2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor WiFi, Dzees Siren Alarm Spotlight Outdoor Camera Wireless Battery Powered, 360° PTZ Camera, AI Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Color Night Vision, IP66, Cloud/SD

2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor WiFi, Dzees Siren Alarm Spotlight Outdoor Camera Wireless Battery Powered, 360° PTZ Camera, AI Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Color Night Vision, IP66, Cloud/SD

Yakibest.com : 2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor WiFi, Dzees Siren Alarm Spotlight Outdoor Camera Wireless Battery Powered, 360° PTZ Camera, AI Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Color Night Vision, IP66, Cloud/SD : Electronics

What are 2k security cameras wireless outdoor wifi features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • [360 degrees of coverage] – control remotely using the dzees home app so you can monitor the whole house fast. Panning has a 355° left/right rotation range and tilting has a 90° vertical up/down range, and 4x digital zoom (no optical zoom), adjust the direction of this outdoor camera you want in the app at will. Built-in noise reduction microphone & speaker, which protect your baby, pet, elder, and lover full day.
  • [wireless in style] – experience total freedom with no cords with the true wireless outdoor camera d3. The wireless camera runs on 2.4 ghz wifi and stays fully charged with high-capacity battery which realizes 100% wire-free security. 3-6 months long-lasting power per charge. Ip66 certified to withstand rain, sun, heat, and cold for year-round security, ideal for outdoor use. Take only few minutes to set up.
  • [smart motion recording] – automatically detect, tag, and record motion in real-time. Dzees smart security camera with ai recognition, analyze and distinguish people, pets, vehicle. When someone passes through the area, the camera emits an alarm sound(if you set it), the notification will be sent to you immediately, and video will be saved in micro sd card or cloud.
  • [color night vision] – built-in infrared light and dual-source white light provide true color night vision for your night. 2k security camera with color night vision does not miss every detail. The wireless outdoor security camera with 130° wide-angle and 100ft night vision range.
  • [multiple features] – listen and talk to anyone you care about while not at home. By playing back the history, we can always see what happened at home.(use free dzees software to live view, playback and download recorded clips manually anytime)the outdoor security camera can through app to set some specific monitoring zones. You can simply share the cameras with your families with a qr code.
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2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor WiFi, Dzees Siren Alarm Spotlight Outdoor Camera Wireless Battery Powered, 360° PTZ Camera, AI Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Color Night Vision, IP66, Cloud/SD AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor WiFi, Dzees Siren Alarm Spotlight Outdoor Camera Wireless Battery Powered, 360° PTZ Camera, AI Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Color Night Vision, IP66, Cloud/SD : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

When the wireless camera detects a person or animal, will a siren sound?

Yes, the battery camera comes with a siren that can alert you when motion is detected, but you can also turn it off manually. Below is a video of a customer actually recording for reference.

What about the wireless camera rain and snow protection?

the latest d3k security camera and solar panel are ip66 waterproof fit for outdoor usess.
Also there is a rubber cover upgrade on both the camera and solar panel connectors,
which means they can be used in extreme environments like rain, sleet or heavy wind.
Any other questions, please feel free to contact us via amazon message or tech@dzees.net.

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Can i place a rubber cover over it to keep dry?

please be assured that this latest solar powered wireless outdoor camera comes with a rubber cover that is waterproof.
This means they can be used in extreme environments such as rain, sleet or high winds.
For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us via amazon messages or at support@dzees.net.

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How waterproof is this outdoor camera with solar panel attached?

the latest d3k security camera and solar panel are ip66 waterproof fit for outdoor usess.
The exclusively designed silicone plug can perfectly fit the charging port of the camera, protecting it from rain and dust, giving the product longer life.
Any other questions, please feel free to contact us via amazon message or support@dzees.net

My internet/ broadband is slow. – any bandwidth requirements for this camera?

thanks for your question
in order to ensure the normal work of the camera, please use the camera to connect to the 2.4gh network and keep the wifi signal greater than 80%.

Can wifi camera connect more then one phone?

Depends on manufacturer – most allow you to share with friend and family – and its fairly easy to do so.

Does this camera take an sd or a micro sd card? I can’t quite tell from reviews which size it takes.

It takes a micro sd card

Where can i find more information on your cloud pricing and what it includes?

On dzees website.

Want to buy a wireless camera to monitor animal activity around the house at night and require colour night vision and high definition, is this ok?

Hello, buyer
thanks for your trust.
This dzees ptz cam will meet your needs above. 1080p hd and colour night vision will allow you to better observe animal activity at night and protect you.
In addition, the camera has a 360-degree angle for greater peace of mind.
Pls feel free to contact us if you still have any question. (tech@dzees.net)
all the best,
dzees support

How to switch between color night vision and black and white night vision

Hi, buyer
thanks for your question. Here are the steps to follow for reference.
1) enter the ‘camera settings’ page and click on ‘light settings’.
2) turn on or off the camera ‘status indicator’, ‘alarm flash’, ‘night vision function’.
3) ‘night vision’ can switch the infrared mode (black and white night vision), white light mode (color night vision).
Hope these can help.
dzees support

Will my android phone be compatible with dzees outdoor camera? What app do i need to use?

Hello! This outdoor camera can be compatible with android phones and ios device. It works with dzees app and vicohome app. Any questions, feel free to contact us via amazon message or support@dzees.net.

Is the base where screws go to attach to wall metal?

Yes, the small bracket at the top has four holes for the screws. They provide 4 screws and 4 anchors.

How do i keep the rain from making the view blurry?

The camera is with ip66 waterproof rating, can effectively prevent water inside the camera lens. The external rain will flow down the camera body, a little cover above the lens, but there is no way to completely avoid the lens drenching. If you do want to avoid getting the camera wet, you can install the camera in a sheltered place, or you can install a shelter above the camera.

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How do i mount the outdoor camera on the wall?

thank you for your question.
Please install the camera in accordance with the instructions, if you still do not install, please contact after-sales service guidance you, thank you.

Does this outdoor security camera support 24/7 recording?

This is a motion detection camera.

Is a sandisk 128gb ultra microsdxc uhs-i memory card good for his camera

Sandisk 128gb ultra microsdxc is what use and it seems to work well.

Will this camera work with 90mb/s micro sd card?is there a maximum transfer speed limit?

I am usung the recomended 128gb micro sd card v30 and u3. It works fine. I am unsure about the trasfer speed.

Does this camera work with the myq app?

Hi there,
they have their own app that works injunction with their cameras. For video storage, there is a 7-day free tryout period for their cloud service. Then you can purchase a paid cloud service that ranges from a monthly $3 (usd) lower tier basic plan, to a monthly $8 dollar pro plan. No other app will function for the cameras that i am aware of

I want to buy a matching solar panel, any recommendations?

Most all security cam solar panels will fit. Make sure though whether the port is for usb c or usb b or micro b before ordering

Can this security camera mark important places that i like?

Yes. My favorite feature is the position feature where you set a position and name it and later choose between several set positions for easy navigation. For this particular one you can save positions in advance so if i want to look a the doorstep instead of the walkway it’s a click away.

2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor WiFi, Dzees Siren Alarm Spotlight Outdoor Camera Wireless Battery Powered, 360° PTZ Camera, AI Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Color Night Vision, IP66, Cloud/SD AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor WiFi, Dzees Siren Alarm Spotlight Outdoor Camera Wireless Battery Powered, 360° PTZ Camera, AI Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Color Night Vision, IP66, Cloud/SD : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score

This thing is impressive! I have other cameras from another manufacturer that also have ai, in that they recognize vehicles and people, but this dzees camera is at a whole different level. Not only does it recognize vehicles and people, but pets also and if a package was delivered. I’ve been getting notifications such as ‘person wandering around’, ‘vehicle leaving’, ‘parked vehicle’, ‘a pet passing by’, and just today there was a new notification along with a zoomed in picture of my vehicle asking: ‘do you recognize this vehicle? Yes/no’. This camera’s analytical capabilities are amazing. Great programming. One thing i should mention is that i am currently on a 30 day trial which unlocks the camera’s ai functionality, and after the 30 day trial it’s $2.99 per month. If one chooses not to subscribe the camera still works fine and notifies you of any movement, but does not analyze the movement to let you know whether it’s a vehicle, person, pet or package. I’m pretty sure i will subscribe after my 30 days are up. It really seems worth the extra benefit. I may even get a 2nd camera i’m so impressed. The tilt and pan of this camera are pretty quick and the picture quality is excellent both during the day and at night. It senses motion up to 25-30 ft away, and once motion sensing has been triggered its ai seems to recognize things even beyond its motion sensing range. All in all excellent camera and value for the money.

5Expert Score
Excellent video and motion detection. Solid battery life.

This is the second dzees outdoor cam i have set up and used. This is the 2k rotating cam.

So far, so good. The cam connected immediately with our wifi and the app.
Images are good day or night and motion detection works well.

I am using the ios app version. It is simple to use and does not require sending images to the web unless you choose to use their cloud features. Alerts to your phone are delivered promptly.

This cam allows real time viewing. You have nearly 360-degree views available with responsive rotation up and down as well as side to side.

The battery life appears to be very long, indeed. The level has barely dropped in the weeks since i installed it.

The only complaint is with the mounting screws. They are very soft and will strip the head regardless of the driver used. Swap them immediately and avoid using bad language.

Overall, i highly recommend this cam, especially for the price.

5Expert Score
Easy set up

Being retired, i usually do extensive background checks using customer reviews before i purchase. I did the same with the 3 dzess cameras that i purchased. Ok, i’m in my 70’s and setting up any kind of wi-fi system fills me with apprehension and i usually call my kids for information or have one of them set up the system. When i received my cameras i looked through the set up guide and thought i would give it a try before i called my son for assistance. We’ll, before i knew it the camera system was up and running, looking good. I was proud and my wife thinks i’m now some kind of tech genius…..she even gave me an extra glass of prune juice! Ok, just kidding about the prune juice but it’s an easy set up and great pictures day and night. My neighbors saw the live views on my phone when i was at their house and they are also purchasing dzess cameras to upgrade their old video system. Battery life is still holding at 100% after two weeks so i think that’s gonna be good. The camera will tell you if your wi-fi signal is weak in your chosen mounting spot and you may have to buy a wi-fi extender to strengthen the signal but again, an easy inexpensive fix. You can set a sleep period for your cameras which will prevent notifications when you’re outside puttering around. My wife goes to “live view” to check on me from time to time and it has voice function so she can talk to me (like i’m listening) highly recommend these cameras to all my people…great quality at a great price

5Expert Score
Surprisingly good camera!

I was originally going to go with a more well-known brand of camera however i came across this camera and read the reviews. For the price i decided to give it a shot. The camera arrived well packaged and with clear instructions. I had the camera mounted and connected to my wi-fi in approximately 15 mins. I was very surprised at the quality of the video and with the ease of use of the d’zees app. The app was very easy to work through and provided numerous options for the camera. As far as the quality of the video goes, i was impressed. The video is clear and provides relatively good detail. The night vison was equally impressive as it provided a clear picture.

This camera was mounted on the front of my house overlooking the driveway and garage door. It was quiet a distance from my router but it still picked up the signal. I did add a wi-fi extender and that helped improve the signal from “medium” to “high”. The camera has picked up over a hundred videos so far and the battery still shows as full.

I truly hope that the camera will last since i do like it and will definitely purchase another one for the backyard.

5Expert Score
Quality & reliable

We needed a camera for our house in tennessee (900 miles away) and i came across this one on amazon after searching and reading reviews. I have never had one before so take that as a starting point. Bottom line, this camera was super easy to connect to both the wifi and my phone, just as easy to physically install on the wall and easy for a new to remote cameras guy like me to learn to operate. I was so happy with this camera i bought another one. The techies will probably leave much more in depth reviews but for a regular guy who doesn’t like dealing with tech i highly recommend this camera. Easy to use, install and learn and it works like it should for me.

5Expert Score
Best camera yet

If anything changes, i’ll come back and edit but-
i just installed this and so far i’m in love. First, unlike other cameras i’ve bought this one came already 100% charged. Awesome. Second you can choose the 2k (which is so crisp and clear) or sd. The light is nice and bright and it records without lag. Love that it records in clips rather than stills. It also covers a wide range without even panning. I do kinda wish it followed the subject but, again, not a big deal as the range is pretty wide. Sound coming through is clear as well. It’s heavier than i thought but nothing crazy. Such good quality that i’ll be buying more.

5Expert Score
Fantastic camera

I was looking for a camera that didn’t break the bank, was wireless and battery driven with good quality. These cameras surpassed every expectation. The battery life is fantastic, i will probably need to charge the more active one 3 times a year (or get a solar panel) and the less active one is trending 1 charge every 6 months. The quality and night vision are amazing. I bought these for my office. I am so impressed that i am buying more for my home. I strongly recommend these cameras. They were extremely easy to set up on the app as well as install them on the outside of the building.

5Expert Score
A company that innovates and staff that uphold the legitimacy of their products.

A company that innovates and staff that uphold the legitimacy of their products.

Dzees is part of the zumimall suite of security cameras, with the ptz security camera being one of dzees’ latest offerings.

The cost of the product vs. The benefits you will gain from use is excellent when comparing competitive products.

The camera offers 360 degrees of coverage; thus, you can pan rotate left/right 355 degrees and vertical up/down 90 degrees. The pan rotate works twice as fast as other comparable cameras. The camera displays infrared light and dual source white light, night vision where you can view crystal clear images / video 24/7. The pan/tilt/zoom is great for fine tuning your viewing areas. It allows me to pan my entire deck and surrounding area from my phone. The camera also allows you to select either infrared or white light for night viewing. When the option is set to white light, the camera will record events in color vs. The night vision black and white.

The camera has built in two-way audio. The noise cancelling microphone and speaker allows the user to listen and speak with delivery company staff and neighbors. After trying this feature, i found the volume is loud and clear. The neighbor on my deck was able to hear me speak through the microphone without any distortion present.

Set up is quite easy. Install the camera, turn the camera on and motion detection images appear immediately. With regard to your router, just make sure that the camera is connecting to 2.4ghz as that is what is supported by all of the newer security cameras. Recharging is easy: unscrew the top screw on the bracket, the camera comes off easily to charge. On standby, the charge lasts 5 months. If you want to purchase the solar panel so that you don’t have to go through that step occasionally, it’s listed on amazon under zumimall solar panel and it’s the one with the white back case.

Once connected, you will notice that the picture quality is outstanding day or night. I have attached a video to this review that shows the clarity of the camera’s video quality. Motion detection works well; notification alerts will be sent to your mobile device via the dzees app.

In terms of feeling safe in your environment, the new dzees camera fits the bill, offering myriad options to ensure you feel safe in your environment. Our family has toggled on the “share” option on the camera app so that we can check in on the various family homes when someone is away. The ease-of-use and quick learning curve is one of the reasons our family continues to use this brand.

Reliability and longevity of zumimall cameras:

our extended family has had zumimall cameras installed at our various homes for several years now. Their earlier cameras are still working flawlessly years later under harsh weather conditions. We expect that the newest dzees cameras will follow suit.

Support for your camera:

we have worked with kaia at dzees for some time now. She is friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions. If you are looking for a great company with support staff who uphold the legitimacy of the product, then zumimall dzees deserves your serious consideration when purchasing a new security outdoor battery camera.

5Expert Score
Great camera setup.

I love the fact that you don’t need a hub like other cameras out there. I like the battery longevity. I’ve exceeded the expectations in the ad.
A good wifi router will allow you to place these cameras almost anywhere. I’ve placed them in trees and on posts.
The app sometimes has issues. Just restart it if you experience any.
I do wish you could access these cameras via ip address, but i haven’t found a way yet.
But to sum it up, we have bought 6 movable ones, 6 stationary ones and 3 solar panels.

We did have one of the cameras white led lights fail. It is in such a spot, that they are not really needed. But they are nice to alert when the camera has been tripped to help deter people from approaching.
Still gonna buy more for 4th property.

5Expert Score
The ability to remotely 'move' the camera to view additional area.

Installation and operation of the dzees d3k model camera:

the dzees smart security camera, model d3k, arrived in a nice neat compact box with the included solar panel and mounting hardware for both the camera and the solar charging panel. The activation was straight forward. Dzees provided step-by-step pages on my iphone (also available on the ipad) to help the user through all the steps. I found them easy, understandable, and positive. Sending individual history clips of movement to my ipad is easy and fast. I then use the mail feature to send selected clips to my w-10 pc. From there, i can view in large screen and forward to others if necessary.
I elected to purchase a 128 gb micro sd card for my camera (not included with the camera and solar panel). All movement history is automatically saved to the sd card. If need be, one can remove the micro sd card from the camera and download all the history clips directly to the pc. As mentioned above, individual clips can be sent to a pc. Icloud storage is available.

Pressing the “gear” on the home page will open the camera setting menu. A list of features can be found on this page: motion detection; ai analysis; notification setting; activity zone; sd card video and sleep settings. Some features require the purchase of the awareness plan. Other features are available for review on this page. Each “setting” option has additional features to allow the user to ‘fine tune’ the camera to specific user needs.

Duration of a video clip can be set for 10, 15 and 20 seconds to meet the needs of the user. Sensitivity settings are high, medium and low. Resolution sensitivity can be set to sd or hd
i mounted this unit on the outside wall near the eave. The basic viewing area covers about ninety degrees at one time. The ability to remotely change the viewing area is positive and rapid. I have included a photo of the location of the mounted camera, an action video of a man trimming the trees, and a still of a secondary location after remotely rotating the camera. This feature is great and positive. If the user is notified of movement, and the movement moves out of the primary viewing area, the user can move the camera viewing area remotely to continuously monitor the activity. I did not need to utilize this feature for this video. However, i’m confident the camera would have captured additional activity had i been available to provide the input.

As you can see in the attached pictures, the visual acuity is clear and well defined. I have given this camera a five-star rating.

4Expert Score
Excellent camera, pir could have better detection

I have set up 5 positions. The camera works beautifully, and one thing that is apparent is the build quality. It doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in any way. Connecting the camera was as easy as it gets, and it was up and running without any issue.

There are a few things which could be improved – notably the pir sensitivity. It would be better if the range was further, especially because it’s so easy to view to a much further distance than where the pir detects motion.
It appears to use stepper motors. The resolution of each step is a little low, and it could have a bit better resolution. I’m also sure this is possible with a simple software change.

Despite those small issues, the camera is a pleasure to use. Connecting to the video feed is very quick, and alarm notifications come through very quickly after motion is detected. It seems like the notification is quicker than the wireless outdoor cameras. I have also found that on other cameras, the pir does improve a bit – i hope the same holds true for this one.

The speaker seems to be the same as what’s on the wireless outdoor camera, of which two have failed. For this reason, i suggest keeping the output volume to no more than 80%.

What i would really find useful is if dzees would release a hub which has a centralized alarm (properly loud one), and that the hub can interface with an existing alarm/security system. The hub could alarm on certain conditions; an example which i would find useful is to sound the alarm if any camera reports an alarm.

Also, it would be really great if friends who i have shared the camera with could also control the camera.

4Expert Score
Good camera

Works good with some but it could be better. Sometimes a big bush or small tree can set it off if there is a small breeze. Sometimes it takes to long to activate when there is someone that does get on range and you are not able to catch the person actually walking in front of it. But it does have good video quality and records sounds well.

4Expert Score
Great security camera for the price!

The positives of this camera are that it has a function within the app where you can scan a very large area. We are able to see the entire front of our house from the left corner all the way to the right. It was easy to install and the app with ai intelligence is only $3 a month. The negatives are that once you set the zone the camera only looks for movement in that area. I wish it would continuously scan the different zones without me having to go in and manually do it. I will say it adds a level of security and safety that is well worth the money. It also has a two-way speaker, and alarm function, and a flash function. I bought another one for the backyard after playing with the first one and realizing how great it is.

4Expert Score

For the price, the quality of these cameras are very good. The ai features work pretty well, but it does go off if the wind blows . So it still needs some work. But overall the they work great, had them over a week and the batteries are still 70% charged. The quality of the videos are great, able to move the on the app is awesome. Can even set off alarm from app. I highly recommend these over arlo.

4Expert Score

I love that this is a wireless camera. The battery lasted about a month before we needed to charge and that is even with all the wildlife setting it off.
I like being able to see who is in front we i am working inside.
Would definitly recommend

4Expert Score
I good internet connection a must otherwise excellent

Camera was ordered. Picture is clear. Night vision optics are very good
great product just needs a very good internet connection

4Expert Score
I consider this to be one of the better cameras. It’s just a little sensitive.

Good product. I would recommend.

4Expert Score
Gets the job done !

4Expert Score
Clear, detects pets

Detects pets, i just wish it would follow motion. Clear picture. After you receive it they email you daily to put a good review for them and they will send you a gift. After you review it they say they ran out of whatever they were going to send you.

4Expert Score
Ok security camera.

It works ok but it seems to be to sensitive even on low sensitivity setting. It recorded hundreds of videos with bugs approaching the camera at night… Is it because they are attracted by the night vision leds? Anyway battery did not lasted 2 weeks on that one. I have another one that is located closer to the street light and that one don’t have mentioned above problems. Overall i like that security camera, the only problem is battery that can be drained too quickly.

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