10×42 Ultra HD Binoculars with Phone Adapter and Harness – 24mm Large View Eyepiece, Edge-to-Edge Sharpness, 6.5° Wide Angle Field of View – Lightweight Waterproof Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting

10×42 Ultra HD Binoculars with Phone Adapter and Harness – 24mm Large View Eyepiece, Edge-to-Edge Sharpness, 6.5° Wide Angle Field of View – Lightweight Waterproof Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting

Yakibest.com : 10×42 Ultra HD Binoculars with Phone Adapter and Harness – 24mm Large View Eyepiece, Edge-to-Edge Sharpness, 6.5° Wide Angle Field of View – Lightweight Waterproof Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting : Electronics

What are 10×42 ultra hd binoculars with phone adapter and harness – 24mm large view eyepiece features?

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  • 【ultra-high-definition binoculars】 advanced fully multi-coated binoculars with 20mm bak4 prism give you better light transmission to bring optimum brightness. Dielectric coating & phase coating binoculars provide bright, clear, color-accurate images in most lighting conditions.
  • 【free of distortion binoculars】 flat field of view tech eliminates almost 99% distortion, the binoculars offers unprecedented edge-to-edge clarity and sharpness, which can be particularly important for capturing the best image.
  • 【24mm large eyepiece binoculars with wide fov】equipped 24mm large eyepiece, the binoculars provide a more comfortable and large vision. Combined with wide field of view (347 feet at 1000 yards), the binoculars take the viewing experience to the next level.
  • 【lightweight binoculars, magnesium chassis, ipx7 waterproof】magnesium chassis gives you the strength of a metal chassis while reducing the weight as much as 35%. Nitrogen purged increase the waterproof stability. Ipx7 waterproof makes daily use be guaranteed.
  • 【binoculars with harness & case】with the quick release binoculars harness, the weight is taken off your neck and evenly distributed across your back through the ‘x’-shaped design of the strap. High-capacity binoculars case can house your binoculars and protecting them while keeping them close at hand.
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10×42 Ultra HD Binoculars with Phone Adapter and Harness – 24mm Large View Eyepiece, Edge-to-Edge Sharpness, 6.5° Wide Angle Field of View – Lightweight Waterproof Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 10×42 Ultra HD Binoculars with Phone Adapter and Harness – 24mm Large View Eyepiece, Edge-to-Edge Sharpness, 6.5° Wide Angle Field of View – Lightweight Waterproof Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Are these good for bird watching?

I bought mine because the optics are utilized the full width of the lens with minimual distortion. With the 70-inch photography kit gifted by the vendor, i have taken a lot of wonderful birds pictures.

How do these binoculars compare to vortex diamondback?

Scoopx is superior to vortex and athlon in whatever optics, quality and customer service based on my purchase experience and extensive use. Trust me, you’ll find out after your comparison.

How do the binoculars perform in hunting?

As a advanced hunter, used these in my hunting week, the image is sharp and bright, and they worked great in low light conditions. The wide field of view should really help you find something moving in the wild as well. Perfect for hunting. Hope this help.

Do these work with galaxy s20 phone? What is their direct website to get more information?

Works with my galaxy note 9

Can a neck strap be purchased to fit?

There is a neck strap in the package. You needn’t purchase another.

The eyepiece shown 24mm, but on the box shown 16.7mm. Can you tell me which is correct?

By the way, the lager eyepiece diameter, the large view you will have, and more comfortable view you will have.
The eye relief means the best observing distance between your eyes from the binoculars eyepiece. 16.7mm long eye relief enable people who wear glasses will have the best observing distance without rotating the eye cups, and ensure people who does not wear glasses to have the best observing distance with the eye cups rotated.

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Tiene vision noturna??

Low light vision, no nightvision

Where are these made?

Made in china. Designed in california.

Do these binoculars use lenses that are made in china or japan?

I’m not 100% but, i believe japanese glass. I think they are rebranded athlon midas. They are super clear and bright.

Is phone adapter shipped separately?

The phone adapter will come with the binoculars. If you didn’t receive the phone adapter, please contact us, and we will arrange one to you immediately.

Is it possible to run a belt through the case to wear with the case on your waist

No not on the actual case but comes with bino harness for chest

Can these work with an iphone?

Yes, they can. Mine is an iphone 12, but i believe it is compatible with most brands and models. You just need to adjust the adaptor to make sure the phone and binocular lens are aligned.

Do these have better optics than my nikon action ex 10 x50 binoculars?

Your 10x50s will be better. I’d recommend against buying these. The reviews are very suspicious (check reviewmeta/fakespot) and the images are misleading nonsense. If you’re looking for a new set, buy from a reputable company like athlon, vortex, nikon, etc.

Can you use for football games as well?

These would be perfect for a football game. Wide field of vision and great zooming

Would these be good for whale watching from the shore? And what is the warranty?

Yes, i think they would work quite well. Sharp, bright viewing is what i see. Built well with ease of adjusting eyepieces. I am most happy with the ones (yes, two) that i bought. And great customer satisfaction.

Can you focus to 50 ft away for close ups of nearby birds?


What is the close focus for 10×42 uhd scoopx binoculars?


Do these binoculars fan out or are they stationary over the bridge of your nose?

They do fan out and are of great quality, i even purchased a second pair.

10×42 Ultra HD Binoculars with Phone Adapter and Harness – 24mm Large View Eyepiece, Edge-to-Edge Sharpness, 6.5° Wide Angle Field of View – Lightweight Waterproof Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 10×42 Ultra HD Binoculars with Phone Adapter and Harness – 24mm Large View Eyepiece, Edge-to-Edge Sharpness, 6.5° Wide Angle Field of View – Lightweight Waterproof Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Very nice image quality for the price

I really like that they came with case harness combo

5Expert Score
My son loves these!

Such a great pair of binoculars for hunting.

5Expert Score

I couldn’t believe the clarity! So nice to be able to see into the distance.

5Expert Score
Amazing bins

I had been looking for a new pair of binoculars to get before birding season starts in our area and was planning on getting a pair of leupold’s and these popped up on amazon, i’d never heard of them. Did some research on some review sites, and these where consistently getting great reviews, top 5’s, for the price range. So with the lifetime warranty in figured i’d give them a try. Just got them yesterday and for me, these binoculars are fantastic, i’m amazed at the clear crisp images. My friend has a pair of swarovski that cost over $4000.00, and as far as daytime clarity these scoopx are just as clear at a fraction of the price. I don’t know how the leupold’s would have been, but i can’t imagine they could have been better then these.
I figured the phone adapter would be a little cheesy and gimmicky, but it’s very high quality and does an amazing job. The 1st picture that i took using it, is of a downy woodpecker about about 15 ft. Away taken thru my picture window. Can’t wait to use it outside.
I’ve never used an over the shoulders type harness before, but this is extremely comfortable and with the case attached it gives the binoculars great protection if needed.
All in all, at the price i paid, for the quality the the entire package, and the lifetime warranty, i almost feeling guilty, almost that is. Thank you very much for such a quality product. 5 stars all the way.

5Expert Score

I bought these to watch wildlife, they are awesome. They absolutely destroy my cheap bushnell $50 binoculars.

5Expert Score
Excellent choice for binoculars in the same price range! The optics are great!

Excellent pair of binoculars when compared to others of the same category. The delivery arrived very timely, and packaged very well. The pouch does have a zipper system and the binoculars are some extra ounces, possibly due to the magnesium materials used adding some extra weight so do what you must to have them at the ready. In a way, i don’t mind my binoculars a little extra weight since i usually hold them more than place in harnesses. The binoculars themselves are excellent.
I’m an birdwatcher who also do a lot of hiking in all kinds of weather, so i was particularly impressed by the waterproof material as well as slip resistant during hot days.
The harness can free up your hands while hiking. I’m a tall person and the one size fits all feature is great, however, only worn at midsection rather than at the neck.
As far as optics, i’ve actually owned pairs of nikon, bushnell, vortex, and zeiss, and i find this pair impressive because it is very well priced and delivers crisp, sharp, images with the right amount of color and i can see the details between birds and the surrounding foliage very well to the point i would take this either on hiking trails (they’re actually a fine size and weight so they won’t get in the way of things) or even to birding events where it is imperative to have excellent binoculars to see the unique features (field markings) on birds for proper identification. I’ve gone birding before with a couple of very accomplished ornithologists, and i wouldn’t hesitate to wear this pair when i bird with them, i might just keep it in my hands and forgo the harness and pouch. The scoopx’s are designed well for proper clarity at daybreak and sunset (best times for outdoor activities involving looking for birds). I am very glad to have a pair of scoopx binoculars. (they also look great and my young child is dazzled by them as well and i’ll enjoy teaching about birds while using these).

5Expert Score
Superb value – great construction, good ergonomics, high quality optics, ok design

I bought this as a spare pair for bird watching based on the good reviews about its optics. My other pair is zeiss victory ht (really high-end), and to my surprise, this pair compares very well against it.

Build quality: very sturdy yet still light-weight. I actually think this one is sturdier than the zeiss. I can depress the rubber on the zeiss at one spot but nowhere for this pair.

Ergonomics: the scoopx handles very well, the amount of resistances for all the adjustments are just right. There are 3 stops for the eye-cup adjustment, which is not usually found in bins cheaper than $500.

Optics: i don’t know what it is, but the scoopx performs *much* better than the average bak-4 prism bins. Not exactly as sharp as my zeiss, but it’s not far behind. I can easily see details and textures of bird feathers, like those little eye-ring feathers, if you know what i’m talking about. When viewing against a light source, there’s barely any color fringing; flare and ghosting are also very well controlled. No bins are as clear on the edge as at the center, the scoopx is no exception, but the edge clarity is very impressive. I wouldn’t notice it if i wasn’t thinking hard about it.

Design: this is where it could lose a star from me. Some people may like it, but i don’t. It looks just a little bit too industrial and lacks a touch of nature for uses like bird watching. Well, i don’t care about design that much so i’m still happy to bring this one outside and enjoy it.

Value: though i don’t have side-by-side comparison with many other bins, i have used many bins in the past and i can confidently say that this one can easily match the value of a $500-$800 pair on the market.

5Expert Score
No regrets. Would buy again.

I was totally expecting to ‘get what i paid for’, but i’m very happy with my purchase and i recommend them wholeheartedly.
It’s been over a year since i bought these and they’ve spent most all their time in my van’s center console. They’ve sat there in the console all winter through the bitter cold and all summer through the extreme heat. The optics are still exceptionally clear and as ‘wow!’ as the day i got them. Still waterproof and fog free. Would not hesitate to buy them as an awesome gift for someone special (or for myself if i had to do it all over again!).

5Expert Score
Husband's new favorite toy!

We’ve had a cheap set of binoculars for years now. I got this new pair to hopefully improve our bird watching experience. Boy, these are sooo great! Much more vivid detail, and more adjustable. Now i want a pair for myself! The case pack is a great addition as well. We take them on all our walks now!

5Expert Score
Worth every dollar!!! The best.

I originally purchased binoculars from another company for less money. The reviews were mostly good but not great. Given this was my first time buying binoculars i figured they are all similar.
They are not all the same! I returned them because of the poor quality, optics and poor construction.

I decided to spend a little more money and get a pair i love to use. These binoculars are amazing! And worth every dollar. I highly recommend this product scoopx 10×42 binoculars. They are well constructed, feel good in the hands and the optics are clear bright and easy to use. The bag and all the attachments are quality. This is my first amazon review not because this is the first time i am pleased with a purchase but because this product and service from the company far exceeded my expectations. Thank you scoopx!

4Expert Score
Nice pair of binos, very clear and compact for the money.

Nice bins for $

4Expert Score
A gift

This is a gift, and so far i am very pleased with the product. It is light weight with out feeling cheap and the should strap binocular case that comes with the binoculars seems to be made of good quality fabric and durable. It will have to wait until christmas to know if he is truly happy with the purchase…. That is why the four stars.

4Expert Score
No luck using the phone adapter.

Seems like a very good value! I did try to take a photo using the phone adapter and got the result shown. My phone is a samsung galaxy j3. What am i doing wrong?

4Expert Score
Big and clear binoculars

Big and clear binoculars

4Expert Score
Quality binoculars

Optics are clear and bright. Focus knob has a smooth operation. My initial impression is these are well made and a good value.

4Expert Score
Good glass! But heavy and 'stiff' to operate.

Well…. I was struck by the enthusiasm of some of the other reviewers and ordered a pair of these binocs. I was really interested because of the claims of excellent optics. And they are pretty dang good in that regard…. Enough so that i almost kept them in spite of other considerations.

First… These are fairly heavy binoculars! At well over a pound it might not seem too heavy but if you plan to use them for hiking… That’s kind of like carrying two bottles of water along with you. This was my primary reason for the return.

Secondly, the mechanisms are quite stiff. This can be a good thing because you do not want to have to ‘reset’ the glasses each time you look through them. But i found them to be a bit too stiff… And my wife really struggled to make them work for her.

Thirdly, i can not imagine how they came up with the name ‘scoop x’. To me it sounds like something to clean out the liter box with. Maybe ‘scope x’ would have been better considered. But this was not really a reason to return them… Just kind of stuck in my craw a bit. I’m still scratching my head over this one.

As i said before… I had a difficult time deciding on these. I ended up ordering a pair of nikon aculon a30 10 x 25 (65 bucks) in order to compare both the optics and overall ease of use. I did repeated side by side comparisons of the two binocs….. And i swear i could not decide to credit one with superiority over the other. The detail was perceptually identical!

The nikons were only about 10 ounces and very compact. I like the more fluid ‘ease of use’ with them. But the nikon weren’t the ideal fix either. They do not have a tripod connection (which i value) and they only come with front lens caps… With no way to thread them through a strap to keep from losing them. No end caps were included… At all.

All this said… I ended up going with the nikons. They were a third of the price, less than half the weight, and with equally good glass. I used to own a pair of leica 10 x 25 bca that were just simply a stunning product. If i could afford to pay 500 bucks i would definitely snag another pair of those. But pockets are not so deep these days.

Also… As a last note…. If you are not concerned so much with the weight of the scoop x… I have to admit that they do feel quite sturdy and well made. A good product… But was not the best match for my intended use.

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