[3+3 Pack] Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 6a 5G, 9H Tempered Glass, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible,HD Clear Case Friendly for Google Pixel 6a Glass Screen Protector

[3+3 Pack] Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 6a 5G, 9H Tempered Glass, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible,HD Clear Case Friendly for Google Pixel 6a Glass Screen Protector

Yakibest.com: [3+3 Pack] Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 6a 5G, 9H Tempered Glass, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible,HD Clear Case Friendly for Google Pixel 6a Glass Screen Protector : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are [3+3 pack] glass screen protector for google pixel 6a 5g features?

  • 【support ultrasonic fingerprint & ultra clear & touch sensitivity】 high-response haptic touch technology gives a ‘true touch’ feel, 0.18mm thickness is reliable and resilient which support ultrasonic fingerprint. 99% hd clear screen protector with high definition transparency film and maximum resolution which keeps the bright and colorful image quality. Compatible with face recognition.
  • 【9h hardness& 3x stronger scratch resistant】upgrade 10x military shockproof with edge strengthening design, highly durable resistant tempered glass can effectively protect your pixel 6a from unwanted scuffs and scratches by keys and some other hard substances. ✔【6 pack】3 pack screen protectors+3 pack camera protector are both made of high-quality tempered glass for google pixel 6a (6.1′).
  • 【case friendly & does not fall off】it is 100% brand new, precise laser cut full glue sticky tempered glass and will not fall off, exquisitely polished, 2.5d rounded edges technique makes curved edges of the film to perfectly fit curved corners and edges of the phone, 1.4 mm margin around the edge of the device to be compatible with most cases. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a replacement or refund or lifetime maintenance & 24h customer service.
  • 【camera lens protector double protection】nano electrostatic automatic adsorption technology, easy installation and not easy to fall off, without any bubbles or white edges. Up to 9h hardness tempered glass, can protect the camera from scratches, shatterproof and high-impact drops. Anti-fingerprint coating to keep it clean, the light transmittance of 99.99%, compatible with night shooting function, these features allow you to keep phone photos original all the time.
  • 【easy installation & bubble-free & oleophobic nano coating】:it adopts premium quality agc glass materials, thus creating an oil-resistant, anti-fingerprint, highly durable, and scratch-resistant surface that is easier to clean and protect against sweat effectively, and enhance the visibility of the screen. Bubble free guaranteed. Removing dust and aligning it properly before actual installation, one-touch ultra-light automatic adsorption installation, no foam at all.
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[3+3 Pack] Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 6a 5G, 9H Tempered Glass, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible,HD Clear Case Friendly for Google Pixel 6a Glass Screen Protector AMAZON

Yakibest.com: [3+3 Pack] Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 6a 5G, 9H Tempered Glass, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible,HD Clear Case Friendly for Google Pixel 6a Glass Screen Protector : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Is the rose gold case a true match to the rose gold iphone?

It is not 100% match. Very close though. When you have your phone inside this case, there is not much rose gold exposed. It is unlikely other people will notice the color of you case is far from your phone.

Has anyone dropped their phones with this case? How did it fare?

Dropped my phone and it looked like the screen cracked bur after a few weeks i dropped it again and the screen protector came off and it turns out that the huge crack i thought i had on my screen was in fact the screen protector. It did the job.

Does the glass screen protector have a cutout for the front camera?

Got mine on 12/23/16. It has the cutouts for front camera and earpiece and the home button on bottom.

How thick is the case complete?

When i measure my i phone 7 with the case on it is: 2 7/8′ w x 5 5/8′ h x 3/8′ d
hope that helps!

Does this case have covers for microphones and usb port to keep dust away?

No. It does not. There are cutouts for speaker and usb ports.

How well does this work with cases? More specifically, i’m looking to see how it fits with the tcu (tpu?) case, the crystal clear one.

The ipod touch screen protector for my itouch fits perfectly. I bought at the same time the poetic case and works and fits fine.

Is it ok to charge the phone wth the case on?

Yes, it’s easy to charge the phone with the case on.thank you for your question.

Omg, how is this product overall 4.3️ out of 1,095 people when the majority of reviewers only give it 1-2 ️due to fingerprint issues??

Yup the fingerprint does not work good with this screen shield installed i did try to introduce the fingerprints after installing the screen protector again to see if it changes anything and it doesn’t, so if you planning to use fingerprints dont buy this screen protector

Are there any videos on how to install the glass protector?

Hello danielle,thanks for your time to post this question. It is our pleasure to be here to assist you. Yes, we will send you one after-sales email to teach you how to install the screen protector after purchase.if you still have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we will come back to you asap.have a great day.best regards,yesgo team

Compatible with qi wireless charging?

It is compatibal with apple original charging cable.

Does the included screen protector cover the whole screen to the edge of the phone’s glass or under edge of the case?

No, it doesn’t cover the whole screen to the edge, nor does it go under the case.

Does this screen protector actually stop the screen for cracking when dropped?

Yes it does work. The screen protector will crack before your screen will. I have one on my iphone as well and it did crack but my screen did not when i dropped it. I just peeled it off and put a new one on.

Anyone drop theirs a lot and have good results? I’m clumsy and don’t want it to shatter on the first drop.

I dropped mine twice and the phone stayed in the case and the case did not crack!

Does it cover it from edge to edge without gaps?

There’s a tiny gap but covers the whole screen well and these are very well made screen protectors. I would purchase again!

Does it work with cases? Need to know now

Yes it does! My daughter has her ipod touch in a cheap case bought on amazon with this screen protector on. Works just fine.

Can you provide instructions for installing the screen protector?

We will send an email to you after you placed order from our store. In the email, there are some ways to help you install the screen protector. Thank you for your question.:)

Does this come with a warranty?

Yes, there is a lifetime replacement warranty, just pay a small shipping fee

Does this work with iphone 6 plus?

No, but we do have an iphone 6 plus tempered glass. Please see our other listing.

Can this be used under a case that includes a screen protector, such as a lifeproof, or otterbox?

Yes you can use it, and should have no issues.

Is the red & black case really red, or does it match the pink iphone 5c?

It is red i bought it for my husband

[3+3 Pack] Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 6a 5G, 9H Tempered Glass, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible,HD Clear Case Friendly for Google Pixel 6a Glass Screen Protector AMAZON

Yakibest.com: [3+3 Pack] Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 6a 5G, 9H Tempered Glass, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible,HD Clear Case Friendly for Google Pixel 6a Glass Screen Protector : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Saved my phone screen!

I am not kind to my phone, and drop it countless times on rough surfaces. This protector did its job and protected my phone screen. I recently dropped my phone face down on concrete and it cracked this protector pretty bad. My husband thought it went all the way to my actual phone screen. We took off this protector and my screen was perfect! Put on the second screen protector, and am so grateful for this purchase. Still have one screen protector as a back up when needed!

Never had issues with the thumbprint recognition. Easy instal as well.

5Expert Score
Best screen protector

The instructions were on point. Really cannot screw up. No bubbles. Not so thick that you cannot text and not so thin that it will crack. Had zagg and other expensive brands. This far better. Will definitely buy again

5Expert Score
Best product

This screen saver was recommended, and i agree completely. I made the perfect choice. Easier to install than anticipated. My phone weighs a little bit more but that’s a good thing because i can feel the substance in my hand. It feels safer.

5Expert Score
Back camera cover

I just put this on today so can’t say much for longevity but i love it so far. Looks and works great. Love the protector for the camera on back also

5Expert Score
T mobile tried to f me.

Went to the mobile to get a screen pertector for my phone since the last one was peeling. They wanted 50 bucks for 1 without the camera protector. This is cheap and works great, i’ve had no problems with my fingerprint reader. 10 out of 10

5Expert Score
Worth it

I’ve always hated certain screen protectors because they’d be to thick to read my finger print or looses it’s sensitivity to my fingers when i try to scroll or move my phone screen. But this particular set of of screen protectors was amazing. Great bungle. Easy to place on and easy on my screen. And it came with alcohol swatches to clean your screen first with. And a couple extra sets so when your first screen protector cracks or gets old you can swap it. I really feel like it was definitely worth it. Great price. I just don’t know how durable it is. But i’m sure it does its job for light scratches and things of that sort, as it is pretty thick

5Expert Score
Definitely worth it!

I bought this immediately after i got my s22. I love tempered glass phones and have continuously used them for my phones.

It is super easy to put on. No bubbles. Super affordable! The only issue is that the camera lens protector screen cracks when it hits the floor directly. The camera lens is fine, but you’ll have to put a new one on for the screen protector. This product is basically insurance to protect your glass screen. Definitely worth the money!

It’s been 5 months and i still haven’t ordered a new pack of screen protectors so it’s all good. I once had to return a pack because one of the screens was already broken before it got to me. They shipped a new pack out the next day and there were no problems.

5Expert Score
Is it really there?

Once applied, you don’t even know it is there. Coupled with a good case, your phone becomes bomb-proof (well, almost). I applied this to a new phone right out of the box so i cannot say how it works on a used phone, but they do supply you with materials to clean and prepare you phone prior to installation, so i think they care about how it will work for you.

5Expert Score

Do as the instructions say, and you won’t have any issues!! I’ve gone thru a few screen protectors and they all gave me issues with the fingerprint scanner. This one works every time!! You may need to set a setting for your screen to be more sensitive, i already had that set before using this so i’m not sure if that made the difference or not.

5Expert Score
Flawless install and performance

This protector worked great. Have used a similar product that was terrible. This one installed easily. No bubbles or dust on the first install. The fingerprint sensor and all other screen functions work flawlessly.

4Expert Score
Does the job, but installation materials are lacking

I want to love this screen protector. It’s low profile, the design seems to be compatible with most cases, it’s quality tempered glass, easy to clean, and protects the screen and cameras well.

However, the provided installation materials leave something to be wanted. I’ve used multiple other screen protectors across multiple phones that have came with ingenious ways to simplify installation. The top designs including:
1. A frame to place around your phone that guides the user where to put the screen protector near perfectly. No worrying about a crooked screen protector because there only one way and place you can put it.
1a. I’ve recently seen a design where instead of a frame they provided a small plastic piece that plugs into the charging port. The piece has ‘hooks’ on it that the screen protector adhesive mask fits into, thus aligning the screen protector perfectly on the screen when laying it down.
2. A small non-slip mat for you to lay your phone on while installing the screen protector. Such a simple but absolutely amazingly useful tool that keeps the phone in place during installation.
3. A felt-tipped squeegee board/tab to smoothly and evenly apply pressure to the phone screen during application. A tremendous help to eliminating bubbles and uneven application.

None of these things are provided with this screen protector even though some of those tools have been around for years now. The screen cleaning wipes are cheap, too. This product comes with 3 screen protectors for replacing cracked protectors down the road (or more likely for retrying applications after botching the first two). When going to replace a cracked protector with one of its backups, the wipes had dried out. This wasn’t but a few months after first purchasing these. I would expect the wipes to last a little longer than that. Thankfully i had some other wipes from a different set of screen protectors i bought. Bought them at the same time, wipes were still 100% viable and more plentiful even.

All in all, it’s a good screen protector. I’ll probably keep buying them if needed because i have the tools, experience, and confidence to apply them correctly. However, this brand really should provide better installation tools to keep up with the market. Currently, i dread using these because they’re a pain to install.

4Expert Score
Decent protector. Lacking in a few areas (see review)

These do an okay job on my son’s pixel 6a. Main reasons for dropping a star:

(1) glass does not go all the way to the edge. Some phones have a curved screen, but the pixel 6a is pretty flat. There may be a slight (and i mean very slight) curve at the edge, but there is room for more coverage than what they give you with these screen protectors.

(2) related to the last bullet point, the lack of full coverage leaves enough of a gap between the edge of the phone and the protector that it can get snagged. While it will mostly protect the screen, don’t expect them to last long before something snags and it gets a small crack that will grow. I think we were a couple of weeks in before this happened to us. We let it stay on with the crack for a while and i finally went ahead and pulled it off and put a new one on. Leaves us with one more before it’s time to buy more, at which time i’ll be looking for a different brand.

(3) this is on me for not catching it, but these come with the garbage stickers to line up the screen instead of the easier frame types that other brands have. Much harder to get things lined up and increases the chances of dust falling back on the screen before you’re able to get it installed.

4Expert Score
Great setup easy and fast

I dislike the fact that there is already a sticky part when it should not be on the finger print option. Read the directions and applied correctly only for a stick reside to be on the fingerprint section. The other one does not look like this one. I would love a new one shipped out if possible. It’s a stick non wipe reside. See photo. However. I do like it’s easy to install and good quality.

4Expert Score
Good protection

The first shield did not quite line up ro my screen so i could not use my fingerprint to open my phone or id myself because of thickness of glass.
The adhesive around the too and bottom of shield glue gave out and shield came loose after 2 months. I’m on the second shield now. The 1st shield cracked as i handled it so it was very fragile. Hope the 2nd and last shield last longer than 2 months

4Expert Score
Camera protector is too big.

This screen protector was easy to install and it does everything it’s supposed to. The only problem is that the part that goes over the camera lenses doesn’t fit the opening of my phone case, so i had to leave the camera lense protector off. Maybe if the glass for the camera was narrowed a little, it will fit better.

4Expert Score

This screen protector works, does it’s job, was easy enough to install, fingerprint scanner works perfectly still. Doesn’t quite go to the edges though, which i think they do to give room for a case. But even with my case it leaves a weird uncovered edge. Doesn’t seem to cause problems or anything, but if minor details bother you this might not be the product for you.

4Expert Score
Not sure about the camera protectors

One of the screen protectors came damaged and wasn’t usable (small crack in the center of the protector that caused an air bubble) however the other 2 were fine so i think it might have just been a one time defect.
That being said, when i went to put on the camera lense protector it distorted the photos. On closer inspection i noticed that it looked grainy on the protector itself without me having touched it. Might have had something to do with the way it was packaged but the camera lense protectors were all basically unusable.
The regular screen protector is, again, perfectly fine.

4Expert Score
Does not fit s22 ultra mous case

Overall the lens protectors work as intended and fit nice and flush with the device. When i tried putting my mous case for the s22 ultra it would not fit. To clarify it would snap on, but the side of the lens protector would protrude on the back of the case. For those with mous cases for the s22 ultra, do not buy this if you intend to have both lens protector and case on at the same time.

4Expert Score
A couple minor complaints, but it does the job well

I’m clumsy, and this, along with a very sturdy case, has protected my phone from numerous falls and drops on rocks and concrete. The galaxy s22’s fingerprint scanner had trouble reading my thumb through the screen until i scanned each thumb twice, but i think that’s mostly poor phone design. It will not protect your screen camera (to aid facial recognition, i think) and dust likes to collect between the edge of the screen protector and the lip of my case. All in all though it’s definitely been a net positive to have

4Expert Score

I like that it protects my phone although it does break easily! I hadn’t dropped my phone yet and it had already broken a bit but it’s a good deal

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