12×56 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter, Upgraded Tripod, Hand Strap – High Power Monocular with Clear Low Light Vision for Star Watching – Lightweight Monocular for Bird Watching Hunting

12×56 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter, Upgraded Tripod, Hand Strap – High Power Monocular with Clear Low Light Vision for Star Watching – Lightweight Monocular for Bird Watching Hunting

Yakibest.com : 12×56 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter, Upgraded Tripod, Hand Strap – High Power Monocular with Clear Low Light Vision for Star Watching – Lightweight Monocular for Bird Watching Hunting : Electronics

What are 12×56 hd monocular telescope with smartphone adapter features?

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  • 【12×56 high power monocular, high definition and super bright view, clear low light vision】 advanced fully multi-coated monocular with large 18mm bak4 prism lens provide hd vision, brighter view and clear low light vision. Dielectric coating & phase coating monocular provide clear, high-contrast and color-accurate images. Perfect for bird watching, wildlife, hiking, camping, concerts and sports.
  • 【21mm large eyepiece monocular telescope, larger view, clearer details】 equipped 21mm large eyepiece, provides more comfortable and larger view. High powered monocular telescope provides 12x magnification with 56mm objective diameter wide lens, 325ft/1000yards of large field of view, delivers best view in bird watching star watching.
  • 【one-click photography monocular with upgraded strudy tripod and phone adapter】 more sturdy tripod than others ensure clearer, brighter and shakeless images. Enable you to take pictures with just one-click. Easily capture beauties in the distant world and share them with your friends and families.
  • 【2021 newly universal smartphone adapter, easy to use, fit for all kinds of smartphone】 quick alignment, compatible with phone case, portable and stable. Suitable for all kinds of smartphone including but not limited to iphone, samsung, sony, google, lg, motorola, htc, etc.
  • 【lightweight monocular, portable hand strap, ipx7 waterproof】 lightweight monocular with comfortable and portable hand strap, prevents the monocular scope from slipping out your hand. Ipx7 nitrogen-filled waterproof provides waterproof, fog proof, dustproof and shockproof protection in any weather and any conditions.
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12×56 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter, Upgraded Tripod, Hand Strap – High Power Monocular with Clear Low Light Vision for Star Watching – Lightweight Monocular for Bird Watching Hunting AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 12×56 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter, Upgraded Tripod, Hand Strap – High Power Monocular with Clear Low Light Vision for Star Watching – Lightweight Monocular for Bird Watching Hunting : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

How does the monocular perform in bird watching?

Great! I tested several and settled on this one because feather image is sharper and lack of color distortion.

Does it come with a phone adapter and tripod? Can you take pictures with your phone?

Found another similar brand’s assembling video fyi

Does it work well for star gazing and moon viewing?

Yes, but don’t expect much. Instead if traveling, and not wanting to drag my telescope setup, i use a larger spotting scope with a tripod. But this scope is great for viewing meteor showers and tracking sky objects. When you get a larger magnification than this then you usually need a tripod to steady the “ shakes”. As it is for night viewing i use a monopod to help steady it.

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How does this monocular compare to others?

As a 8-year-experience birder, i used several branded monoculars and binoculars. After careful comparision, i was surprized by the quality with only $89.99. Its sharpness and brightness are even better than those $100+ monoculars and binoculars. Besides, it comes with a quality tripod and sturdy phone adapter for recording birds stably in my backyard, while others don’t have. Highly recommended!

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How about the seller service? Does the seller provide lifetime warranty?

I’m waiting for mine to arrive but i have their binoculars. Their company is fantastic to deal with!

Does this have a wide enough angle to prevent vignetting (black circle) on a gopro?

I believe that the angle is wide enough to prevent the problem. It could also depend on how far away the object is.

Does this work with a samsung s7 edge phone?

Yes. It works with s7 and almost all samsung models. We recommend that you mount them on the tripod for quality images.

Can you take pictures with iphone 12pro max?

Yes, my husband has an iphone 12 pro and it takes pictures perfectly well
the holder for the phone is adjustable.

Cani buy just the phone adapter?

Celestron makes a heavy duty one with a bluetooth remote

Does it come with a phone camera wire shutter for 1 click pictures?


Does this model have night vision?

No. No night vision.

Is the tripod adjustable?

Yes i just checked snd tripod legs are expandable. They are plastic and extend 2 1/2 inches more from base of leg.

Purchased this scope and love it but can someone recommend a smaller pocket sized scope with similar specs?


Does this work with iphone 12?

Yes, it does.

Is this waterproof?

Yes, this monocular is nitrogen-filled and ipx7 100% waterproof.

What is the closest distance

Closest distance is 2.5 meters

Can someone send instruction how best to use telephoto lens using my iphone 12 pro max?

Do you know if the iphone 12 use all three lens when taking a photo?

Is there a solar filter available for this monocular?

As far as i know .. No. I’ve owned solar telescopes in the past. They require specialized filters that are very expensive. I know that some companies do sell inexpensive solar filters but i’d never take a chance on them.

Is there a hand strap included?

Yes! Excellent to facilitate one-hand use & focusing of scope; easily adjusts hand size.

Will the phone adapter work with samsung s22 ultra?

Unless your phone is really small or way big it will work

12×56 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter, Upgraded Tripod, Hand Strap – High Power Monocular with Clear Low Light Vision for Star Watching – Lightweight Monocular for Bird Watching Hunting AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 12×56 HD Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter, Upgraded Tripod, Hand Strap – High Power Monocular with Clear Low Light Vision for Star Watching – Lightweight Monocular for Bird Watching Hunting : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Sharp focus

Well we are older and our eyes aren’t what they used to be so these do help. We bought these mostly to look at eagle, hawks ,osprey when we are fishing or just sitting in our porch watching the critters hunting mice in the grass seed field behind us. This is the second pair i’ve ordered and the first one was a good brand from cabela’s (we had a gift card) but i returned it couldn’t see anything clearly. This model that we just bought truly does make things sharper and easy to handle. The only negative is that my husband thinks we need a taller tripod. Don’t hesitate to buy if your on the fence. I read so many reviews on monoculars. These are the ones in this price range that works for us.

5Expert Score
Very clear optics, can read air conditioner labels from far away

I tried 3 of the similar devices and this is the one i am keeping. The optics are amazingly clear, i can see the craters on the moon, i can read air conditioner labels from far away, and i can take nice photos through this telescope. Yes, accessories suck. But they are passable. The phone attachment works well enough. The tripod is okay. But the lenses in the telescope are really nice, so who cares about the accessories.

5Expert Score
Better quality than others i've tried

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This purchase turned out better than i expected. This 12×56 monocular is comparable to more expensive brands for sure. We had good luck with the adasion when looking for 12×42 binoculars last year. We had purchased three different brands at the time and the adasion was substantially the better quality binocular. We also had friends with more expensive binoculars and monoculars to compare. We found that same quality in this monocular as we did previous purchases which definitely rivaled big dollar devices. After using binoculars and deciding to try a monocular for further distances and tripod mounting we decided to buy adasion again. The more powerful the lens you have the more steady it needs to be when viewing. This is where a tripod comes into play. To me, when viewing at greater distances with mounted or tripod setup, a monocular is a better choice over binocular but that is personal experience. This particular unit has a wide 56mm lens which looks amazing! Crystal clear. The lens size allows nice viewing even in low light conditions. It comes with a good quality tripod and no need to upgrade. We were surprised the tripod was such good quality. Has leg extensions and a quality that doesn’t seem like what you’d normally find as a free add-on. The focus adjustment knob is precise with no slop when adjusting in/out. This is one key thing that really set adasion apart from some other brands we tried. Many of the other brand had that looseness or slop feeling with the knob which resulted in constant hunting for good focus. In other words, when you fine tune adjust one way then back the other way you feel a wide gap where turning doesn’t move the lens initially….then it moves. The precision with this adasion knob makes finding the sweet spot quick and precise. The phone attachment is not something we would normally use however it does work well once you get it adjusted. I can see where this would a benefit some people. Comes with a good quality carrying case with hand strap. The monocular has a padded hand strap for for secure hand held use. Low light viewing is another thing we were pleasantly surprised with. This would be great for deer hunters and you name it to scope out areas even during light low in the early morning or late evening. The lens covers are nicely made and fit snug. The unit as a whole seems like a more expensive unit than what the price leads you to believe. It feels substantial and quality in hand. Hope they keep up the good craftsmanship.

Pros: wide lens is super nice at low-light or mid-day bright sunshine, great viewing angle, crystal clear, precision focus knob easy to find sweet spot with no slop, lens dust covers fit nicely, durable feel, phone adapter, great quality tripod with leg extensions, cleaning cloth, instruction manual, case with hand strap, also padded hand strap for monocular hand held use

cons: phone adapter works great but takes some time getting adjusted. Not much at all to gripe about

5Expert Score
Excellent product, a marvel of monocular.. Excelente producto, una maravillad monocular

A short time ago i acquired a monocular from the company adasion, which due to its characteristics i decided to buy them and in turn try this interesting monocular.
This is how i made the purchase and the attention of the customer service was wonderful. I give it 5 stars, a spectacular attention was pending during the entire purchase.
The monoculars from the company adasion, for a value that is quite good, you can get a 12×56 hd monocular, they are impressive, so here are some reviews of this product:
the product is super light and easy to handle on trips, it has its accessories and of course it comes with its bag that allows you to store all the equipment and accessories inside it, it also comes with everything you need, a stable universal smartphone adapter to take photos, a sturdy tripod for shake-free shots, and a portable hand strap to carry.

The image quality of the monocular is spectacular, the brightness is very good, it is super sharp, by connecting the phone adapter to the monocular, you can get spectacular clear images and they will be saved on your smartphone. Attach the monocular to the tripod without holding it in your hand so you don’t feel tired even after prolonged use.
I often share my experience with this monocular from the company adasion.
Highly recommended this type of monocular telescope of high quality and at a good price.


hace poco tiempo adquirí por la compañía adasion un monocular, el cual por su caracteritas decido comprarlos y a su vez probar este interesante monocular.
Es así que realice la compra y la atención del servicio al cliente de maravilla le doy 5 estrellas, una atención espectacular estuvieron pendientes durante toda la compra.
Los monoculares de la compañía adasion, por un valor que esta bastante bien podrás obtener un monocular hd de 12x56son impresionantes por lo que aquí realice algunas reseñas de este producto:
el producto es súper liviano y fácil de manejarlo en los viajes tiene sus accesorios y claro viene con su bolsito que permite guardar todo el equipo y accesorios dentro del mismo, además viene con todo lo que necesita, un adaptador de teléfono inteligente universal estable para tomar fotografías, un trípode resistente para tomar fotografías sin temblar y una correa de mano portátil para llevar.

La calidad de imagen del monocular es espectacular, el brillo es muy bueno es súper nítido, al conectar el adaptador de teléfono al monocular, puede obtener imágenes espectaculares claras y se guardaran en su teléfono inteligente. Coloque el monocular en el trípode sin sostenerlo en la mano para que no se sienta cansado incluso después de un uso prolongado.
Seguido les comparto mi experiencia de este monocular de compañía adasion.
Muy recomendable este tipo de telescopio monocular de alta calidad y a buen precio.

5Expert Score
Adasion is remarkable!!

To start this review……. Let’s just say that i am a huge fan of adasion products!

We have purchased their binoculars and have been blown away by the quality and the price!

Purchasing their monocular was a sure thing for us. We were absolutely confident that the monocular would live up to the highest ratings their binoculars have achieved here on amazon and elsewhere. What we found was spot on.

Everything i wrote about their binoculars can easily be inserted here.

The monocular is absolute quality. The high end materials and finish make it clear that they are of the highest grade. As they compete with the other high end monocular brands….. These are truly remarkable as they are a fraction of the cost. Hold the monocular in your hand is very comfortable and the adjustable hand strap secures it extremely well.

The lens quality allow for a vivid and clear display. The covers ensure its protect when not in use and all fit in to a very nice carrying case which looks professional. The tripod is a breeze to use! Easily attachable and the legs extend with incredible ease! The cell phone mount is a secure fit me easily manipulated for positioning.

Customer service is outstanding. As with the binocular purchase- the company and representatives are quick to reach out and make sure
you are happy with your purchase. Though i have had no issues nor expect any issues…… It’s very apparent that they are there to please their customers and back their producers. The life time warranty is unbelievable!

In saying all this, i have owned them only for several days and i have not had the time to capture true images to share with you. I am submitting these 2 photos early though as i just want people to get an idea of the zoom capabilities and the absolute potential they have! Please keep in mind: these photos are taken by free hand and not steady or with the tripod….. Through a closed french glass door using an iphone 6s that is zoomed in as far as it can be. So, the clarity is compromised! Again, this is far from the quality you will achieve when used to its full potential! The first is solely the iphone zoomed. The second is the iphone mounted to the monocular and zoomed. There will be blur/pixel distortion due to the glass door and free hand which would all but disappear if used properly. The utility pole way in the distance suddenly appears……

Truly a great and inexpensive purchase!!

5Expert Score
Very nice scope, easy to use

I bought this to take close up photos at my kids football games, but this lens was way too powerful for that. I didn’t need a close up of their face, just something better than my phone. This would have been great for vacations because it installed easily but i returned it because i bought it for games only.

5Expert Score
Works great!

Bought it based on reviews and only tried it out once so far so can’t comment on durability. Received it approximately 5 hours after purchasing. Works great and has clear field of view. Could watch mirage at 115 yards on a 85 degree fairly humid sunny day with clear pic of object about 70 percent zoom on camera. Only thing you have to figure out is which lens your smartphone uses at different zoom settings. On galaxy s22, at 10x magnification on phone it appears to switch lenses so you have to pick a lens (either main lens less than 10x or telephoto at greater than 10x) and go with it for your setup and shot unless you have plenty of time to play with the rig. The monocular also has 3 eye relief settings by turning eyepiece 3 clicks from up close to back further away. Using it as a monocular, eye relief works better clicked further away, with phone attached i dialed it close and that seemed to be better. Works fine with phone case on the phone but definitely works better without it. Carrying case that came with it only holds monocular, have to find a bag or case to put accessories in so i can carry them altogether. Tripod seems serviceable, held it steady just fine. No surprises, seems like good quality and what i was looking for.

5Expert Score
Very happy with this monocular telescope!!

I’m using this product for birdwatching and really anything nature related. I use this particularly with my grandchildren. The younger ones find using a monocular easier than the binoculars that i usually use.

5Expert Score
Wish i found this years ago…

I bought this about a month ago and wanted to use it a few times before writing a review. I have 2 sets of bushnell’s and i rate this monocular better than both of those (this is my personal review and it may vary from others). This is way lighter and much easier to use. The ‘table top size’ tripod is a nice addition. I sit at my patio deck and watch the wildlife around me for hours. I will admit, i have a slight (family inherited) tremor and the tripod makes viewing steady and effortless. Wish i found this years ago, however, i am thrilled i have it now 🙂 i think you will be as happy as i am if you buy this monocular telescope.

5Expert Score
Made my hubby happy.

My husband had shown me a picture of one of these and thought he’d like to have one. I thought it was a waste of money so skipped it at christmas. He never buys anything for himself. So when his 70th birthday was around the corner i thought i would surprise him. He was pretty excited and it fits in his motorcycle bag. However, my son and i also like it. We live on a lake and we use it often so it sits by the patio door for easy access. My son will turn 40 and i am thinking we might get him his own for his birthday. We have not done anything with the phone accessories as of yet so i cannot comment on how good that works.

4Expert Score
Affordable, sturdy monocular

I take my adasion 12×56 monocular with me when i go walking along a local river. I like being able to see the details of birds and flowers that are nearby. I love being able to see birds farther away enough to identify them. The monocular’s 12-power magnification (equivalent to a 600mm camera lens) means that sometimes i can watch birds from far enough away that they don’t fly away first. For instance, i came upon goldfinches eating seeds from tall dry weeds growing next to a local path. Crossing to the other side of the path, i watched the birds for five minutes with them filling up most of the viewing area in marvel
ous detail.

The monocular’s large exit lens brings in enough light that i can easily view things in fairly low light. I like that. On the way back from the river, i check on a small flock of wood ducks that gathers in a canal flowing beneath a canopy of trees. The shaded, late afternoon canal is not too dark for this monocular.

Instead of using the supplied hand strap, i attached a camera strap to the monocular and wear it around my neck. The adasion 12×56 is lighter and has more magnification than my 8×42 binoculars which i wear with a chest harness for convenience. The additional magnification of the monocular also magnifies the natural movement of one’s hands more than does the 8-power binoculars. I’m used to image stabilization with my digital camera and may explore a much more expensive image-stabilized monocular someday. In the meantime, i’ve decided the view from the extra magnification outweighs the additional shake in the view and just live with it. I could haul the monopod around mounted to my metal camera tripod, but i see a monocular as a quick, nimble viewing experience. If i had an 80-power spotting scope, i’d be using the tripod.

I’ve experimented with taking photos through the monocular using my iphone. I mounted the monocular, adapter, and phone on a regular metal camera tripod. A regular camera tripod is more stable than the little plastic tabletop tripod included with the monocular and allows taking pictures while you’re standing up. I used the phone’s self-timer to avoid camera shake. Worked like a charm for stationary subjects. With image stabilization being part of the camera in many smartphones these days, i’ll be experimenting with handholding the monocular-iphone rig to see what kind of results i might get.

In the attached images, the sunflowers in the first image were taken with the monocular; the second image shows the sunflowers taken without the monocular, similar to the regular view from our eyes. Standing close to the sunflowers, the monocular allows me to watch the bees at work! In the image of the northern flicker woodpecker on the telephone pole, the monocular brought me close enough to see its spots and clearly identify it—had it not already identified itself with its signature loud call.

If you’re looking for a well-built, hand-holdable, high-powered monocular at a modest cost, i’d recommend the adasion 12×56. While i have no way of verifying the claims that the monocular employs a superior bak4 prism and multi-coated optics for superior image clarity and nitrogen gas to prevent moisture from seeping inside, i like that they claim such. My senses tell me this is a sturdy device, not overly heavy, encased in a rubberized outer skin with a tripod thread, which focuses smoothly and lets in loads of light. At this price point, the fact that the monocular’s optics aren’t corrected for chromatic abberation (purple or green fringes around bright objects) is no reason to discount the adasion 12×56.

4Expert Score
Great monocular, not so great accessories

For the money, this monocular has very clear and sharp optics, which is by far the most important requirement. However, i took one star off for the accessories. The camera holder requires that your phone has nothing mounted to the back, and certainly no protective case on the phone. It does not accommodate anything that you might have added to your phone which changes its thickness. I understand that the design makes the holder cheaper, but for many people it also makes it unusable. The tripod included is a small cheap tripod which i will probably never use as i have several better tripods. My advice is to exclude the tripod from the package, and use the saved money to include a more versatile phone holder. If somebody wants to get a cheap tripod to use, they can buy it separately, but my guess is that most people don’t need another tripod.

4Expert Score
Saw jupiter!

Cool i wanted to see jupiter and could make out the red spots and rings!

4Expert Score
Monocular telescope review

Works very well.

4Expert Score
Good product

I received the monocular in perfect shape, and i like how small and easy it is to use. I do wish it had a zoom on it, but i realize at this price point it is fine for what it is.

4Expert Score
The opticals are a little small

Largest handy 12×56 monocular with a generous price break. Low
light vision promise. A pleasant oriental brand name… All drew me
to choose this scope. Image is bright – the scope is well made.
I wanted a spotting scope for use on small cruising sailboat.
Ordered an expensive (when compared to the price of the telescope)
covered case to comfortably coral all its accessories — haven’t
gotten it yet so i don’t know how well designed the catch is. Or even
if the scope will fit, and other stuff. Have not been able to rig the
soft one-handed holding strap, the instructions are not intuitive for
me, and i now wonder if it’s necessary.
But, more important, i wear glasses, i need rubber ‘eye-cups’ not
cups but a rubber liner around optic eye-piece it would help immensely
if i could steady the scope against my glasses and my face. Because the
sight opening is rather small and needs contact to steady the scope in
use anywhere but necessary on a boat.
Would need a few eye-cup styles to find the right fit. I’ve looked on web
and there is not one 49–50mm soft rubber slip-on eye cushion available,
hundreds of smaller one. A simple tubular soft rubber liner could have
been included with the thoughtful accessories that came with this very
nice scope.
The monocular wants to be instantly usable to be friendly and useful as
safety equipment aboard a cruising boat — as well as fun.

4Expert Score
Solid feel; less magnification

Easy to use, but not as much magnification as i had hoped

4Expert Score
4 stars

Totally satisfied with the monocular. 4 stars because the storage case is designed to hold the monocular only and not the monocular & accessories like the case depicted in the pictures.

4Expert Score
Wanted better low light/night vision

Was expecting a little better night vision or low light vision but the overall vision is fine

4Expert Score
Great quality. Missing instruction manual.

Product received. Great quality. We did not receive an instruction manual and the case is different (more of a belt loop case for the monocular only). Contacted vendor.

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