2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Gray

2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Gray

Yakibest.com : 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Gray : Electronics

What are 2021 apple 10.2-inch ipad wi-fi features?

  • Gorgeous 10.2-inch retina display with true tone
  • A13 bionic chip with neural engine
  • 8mp wide back camera, 12mp ultra wide front camera with center stage
  • Up to 256gb storage
  • Stereo speakers
  • Touch id for secure authentication and apple pay
  • 802.11ac wi-fi
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Lightning connector for charging and accessories
  • Works with apple pencil (1st generation) and smart keyboard
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2021 apple 10.2-inch ipad wi-fi details:

Product dimensions

‎9.87 x 6.85 x 0.3 inches

Item weight

‎1.07 pounds


‎apple computer

Country of origin


Item model number



‎1 lithium ion batteries required. (included)

2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Gray AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Gray : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Does it come with the case and apple pencil?

People love to vilify apple but almost no tablet on the market comes with a case and keyboard or pencil, unfortunately, but that’s not always a bad thing, people who don’t need those shouldn’t have to have those added into the cost.. A $329 tablet would be most likely $500 if it included those.

Is this the lastest ipad

the one i received a couple days ago, the card inside the white box was labeled “new ipad 8/10.2 (2019/2020)”, but the label pasted on the outside of the back of the box said ‘9th generation’

What generation is this ipad

The description states that it has the a13 bionic chip, which would make it 9th generation which was released in 2021.

Con que lapiz funciona? Primera o segunda generacion?


Will i have to pay a monthly bill for this ipad? I won’t be using it to call or text

I have a ipad with wifi and cellular capabilities, i used to have a data plan on it but i discontinued the data plan. I’m just using the wifi on it now with no problems, i can text and if it’s configured right i can even receive facetime and even phone calls on it.

Can i add on cellular to my ipad if i only purchased wi-fi?

It has to have a cellular built-in from the factory. If you think you might use it down the road, buy one with it….just don’t activate it on cellular until you need it. All of my ipads are on cellular. Only $20 per month from the cell companies. To me, it is well worth the extra expense. If you don’t have it…use your cell phone as a hot spot when traveling or when you need it, hope this helps.

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Can you trade in old ipad for a newer one?

I think that if your old ipad is in working condition, you might be able to trade it in for credit towards a new one. That’s what i was told in the apple store. Unfortunately, my ipad was totally dead, out of warranty, & i didn’t have applecare, so i couldn’t trade it in. Contact your nearest apple store; you may be lucky. If it’s in decent condition, you might get up to $150!

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Can you hot spot from your phone to the ipad


Would this be a good tablet to do art with? Preferably procreate?

Yes with the right app

Do i really need apple care insurance?

Lol i did very well for years with my mini. I got cocky and had it out of a case when we traveled (lighter weight in my carry on) and it was broken on two different occasions. I had it fixed (new screen) for $125 the first time. I replaced t the second since the price was so good. No apple care. Probably might have helped pay, might not idk. How clumsy are you?

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Can i use the art app procreate on this ipad?

Yes procreate app works well on this ipad

I this a new in box apple ipad?


Can i facetime with this ipod?

I assume you mean ipad and yes.

Trae el cargador?

Si, cable tipo c a lightning y la fuente de poder con entrada tipo c

Does it have tty?


Where do i get a user guide?

If you go to the books app there will be free instructions. Click, download and read.

Me puede decir cuantos gb exactamente tiene esta tablet?

Yo compre en de 64

Does this ipad have a headphone jack?

Ipad 9th generation has headphone jack. So yes you can hook up headphones to it.

Can i send to my printer

Yes. Just go in and make the printer the destination from the ipad and you can send to it. I do that and after printing return the destination to my computer.

Es modelo a2602?

Si, a2602 novena generacion ipad

2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Gray AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Gray : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Incredible deal on incredible machine

For those who wonder, this is brand new in the box, 2021 9th generation. It is not refurbed or an exchange. It is never opened and shrink wrapped by apple. (see my photos.) the reason it is so much cheaper than the other 2021 ipads is the 64gb storage. But with icloud so ridiculously cheap for cloud storage, i just cannot see this 64gb as not getting the job done. I myself was curious about this low price buying me a refurb/exchange, but that is simply not the case here. I do, however, recommend you not go with 32gb. I believe even with an icloud account, you will be sorry you didn’t go 64gb.

And the ease of setting this up cannot be understated. I simply sat my iphone 13 pro max next to it and all relevant files and wi-fi passwords were transferred over with no input from me. It looked to me that it will do that with android and most laptops also, though i did not test that out. All photos also came over, and the ones i took after that transfer, i simply air-dropped them into this ipad. All in all, this is as simple as it gets for transferring files and photos. Apple has this stuff down to a science, believe me.

This screen is incredible. If you are looking at a pre-retina screen, you will be amazed at this 2021 version. This thing is very fast, the on screen keyboard is fast, accurate and very concise. Dealing with apps is easy, and apple doesn’t load you down with bloat you’ll never use. It is claimed this has about 12 hours on a charge; what i’ve seen thus far leads me to believe that is accurate.

All in all, i am extremely pleased with this purchase. You can’t always say you got what you paid for. But i can definitely say that with this. This is the entry level 2021 9th generation ipad, and it is exactly what i need. Go and get you one…

5Expert Score
Kids love it

I’m not much of an apple product person but i do buy them for people i don’t want to provide tech support to. (parents, in-laws, wife, and kids)

i used to use the fire tablets because they were cheap and i thought that would keep the kids entertained, especially on road trips. This worked for movies and some games but there were always problems with how slow they become with updates, loss of battery life, etc.

This ipad was a game changer. I always knew they were the ‘best tablets’ but i was also a bit in denial as well as just being somewhat anti-apple. With this on sale during prime day 2022 (july) i took a chance and bought one for the kids.

This does everything as well or better (usually better) than previous tablets i had purchased because they were cheaper.

I also didn’t buy a case for it and my kids are brutal with these types of devices. To date, it is still in one piece, operational, and has no cracks in the screen.

Sometimes it is worth paying a bit more for the name brand product and in this case i’m a believer.

5Expert Score
My old ipad was too old to update, so it was passed down,

I have had an ipad air since they came out. I used hotel points to get it and its served me well as a book and simple internet use. Recently i noticed that it was no updating and some of my favorite apps were telling me they were using an old version because my ios was outdated. Without being able to update it i decided to pass my old one on and get a new one. Then i thought i’d get a mini 6 but after comparing the prices and the ability i could not justify a double price for it. I ordered this ipad 9 and it came quicker than expected. Out of the box it performs much better than my old one, screen appears clearer and i like the new ios it uses. My old one will live on as a small tv for my wife when shes in the kitchen and for that it does very well. I have no complaints about my new one. Its easy to talk yourself into the top of the curve, but sometimes being a bit behind it makes better fiscal sense

5Expert Score
Love my ipad

This is the 4th (5th?) ipad i’ve had, and every one of them was worth its weight in gold. Checking emails and playing games on my phone is a pain in the you-know-what, especially now that i am a certain age and don’t see so well anymore. I have extreme withdrawals when i accidentally go off and leave it at work. One of the things i would grab if the house was on fire.

5Expert Score
Calidad insuperable de apple

Estoy muy contenta con mi ipad, me ha sido muy útil para tomar mis clases, investigar, y pasar mis ratos de ocio. El tamaño es ideal para mí, la pantalla ofrece colores nítidos y brillantes, navega de manera fluida, buena calidad de sonido. Lo que más me gusta es la calidad, la presentación impecable, y sobretodo el precio que pague. El ipad vino sellado en su caja, es un producto nuevo, no reconstruido. Volvería a comprar otro sin duda en el futuro.

5Expert Score
I'm so happy with my order

I started school for fall 2022. I didnt necessarily need a new computer, but i really wanted to ipad just because. I shopped around on different websites, comparing sizes storage. I came across this ipad being on sale at the perfect time. I have no issues or concerns about this ipad! The battery life is really good. I recommend buying screen protector and a case 🙂

5Expert Score
I personally recommend. This was a great option for me.

Gen 9. Original packaging. Brand new. Correct item. No fingerprints. No damage. Everything is as good as buying from the apple store. 100% happy and content with this purchase. Fast and decent. Same day delivery for me. I will be buying a decent case for durability. If you do not have a case for it once purchased, be very very careful. Do not move it around a lot. Apple products are very nice, but not very durable unless you buy some type of case. There is a lot of potential to this item. It uses gen one apple pencil. I went to a pawn shop today and got an apple pencil for 30 dollars. As i am writing this a new gen 1 apple pencil is going for 60 dollars, but i am a student on a budget.

5Expert Score

I got this ipad to do some digital drawing on procreate. I was worried if the ipad would get wrecked during the delivery, but it was protected enough so nothing happened. The screen, battery life, and ipad itself is in perfect condition!

5Expert Score
Last minute birthday present

Was purchased as a last minute birthday present for my 8 year old. Arrived on time for the same price being offered by other major retailers. Perfect condition no scrapes or cracks, screen is crystal clear and battery life is great. Operating system is fast and easy to use, makes me want to get myself one now.

5Expert Score
My old ipad was in bad shape. So i got a new one.

Wowowow what a beautiful ipad this is.
Easy to set up. Fabulous looking. Fast. Fun.
And… On sale. If your old ipad that you loved, used for years, needed to be updated then don’t hesitate. Get it. I love this new one.

4Expert Score
Spring for the128 if you use a lot of apps

It is an excellent product, but spring for the 128 gb if you use a lot of apps. No memory expansion option.

4Expert Score
Solid apple quality

Great quality as normal, but the battery seems to drain faster than usual. I have an old ipad 2 that seems to last longer.

4Expert Score
Very nice product

I found this to be very useful and helpful. I use it almost as much as my iphone.

4Expert Score
Pretty good ipad

Well it technically is better than before. I mean we have all seen a ipad
i mean do you really have to review a ipad ?

4Expert Score
No surprise, but good enough.

No surprise, quality is ok.
Screen looks fine,battery last about five hours for movie.

4Expert Score
Ipad works well, but

No issues with the ipad. However when i unwrapped the shrink wrap from the ipad box, the box was covered with a thin layer of an oily substance.

4Expert Score
Nice tablet.

Good graphics. Battery life ok. Sent back because of cost.

4Expert Score

Ipad works great easy to transfer information from the old one to the new one

4Expert Score
It’s an ipad

The ipad itself is fine, works as to be expected. I got this for my husband as a gift and ordered it in silver, but it came in rose gold instead. Thankfully this is something he didn’t care about, but definitely might bother someone else if they are expecting a particular color.

4Expert Score
She loves it

I am not an apple guy but my wife likes their products. Seems to be everything and more than she was looking for. Has definitely cut down on her phone screen time and not sure she has even booted her laptop since she got it.

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