(1 Skein) Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bulky Yarn, Fossil

(1 Skein) Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bulky Yarn, Fossil

Shop Lion Brand Yarn at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are 1 skein lion brand yarn wool-ease thick & quick bulky yarn features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Colorful yarn: each cake of this thick yarn weighs 6 oz. (170 g) and is 106 yd. (97 m) long—large cakes of soft, chunky yarn!
  • Yarn for crafts & clothes: make beautiful knitted or crocheted clothes, blankets, home decor, and more with our super-bulky yarn.
  • Fiber count: made from 80% acrylic and 20% wool and rated cyc #6 super bulky, this blended wool yarn is great for any craft kit.
  • Care instructions: this soft yarn can be dry-cleaned or is machine washable in cool water. It can also be dried at a low temperature. Do not iron.
  • Lion brand yarn: we are committed to providing high-quality yarn to both beginner and expert crafters.
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(1 Skein) Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bulky Yarn, Fossil AMAZON

Shop Lion Brand Yarn at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

Looking for specific info?

How many skeins for this price?

Don’t waste your money ordering these on amazon, walmart has this exact yarn for only $4.97!! The price this seller is asking is significantly more expensive! You can buy two of these at walmart for the same price this seller is selling one for!

How many yards per skein?

There are 590 yards per skein. Hope this helps.

What size of needles should i use for this?

Anywhere from us13-us19. Depends on the feel of fabric you want (stiff or drape-y), and how you knit (tight or loose). The smaller the needle and the tighter you knit will make a stiffer fabric. I used us15 for some cushions, but i also knit loosely, so my fabric stretched out a little once the cushions were stuffed. Hope this helps!

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How thick is the yarn, it does not say in the list?

The yarn has a thickness of 4 on the label. I’ve used it in the past and it almost feels like a 3

Is one enough for making whole scarf?

I made a scarf on 13 gauge needles that is 5”x70” and used 2 skeins with only a few feet leftover.

I want to make a blanket, crochet- how much of this would i need to make a adult size blanket?

Hello – this will make a beautiful blanket – you will need 10 – 12 balls – be sure to use a larger hook like an ‘n’ or a ‘p’. Gena hester, yarn designers boutique, toll free 888 538 2725.

Is this yarn suitable for making crocheted rugs?

Yes, this yarn would be suitable. I have not crocheted with it but it knits up beautifully. However, i do believe it will slide so you might want to put some latex backing on the finished rug. Hope this is helpful.

How long is each color section before it switches to the next color?

That’s hard to answer because each color may be slightly longer or shorter then thr next. I can say its not like variegated where the colors change every so many inches, these are long color lengths before they change to a new color. There are approximately 7 colors sets in each cake, so divide that by the total length of 590 yards and it will give you a very rough idea of each color. But keep in mind that not all of each color are the same length.

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Is this a multi pack

It says clearly 1-skein.

What’s the fabric content of this yarn? I can’t tell. Is it a wool/acrylic blend? What percentage of each? Thanks!

It is a wool/acrylic blend. Each color is a different blend. The most common on the colors i’ve bought is 80% acrylic 20% wool. On the wheat, it’s 86% acrylic, 10% wool & 4% other fabric. They are all listed a machine washable.

How much yarn do you need for a queen size blanket?

I’m using the yarn for a shawl so i don’t know how much for a blanket. It looks like it will take one whole skein to make good size shawl.

Where is this yarn made? China or turkey?

Some mandala are made in the usa and some in turkey.
None are made in china

What weight is this yarn?

The largo tweed is a #6 super bulky weight.
The skein is 4 ounces 64 yards of beauty.

Would this yarn be too thick for stringing fruit loops and cheerios on?

Yes it’s way to big, you’d need a size 3 for cheerios and a 4 for fruit loops. I don’t know the intent of use, but i do know my cereals

How many ounces in one skein?

I think 6-7 ounces

How many skiens needed for a throw

No one can give a definitive answer to your vague question. What kind of throw – knit or crochet and type of stitch used and what size – with flowing colors or managed colors? Lb mandala is a #3 (dk) wt yarn with 541 yds per cake/skein. When all those factors are known, do the math.

How soft is this? How many would take to make a shawl?

It’s soft, but certainly not cashmere. I made a very long scarf from this yarn but if you wanted to make a shawl, depending how many stitches you put on the needle, maybe 50 to 60, you would probably get a decent shawl from one ball.

Is the color change gradual? Did the yarn have. A lot of knots?

Yes, it’s a gradulittle color change. I have not encountered many knots in these yarns

How many yards is there

590 yards

What 110 yarm do you recommend for knitting a hat?

This question seems to be about how much yarn for a hat, but is unclear from the ‘what 110 yarm’. Does 110 refer to a certain length of yarn found in a ball, or the weight of the yarn? Please feel free to contact someone directly, or re-ask this question. As a very general guide: one ball of these yarns will yield a woman’s size medium-large beanie having a slight cuff. Hope this helps, morgan, allpointsyarndotcom.

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(1 Skein) Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bulky Yarn, Fossil AMAZON

Shop Lion Brand Yarn at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great yarn

I have made 1 hat and 5 scarves from this yarn and my mom loves her scarf. I made a hat and scarf for me and i’m so happy with them. They are so warm.

5Expert Score
Cool yarn for starters at a great price

I found a great deal on this yarn so i got 2 of them to make a slouchy beanie hat for my wife and she loved it.

The colors are awesome and brings more fun to your projects. The yarn size (6) makes it great for beginners too.

It is not the softest at all, but not the roughest either. It is extra warm indeed!


5Expert Score
Cute colors

I love the color scheme of this yarn. I am using it to make a blanket. I wish there was a way to choose lot number or color pattern when ordering, but found it easy enough to reorder myself with a seamless knot. It’s soft with little to no splits in the yarn. Although sometimes the color change can be a bit drastic.

5Expert Score
Soft, easy to work with

I am a beginner and used this in a crochet blanket. The yarn was soft and easy to work with and did not split, despite me needing to undo/redo stitches several times.

5Expert Score
My cat loves it so far.

I’m new to crochet. I’m using an n size hook and want to make a small blanket.
My cat is obsessed with this yarn, which is to be expected. I’ve decided i may as well make her a blanket with it.
It’s easy to work with, and it has a little stretch to it so for beginners, if you stitch a little right you are still able to get the hook through. (using prym)
it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway when compared to cotton yarn.

Highly recommend. The price is amazing, and you dont even have to support hobby lobby buying it.

Seeing the other photo reviews i wish i would have bought the one with more colors, but im gonna sashay and crochet away and order more soon.

5Expert Score
Nice thick and soft

This yarn is great to work into a quick hat for donations. So soft and warm.

5Expert Score
Separates as your crocheting or knitting

The yarn separates as your working with it.

5Expert Score
Very soft yarn and works up quickly

I liked the feel and softness. I made a shrug and it came out fabulously

5Expert Score
Awesome products

Always impressed with the quality

5Expert Score
Nice yarn with great color change

I love the colors. Dragon is the color i worked with. I made a granny square poncho. Now i am making one with the color brownie. This is the first time i used a thinner yarn and i love it. Very easy to work up.

4Expert Score
Great yarn but inconsistent coloring

I used this yarn for my very first crochet project and it was so easy to work with. It was the perfect thickness, it was large enough to easily see every stitch i made but not so large that it was hard to work with. I think this yarn is perfect for beginners like myself.
My one complaint is that the colouring is not consistent throughout each skein. I had somewhat underestimated how much yarn i would need so i had gone back and re-ordered another skein (same colour and name) and when it arrived you could see the colour was quite noticeably different from the other one i had previously bought a day prior. I went ahead and use it anyway because it was my very first crochet project so i didn’t care how it would look in the end as i was just trying to get the hang of things but i can see this being quite problematic if you were taking the aesthetics of your crochet project seriously.

4Expert Score
Soft bulky yarn

Hey y’all, this yarn is extremely soft. I did find it just a little difficult to use because it separates a little during use. Once i figured out how to handle it, it was fine – it just takes a little patience. I paired it with some bulky yarn i had and made some adorable hats.

4Expert Score
High quality

Was beautiful and soft i made a beanie for my daughter loved how it came out

4Expert Score
1 fault

Very nice and soft. The yarn is pretty thick.
The only thing i’m upset about is while rolling the yarn into a ball… There’s a knot near the end… I did not expect a skein of yarn to be knotted

4Expert Score
Need to buy washers

I love the way they look, easy to install.

4Expert Score
Beautiful stripe colors

I love the purple and blue stripes! Not a soft yarn feels more like red heart and unfortunately the dark purple bled all over my hand while crocheting. This picture is just one skein of the yarn. I would buy again because i love the colors and is also a good beginners yarn.

4Expert Score
Super soft, works up fast

I love this yarn, but lion brand kind of missed the mark with the colors. Tastes differ, but most of them don’t appeal to me. (i suppose that’s good for my wallet.) the salem creek (near-black, grey, and spots of pink) is beautiful. Planning to try durham woods, key largo tweed, and huntingdon foliage.

One of the softest yarns i’ve ever worked with, and it’s washer/dryer safe! At this size (cyc 6), it works up fast. I’ve made 2 scarves in a broken rib pattern on u.s. 13 needles; the male recipients love them. If you’re a tight knitter, it is possible to split this yarn, so watch for that. At 81 yards, there isn’t a lot here, so check your gauge and make sure you bought enough yarn. If you’re going with a cable pattern, you’ll definitely need more than you might think at first.

This particular seller has a great price. I saw another listing for a 3-pack that was $10 higher.

4Expert Score
A little more costly than a hobby store, but much easier to find.

It costs more on amazon, but you can find the colors that you want.

4Expert Score
Very soft

Need to use an 8mm hook for crochet.

4Expert Score
Very soft but not accurate to picture

The yarn is very soft and a joy to have a final product from, but the several-threads-in-one-strand style can make it difficult to work with. Partially because the hook (or knitting needle) can too easily be inserted in the middle of the strand, and also because the strands can unwind a bit through the natural twisting of the yarn counter to how it was spun. The latter problem does not tend to show in the products though.

Also the given picture clearly shows the yarn to have a somewhat dappled or variegated color, but the yarn i received from both shipments were one, solid color. A pleasing color, but not the colors plural i was expecting.

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