1080P Light Bulb Camera, Wireless 2.4GHz WiFi Home Security Camera, 360° Surveillance Cam with Motion Detection Alarm Night Vision Light Socket Camera(Included 32G SD Card)

1080P Light Bulb Camera, Wireless 2.4GHz WiFi Home Security Camera, 360° Surveillance Cam with Motion Detection Alarm Night Vision Light Socket Camera(Included 32G SD Card)

Yakibest.com : 1080P Light Bulb Camera, Wireless 2.4GHz WiFi Home Security Camera, 360° Surveillance Cam with Motion Detection Alarm Night Vision Light Socket Camera(Included 32G SD Card) : Electronics
1080P Light Bulb Camera: 1080p light bulb camera, wireless 2.4ghz wifi home security camera, 360° surveillance cam with motion detection alarm night vision light socket camera

What are 1080p light bulb camera features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Easy installation: this light bulb camera can be installed using a normal e27 bulb base, then open the mobile app and follow the manual settings to use.
  • Hd 1080p: the wireless wifi camera uses 1080p high-definition resolution to provide you with a clear picture, open cloud storage or insert sd, it will save the historical video.
  • Motion detection and real-time alerts: the 360° degree bulb camera uses a high-sensitivity motion sensor, once the camera detects the motion of an object after connecting to the internet, it will record the motion and notify you through the app.
  • Night vision: this surveillance camera can control the viewing angle through the app, you can view it remotely anytime and anywhere through the app (ycc365 plus), even in complete darkness, you can view clear images.
  • Two way audio function.you can communicate with other people through this light bulb camera.
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1080p light bulb camera details:

Package dimensions

6.89 x 3.27 x 3.11 inches

Item weight

9.1 ounces

Item model number




1080P Light Bulb Camera, Wireless 2.4GHz WiFi Home Security Camera, 360° Surveillance Cam with Motion Detection Alarm Night Vision Light Socket Camera(Included 32G SD Card) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 1080P Light Bulb Camera, Wireless 2.4GHz WiFi Home Security Camera, 360° Surveillance Cam with Motion Detection Alarm Night Vision Light Socket Camera(Included 32G SD Card) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Is this waterproof (will it do okay in an exposed, outdoor light?)?

Well we have one on our back porch that is screwed in sideways and it’s working fine… No problem. Then we had one in a light post straight up and it got fried. Both are outside in the weather just positioned differently. I hope this helps.

Does this work with 120 volt system?

You screw it into a light socket… I don’t know if that answers your question or not.

Is this electrical or battery operated?

Electrical you screw it in

Hi can the cámara be use outdoors?

Yes on the exterior of your house light that is wired. Instead of screwing a regular lightbulb you screw the camera lightbulb in. It will turn as it picks up movement. I wouldn’t recommend this brand as it never stayed attached to the app on my phone and i was forever having to take a picture of the code bar on the back of the camera & reconnecting it. Didn’t work out for me. Looks easier than it really is.

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Does it come with a plug if you want to leave it on a table instead?

No you screw it in like a light bulb

Does it run on 220v?

As long as you have a light socket that can handle a regular bulb, this should have no issues running as long as you leave the light switch on.

Buen día, funciona en 220v?

Buen día,está cámara es para 120v corriente alterna. Espero poder ayudar.

Are the instructions in english and downloadable as a pdf file?

Yes they’re in english but don’t know if it’s downloadable

What is the lowest temperature this will function at?

I don’t know the lowest but where i had mine is at the garage door outside, the afternoon sun would hit it and it stopped working after 3 months

How many inches in height is it

I am not sure. May e that info is in the description

Can this camera handle marine environment?

It’s not waterproof. I live in a semi tropical environment and it’s fine.

Can you turn the motion detection light off?

Yes, as a matter of fact, i turned mine off because i have a 2nd light switch under my carport so it still picks up everything

I set the camera to record ‘continuously’ on the ‘selected’ and formatted sd card. Why does it stop recording as soon as i leave the app? Thanks!

Not 100% sure why it stops recording when you close the app. But i do know that it will only record if anyone crosses the cam. It works with motion. In my opinion it’s best to only record when something is moving near the cam. No point of recording only what the cam pucks up if you understand what i’m saying.

Can its alarm be turned on and off??

Yes the alarm can be easily controlled with the mobile app.

Does this camara work with tuya smart app?

When opening up the box and starting to try to link it to my wifi it seems to be missing a plug to plug into a outlet to start the process but couldn’t set it up so it was a waste of time for me personally.

My light fixture the light bulb would have to be base at bottom. Would it still work. How is distance of cam? The light bulb fits from top to bottom n

As long as the shade of the lamp doesn’t cover the camera, it will work. I don’t know exact distance, however, mine is under the carport and see all the way to the road

Does it work with the tuya smart app?

Yes it does that’s what i use

Can the app be installed on more than one phone at one time?

Yes, we access the camera through the app using multiple phones.

Is mobile app for ndroid?

The mobile app is for android and apple devices.

Why my camera each time i scan the barcode and it start to connect it failed to connect

We had same problem what i did is i put my phone up to the camera and put phone camera on scan bar it took a couple of tries you may have to keep fixing the camera and also restart the app as well

1080P Light Bulb Camera, Wireless 2.4GHz WiFi Home Security Camera, 360° Surveillance Cam with Motion Detection Alarm Night Vision Light Socket Camera(Included 32G SD Card) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 1080P Light Bulb Camera, Wireless 2.4GHz WiFi Home Security Camera, 360° Surveillance Cam with Motion Detection Alarm Night Vision Light Socket Camera(Included 32G SD Card) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Put my mind at ease.

I got these for my daughter and her family that moved out of state where they have no family local at the moment. We got them all set up and working. We really like that they can turn and are not just in a fixed position. She can talk to the kids if she needs to, or guests at the door. They really put my mind at ease knowing they can check the house without opening any doors.

5Expert Score
Two for the price of one!

This camera is amazing with its great pic and 360 degree view! And you don’t have to pay for cloud storage. Easy peavey installation…just screw into fixture, download app, & sync! Didn’t need my husband to install!! A++it does store video up to 3 days for free! Now i am able to see if there is anyone in my driveway or even messing with my garage! Should have bought this a long time ago!

5Expert Score
Multiple ways to get it connectioned!

These are amazing, you are able to get cloud storage for them! They come with a sd card, the audio is great motion tracking works great. Also the night vision is crazy good. I use these in my house they let me talk to my wife and dog while at work. Customer support is also great and fast if needed. I highly recommend

5Expert Score
It’s awesome works great

I like this a lot it’s motion and sound detection works great once you set the sensitivity and it will send you alert messages. I can check my cameras from work 30 miles away from my phone anytime. Awesome cameras.

5Expert Score
A worthy product!

This is a really cool camera, i love it! I mainly got it for in house. Lately i’ve been having a problem with one of my dogs eating up all the cats food! I have 3, so i can’t blame all of them and this was gonna bust one of them. So this new security camera, it is super easy to install and control with an app on your phone. Immediately after the install…..low n behold, as i’m sitting in my bedroom i saw an alert, look at my phone and bam busted! I found the culprit. Funny part was when i spoke through the camera(because u can) i yelled out, busted, i got you! She was like huhhhh, what, not me.
– what is really super cool is it follows movement unlike the other cameras i have bought. So that’s how i caught my dog. It followed her!!! Seriously, that’s pretty cool.
– it would be great for outside. It has a very bright light that come on with movement. Easy to set up!
– i see quite a few on this site being sold that look alike. This one i ordered right through amazon and got it in 2 days, how can u go wrong and with their return policy it’s a no brainer!
Definitely going to get a few more!

5Expert Score
Amazing camera at inexpensive price

I decided to try this product after doing some research. Installation was easy, although i had to order a replacement after the initial item had failed to scan the code for setup. Once the installation is complete, you can immediately see the clear images the camera captures. You can aim the camera at different angles. The cool thing is with intelligent tracking turned on, the camera will follow anything that moves and captures images on sd card, if there is one. I use a 32g sd card that came with it and was told by customer service that a 32g card can probably record for 10 days, which should be good enough without subscribing for the cloud storage. By the way, the customer service is highly responsive. Overall, i will recommend this product!

5Expert Score
Great and reasonably priced product.

Used this product in an enclosed area and will place on outside porch. Great alternative to other surveillance we have.

5Expert Score
These work perfectly

These are awesome. I put one by my front door and one by my back door. The video is very clear and they work as described. I’m glad i got them.

5Expert Score
Security camera

Good quality and excellent pictures during day time and night time.

5Expert Score
Great product i need one for my backyard it works great

I got for my backyard and it works great can see my whole back yard great product

4Expert Score
Great camera for price

I have to say i have been buying wireless cameras for years and this one is pretty good. Connection is good quality is good and it is very responsive. It has intelligent surveillance that follows motion pretty well. I have to say even to try a camera if you are unsure for the price you cant go wrong. I believe the best cameras to have are wired which i have at my home, all wireless cameras are ok but wired is the best. But this camera shocked me really good camera for the price. I ended putting in an area my wired cameras have no view and it worked out perfectly. Easy set up, easy app and they give you the option of cloud service you have to pay for or memory card with no monthly fees what other camera gives you that. Most companies want to sell you a crappy camera so you buy their cloud service. Don’t over think this one it does exactly what it says it does. If there are really poor reviews on this camera it is because some people never had wired cameras before or just do not have the tech abilities to set it up.

4Expert Score
Works well enough for a decent price

It was very difficult to pair. I was almost ready to return. But i persisted and i successfully paired the device to my home network. The picture quality is great. Panning the camera sensor works well enough. I keep it on all the time and so far, it hasn’t lost connection to my router. I have this mounted as my porch light outside.

Tried the free cloud storage and it is actually very useful. But when it expired, i think the $5/month or $55/year (current prices) is high for what i need. The sd card is good enough for me when it captures based on my alarm settings. The motion detection is a bit too sensitive even at low sensitivity.

Overall, priced decently and works well enough if you can manage to pair it to your network.

4Expert Score
Love i can watch my dogs inside and my horses outside while not at home.i

I like i can see my animals inside & outside. Also knowing if someone shows up as well.

4Expert Score
Easy to install

Very easy to install, but connecting to wifi to camera took forever. After connecting to wifi everything is worth it! Night vision and picture quality is clear. Motion detection is good to but at night it will follow all the bugs and detects the table is a person.

4Expert Score
Works as expected

Works as expected. A bit difficult connecting to wi-fi.
Once connected works just fine.

4Expert Score
I couldn’t use it my wi-if was not strong enough to work for me

I want to use it for my house whenever someone come walking up to my door and whenever i order from amazon

4Expert Score
Not easy to install but..

It’s not easy to install, but worth the battle you have to get it up and running. We loved this camera so much we got another one for our backyard! The video quality and night vision is good. We are most happy we don’t have to drill any holes or running any wires to keep it charged. We feel safe leaving our home knowing these cameras are up. I would recommend buying one if you haven’t. Having some patience with the installing is key.

4Expert Score
Nice camera!

For the price of this camera, you can’t go wrong. The only reason i would give it 4 stars and not 5 is the ‘speed’ of capture. (this may also be an internet connection issue) if someone is walking quickly through the ‘frame’ the camera may only pick up a glimpse of the subject. (almost like a ‘lag’) overall, i would recommend the camera for its; function, quality, and easy of installation.

4Expert Score

Camera was easy to set up with simple online visuals

4Expert Score
Super easy and great price!

I was pretty skeptical that these would meet my expectations. I am happy to say, i was pleasantly impressed. The installation was pretty easy. Once you get them connected to your app and wifi, they were a breeze. The rotation and picture quality is great! Honesly, a awesome little camera for the money. We bought 2!

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