[2+2 Pack] Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector Include 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector +2 Pack Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector,HD Clear,3D Curved,9H Hardness for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

[2+2 Pack] Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector Include 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector +2 Pack Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector,HD Clear,3D Curved,9H Hardness for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

Yakibest.com: [2+2 Pack] Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector Include 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector +2 Pack Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector,HD Clear,3D Curved,9H Hardness for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are [2+2 pack] galaxy s22 ultra screen protector include 2 pack tempered glass screen protector +2 pack tempered glass camera lens protector features?

  • 【perfect fit for samsung galaxy s22 ultra 5g】 : exclusively designed for samsung galaxy s22 ultra with precise cutouts, compatible with most samsung galaxy s22 ultra cases and covers.
  • 【fingerprint unlock】: our screen protector supports fingerprint unlocking technology. The protector has no annoying round effect, making your phone look more beautiful. The precise laser-cut dimensions provide maximum protection for the entire touch screen surface of the samsung galaxy s22 ultra. Three times stronger than ordinary protective films.
  • 【no rainbow effect】 : upgraded all-clear adhesive, not only on the edges, but also the touchscreen area, sticking firmly on your phone to maintain the original screen touch sensitivity. You won’t see the rainbow effect as other screen protectors may have on the phone screen.
  • 【simple installation】: easy no trouble and bubble-free installation that easily fits your device’s screen. Easy to apply and remove. Clear acrylic adhesive won’t leave residue. The anti-fingerprint, oleophobic coating resists smudges to maintain the hd clarity of your display. Fits with most galaxy s22 ultra cases on the market and won’t interfere with installation. A perfect fit is guaranteed!
  • 【full protective】: we provide both galaxy s22 ultra screen protectors and galaxy s22 ultra camera protectors, which will protect your phone from screen to camera all around. Offer full protection and double sercure.
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[2+2 Pack] Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector Include 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector +2 Pack Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector,HD Clear,3D Curved,9H Hardness for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G AMAZON

Yakibest.com: [2+2 Pack] Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector Include 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector +2 Pack Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector,HD Clear,3D Curved,9H Hardness for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Does this case turn yellow after time?

Yes! I bought this 11/2019. And it’s stained and yellow. However, i’m buying a replacement because it’s been the best case i’ve had. I’ve dropped this phone so many times and my phone has never cracked. So i will repurchase again.

Does it make the phone screen look grainy or oily?

No. It has a matte finish which i like. I don’t think it looks grainy or oily. After a few days (and many swipes), i can see fingerprints/streaks. But it wipes off very easily.

How many a package bring

Only 1 per package, it’s only a front screen protector!

Can it prevent the screen from cracking or is it just for scratches?

It is designed to protect the screen from scratches but expect it will help prevent the screen from cracking to a limited extent.

How do you get the air bubbles out

Use a credit card as you install it to make sure it lies flat. If you get bubbles that’d and you have dirt or lint on the under side of the protector. You are kind of screwed at that point. Clean phone and protector as best you can and reapply.

Does it have a front and a back protector?

I received 2 curved front screen protectors and 2 back camera lense protectors. Easiest front screen protector installation ever!

Is this the phoen or just the case>

Just the plastic screen covering the iphone.

What’s the difference between the antiglare and the diamond options?

Apparently when you turn your phone off its suppose to look like little diamonds on the screen protector. Anti glare suppose to block sunlight or any other light.

Is this case hard or soft? Is it a clear bendy plastic?

It‘s soft but durable, and made of clear bendy tpu material.

Is it inflexible, hard?

It is.hard but not really hard its still flexible. So no

How many screen protectors come in a pack?

Two, one for the front and one for the back of the iphone.

If my iphone screen is cracked badly, will this protector keep it from falling apart? Or at least stay on so that my fingers don’t get cut?

If it were my phone that was cracked, i would certainly try it! The material is thick enough to protect your fingertips, i think, and it sticks well to the surface of the phone. Definitely worth a shot before the expense of replacing the phone. Be careful applying it, and use a straight edge (like a debit card) to smooth it out to avoid hurting yourself or cutting into the screen protector. The application for my friends went easily on with very few bubbles to smooth out. Good luck!

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Is this distributed by china?

In case anyone else thinks it shouldnt matter if it comes from china, it is not an issue with chinese people. They have camps that use slave labor. And the non-slaves, the citizens have no freedom, they work 6 days a week, 12 hour days. You can go on and on about the control the government asserts over ever aspect of the pives of the workers who are used to drive down prices. Not to mention the same lack of ethical drive (of those in power of course, not the ones subject to it) also often creates less safe or lower quality products in some cases. But no, you are not a ‘terrible person’ if you want to avoid chinese products.

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Hello telephony functions to movistar venezuela. I hope your answer thanks

Hola yuliana! Supongo que si!, si funciona para movilnet perfecto, estoy casi segura que para movistar mucho mas! Lo que si es que viene desbloqueado para que lo puedas utilizar aqui, a la orden saludos!

Is there a certain feel when you get the matte versus the regular?

Yea def. With the matte its more of a glide as with the regular one i have noticed it gets greasier and harder to move around a touch screen. Imo

Iphone 5

I purchased this screen protector for an iphone 4s, but i would recommend it if the seller has them for the 5. I don’t think that the 4s cover will fit on the 5, because i think the 5 is a bit longer and thinner than the 4/4s. I also recommend asking an associate at your cell service carrier to put it on for you, otherwise you’ll get air bubbles like i did!

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Will it fit under a otterbox?

I bought this with a commuter otterbox and it does not fit.

Does this fit the white 4s iphone?

Sheila – i have the 4s model, fits mine perfectly.


I used this screen saver for about 2 months now. 3 weeks in, small cracks started forming around the edges and then spread across the screen. So, i decided to remove it. The screen cover cracks into thousands of pieces of glass and the circle where you press your fingerprint will not come off. The broken glass is now stuck to the screen. I’ve been picking at it for 2 hours now. Not sure how i’m going to remove it.

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Does it fit under the otter defender case?

Yes it fits under the otter defender case.

[2+2 Pack] Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector Include 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector +2 Pack Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector,HD Clear,3D Curved,9H Hardness for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G AMAZON

Yakibest.com: [2+2 Pack] Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector Include 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector +2 Pack Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector,HD Clear,3D Curved,9H Hardness for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Fits great

I was skeptical about getting this type of screen protector because of some reviews but most were good so i bought them. There is a circle around the fingerprint that is noticeable with the screen off but hardly noticeable with the screen on. Doesn’t bother me. I did add my fingerprint again and after my second try, i got it to work (user error ) but so far no issues with the sensor. My case fits great still but i was extra careful putting it back on so the edges wouldn’t pop up. I’ve been pressing the screen protector down a lot to ensure a secure stick. I didn’t need the camera lens protector but figured i’d put it on anyways since it was included. So far i haven’t noticed any glare or issues with that. So far very happy with this purchase!

5Expert Score
Happy with the screen protector

So far i liking it. It fits well to the screen. Not sure if it’s really protecting the screen but it works as there is an extra layer of protection on the screen. I changed my phone e case multiple times, and the protector was still in place. Overall

5Expert Score
It works..saved my phone for pricey repairs

Dropped phone face down on cement floor. The screen protector was damaged, but, my phone was not at all damaged. It performed as advertised.

5Expert Score
Almost perfect

The screen is very easy to install with no bubbles. It’s still very responsive with it on.
For everyone that is complaining about the fingerprint scanning, you just need to redo the fingerprint and it will work just fine. That’s the only issue i have, but seriously, not that big of a deal. Great screen.

5Expert Score
Works like i was hoping!! -happy customer!

This was a second purchase, of a similar product, from a different co. Nothing broken! Everything works great! Exactly how i was hoping it would!

5Expert Score
Easy to install

I don’t use the finger print reader, but everything else is in working order. It works with the pen well. It also works well with the phone case i bought which is great!

5Expert Score
Best protector

Finally found a protector that goes on easily, no bubbles, doesn’t come up on the edges and not cheap at all.

5Expert Score
Easy to install

No idea if this will last long since i just put it on my phone, but my big worry was how hard it would be to install without air bubbles. I shouldn’t have worried. It slips down over the screen all by itself, in an almost magical manner, leaving a perfect fit. So far so good. I also like that it has a cover for the camera lens’ which is also easy to install.
Not having any problem with the fingerprint reader, but you can always increase the sensitivity of the reader if it doesn’t read easily.

5Expert Score

It works

5Expert Score
Works great

Very sturdy

4Expert Score
Broke one already

Thankful this was a two pack because i broke the first one already. I think it was my own fault as i had it the tiniest bit off center and i think it was off the edge a bit when i dropped it. Thankful that i also purchased a case at the same time.

4Expert Score
Great protector, difficult to put on without bubbles

This is a nice screen protector that is working well for me. The down side is that this really is difficult to apply well. I bought 2 and am glad i did. The first one was good for practice and i got the second on pretty good, though i still have a few bubbles due to extremely small pieces of dust. The dust was so small it really wasn’t even visible when i was cleaning the screen.

Here’s the problem… If your screen isn’t completely clean when you apply the protector it’ll pick up any dust you missed… And that’s it, game over the dust is forever on the screen protector now as it’s sticky. That’s how i ruined my 1st attempt, by trying to clean the stick side of the protector. It’s not possible and touching it in any way will leave more marks.

There seems to be several sellers for this, i am not sure that they are exactly the same. I bought mine from abe

the air bubbles are removable, it’s the dust particles that will not go away, along with their associated bubble. I’ll order a couple more and try to use canned air to get it completely clean and see if i can get it down to zero bubbles. Wipe down the entire area, make sure the air is clean and hope for the best as even the smallest dust particle leaves a small bubble.

In my 2nd attempt i got it down to about 5 very small bubbles. I’m going to leave it for now and use this for a few months. So far in just a few days i like this protector and am happy with it. I might order a couple more and really work for an extremely clean way to install it and see if i can do better.

4 stars, works great, i like it but it’s difficult to apply and get right.

4Expert Score
Simple and sturdy – easy to hold

I thought because of how low the price is for this case, it would potentially be cheap. My husband and i just upgraded to the iphone 11, and we were traveling when we did this. That said, we do not like to have these phones unprotected, so i ordered two of these cases. They are clear and very easy to hold. They have a light grip so you do not have issues with slippage. I used to have a white 8 plus and loved the white covers. This store did not have a white iphone in stock, so i went with the purple iphone. Wit this case, i can see my iphone color, and the case is very sturdy. I have dropped my phone three times since i purchased it, and between the tempered glass and this case, everything came out unscathed without any scratches on my case. We were traveling in northwest winter weather so it was out in the climate and on the city streets where these drops occurred. For the value and streamlined look, this case is every bit whatever case you paid $50 for at your retail phone store! I highly recommend this case!

4Expert Score
Phone glass screen

Nice and smooth, very easy to install. However, i wouldn’t know how well it will protect my phone screen until the phone is dropped or falls accidentally

4Expert Score
Pretty good but not under harsh conditions

If it’s very, very bright outside, then the glare is most definitely there. Otherwise it’s fine.

4Expert Score
Fits iphone 11 well, slightly difficult to use swipe features

I got this case instead of spending the ridiculous $40+ that apple charges for essentially the same thing. It’s nice and clear so it shows the green color of my phone nicely. The buttons respond easily through the case. It’s already been dropped a number of times by my kids and the phone has been protected. There aren’t any rough ridges around the edges, which i really appreciate having had my old phone case be almost identical but kind of hurting my hand if i held it the wrong way. Being someone with smaller hands, the only thing i don’t like about the case is that the overhang at the bottom edge prevents me from easily using the swipe gesture to make the screen jump down halfway. Likewise, sometimes it’s difficult to get the control panel from the top right corner. Neither are deal breakers but this is why i rate it a 4 rather than 5. Would recommend this case.

4Expert Score
Pro: exact fit, very smooth con: slight blur?

So this is one of my only reviews on amazon, and i felt like i needed to review this one because of the price and the number of imbalanced reviews. I ordered two sets of them, because i’ve been a pinch where i don’t have a screen protector when i need one, and my daughter and i have the same phone, so thought these would be cheap just to throw in a drawer.

Now, i want to emphasize that i use an otterbox defender (top of the line) case over my verizon iphone 4. After some frustrations with the otterbox built in screen protector, i decided i needed to get rid of it altogether, and find a product i only needed to clean one side of.

So, i slapped one of these on today, and boy was i surprised! The fit is great, and even in low lighting i put the protector on with very little troubles or bubbles.

However, i was most amazed with feel of this protector. It feels amazing on the finger with the matte finish, and it makes swiping around the screen very smooth. Also, because of the matte finish it doesn’t show any finger prints and little glare.

Ok – that being said, the matte finish also has a single negative… There is a sort of ‘haze’ over the screen, you can see the screen on everything. Still this is way better than the blurry mess of the otterbox screen protector so i am going to deal with it.

4Expert Score
Better than expected

I bought this pack of matted screen protectors on a saturday night and got them on a wednesday. Much sooner than expected. I used a technique i read on another review to place my screen protector on my phone where you take a spray bottle, mix it with soap and water, and lightly spray the front of your phone with the mixture, as well as a small amount on your fingers so the protector won’t stick to them and you won’t transfer dust particles to the phone. Once the front panel is wet, you place the screen protector on which will slide around easily for you to get it to the perfect fit. Once you’ve gotten it where you want it, you take a credit card or something similar to smooth out all of the water and bubbles beginning in the middle and going outward. I know, the whole idea sounds beyond crazy (wetting your expensive iphone?!) but it worked! I was skeptical to try this at first, but after having bought so many of these things, i thought, what the heck? So i gave it a try and couldn’t be any happier. The only reason i did not give this four stars is because i’m not 100% sure that it would’ve gone on so great without the soap and water technique.

4Expert Score
Great product, easy to use

Seriously fantastic buy

4Expert Score
Nice matte screen protector – but not anti-fingerprint

I thought they (etech/i-flash) made a mistake and sent two front screen protectors instead of a front and back, but upon reading the description again, they include a second for the price of one which was nice. But i didn’t even need to redo it because it applied perfectly on the first try. I used the little microfiber cloth to clean the screen as best i could which took about 5 minutes- there were a lot of greasy smudges that wouldn’t come off with a tissue or eyeglass cloth but the microfiber cloth it came with worked great. I made sure no dust was on the screen and took off the film labeled ‘side 1’. I lined up the home button with the protector and carefully aligned it with the speaker and camera holes. I let it go and it automatically adhered to the screen. There were a few air bubbles that were easy to move to the edge and make disappear. I peeled off the second layer of film to a nice matte finish which feels nice to the touch. Very satisfied with this product but you can still see fingerprints on it (not a huge deal for me, but they shouldn’t advertise it as such)

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