2K Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 360° View Pan Tilt Spotlight Battery Powered WiFi Security System, 2-Way Talk, HD Night Vision, Human Detection

2K Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 360° View Pan Tilt Spotlight Battery Powered WiFi Security System, 2-Way Talk, HD Night Vision, Human Detection

Yakibest.com : 2K Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 360° View Pan Tilt Spotlight Battery Powered WiFi Security System, 2-Way Talk, HD Night Vision, Human Detection : Electronics

What are 2k solar security cameras wireless outdoor features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【solar powered & wire-free & 360°】 the solar panel will charge security camera with direct sunlight. No circuit wiring hassles, you can place it anywhere. The solar security camera is also equipped with battery inside, which provide extra 4-6 months backup battery life. 365 days non-stop power to keep an eye on what matters. Keeping 2.4ghz wifi on, you will never miss a thing under the 360° field of view of the camera.
  • 【2k hd & enhanced night vision】 2k qhd quality allows you watch and record videos with more clear details day or night. Upgraded infrared leds to provide excellent night vision up to 66ft, you can capture more things in the dark in high definition. Full color night vision when there is light in the environment.
  • 【ward off intruders】 the strobe light, integrated spotlight or built-in siren will be activated once the outdoor security camera detects the intruders, even in dark areas you can see clearly. This wireless security camera is perfect to monitor the front door, gate, garage, outside window, porch, backyard and more, which guard your home security.
  • 【advanced motion detection & 2-way audio】 you will be the first to know what is happening by receiving instant notifications whenever motion is detected, and you can hear and talk to anyone in view of the outdoor camera with superior audio. No need to worry about irrelevant alerts, this wifi camera is of advanced smart ai character detection to reduce false alarms, also you can customize 1-10 sensitivity.
  • 【secure storage & weather-resistant】 ip65 certified to withstand rain, sun, heat and cold for year-round security. Support 8-128gb micro sd card (not included) and free 7-day trial cloud storage. Live view, playback and download records from the app: cloudedge anytime anywhere. All the videos by dekco solar wireless security camera are encrypted, nobody will get it without your permission.
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2K Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 360° View Pan Tilt Spotlight Battery Powered WiFi Security System, 2-Way Talk, HD Night Vision, Human Detection AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 2K Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 360° View Pan Tilt Spotlight Battery Powered WiFi Security System, 2-Way Talk, HD Night Vision, Human Detection : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

How fast is the notification once the detection is done? The description said it’s instant notification. Aas this been verified?

Yes, it is instant notification after motion is detected, and 1-10 sensitivity that can be asdjusted.
Before installing the dome wireless surveillance camera outside, please test the wifi signal range first to ensure that the solar camera is in the network so that it can detect the movement immediately and push instant notifications to you.

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If a family member views an event will others have access to view the same event too? Or is it deleted from other’s notifications?

It don’t automatically delete the video unless you have auto deletion set on in settings. As long as that setting is off you would have to delete it manually. Also auto delete when on, only deletes the video when it needs more space and would delete the oldest to the newest video.

Can you choose not to use the siren part?

Yes you can turn off the siren from the app.

Will this work with verizon?

I use it with spectrum – it has an app – i access it with my phone from anywhere – you can move the camera around, it can record, gives alerts, it has sound – i am happy with it – should be no reason that you can not use it with verizon you do need to buy the micro memory card – they have great customer support

Can the antennas be removed and replaced with different antennas?

This outdoor solar security camera can not be replaced with different antennas.
Please contact dekco support if any issue while using the camera.

Is there a a way to display the battery percentage with numbers so that i know if if it is charging each day?

Yes when you load the live view the is a round shape setting icon on the top right of view if you hit it then you can scroll down to battery management link and it will tell you the percentage as long as it isnt charging. If its charging it will just say charging

Solar panel stopped holding a charge and i initially thought id try moving it different locations but no luck?

I live in southern california we get plenty of sun had this camera for a few months now and have not had any issues with the panel not charging. The solar panel does not hold any charge. The solar panel will charge the camera internal camera batteries. You must charge the camera fully the first time before installing. Grab something such a speaker or something that has the same plug as the panel and see if it charges it. If the panel still charges it may be the internal batteries and also you need to position panel where it gets sun constantly. One thing you can do is unplug the camera and use some w40 to the plug to lubricate the camera inlet. Good luck!

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Can i set it to detect birds landing on my pool screen enclosure. I think the strobe light will scare them off – thanks

Yes under settings look for sensitivity setting

If i buy 2 cameras and mount in 2 locations at my home can i see both cameras on the app?

You can view both cameras on your app but not alt the same time. Ex. I have one on the front of my house and one on the back. On my app i have them labeled as front door and back door, i just tap on the one i want to view then tap on the other to see it.

Can the light be turned off?

Yes, you can turn off the light manually after it is triggered, or you can turn off the ‘audio warning and strobe light’ so that the light will not be triggered after motion is detected.

Can this be watched/controlled on a regular computer or only through a smart phone app?

Not on a computer. The security camera can be watched/controlled through a smart phone/pad app: cloudedge. You can download the app from google play or apple store.

How can i tell if solar charger is working? It is facing the sun and is plugged in but i see battery going lower.

Solar panel don’t charge the camera:
1. Temperature: -10°c~50°c (14°f~122°f);
2. Check whether the usb cable is plugged in tightly (insert the usb cable as video shows);
3. The solar panels are not blocked by eaves, branches, etc., and must face direct sunlight;
4. Check whether the red indicator light next to the usb port is on, if so, please exit the app and re-enter, there is a lightning symbol on the battery symbol, indicating that it is charging;
5. If the battery symbol is not displayed, use phone adapter and usb cable to charge the camera;

battery going lower:
check above steps firstly, and try to lower the detection frequency.
1. Appropriately reduce the motion detection sensitivity of the camera (settings-alarm management-detection sensitivity);
2. Extend the alarm interval (settings-alarm management-alarm working mode-alarm interval);
3. Set the alarm time plan (settings-alarm management-alert plan);
4. Turn off human detection (settings-alarm management-alarm working mode-day human detection/night human detection);

Can i decide to activate the camera even if no motion is detected ? For as long as i want ?

Please clarify yoir question? You can always activate the camera.

Buenas noches amigo yo compré 2 cámaras son las misma mi pregunta es si ambas cámaras son compatibles con el mismo apps y si puedo verlas del mismo ce

Si ambas camaras se conectan a la misma app solo es cuestion de programarlas y puedes ver las imagenes atravez de tu celular sin ningun problema. Como dije debes programarlas desde tu mismo celular siguiendo las instrucciones.

Has anyone used a gutter clamp with this product? I ask the support with dekco they said ‘you need to ask the people who made the gutters.’

The camera and solar cell are separate. You can clamp the solar cell to the gutter as it is very light but i wouldn’t clamp the camera to it, but that’s just me. It’s a bit heavier.

What is video format? (mp4, avi)


Es compatible con alexa?

No a permitido enlazarse

Will this work with aosu doorbell app? The pic on their website shows a dekco camera, then an aosu. They look the same.

No. Cloudedge and it’s fantastic!

Does this camera work with blue iris?


Can it detect movements of cats or possum at night ?

Yes. You can set it for this outdoor security camera.
Turn off the motion detection which is only for human, and turn up the sensitivity.
Detection range up to 33ft.

2K Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 360° View Pan Tilt Spotlight Battery Powered WiFi Security System, 2-Way Talk, HD Night Vision, Human Detection AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 2K Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 360° View Pan Tilt Spotlight Battery Powered WiFi Security System, 2-Way Talk, HD Night Vision, Human Detection : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Nice camera

Had issues setting it up and had to buy the micro sd card separately but the camera is worth the money i spent. Plus it’s solar and charges for free. I had adt before and their camera records every 20 mins and i couldn’t see much. This camera is def better i will get two more.

5Expert Score

Set up was very easy. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and getting the house wired for security but going out of town i like to check on my house. This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money getting your house wired and the battery does great. I haven’t had any problems with it so far and i plan on getting another one.

5Expert Score
Great camera that's easy to set up and use

I really like the product. I was surprised at how easy it was to install. Drill guides are provided to place holes for the mounting screws, and the camera just slips onto the mount. The solar panel installs the same way, and can be pointed in virtually any direction to catch maximum sun exposure.

I did not experience the wifi setup issues others mention. In fact i was surprised that the camera was able to pick up the signal at that distance. Maybe it’s because my router broadcasts the 2.4ghz frequency the camera requires, along with the 5ghz frequency i normally use.

The real standout feature is the app. Camera can be pt easily, either in slow increments or quickly. The features of the camera (lights, intercom, video/photo capture) are all easily accessible in the app. The app also provides a good interface for the security features, such as the motion detection alarm. That feature allows you to set an alarm area. A period during which you want the alarm and notifications active, and gives you the ability to sound an audible alarm and turn on lights for full color video even a night.

I mounted mine on a 4×4 and placed that 4×4 in a 5 gallon bucket of sand so i could move the camera wherever i need it. Now, i’ve just purchased another to permanently mount at my main access point.

5Expert Score
Fantastic customer service.

Camera itself is very good. Picture is crisp. App is stable and the installation is straightforward. Ran into problems with a defective solar panel and reached out to the company. Got a response right away and days later they sent a replacement unit. Will definitely get more of the same type of camera in the future.

5Expert Score
Great quality, easy setup

These cameras are amazing. Connection to my iphone was simple. Installation was completed on my lunch break!
I highly recommend getting the sd card, which allows you to watch the history.
I have 4 cameras. My neighbors were so impressed, they have purchased their own, and i plan on buying more as christmas gifts!

5Expert Score
Great customer service

Two cameras were purchased. Unfortunately one camera stopped charging even with direct sunlight on panel, after troubleshooting (as setting it right out of the box) still did not resolve the issue. I called the 800# provided spoke with customer support, received email stating replacement was being sent through amazon. Replacement has been received fingers no issues and as for the other camera it was easy to set up and install for someone not handy with tools and working as described.

5Expert Score

I bought this for a lake property and it worked so well i got another one for my house. Easy to use easy set up

5Expert Score
Easy to install – genius product

Thus was easy instructions easy to set up and install.

5Expert Score
Great camera! Have owned it for months!

This camera has a lot of features that work really well, especially for the price; nothing matches it in my opinion. The night-vision option is supreme and the abilities through the app like the light, siren, and setting up the camera are all awesome. It also includes a solar panel but i am using my own electricity and i have no problems! I recommend this camera to anyone who needs one!

5Expert Score
They will not charge completely waste of nearly $200

These cameras are complete waste of $200. Did not work properly from the beginning and now after just over a month they won’t even charge. It was too late to return them by the time i moved in to my new house and installed them

4Expert Score
Need the patience of job to install

First i would like to say that decko customer service is excellent. I had to call twice. Both people were articulate, kind and knowledgeable. Both spoke very clearly and i give them a 10+. They answered after a few rings and this was 4th of july holiday when i called. I don’t consider myself a tech savvy person, but i am the “help desk” in my household and usually can fix any tv, streaming issues or mobile phone issues. This was an off and on project all day. Note when getting your camera to connect to wifi, be sure and look at diagram in your brochure. Put the camera in the exact position in the diagram to figure out where the power button and reset button is located. The camera does not label the buttons. I charged the camera by plug before installing outside. The problem i had with connecting to wifi was my password to the wifi account. Luckily, the technician i talked to knew right away that due to my password starting with a lower case letter the app automatically makes it a capital and it will not connect. So, he had me retype the password and amazing, it connected right away. Too bad i spent a very long time trying to figure this out instead of calling them. Now i proceed with husband in tow to install outside. Well, of course, where i want to install the camera is a weak wifi signal, no good to hang there. So hubby goes to hardware store and gets a booster. Booster would not connect to wifi. I called their help contact number and after 1-1/2 hours on phone, i gave up. I ate my 4th of july hot dog and had a break. Then, i resumed trying to get the booster connected and a miracle, got it to work. Now we go into the next day and spend the morning installing camera. Played with the cloud edge app and by trial and error figured out how to use this app, which i do not want to pay for and one of my calls said i didn’t have to subscribe to that service. I ordered a sd card which came today. It is pouring rain. In the mountains and the monsoons have started. In order to get the “history” to work, you will need the sd card. So, this will be the next step. Take the camera down, figure out how to format the sd card and hang the camera back up. The camera is working. It takes great motion pictures some of the time. This is not the fault of the camera, but my wifi service. I am happy with the camera. Already i was notified and someone was in my yard. Luckily, it was the telephone service. I also got a night picture of a raccoon. The night pics are black and white and not that clear. We have lots of wildlife and i am hoping that i can get pics of the wildlife at night. Camera is a good price and does what i need it to do. Just be prepared, this may take a while to get it all connected and working. Good luck!

4Expert Score
High picture quality for the reasonable price.

The set up and installation were fairly simple. We made one phone call to the number provided to help us determine that we were all set. The motion detection can be adjusted, and it is pretty sensitive. We have had to cut it back due to stray cats setting off the alarm. The overall quality of facial detection is very good.
Highly recommend this product.

4Expert Score
Great camera at a great price

I bought one of these cameras because i didn’t have an outlet i could plug one of the corded cameras into where i wanted to locate the camera. The solar cell works great and is not like the cheap plastic ones you get with other devices that get clouded. Very solid solar cell. Comes with stick on templates for drilling mounting holes which is a great plus.
Setting up the device wasn’t too bad with 1 exception. You have to activate and hold the camera to scan the qr code. There is a plastic protective film on the face of the camera which you remove. However it is like a donut where the center protective film remains over the camera eye when you remove it. You must also remove this film or the camera eye will not pick up the qr code and the installation will fail. It is not readily noticeable. Otherwise the installation went smoothly when i removed the remaining film.
The picture is clear and the camera covers 360 degrees plus up and down so it’s easy to cover what you want. The zoom feature isn’t the best and gets less clear as you try and zoom in on something. My hard wire camera is better at this. However all in all this is a great camera for the price especially for a solar unit. I was happy enough with my purchase that i bought a second camera for my shed that looks at the back of my house and gate entrances to my back yard. The camera picked up my wi-fi which is about 100′ away from the shed through the middle of the house. All in all very satisfied with this unit.

4Expert Score
Plastic covering the lense has not held up to heat leaving me with a useless smudged image.

These could be great cameras but they do not hold up to high temps. The plastic has a smeared image now. And less than 1 year old. Truly disappointed given their price.

4Expert Score
Great quality for the price

I would definitely recommend these security cameras. I love the features, flood lights. Mic / intercom to speak to intruders or family:). Video and picture quality is great.

Product is definitely a great buy for the price.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
Poor video quality. Not for real security use

It’s a good camera in regards to motion detection, sound, and range of motion. However it cannot produce a still or video that allows me to read a license plate. Even if the car is only 10 feet away. My cameras are shaded by my barn roof but we are in total open space for maximum sunshine. Pretty disappointed

4Expert Score
Price hike! Too bad, good camera

Camera works really good but price jumped from 75$ to 119$ ? For this price unfortunately there are other options. Also, the newer version is only 99$
good quality hd. Nice interface. Easy installation. Solar charging works well. Make sure you have a 2.4 gz wifi stream for this camera.

4Expert Score
The alarm system work good

I dislike the picture quality , can not see the images clearly

4Expert Score
Loved the camera – excellent customer response

I bought this camera in february – installed it outside in april – by june it will not turn on. I brought it in the house it will turn on when connected to the power supply. When i contacted the seller they had me try a few things and when they did not work they quickly mailed a new one out. Great customer service.

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