32OZ Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit Crystal Clear for Jewelry DIY Art Crafts Cast Coating Wood,Easy Cast Resin with 4pcs Sticks,2pcs Graduated Cups, 2 Pairs Gloves,1 Instructions

32OZ Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit Crystal Clear for Jewelry DIY Art Crafts Cast Coating Wood,Easy Cast Resin with 4pcs Sticks,2pcs Graduated Cups, 2 Pairs Gloves,1 Instructions

Yakibest.com: 32OZ Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit Crystal Clear for Jewelry DIY Art Crafts Cast Coating Wood,Easy Cast Resin with 4pcs Sticks,2pcs Graduated Cups, 2 Pairs Gloves,1 Instructions : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

What are 32oz epoxy resin and hardener kit crystal clear for jewelry diy art crafts cast coating wood features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 1:1 ratio by volume & easy to use. Teexpert art epoxy resin ab adhesive kit is perfect for artwork art craft cast resin, also for coating epoxy. Very easycast resin epoxy with instructions is perfect for starter beginner and professional artist adult.
  • Crystal clear & self level. The easy clear cast craft resin epoxy pour kit is crystal clear casting and coating system. To ensure better self level effect, please complete the stirring in 3-4 minutes, and pour into the molds as soon as possible.
  • Hard as a rock & no bubble. The leisure art craft diy resin epoxy kit is fast curing and hard as a rock if you ensure 1:1 ratio by volume, and stir thoroughly. No bubble if stir evenly and slowly.
  • Wide use & non toxic. The art craft crystal clear epoxy resin and hardener kit is for jewelry wood metal steel artwork drawing canvas paintings woodworking sculpture flowers animals earrings necklace ring keychain hair sticks eggs or other creative projects. A little smell when stirring, non toxic, but suggest ppe when handling.
  • 100% money back & not yellow. For any reason you are not 100% happy with the epoxy resin, you can just apply for a full refund at no additional cost. Not yellow 6 months after curing.
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32OZ Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit Crystal Clear for Jewelry DIY Art Crafts Cast Coating Wood,Easy Cast Resin with 4pcs Sticks,2pcs Graduated Cups, 2 Pairs Gloves,1 Instructions AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 32OZ Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit Crystal Clear for Jewelry DIY Art Crafts Cast Coating Wood,Easy Cast Resin with 4pcs Sticks,2pcs Graduated Cups, 2 Pairs Gloves,1 Instructions : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Looking for specific info?

Can i use this on flaws on epoxy countertop?


Is this resin fda approved?

Although teexpert epoxy resin poses nontoxic and no risk to your health but it is non-food grade,

Any chance of measuring cups being replaced? Received broken

They replaced mine.

What is the cure time for this resin

I personally give it a cure time of 24 hours if mixed right.

Can this be used to coat butterfly wings for jewelry? I do not want to pour into a mold.

I don’t see why not. I have used it to paint it on other items i’m just concerned because butterflies wings are so fragile

Can i put art i made with this resin into a fish tank?

Aside from its coating, sealing, and moisture-proofing qualities; the epoxy resin is completely safe and inert once cured – making it a perfect solution for aquatic areas. Waterproof or marine-grade epoxy resin is widely used both in and around aquatic tanks by aquarium professionals as well as home hobbyists.

Can i use for carbon fiber?


What is the working time?

45 minutes working time
24-48 hours for full cure
zero smell as well

Is this low or high viscosity?

It is low viscosity.

Why is this epoxy resin not good for tumblers?

Our epoxy resin is a water-based resin. It can not be applying in tumbler directly. The too-smooth surface are not suitable for epoxy resin coating. Because it can’t be well combined, fisheyes are prone to appear. It’s like water is not smooth on the glass. Meanwhile, it may also fall off after curing.

Where is this product made?

This is a quote from yoki jackson on the teexpert resin facebook page. Hope this helps..
‘hello, my friend, thanks for your qusetion.
The raw materials of our products imported from japan and processed in china. Because of the low labor cost, we can make better quality on the basis of the same price, and the price is more favorable for the same quality. Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, teexpert is your best choice.’

Does this hold up to heat well? If i used it to make coasters or hot pads for the kitchen.

I used it to make jewelry and design containers with lids
coaster for drinks would be good but i dont know about high heat from a pan

Food grade?

No, even though our epoxy resin is safe, non-toxic, and has no voc, it is not food grade.

Do i need an oven for it to harden all the way or just pour and wait?

No oven required. But you do need a blow dryer to blow off any bubbles right have you pour. Then let it sit for at least three days.
I had never used it, till a couple of years ago, but i really like it.

Is this polybutadiene?

It is epoxy resin

Do you have to wear a respirator? With this product ?

It is important to know that the smell is not a fume or a voc (volatile organic compound), and teexpert epoxy resin poses no risk to your health. As with any chemical, we still want to encourage our users to work in a well-ventilated area (a large room with moving air works, as opposed to working in a small closet) and to protect your skin from the epoxy resin by wearing gloves.

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How do i get ahold of someone for a package that i have received. The resin was all over the the bottles and all over the box. Everything was stuck


How do you demold this epoxy resin?

Hopefully you are using the correct type of resin mold. It should be a silicone mold that should have been sprayed with mold release. Gently separate the mold from the harden item that cured for 24 to 72 hours with your fingers. Going around the object, pulling the mold away from the object about 1/4 inch at a time all around it, then working it out until it is all released.

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Has anyone used this with a wood lathe?

I have not.

Why doesn’t this resin harden?

The epoxy resin is a sensitive product for time and temperaturethe reason why it does not harden well are:1. Inaccurately measured2.under-mixed3. There is residue in the mixing cup4. Inclusions are not dry5. Room temperature is unsuitable6. Add more colorantplease contact our customer service e-mail to get more assistance

32OZ Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit Crystal Clear for Jewelry DIY Art Crafts Cast Coating Wood,Easy Cast Resin with 4pcs Sticks,2pcs Graduated Cups, 2 Pairs Gloves,1 Instructions AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 32OZ Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit Crystal Clear for Jewelry DIY Art Crafts Cast Coating Wood,Easy Cast Resin with 4pcs Sticks,2pcs Graduated Cups, 2 Pairs Gloves,1 Instructions : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
I am very satisfied

I’ve tried a few resins. I’m not a newbie, but was looking for a product that didn’t have a stink – as i’m doing these pours in my apt (not a big well vented garage). I have a few resin tray orders, so i decided to give this product a try. I very precisely measured exactly how much resin i wanted. I stirred it one direction s l o w l y (bottoms and side too) per all the youtubes i’ve watched on process. After the 3-ish minutes of stirring, i poured it – and slowly. Very happy with the results. I even went to buy a box from fedex office to send off the finished tray to the customer, and that employee thought i was working with glass. (it came out that clear). Not only no bubbles. But i also didn’t need to use my heat blower either. **stir s l o w l y so you don’t bring in unwanted air to add micro bubbles. Pour in mold slowly… Let it do its thing by spreading out. If you need to nudge out the evenness a little, go ahead with a wooden stick (or at least, that’s what i used), but i barely touched it. I didn’t fuss with it a ton. Not one bubble, hardly any fumes. Be gentle with it. It will be gentle to you. The customer wanted a turquoise themed tray. Pic included.

5Expert Score
Worked really well!

This was the first ever time i have worked with resin, and it mixed so nicely and was so forgiving! It came out crystal clear for the dewdrop domes i made as eyes for a sculpture, and i made a nice black and gold resin piece too. Wonderful first experience, and i am gonna get into doing more!

5Expert Score
Beginner resin maker

I got this to make some resin trinkets for a craft fair. I had basic knowledge of how to use resin but this was my first purchase of resin. It was easy to use and the things i made turned out great.

5Expert Score
The first order was bad but they send me a new product

The new order that they send me was good , i tried it it was ok , they apologized and send me a new one because the first one was bad never dry but not this one m thank you

5Expert Score
My favorite brand

This is the 3rd or 4th brand i’ve tried and i could immediately tell the difference. This is a thinner epoxy so it’s easier to get precise measurements. It smell is a lot less intense and cures relatively fast. I’m super pleased and will continue to purchase this brand

5Expert Score
Follow directions carefully and everything will be perfect

I love this product. I ordered this product before in the 16 oz. Just simply follow the instructions and you will have no problems. You will still and see some bubbles.

5Expert Score
Short work time

I like this resin. Fast curing is great but… Be sure you have all your add ins/supplies ready and waiting because after stirring it gets thick pretty quickly.

5Expert Score
Very easy to handle

I love it ! Wish it came in a bigger size

5Expert Score
Bubbles are easy to resolve.

Bubbles are easy to resolve. Cost effective

5Expert Score
Love this resin

This resin works great for beginners. I have bought this so many times.

4Expert Score
A decent alternative for small projects

I’m updating my review, the company has been really helpful about my negative experience. So to keep it honest, i 100% was not happy with it initially. However, the first time i did a deep pour (about 3/4 imch deep) and had to keep heating due to bubbles being trapped and wouldn’t come up to the surface. Which, anyone that works with epoxy regularly will know that top layer can get discolored if you have to use heat a bunch of times to get them to rise.
So i tried again, on a smaller project and had no issues. It actually turned out really well and clear and with the thinner pour, i didn’t have the bubble problem. Used heat ince and that was it.
So moral of the story: if your looking at doing a deep pour and don’t want to use 7 layers individually, this isn’t the best option for you. However if it’s a small project where you don’t have to fill alot of depth, it’s a dang good product for that.

4Expert Score
Not for beginners

Definitely not for beginners.

While this product claims to have no bubbles, even if you stir precisely as they describe (which i did), you end up still with a cup of nothing but bubbles more often than not.
But that’s ok. It’s best to pour this in thin layers, popping the bubbles with each layer if you’re doing clear. If you’re using color, doesn’t really matter, i guess.
There’s an up and down side to it’s quick cure time. On the upside – it’s quick. You can demold your item by the end of the day if you pour it in the morning.
However i do not recommend this for beginners at all. You have a very short window to play with. Once it begins getting warm it gets very hot very quick and cures very quickly. Even after doing the initial stir for the mixture then adding it to say two cups with the mica coloring, it’s already beginning to cure and thicken. Which is good and bad depending on what you’re using it for. That’s why i say it is not good for beginners. Definitely for people who know what they’re doing.
One of the good things i discovered accidentally was, even after it seems like it’s too thick to use you can still glob it into your mold, even mix a color into it while it’s really thick and globby. Depending on the texture, it will more than likely still level out and still come out with a desired result.
I had a quarter ounce left in a cup that i didn’t realize was still there. It had sat there for more than twice the amount of time i normally had to do a poor. I grabbed it to pull my stir stick out of it to salvage that at least, discovered it was still workable – kind of like thin playdough/ something. So i attempted to toss it into one of my larger molds and see what it would do.
An hour later when i went up till check on it, it had leveled out and conformed to the shape of the mold. When i popped it out the next day, as i did this poor right before bed, there were no gaps or bubbles or cracks or anything. It filled up the entire mold nicely.
I only suggest absolutely wearing gloves as when it gets to that thick, sticky, messy point – it can get really sticky and messy.
Also tie your hair back. If you have long hair you definitely do not want any accidental dippings into these cups.
I do wish that they gave at least 1-2 ounces of the b hardener extra. I have the a bottles from several different brands which contain approximately 2 oz left over. But i don’t have any b hardener. I and others have tried, but we cannot purchase the b hardener separately. So i have a collection of approximately 7 or 8 different bottles of the a bottle with approximately 2 oz 1 to 2 oz remaining hoping for one day.

4Expert Score
Broken item

Not many issues with the product, the app wouldn’t allow me to simply contact the seller to let them know a measuring cup was broken upon arrival. Otherwise the kit is great

4Expert Score
Good product

This resin is easy to use.

4Expert Score
Beginner friendly easy to use easy to work with.

Easy to use does what it states.

4Expert Score

I love the product but not the price.

4Expert Score
Good but bubble

Always get bubble doesn’t matter how slow i stir. I tried put on hot water and the bubble popped out but the bubble came back as soon as i pour it into mold. After 1 day waiting to cured, the resin shrink so i have to make some more to fill in and have to wait another day to cure it

4Expert Score
Still bendy

Got it wednesday..made stuff .. It’s saturday night and it’s still not cured. Charm thickness.

.. It’s still very bendy… Like a chewy caramel. I’m not new to epoxy at all .. Thought i’d try this brand .. But won’t buy it again . Gave it 4 stars for clarity and very low bubble quality. But i can’t have bendy products.

4Expert Score
Fairly easy to use

Product looks fine and works ok. Haven’t had a lot of experience with it yet.

4Expert Score

It does not have many instructions

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