14 Size Crochet Hooks Set,2mm(B)-10mm(N) Ergonomic Crochet Hooks with Case for Arthritic Hands, Extra Long Crochet Needles

14 Size Crochet Hooks Set,2mm(B)-10mm(N) Ergonomic Crochet Hooks with Case for Arthritic Hands, Extra Long Crochet Needles

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What are 14 size crochet hooks set features?

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  • 【great value】you get 14 ergonomic crochet hooks,9 yarn needles,10 stitch markers,1 scissors& case. Fantastic value for your buck. Stitch markers, scissors and yarn needles are a great bonus in a convenient case. The crochet hook set is a great crochet starter kit.
  • 【crochet without pain】crochet hooks with comfortable easy grip handles reduce or eliminate hand, wrist or finger pain. You can crochet for a long time without getting hand pain or cramping. Ideal gift for grandma, mom, kids, beginners or advanced crocheters!
  • 【longer & smooth crochet hooks】these crochet hooks are longer than other competitors’ (4.5cm for size b and 5.2cm for size n) to give extra space when the pattern calls for more loops. Smooth crochet hooks glide effortlessly, produce clean finish project and avoid snagging yarns.
  • 【crochet gifts】it is best gifts for mother, grandma,friend kids. Relax and connect with family or friends.the crochet hook set is backed by yarniss.100% satisfaction service,lifetime replacement.
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14 Size Crochet Hooks Set,2mm(B)-10mm(N) Ergonomic Crochet Hooks with Case for Arthritic Hands, Extra Long Crochet Needles AMAZON

Shop Yarniss at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

Looking for specific info?

Is the shaft aluminum?

These crochet hooks needles are aluminum,and the handles are tpr.

Are these sharp/pointy? I’m looking for something good for the waistcoat stitch.

I’ve never seen a crochet hook that is sharp/pointy. Just like regular hooks but made easier for someone with arthritis to hold.

Has loose handle problem been solved by seller?

Haven’t had a problem with loose handles

I had the rubber on one split open. Where can i buy a replacement? I dont need to replace the whole set.

Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? In a pinch i have used the rubber pencil grips. Depends on the shank size. Hope this helps. Take care

Do you know if i can put glue inside the rubber because it keeps falling off?

I haven’t had that problem yet. I think i would be afraid of super glue. The rubber is so thin i’d be afraid the chemicals would melt the rubber. Maybe jewelry glue would work.

Made in? Where is this product made?

These crochet hooks are made in china.

Is it possible to order just one replacement hook from the set? I bought the set, but lost my 5.5mm hook, and i need it to finish a project.

I would doubt you could just out of the set. Maybe they have individual hooks you could order.

Exactly what sizes are included in this set?

This ergonomic crochet hooks set include for 14 size 2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5/7.0/8.0/9.0/10.0mm.

Are they sturdy? My last set of ergonomic hooks are flexible and wobbly?

Mine are very sturdy, no problems with them

Please are this inline hooks , bates or boyle hooks please . What means chiseled hooks ?

You can see from the picture that they are boye hooks, and not inline. I think a chiseled hook is a bates hook. You can google it.

What kind of material are the handles made of? Is it latex free?

The handle of the crochet hooks are made of tpr(thermoplastic rubber).it doesn’t include latex.

I bought a second set and i think the handle colors are different on the second set. Is that right?

Con’t from my first reply…however, did you compare and measure the hook size to make sure it is the correct size?
Hope this helps you to decide.

Are the hooks lined up properly with the handles?

Yes. I had no problem with that at all. I really enjoy them. They are very comfortable to work with

To yarniss: do you have any items to put over handle to make even thicker? Love these but need even larger handle.

Maybe you could wrap a black tape that’s used for keeping pipes warm or even duct tape… Maybe even crochet a little cover to go over the hooks? Another possibility, maybe, you could do molding clay and make a molding out silicone and then glue that on there?

Are these made in the usa?

I don’t believe so although nowhere on the little bag or hooks does it say ‘made in …’. However, the name of the company on the bag holding the hooks and the package of darning needles included is asian. So i’d venture to say the answer is no, these are not made in the usa.

Can i take the rubber part off and just use the metal hook? (just because i want the ergonomic handle but like a plain metal hook sometimes too)

I just checked my hooks and it looks like you could remove the rubber part (the whole metal hook is in there) but it might not be an easy task to get the hook back into the rubber sleeve.

Does the aluminum crochet hook extend down the entire length of the handle or is it just a short hook glued into the handle?

The crochet hooks are whole inserted in the handle,very solid.

Do these help keep your hands from sweating?

Not sure about that but if your hands do sweat these will keep your grip so your fingers won’t slide.

Where are the susan bates crochet needles

Why do you think anyone one has that off hand. Just search for it.

Are the hooks true to size?

Yes,all of the crochet hooks are true to size.the sizes are engraved and marked on the handle.

14 Size Crochet Hooks Set,2mm(B)-10mm(N) Ergonomic Crochet Hooks with Case for Arthritic Hands, Extra Long Crochet Needles AMAZON

Shop Yarniss at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Everything as expected, with better quality than expected.

Over a year ago, i became homeless and had to leave all of my crafting supplies behind. Over the months, i built up a new collection of yarns, but i didn’t bother with the actual useful supplies beyond the bare necessities. I’m talking, one or two crochet hooks and no stitch markers and no needles. So when i saw this “kit” for a relatively low price, i just had to try it out.

This seems like it would be perfect as a gift for new crocheters, trying to find their way through the hobby. I wouldn’t suggest giving this to an experienced hobbyist, though, because everyone has their own specific wants and needs in regards to hook style and such. So fathers and husbands (and mothers and wives, i have no idea why i’m reinforcing those stereotypes as a male crotcheter myself), please heed my words. This is for beginners. But it is damn good at that.

When i first inspected the hooks, i was a bit disappointed to see the black inked printing on the bottom to mark the sizes. That was an immediate issue, because as many of you know that rubs off very quickly and then the hook size is a mystery. However, that’s not a problem here! The other side of the hooks has it in a much more durable engraving.

The colors seem nice, and the hooks are very fine to hold. I appreciate that the metal goes all the way down, because that makes it much less likely for the hook to fall apart, which is usual for these kinds. If it does fall out, a smidge of super glue will easily fix that, no problem.

So far as the range of sizes, i’d say it’s suitable. I don’t personally use 10mm’s or 2mm’s, but they’re extremely useful to have around in case they become necessary. The smaller sizes, for me at least, are when the ergonomics become especially important. These handles are relatively thick while still being thin enough to not infringe on delicate work.

Finally, so far as the bits and bobbles. They’re great. The yarn snippers seem sharp and fit for use on many different weights of yarn. Boy, you should hear them click. The needles have many different sizes and thicknesses, making for an easy time with whatever gauge you made your piece in. Even before i lost everything, i had just struggled through with one size, which definitely hurt my fingers more than necessary. The stitch markers are standard, bright enough to be seen and thin enough to not ruin your stitches. 10 may not be enough if you have 11 projects going on at once, but they’re definitely a welcome addition and useful start. I hadn’t even noticed the pouch when i bought this, but it seems useful. I don’t particularly love the design, but it fits things well and the zipper is strong. Plus the zipper is cute.

All in all, i am excited to use these and am glad i made this purchase.

5Expert Score
Does not cramp my hand.

Very happy with my purchase. I was a little leery of ordering the whole set as i have not crocheted in years but my daughter wanted an afghan for her new home and for some unknown reason i decided to surprise her with a home-made one. I decided to purchase this set since it included everything i needed in one case and i considered the price quite reasonable. I have been able to crochet for a few hours at a time without any pain in my hands, which surprised the heck out of me, as i suffer quite a bit with arthritis in my hands and wrists. This is my 1st time using ergonomic hooks but it will not be the last. I highly recommend these hooks and they arrived well packaged and very quickly.

5Expert Score
A great kit

This kit provides everything i needed. The hooks are smooth and comfortable to use. I love having the hooks in all the sizes. Even though the hook size printed on the rubber handle has worn off the hook i use daily, but it is embossed on the handle too. I love the hooks and use them all the time. My only complaint is that the stitch markers break easily. I plan to buy another kit so i will have extra hooks.

5Expert Score
Best crochet hooks out there

I have been crocheting for decades & have every kind of crochet hook imaginable. I bought these over quarantine to fill in some sizes i didn’t have. They are absolutely hands down the best hooks in my arsenal. I keep trying other ones, but with every project, i keep going back to these. They are the perfect length – i have long nails & sometimes my thumbnail catches the stitch. They are the perfect angle – i very rarely, if ever, split any yarn, and they slide into loose or tight stitches with ease. The handle is the perfect size for my hands. I’ve tried all different ergonomic options and this is the only hook that doesn’t leave my hands crampy after hours of work. I’ve spent a lot more money on one crochet hook than this entire set, and every time, every project, i find myself digging this set out after being frustrated with all other hooks. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Wish i bought this when i started crocheting!

I wish i could go back in time and purchase this little kit sooner! I had bought a few crochet hooks from the thrift store, joann, and one from hobby lobby. I exclusively use the tools in this kit since i bought it. I find the handles a lot easier to grip. It is color coded nicely and the sizes are written in a large font. The sewing needles come in a variety of sizes also which is super nice. The case is super adorable and is easy to travel with.

If you’re considering this kit don’t hesitate and definitely don’t waste your money on anything else!

5Expert Score
Good for beginners

I’m extremely new to the crochet world so i don’t know all the hook brands that are out there but these are amazing to me! It comes with so many hooks for a good price in my opinion

5Expert Score
Yes, even for this price.

A few years ago i fell down the stairs and broke my wrist, and couldn’t crochet for over a year. Once able to again, it was extremely painful, and my wrist would lock up. I’d been looking at a much more expensive set of these ergonomic hooks, but wanted a cheaper option to see if it would even help before spending that kind of cash. Ultimately, i will not be spending that money, because these are everything i hoped for and are much better quality than exppected, it does not hurt to crochet now, and i can go for a few hours straight before i get tired. I haven’t had my wrist lock up since i started using these, either. The grip is substantial, soft, and comfortable. It fits nicely in my hand and is made in a way that allows me to keep a nice and steady tension also, which is something i struggled with (slippage) even before the break. These are a heck of a deal, i actually expected them to be kind of sad, let’s be honest, for this price, but they come in a cute bag with some handy extras, and are actually really nice solid hooks. I would even gift these, and not be embarassed for not buying the fancy ones. Not in the least. These are great! If you’re on the fence, these are worth the gamble.

5Expert Score
Great for beginners! Everything you need!

I am brand new to crochet. I bought this set based on the other reviews and i am very pleased! I’ve been using it for the past 4 months and it contains everything you need to start crocheting. My only complaint are the scissors. They don’t really work but if you keep hacking, the yarn eventually cuts. The hooks and stitch markers work great. I bought another set to teach my mom!

5Expert Score
Best hooks for the price — a steal!

I have been crocheting for years but never had the courage to splurge on nice hooks with a grip. I was so surprised that it came with a case and little stitch markers. I highly recommend this for all levels. The grip also is a perfect material — it doesn’t attract dust.

Additionally, it comes with a case which is so perfect for travel. Love it!!

5Expert Score
All set to go!

I love that i can just buy this set of all the crochet hook sizes i could want, and i’m all set to go! I just need to buy yarn for projects, i don’t have to worry about buying other supplies. (now if only they made a similar set for knitting needles!)

4Expert Score
Good if you're starting out

I got these crochet hooks to get something affordable as i was learning to crochet. I would recommend them to fellow beginners. Now that i’m a few months in, i’ve graduated to clover amour hooks, which yarn slides much more smoothly over. The stich markers in this pack break very easily, there are others on amazon i’ve found to look the same but are sturdier. The tapestry needles are good, i know people like the angles ones but these are working fine for me for now. All in all a very good purchase if you’re starting out.

4Expert Score

These hooks are very smooth and i have not had a problem with them catching the yarn. It’s a great variety of sizes and accessories for the price. Only thing to consider is that the stitch markers are thin plastic and do break easily. Just have a few extra on hand.

4Expert Score
Easy on my hands

I have been using crochet hooks that i either bought or inherited and these crochet hooks are so much easier on my hands.
They are comfortable to use and when i crochet, i can crochet for a longer period of time.
Buy them! They make a difference.

4Expert Score
Hooks are nice but stitch markers are cheap and fall apart

These hooks are nice with rubbery, more ergonomic handles the numbers rub off that are printed on them but thank goodness the sizes are also engraved in handle. Stitch markers break very easily but overall a nice set

4Expert Score
Great for beginners

This has everything you need for anyone starting out crocheting. It comes in a cute zippered pouch.

4Expert Score
Nice crochet hooks

Nice crochet hooks but the scissors that come with it are not sharp .

4Expert Score
Hooks are too rounded. I like a sharper hook to hold the yarn more securely.

Let’s the yarn slip off too easily. Hooks need a better, sharper angle.

4Expert Score
This is a beautiful set 14 size crochet hooks plus

The yarniss set is very nice, easy to handle hooks and included the crochet essentials such stitch markers, scissors, metal needles and a carrying case. A good gift for beginner crocheters or novices. Highly recommended them.

4Expert Score

I use my needles a lot so they started getting loose. But nothing a little glue couldn’t fix. Awesome needles

4Expert Score
Great hooks but order different stitch markers

The hooks are great and the type i prefer to use. I love that it comes in a bag and some needles too. The stitch markers aren’t great i’ve broken most of them and the scissors are not great either.

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