16×52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope for Birds Watching/Wildlife/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Tourism/Armoring/Living Concert 66m/8000m

16×52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope for Birds Watching/Wildlife/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Tourism/Armoring/Living Concert 66m/8000m

Yakibest.com : 16×52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope for Birds Watching/Wildlife/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Tourism/Armoring/Living Concert 66m/8000m : Electronics

What are 16×52 monocular dual focus optics zoom telescope for birds watching/wildlife/hunting/camping/hiking/tourism/armoring/living concert 66m/8000m features?

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  • 【incredible clear vision 】super clear, the fully coated optics, meanwhile, ensure superior light transmission and brightness, helping you see just about any target, whether you’re searching for birds or trying to get a better view of the stage.
  • 【high contrast and resolution images 】 see things 16x closer and get clearer and brighter with 52mm objective lens and 18.5mm eye lens.the larger the objective lens, the more light that enters the binocular, and the brighter the image.prism material,bak4, clear image without black bars,it makes super clear and sharp images.
  • 【waterproof & fog proof design 】the mirror is full of the high-purity nitrogen, waterproof and antifogging. You can use it in raining day and humid environment, and have no need to worry about this item.
  • 【compact size with wide view】the high power monocular is only 190mm high, super compact and enough to put into the pocket, convenient to carry for everywhere. Wide field of view 66m/ 8000m, it will show you a clearer and farther view, good for bird watching, hunting, hiking, or sightseeing etc.
  • 【what you get 】1x 16×52 monocular, 1 x bag, seller’s 40 days refund, 18 month hassle-free with considerate customer service
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16×52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope for Birds Watching/Wildlife/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Tourism/Armoring/Living Concert 66m/8000m AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 16×52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope for Birds Watching/Wildlife/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Tourism/Armoring/Living Concert 66m/8000m : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

H0w much does it weigh?

It comes with a protective pouch. Out of the pouch, mine weighs 230grams.

Does the carry case have a slit so your can wear it on a belt??

Yes, one carry case and a belt, are convenient to carry

How does this work for the moon?

The optics are not very good. I mean, for $15 or so you’ll get about $15 worth of viewing. I will be giving this to my 8 year old son as i don’t see me ever really using it since the optics and zoom are so bad.

What is the ‘actual’ zoom size?

No a zoom telescope – fixed magnification at 16x

What size lens cap does this take?

I don’t know for sure but i doubt you would be able to use a cap other than what comes with the scope. It slides over the end and fits snug but i don’t see any means of attaching a different cap unless it happened to be exactly the same size. A camera lens cap would not likely fit, nor would a camera filter. I hope this helps. I’ve been very satisfied with mine.

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Info says to set optic ring and note number. No markings on ring to correlate with numbers. Am i just not seeing it?

I never saw any numbers on my ring either. One more reason i returned it. Just not a quality device

Will it focus at a distance of 2 to 6 inches? Thanks.

What a great question! I did not even think of trying this because i bought it for a different purpose but i’ve had similar devices that would do telescope and magnifier. Unfortunately this scope does not focus up this close. I wear glasses myself so my number would not be the same for you but the nearest i could get with good and magnified detail was about 5 feet. For magnification within a foot, you would need a different scope,

It says there is a zoom function but i can’t find it. How does zoom work?

The zoom function works when you twist the knob lower to the numbers

Bought this and it arrived with an internal lens element badly chipped. Would you please replace it?

Yes, go back to amazon and request a return. I have not had any problems sending damaged goods back. Amazon is great regarding these types of problems. Kohls department stores are great return drop off. Or amazon will send you a printable ups form. Tom

I didnt get a user manual with mine. Dont they come with a manual? Is there one online?

The manual is in broken english. It’s pretty funny. Hold the body with one hand , turn the large wheel until you see your target then sharpen with the smaller wheel. Don’t turn the large end to focus. Use the large wheel. The large end can strip easily.

Does the current model of this product have a threaded hole to mount it on a tripod?

Didn’t bother to look but a similar, and likely equally poor, version of the product comes with a cheapie tripod. Avoid. Seriously.

How do you use the telescope with an iphone?

You need a quick smartphone holder

Do you actually recommend cleaning this with gasoline? Yikes!

No i wouldn’t use anything that harsh a simple glass cleaner is fine with a non abrasive cloth

What is the dust and waterproof rating? Ipx???

It says waterproof, no rating

Is this monocular good for kids?

I’d say sure. It’s rubberized so it can take being dropped and tossed around. The optics aren’t a real prize so no big loss if it gets damaged, and kids are less likely to care about the optical distortion than someone using it for serious purposes. It is big for a monocular so small hands may find it a little awkward/stiff to use.

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So is it truly 16x ? Or is it really only 8x as told in reviewer ac’s write up ?

Dont waste your money – it doesn’t really focus that well – child’s toy quality

I am wondering if this can abe used to take close up pictures? I see a lot about clear close up viewing but i’m not clear on the camera funtion.

Hi you can take photos carefully through its lens; but its not really meant for this, i only did it to show how closeup you can get. I simply held my camera and shot through the lens. If you wanted to do this regularly you would need to stabilize the monocular and the camera behind it to get good images, this does not have a tripod thread. You will also have a black circle as you can see in my images. My video shows exactly what i did if that helps, on my main site gadget girl reviews and youtube channel. Hope this helps.

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What is the nearest distance it can focus?

10 yards

How many distance can get zoom 8 km?

8 km?

Can you see it in the dark?

Dear la m, thanks for your question. It is a kind of low-light level night vision telescope which means it can be used for night vision with some light but can not be used for totally pitch-black night vision.

16×52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope for Birds Watching/Wildlife/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Tourism/Armoring/Living Concert 66m/8000m AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 16×52 Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Telescope for Birds Watching/Wildlife/Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Tourism/Armoring/Living Concert 66m/8000m : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Really good especially for the price

I showed it to some hunting friends of mine and they were impressed with how well it worked, especially given the price point. They’re talking about getting it just to have something quick to use.
For me, i just wanted to use it to look at things at work in top stock. Now i can look at things clear accross the garden center i work in.
It was bigger than i thought it would be. However it seems pretty well constructed and durable.
The string that you can it by is pretty flimsy. I’ll probably get something better for it.

5Expert Score
Dam good

I have used this product often when i star gaze or am just viewing far off objects. It works right out of box and is effective.

5Expert Score
Perfect for my 8 year old nephew!

A few weeks ago, i noticed my 8 year old nephew struggling to focus a pair of binoculars while at his grandma’s house. I remember what a hassle that was for me when i was his age. It was so frustrating, i almost never used binoculars (didn’t know i had adhd until well into adulthood). When i saw this easy to focus telescope, i decided to take a chance and get it for him. It was so inexpensive i really didn’t expect much, but i was pleasantly surprised by how solid it feels (not flimsy & cheap like a toy). I honestly know jack about optics, but when i looked out of my 15th floor window with the telescope i thought it looked pretty darn good! (a friend who does know about optics also said it was quite good.)
the best part is, the kid loves it! The twist-to-focus feature is so intuitive it eliminates distraction & frustration for curious, intelligent little kids (and their aunties!).

Perfect for kids!

5Expert Score

My husband is a backyard bird watcher and wild animal enthusiast. Nothing professional…but we have a gazillion birds around our yard year long. He’s even named some of them. I always argue that he can’t tell one cardinal, or one yellow bellied whatever from another and his naming them has been annoying. So, i bought him this thinking that he could see these are not the same birds all the time. He’s now more annoying than ever. How is that possible??!! He’s named chipmunks, raccoons, possums, foxes, birds… He’s delusional. They all look alike to me. He is absolutely thrilled with this and now he is spotting birds and animals way across the farmer’s field behind our house.. That has to be almost a half mile away. I can’t even see a singular tree. He takes the dogs out at least 10 times a day… And i like to sit out there and relax… But ‘hey, there’s george way over there. He can sure fly fast, he was just here!’ is driving me absolutely bonkers!! I’ve jerked this out of his hands and looked myself…no way is that ‘george’… Heck, that’s ‘tom’. He jerks it back… ‘no it’s not tom, it’s george. Tom has more red on his head!’ i snarkily say, ‘ahhhaaaa, you are delusional! I made up tom.’ he informs me, ‘well, i didn’t!’ i can’t win! Now he sees (delusional) his buddies so far away, it’s nothing short of amazing!

5Expert Score
The replacement arrived very quickly; amazing for the price.

The replacement arrived. I can’t believe i paid only $13.99 for this. It’s a great monocular for the price. I can see people at the top of a mountain two miles away.

Earlier review before replacement:
i assume that the one sent to me must be broken inside. It does not show an image at all. This must be some sort of defect in this one piece, not something common to all of them.

5Expert Score
Works as advertised

A bit bigger than i expected but small enough for a large pocket. I had to resew the belt loop on the case so that it hangs comfortably and adjust the closure.

5Expert Score
Fantastic value and viewing

We recently purchased an 18th floor condo with a great balcony view and thought it would be cool to see some of a bit more close up. I looked at many different products on amazon ranging from the hundreds of dollars to $10. I was shocked to see these ones with the 52 mm lens at the $10 price, compared to everything else i was researching. I figured they’d be good enough, and if they sucked it was only 10 bucks. However, they don’t suck, they are great! Highly recommend as a perfect starter monocular. I have no idea how much different one of those in the hundreds of dollar category would be, but for my purposes, i don’t think they are necessary.

5Expert Score
Excellent little monocular for the money!!!!

I’ve ordered several of these over the past year or so and we have all loved them. My family (boys) are prone to misplacing or losing items, letting friends borrow items to never see again, so the price is perfect. I don’t understand the reviews where others are downgrading the monocular. We have all felt they are outstanding for the price, thus, here i am again to purchase more. Excellent in my opinion!! Wish it had night vision and that is the only con that i could come up with.

5Expert Score
Cheap alternative to binoculars!

This is one of the best versions i have seen of a monocular (opinion, since it is the only one i have had). Good bargain for the price. The large size allows for a wide viewing angle and the magnification can see things from far away very easily. I have a binocular that is 7-13×21, which as you can imagine is not nearly as efficient as this monocle. For the price of $10, it is basically buying half a similar sized binocular at half the price or less.
I haven’t tried it in nighttime efficiency.i don’t see why i would use it when i can use a flashlight, but it sounds neat and the monocular lenses are certainly glazed with a protective coating that could allow for reduced nighttime glare.

5Expert Score
This is a quality product.

I (admittedly) am not the sharpest blade in the drawer when it comes to optics. But i am a pretty good judge of quality. I can tell you that this monocular is very well constructed and has a very good weight in the hand; this alone surprised me considering the low price. I use it, primarily, for bird watching and if i were forced to mention one con it would be a bit of shakiness…however in doing my research on similar products, this appears to be fairly common. If this becomes a big issue for you, it’s easy enough to devise some kind of support for stabilization. All in all, for the price you can’t go wrong.

4Expert Score
Good value, but…

I took this monocular along on a recent trip to europe. Compared to binoculars it was lightweight and easy to use. It easily brought distant objects into clear focus.
It was a challenge to position the scope so the entire field of view could be seen, and chromatic aberration was always there. If you can swing it, spend twice or three times as much as the price of this item for one with better optics.

4Expert Score
Fits great in my edc, haven't tried at night yet but so far it seems very nice.

4Expert Score
Nice monocular, incorrect specification

The quality of the monocular is reasonable for its price, but it is not as good as more expensive models. The specification ’16 x 52′ is inaccurate. The monocular is actually ‘6 x 40’, that is, its magnification is about 6x and its objective lens diameter is about 40mm. There is noticeable distortion on the edges of the field of view, that is, straight lines appear curved. The weight of the monocular is 7.3 ounces (210 grams), the length is 5.9 inches (15.0 cm), and the diameter is 2.2 inches (5.6 cm). The monocular does not have a threaded hole for attaching it to a tripod.

4Expert Score

Small. Works ok. Good for your pirate friends with one good eye. First one arrived with broken lens but amazon replaced quickly.

4Expert Score
Great for shows.

Don’t buy tix from the scalper. Get one of these. It’s like sitting in the front row.

4Expert Score
Not as described, but still a good buy

This is not a zoom monocular. Neither is it 16 x 52.

The specs provided in the product description say the objective is 52 mm in diameter and the magnification is 16. The same description says the exit pupil is 5.2mm. If the magnification factor were 16, the exit pupil would be 3.25 (exit pupil equals objective diameter divided by magnification factor).

I roughly measured the magnification factor at 10. So i concluded that the exit pupil is indeed 5.2mm. Much larger and it would be too big to be useful because the human eye can’t accomodate an exit pupil of more than 7mm and that would be in very dim light. So this monocular is equivalent to one half of an inexpensive 10×50 binocular. It performs adequately for daytime viewing. It’s been too cloudy since i got it to test at night, but i expect it to perform about like inexpensive 10×50 binoculars i have used. It has a bright blue fringe around the edge in daytime viewing and is a bit fuzzy at the edge of the field. I expect those aberrations to be more noticeable at night. That doesn’t mean it’s not useful. We just shouldn’t expect it to perform like more precisely corrected optics.

4Expert Score
Works well.

The little threaded peg immediately fell off. This little guy never had a chance, the threads were taped too large or the threads on the peg are undersized. Not sure of it function.

4Expert Score
Pretty good for the price

Not quite as clear & magnifying as i expected but still ok for the price

4Expert Score
Not a zoom. View is not infinite as written on the box. Surprisingly good.

Having absolutely no expectations, i only purchased this monocular to get a sense of what the distance (maybe 10 city blocks/half a mile) would be like from a pair of binoculars having the same specifications. This monocular was recommended by a trusted national magazine, so i purchased it. The weight was heavier than expected, but i found it to be comfortable. Tested the monocular in daylight, and in complete darkness (as much darkness as one can get with big city street lights), and actually found the ‘night vision’ better than what could be seen in the daytime with sunlight bouncing off of glistening buildings and windows. This monocular has a manual adjustment, which i prefer, and is definitely not a zoom, as stated in their advertisement and on their box, by any stretch of the imagination. Do not believe for a moment that the distance on this monocular is ‘infinite’ as described on the box and instructions. All in all, for the price, this monocular is pretty good. All it needs to improve is a lens cap and better instructions.

4Expert Score
It works very well

It works fairly well

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