300 PCS Stickers Pack (50-850Pcs/Pack), Colorful VSCO Waterproof Stickers, Cute Aesthetic Stickers. Laptop, Water Bottle, Phone, Skateboard Stickers for Teens Girls Kids, Vinyl Sticker.

300 PCS Stickers Pack (50-850Pcs/Pack), Colorful VSCO Waterproof Stickers, Cute Aesthetic Stickers. Laptop, Water Bottle, Phone, Skateboard Stickers for Teens Girls Kids, Vinyl Sticker.

Yakibest.com: 300 PCS Stickers Pack (50-850Pcs/Pack), Colorful VSCO Waterproof Stickers, Cute Aesthetic Stickers. Laptop, Water Bottle, Phone, Skateboard Stickers for Teens Girls Kids, Vinyl Sticker. : Electronics

What are 300 pcs stickers pack 50-850pcs/pack features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【 cost-effective 】: package includes 300 pieces of different sticker styles. It includes 300 large stickers ranging in size from 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches.
  • 【 no repetition 】: all stickers in package are unique and different from others. We guarantee that the customer will get the exact products as shown in the image. The stickers are easy to stick repeatedly or peel off. More importantly, no residue is left. Indoor and outdoor use.
  • 【 eco-friendly 】: we promise that all the stickers are made of environmentally friendly materials. Stickers are waterproof. No worries about losing their viscosity due to moisture when taking them to swimming pools, beaches, camping or other outdoor places.
  • 【 well-made stickers 】: each sticker is perfectly cut according to shape and size. We use high-precision printing technology, the pattern is precise and clear. Uncover adhesive on the back and use directly. Great gifts for kids. No kids will refuse stickers!
  • 【 broad application 】: range of application is very broad. Decorating laptops, computers, track-pads / keyboards, water bottles, hydroflask, scrapbooks, mirrors, mac-books, notebooks, journals, luggage, skateboards, snowboards, bicycles, cars, and anything else that you can imagine.
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300 PCS Stickers Pack (50-850Pcs/Pack), Colorful VSCO Waterproof Stickers, Cute Aesthetic Stickers. Laptop, Water Bottle, Phone, Skateboard Stickers for Teens Girls Kids, Vinyl Sticker. AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 300 PCS Stickers Pack (50-850Pcs/Pack), Colorful VSCO Waterproof Stickers, Cute Aesthetic Stickers. Laptop, Water Bottle, Phone, Skateboard Stickers for Teens Girls Kids, Vinyl Sticker. : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

How mane stickers brings this package?

There are about 300 but i guess i didn’t read the small print. 100 of those are tiny. Only about 200 are the larger size. I counted mine but i came up short. Missing some.

I have already purchased this once. If i buy it again is it the same stickers as my first purchase?

Mine were not the same. I ordered the same pack several months ago and this time i got cheaply made and poorly done copies. Like someone was made to draw the same design but make it worse and then used the wrong colors to color it in. Like instead of yellow stars, used green. Stuff like that. I’m very disappointed.

Dishwasher safe on the water bottles?

I haven’t put them on a water bottle and ran it through the dishwasher. I would definitely give that a try with one, maybe 2 stickers.

Can you use the stickers on windows?

Depends. If you want it on the interior of the window but visible on the exterior, it won’t work

Does the pool of possible stickers increase with buying a larger quantity?


Can these stickers be used on a cast? My daughter broke her leg and she’s in a cast for six weeks. Looking for stickers to put on the cast

I honestly don’t think most stickers would stick on a cast. Not the casts i have had anyway. They were really rough, bumpy, and just not a good surface to apply a sticker to in my experience. But it’s a great idea! I dig that! If you did get them, i am sure your daughter was happy either way. Stickers are always fun! If it did work on the cast, do you have pictures? I’d love to see how it turned out, or if you were able to get the stickers on there. That would be cool. If i ever, or shall i say, ‘when’ i break a bone in the future, i am definitely going to try this! I’ll clear coat it if i have to!!! Lol

Could these stickers be used in resin products?

I put one in water and it was fine.

Does this set have a crown included?

I personally got 2 crowns in my pakage but i do know that some people don’t get crowns so most likely u will get a crown but there is a chance u won’t

Can you put any on a car?

I have seen them on cars but do not know how well they would hold up in a car wash

The quantity is small the gift did not come

Well you have to look to see what the size is , but you don’t have to wait that long, i never did and the quality was . That’s why i will still will buy them ..

Can you use them with a circut easy press to put it on a clothing

No. They are made for water bottles, lap top, etc.

How big are the bigger ones and how small are the smaller?

They are all a good big size!! Big ones about the size of the palm of your hand. My class loved them – this prime day price is unbeatable.

Rock bands

There was a few guitars in my order that’s it tho

Are these transparent and will they stick to walls?

Not transparent. Might stick to wall? Dont know about that one

What country are these made in?

Hello, it says they are made in china. Very well made. I ordered some and love them.

Would it be possible to order the stickers as all mini? For a keyboard design.

I don’t know when i ordered mine i got 300 and i got 2 pages of mini stickers so hope that helps

Will these work for a car? Im not a daily driver and i park under a car port. Do you think they would last a while?

I’m not sure. My students place them on the outside of their computer, phone, and water bottles. I think a few said they placed them on their car windows.

Will these stikers be the same exact ones on the piture

Hello, yes! The ones in the picture are the ones i ordered and the ones i received. I loved them and so did my kids.

Can my baby use this product a lot?

Yes, sure. The stickers are friendly to your baby.

It said i would receive a free set of mini stickers as a bonus. I did not receive any mini stickers. Is that only for certain orders or?

I received them as a bonus. Was not expecting them

300 PCS Stickers Pack (50-850Pcs/Pack), Colorful VSCO Waterproof Stickers, Cute Aesthetic Stickers. Laptop, Water Bottle, Phone, Skateboard Stickers for Teens Girls Kids, Vinyl Sticker. AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 300 PCS Stickers Pack (50-850Pcs/Pack), Colorful VSCO Waterproof Stickers, Cute Aesthetic Stickers. Laptop, Water Bottle, Phone, Skateboard Stickers for Teens Girls Kids, Vinyl Sticker. : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Super stickers loving them randomly for not so random humans

Truly fun collection, i love them and firstly i placed them on my kitchen table for all to view for a month or so and picked them overtime sticking them to my mountain bike covering it completely and ive never looked at my bike bored in public ever again because i notice something new on it every time i look. Genius collect try it art rules!

5Expert Score
Students love

Our ptsa got these for a student event where we were passing out school supplies. Stickers more popular than supplies. Only issue was them deciding which one to pick. Lots of great selections in tune with tic toc so they were a hit.

5Expert Score
Great variety

These are more for teens and adults than young kids. There was a good variety and we even got a pouch of mini stickers for free. They are good quality.

5Expert Score
Nice for prizes box

Of course, go through all the stickers. None were ‘oh my gosh!’ but a few were not going in my elementary prize box. Example, one was a 60s style van that said, ‘stay trippie little hippie’ my 10 year old daughter put it on her chromebook at home. I wouldn’t put that one in my prize box. There was another super small one that had a tea pot and said ‘head’ (guessing the meaning ‘pot head’); however, out of the 300 (plus 50 or more free super small ones) stickers there were about 5 i took out because of the content.
The cost was awesome for the amount!! Was steller!

5Expert Score
Lots of cute designs, high quality stickers, very few repeats

I was really pleasantly surprised with these stickers. I assumed with buying a variety pack that i would be getting cast off stickers that weren’t selling well. I expected to pick through a bunch of garbage for a few gems, but with the price still figured it would be worth it. I was very happy to be wrong! I’d say there were 90% cute stickers, with very few repeats, and very few stickers that i did not like or did not think were appropriate. There are some that i would not use if i was a school teacher like i saw in other reviews, so if you are planning to give them to kids, i would look through them all first. Even with that, i’m still giving 5 stars!

5Expert Score
So many options!

I love the options these came with. This set my hydro flask apart from the others.

5Expert Score
Great pack, but look closely for inappropriate ones

I bought these as prizes for my 6th grade classroom. It is one of the best packs of stickers i’ve found; i even got plenty that i wanted to keep for myself! But do look closely. There were probably about 20 stickers that were either blatantly inappropriate (i found a weed sticker) or just questionable (stuff in foreign languages or quotes that might be suggestive, but i didn’t know for sure). There were quite a few gay pride stickers, and two religious ones (coffee and jesus) that i removed just to take out any controversy. But lots of state park and save the planet stickers, which had really cool artwork and my kids will love. Overall, excellent pack, especially for the price point.

5Expert Score
Great product!

Would buy again!

5Expert Score
Beautiful and great gift for students

5Expert Score
Water resistant – clear quality

My daughter wanted these to put them on her razor scooter. They come in different sizes. Most of the graphics are duplicated in each size. They do seem to be water resistant. Several did peel off on her plastic scooter but for the most part, they seem to be staying. I would say there are about 10 or so designs that my daughter doesn’t understand. The designs are otherwise very cute. My daughters are 8 and 10

4Expert Score
Fun party favor

The kids enjoyed getting to pick stickers as part of a party favor. I did go through ahead of time and take out a few. None were outright inappropriate but a few were a little questionable and a few had typos or were just weird. Overall happy with the purchase. Can’t speak to the waterproofing because they were used on binders and notebooks.

4Expert Score
High quality stickers, low quality counting, still worth it.

I got 275 medium and large stickers, and a pack of ‘free gift’ minis 3 were stuck together so much they were unuseable – that actually means they have some good glue going on. Only 2 were sort of not g-rated, so they are great for younger kids. Mostly travel, adventure themes with some skateboards and good vibes in there. I guess you could call it a ‘festival’ pack. There was one image repeat, but many ‘theme’ repeats with same text, different pic. ‘good vibes only’, bunch of vw busses and ‘hippie’ stuff… The little set are stamp size and are repeats of larger ones, some of them have text you cannot read. When you sort out the problems, there are 300 good quality stickers, but it is not a wide range. I have gotten other sets that i like better. These are for a kids giveaway, so we’ll find out what they think soon enough.

4Expert Score
Good value, but may need to edit

I looked at many options before buying this set in hopes of having 170 or so to be usable as gifts for my middle school students to start the year. There were some with spelling mistakes, a few with guns or other inappropriate imagery, and several that were so esoterically specific that they won’t work. Overall, i probably pulled out 30 to 35 items. The set has a nice variety of items and sizes. I am satisfied with my purchase, but would caution others to spend a few moments going through the stickers depending upon intended audience.

4Expert Score
My kids loved these!

Buyers beware, your kids will want to stick these everywhere. Super cute designs, seem durable so far!

4Expert Score
Look through your stickers

I’m a teacher and bought these for my students rd. I decided to look through them and i am glad i did. They contained an angle with an ar and a sticker of dynamite. So just make sure you look through your stickers before giving them to kids.

4Expert Score
High quality stickers- light censorship may be necessary!

These stickers are awesome and my students are going to love them. I did make sure to look over every single one and remove anything inappropriate for my somewhat conservative school community. There were a few political/violent/alcohol stickers. Also, some of the stickers shown in the product image were not in my pack, and i had juuust a few duplicates.

4Expert Score
Great stickers, but some questionable ones

Some are great, but there are a lot of cringy stickers, like “hot socks” or things like that. Also there’s a whole pack of “hippie” stickers. If that’s offensive then don’t purchase them.

4Expert Score
Fun stickers

I bought a pack of these stickers for me and my daughter to go through and share because we love stickers! There are a bunch of cute silly stickers.

4Expert Score
Over half are rather small, not exactly what i was expecting

Decent stickers, stick well but overall rather small based on description

4Expert Score
200 big ones and about 100 small ones included

I was sad to see that there werw a bunch of tiny ones. I was expecting all 300 to be the bigger sizes.

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