this seller im highly impressed. Although most were very worn with alot of doubles im still impressed. Would recommend these for any collevtor whether beginner or long timer looking to fill slots. 5 plus stars

5Expert Score
Very happy with purchase

Better than described by seller.

5Expert Score
Good deal on wheat penny's

I bought these penny’s for my wife she had a blast looking through all the penny’s found some that she didn’t have and couple nicer one’s than she has well worth the price you can sell some of them and make your money back and have penny’s left over recommend this package for every beginner coin collecting good start up collection

5Expert Score
Fantastic pennies!

Read a few reviews. They gave me thoughts that i made a mistake on buying the pennies so i asked for a refund before they were delivered. When they came in i was flabbergasted how great they were. These pennies were the best coins that i have ever bought in a long time. No complaints keep up the good work.

5Expert Score
Remember don't buy just for the 95% copper…

Because you get however many 1943 steel wheat pennies too, five in my order. Still that made this pile just short of a pound of copper pennies, though this is indeed pound of wheat pennies. Otherwise, the years or the variety i don’t much care about, mainly just the mostly-copper us-minted (well-known, recognizable) coins for future reference. The metal websites mark up copper way more, so for my purposes this was an okay deal.

4Expert Score
Not one penny below 1940

It’s an exited event going through each penny however after finished its very depressing to so one 1943 steel penny in almost unrecognizable condition. Also it seemed like every other penny was 1941 and not a single one before 1940. I wish there were a way to return just the 1941 for exchange only. Random pick by you.

4Expert Score
Great for a beginner coin collector!

This is definitely not un-searched like it states but if you’re a beginner and this is your first buy, it’s a good one. The other reviews are fairly accurate. Lots of 40s and 50s. I was just looking to fill a book quickly and i got about 2/3 of the way there.

4Expert Score
They were mostly 1940's and 1950's and i expected some to be from the 1930's

I like old coins but i was upset that there was only one coin from the 1930’s.
I used it to put in my collection and also to sell some.

4Expert Score
Pretty good

I ordered this for only $7.77 a bargain. It arrived a day early and was pretty happy to look threw it. I managed to get mostly 40s and 50s but also an 09, 18, 16, 19, 20, 27, 30, 36 and a 51 in almost perfect condition. I also received 152 coins more than advertised however i had only gotten 8 coins that were not in the 40s or 50s and i got 0 war time steels. I feel like perfect to buy if your looking for more to a collection for the later wheat pennies. I had hoped to of received more from the earlier dates but i am happy with the finds i did receive, although do not expect to find any war time steels as i did not receive any.

4Expert Score
Found some nice pennies !

Some of the pennies in this batch are in good condition considering the year it was minted , like the 1945 s its in really good condition , i could get my money back with just that penny ! Also found a 1956 d with a shadow d below , i guess this coin dealer has so many different coins to deal with that he overlooked a few , thank you i really enjoyed browsing through 1 full pound of wheat cents .

4Expert Score
Wheat pennies

Was as expected; pennies. Have not sorted yet. Don’t know if there are any that i need for my collection.

4Expert Score
Coins are not cheap. Be selective

Its about what one would expect from a low cost ,average quality coin set. Thankyou for adding to my collection… For the most part all items that i have purchased from amazon have been right on the money re: description and time frames… Thank you sgt m.g.flynn usmc

4Expert Score
Coins review

Just to let anyone know that is going to buy this 1 pound of ‘assorted’ unsearched coins this is what you will receive. From left to right in the picture is 2- teens, 5- 20’s, 7-30’s, 3- war time steel, all 43’s no d or s mints and as you see 90% 40’s and 50’s. In the fifty’s there was unusual amount 56d, 58d. I am satisficed with my purchase and it did help with upgrade to some of my coins.

4Expert Score
Slight mistake made

One of the wheat pennies was a regular 1959 penny but other than the one it was a perfect order.

4Expert Score

Me gusto la variedad de monedas!

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