20g Sterling Silver Faux Nose Ring – Handmade Clip-On Fake Hoop – No Piercing Needed

20g Sterling Silver Faux Nose Ring – Handmade Clip-On Fake Hoop – No Piercing Needed

Yakibest.com: 20g Sterling Silver Faux Nose Ring – Handmade Clip-On Fake Hoop – No Piercing Needed : Handmade Products
20g Sterling Silver Faux Nose Ring – Handmade Clip-On Fake Hoop – No Piercing Needed: • faux nose ring for everyday wear • clip-on design, no piercings needed • can be used as a tragus or septum ring • fully adjustable to fit almost every nose • solid 925 sterling silver, 20 gauge • 6mm inner diameter, 8mm outer diameter to adjust size, we recommend squeezing the nose ring while off your nose and then sliding on. You can repeat this process until you get the perfect fit. This ensures a snug fit and comfortable sizing process. We recommend that you safely store your clip-on nose ring while sleeping or bathing.

What are 20g sterling silver faux nose ring – handmade clip-on fake hoop – no piercing needed features?

  • Lovely gift package with instructions
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  • Handmade with care in florida, usa
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20g Sterling Silver Faux Nose Ring – Handmade Clip-On Fake Hoop – No Piercing Needed AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 20g Sterling Silver Faux Nose Ring – Handmade Clip-On Fake Hoop – No Piercing Needed : Handmade Products

Looking for specific info?

This says it is sterling silver, but the reviews say it tarnishes. Is it sterling silver or not?

Hi, yes it is solid 925 sterling silver! When we first started selling our faux nose rings on amazon, our packaging style was causing the nose rings to tarnish while stored in amazon warehouses, so you might still see some old reviews where they arrived tarnished. Luckily, we changed our packaging along the way and have solved that problem!

Genuine sterling silver does tarnish and needs to be cleaned periodically with silver cleaner. Also, it’s important to note that the speed at which genuine sterling silver tarnishes depends on a lot of things including your skin ph, the nearby air, whether it’s subjected to chemicals (such as hair spray and perfume), etc. For example, sterling silver worn near the beach will turn black pretty quickly! For some people, their skin ph is such that their sterling never (or rarely) tarnishes, so won’t need much in the way of cleaning. Other people can wear a sterling silver item and turn it black within days, due to their skin ph.

Hope this info was helpful, thank you for your support of our small business!

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In understand its width is 20 gauge piercing, but what mm size is this ring?

Hi, the inner diameter is 6mm, the outer diameter is about 7.5mm, and the width of the nose ring is 20 gauge or about .8mm. Thank you!

Could you use it as a fake lip ring?

No, it’s too small. I tried it myself, just to make sure but it just kept popping off, even on the narrower part of my lip.

Can i use this nose ring if i have a piercing already? I didn’t realize it was a faux clip on when i bought it 🙁

Hi, the metal (sterling silver) is fine to be used with a regular piercing. The main difference is that the end of the wire is flat, not rounded and more smoothed like i would if intended to be used through a piercing. If you try it and feel any discomfort trying to put it through the piercing, i would recommend to stop. If you are feeling creative, the end can be smoothed with a metal nail file. You may also return it for a full refund if it’s not going to work for you. Thank you!

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Is the product quality guaranteed?

Absolutely! If you are not satisfied in any way, you may return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund. Free returns. Thank you!

Can my baby use this product a lot?


Can this fit as an eyebrow fake piercing too?

Hi, we haven’t really tried that, but i don’t think it would stay on as well as it does on the nose or the lip, thank you

How many does it come with?

Just one

Is this product good quality?

It did fall off my nose a few times so i am hesitant to wear.

How exactly does this work? Just put the bigger end in your nose and clamp the ring closed?

Hi, this nose ring is lightweight and stays on very well, without changing the shape of it. The end with the small loop goes inside your nose and you just slide the nose ring onto your nose. For most people, it will fit as it is and stay on. However, everyone’s nose is a little different… If you find the opening is too small to go your nose, then just pull it apart very slightly and try again. If the nose ring is too loose after it’s on, you can squeeze it tighter, just slightly. Once it’s adjusted to the correct fit it will not need to be adjusted again, and you can just slide it on and off your nose as needed. When correctly adjusted, it will be comfortable but secure. Thank you!

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20g Sterling Silver Faux Nose Ring – Handmade Clip-On Fake Hoop – No Piercing Needed AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 20g Sterling Silver Faux Nose Ring – Handmade Clip-On Fake Hoop – No Piercing Needed : Handmade Products

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Perfect nose ring

Perfect size, very comfortable, and the best part is that you don’t have to get your nose pierced! I highly recommend it…great purchase.

5Expert Score

I bought it to wear in my pierced nose. It’s practical just a bit tiny. It hasn’t come off or tarnished. I got what i was looking for.

5Expert Score

Just as described and arrived on time.

5Expert Score
Simple, cute, sturdy

I was looking for a good fake nose ring because i was too scared to commit to a real one, and i love it! It was smaller than i anticipated but it turned out to be the perfect size for my nose. Never darkened or became discolored, and didn’t irritate my nose at all— plus it’s pretty sturdy and doesn’t fall off unless you rub your nose or smack your face for whatever reason. I’ll definitely be ordering another one soon because i dropped mine in a hard-to-reach spot in my car!

5Expert Score
Bought for a gift

They loved it, was perfect sz and looked so real.

5Expert Score

Love this faux nose ring. It’s so comfortable, that i forget i’m wearing it. Looks authentic and stays put all day. I get compliments on my new ‘nose ring’. ;/ definitely recommend if you want the look without having to actually get your nose pierced, or if you’re looking to see how a piercing would look before you actually do it.

5Expert Score
Fun little fake nose ring

I really wanted to get my nose pierced so i used this to test what side i’d prefer. I wore it a few times before deciding i liked it enough to go to the studio down the street. It did fall off a few times, i had to make sure to check how tightly it was sitting on my nostril periodically, especially when out to eat or drinking just because i touch my face a bunch without noticing which losens it up.

Wouldn’t recommend for long term use but if you just need a quick addition for an easy night out this is perfect.

5Expert Score
Absolutely awesome love these

Really cool addition to your wardrobe

5Expert Score
Looks really good worth getting

I really love how the piercing easily clips on nose. Some pinch and hurt. This piercing doesn’t its comfortable. I wanted a double nostril piercing but until i can get another piercing i figured i’d try it out with a fake one. Looks amazing also if you don’t want an actual piercing yet it’s perfect looks so cute!

5Expert Score
I've ordered these many times and will again!

I love these nose rings. They are small, dainty and exactly what i was looking for. The gold does not tarnish or irritate my sensitive skin. I’ve ordered this specific nose ring many times because i’ve lost them by sleeping with it in and it falls out and gets lost. They are lightweight. No one can tell it’s not an actual piercing. The only thing i wish were different is that there have been a couple which arrived with a sharp edge at the part that rests against my nose, and it has irritated the nose there. I just filed it with a nail file and cleaned it and used it with no worries after that. Regardless, will order more.

4Expert Score
Its nice

Its very comfortable. Very light weight. I just wish it was a little bit bigger. Im afraid im going to lose it.

4Expert Score

I was impressed how sturdy it is. It does what i want it to do. The only downside for me is that it’s a bit uncomfortable because i think it will slip up my nose.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Pretty good

I purchased this item to get the feel and look of having a nose ring before committing to an actual piercing. The item appears to be well made and did not cause discomfort or allergic reaction to the metal when worn. The only downsides are that it does hurt if you accidentally bump it while it’s in place and it’s difficult to remove without inflicting some—slight—pain. With that understanding, i would still recommend this item to someone interested in testing the waters.

4Expert Score
I liked this but…

This nose ring was comfortable and stayed in place. I didn’t like that it tarnished in less than a week. It’s also very small.

4Expert Score

I wish it was a pack of 6

4Expert Score
I lost it in less than 24 hours

Okay, honestly it was really cute and i got it to see if i would like how i looked if i got a real piercing, which i will plan to do asap. I love it! But, i lost this little ring when i was driving home it fell out my nose.,

4Expert Score

Love it

4Expert Score
Looks real

It does look real. I like the size, but it is sharp! The edges scratch your nose. I have purchased elsewhere, for the same cost or less that were rounded on the ends. It served it’s purchase but was not very comfortable.

4Expert Score
Great for price-not thick enough for nose-great for top of ears

Awesome and cute packaging-if giving for gift. It could be a little thicker or better yet more lengthy because you can’t exactly get to center of nose like the picture and if you try it pinches. If you wear lower it’s okay-but it’s not in normal placement you’d get a nose piercing. It did however fit perfectly on any part of ear ribbing.

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