36 Pack Sticky Traps Plant Trap for Fungus Gnat, Fruit Fly Traps for Mosquito and Bug Indoor & Outdoor, Pest Insect Catcher Killer

36 Pack Sticky Traps Plant Trap for Fungus Gnat, Fruit Fly Traps for Mosquito and Bug Indoor & Outdoor, Pest Insect Catcher Killer

Yakibest.com : 36 Pack Sticky Traps Plant Trap for Fungus Gnat, Fruit Fly Traps for Mosquito and Bug Indoor & Outdoor, Pest Insect Catcher Killer : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are 36 pack sticky traps plant trap for fungus gnat features?

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  • Yellow sticky trap: bright color attract flying insects, and high quality glue keeps them from escaping. Specially designed for flying plant pests. Fungus pest insect catcher is great for outdoor or indoor plant, especially potted plants.
  • Easy to use: the fruit fly traps with sharp bottom can be inserted directly into the soil, avoiding the trouble of tying ropes or hooks.
  • Safe and non-toxic: plant gnat traps use bright colors and glue to catch pests, no odors and harmful drugs, no harm to people and pets.
  • Warm prompt: the temperatures rise in the summer, maybe causes the glue to melt, and fruit fly paper traps indoor stick together. Please keep this bug killer trap for plants for indoor in the refrigerator for a while before using it. Carefully peel the protective film and avoid film rupture.
  • Long lasting: sticky bug traps paper with a very strong adhesive , they are uv resistant and waterproof. No need to replace the houseplant insect catcher until fully covered with bugs.
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36 Pack Sticky Traps Plant Trap for Fungus Gnat, Fruit Fly Traps for Mosquito and Bug Indoor & Outdoor, Pest Insect Catcher Killer AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 36 Pack Sticky Traps Plant Trap for Fungus Gnat, Fruit Fly Traps for Mosquito and Bug Indoor & Outdoor, Pest Insect Catcher Killer : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

Are these reusable?

No, once they get dirty or get enough bugs on them, they are not reusable.

I have a curious cat. How would i get this unstuck?

Cooking spray. Cooking spray applied at the point of contact helps to release the trap. This has worked with the tomcat insect glue traps, so i’m guessing it will work with these traps, too. Your cat may smell buttery or whatever cooking-oil flavor you use. You could also just use some cooking oil to release the fur. I hope you cat doesn’t get stuck, but i know from past experience that these sprays/oils can help a sticky stuck cat/dog/kid/lizard get unstuck with other glue traps.

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Does it include the flowers?

Yes, i think was half flowers half butterflies. Very good stickiness! Use only indoors – it can stick to bird’s feathers!

How can i use these not in potted plants but around the house

I guess punch a hole in one and hang it? They work well around plants as they are attracted to smell

Will these work on whatever is eating the petunias in pots outside?

They trap every single thing that touches them. They are so sticky. I believe they have a scent that we cannot detect. Very very sticky. Love them. Do not let your plants touch them, or they will be stuck permanently. Be careful of your fingers when you peel off the covering. Would highly recommend these.

Will these work for indoor compost bins?

They work great for my indoor flower/plant pots which only hold one plant each. It would depend how big the compost bins are to work efficiently and how many you would need. Hope this helps.

I love these things but i have the hardest time getting them to stay in the soil. Any tips?

I found that you need to hold the top part, right below the sticky area….and the hold that portion tight, and push a really good portion of that bottom triangle area into the dirt….so it’s down just above the line were the sticky area is which shows the butterfly sticky area. You may have to try this two or three times….but find the area where you want it to go in your plant, and get a good hold of it…and give it a good firm push down into the soil/dirt. And please be mindful to which your plants leaves…but if it touches a bit, it should be fine….but don’t just have the leaves stick to the yellow plastic….as you want both sides of this to work and to show for the bugs and gnats, and small flying pests. I’m definitely going to be buying more. I can really see all of the fruit flies and gnats on both sides of mine, and i’m really pleased and i know it’s working. They seem to gravitate to possibly different areas in the house i find and also, possibly different kinds of plants. I have them in other areas of the house as well and it’s a big difference, with the ones that i have stuck in the plants. But they have definitely worked alot, and alot more than i had expected in a very good way. Sorry this was so long, but i really hope that it’s helpful to you and others!!!!!

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How does this work in bedroom and washroom to trap the gnats?

They catch gnats really well in any room. The traps are sticky on both sides, so they just cant be leaning against anything.

What are the blue ties that came with them for?

I did not have blue ties with my traps. There is, however, a little shovel included to make a slit in the soil.

How many sticky glue traps per plant

I put one in a group of plants, i guess you could put one in each plant. I also put them elsewhere, especially in the kitchen. You can actually put them anywhere you want them.

I have inserted the sticky to lemon and it has been 12 hours, i do not see nats bumping on it. Is there anything that i’m missing

Maybe you just don’t have a knat problem? My trap had 4 knats on it within the first hour. After a few days and an embarrassing amount of knats, they are now gone!

Where are these from

I don’t know where they come from but they are a waste of money – they don’t attract little bugs like they advertise !

Can neem kill or control fleas

It works like fly paper so, other than catching the odd flea, i don’t think so. It’s not an insecticide.

Is the active ingredients natural?

Couldn’t say. Catches the gnats though.

Are these good against drain flies?

Im not sure if what is stuck to it is drain fly or fruit fly or both, since i have it sitting next to the kitchen sink. It is definitely worth trying it because it really works.

I don’t see epa number on package, is this epa registered?

It’s essentially just tape, they would not need to be registered with the epa.

If i am misting my plants every day, will this cause them to lose stickiness?

I would say no. I started using these for outdoor plants. They are exposed to the elements and still caught plenty of bugs!

Can you reuse them?

Unfortunately, no. Once insects are trapped on them, you will need to throw them away. If you try washing them, the substance that attracts the insects will be gone.

Are these safe to use in vegtable gardens?

It would be fine but they also make larger sheets -it’s basically bright yellow to attract and sticky to keep the gnats and then stop the cycle.

Where are these made?

The stingman package shows mfgd in china

36 Pack Sticky Traps Plant Trap for Fungus Gnat, Fruit Fly Traps for Mosquito and Bug Indoor & Outdoor, Pest Insect Catcher Killer AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 36 Pack Sticky Traps Plant Trap for Fungus Gnat, Fruit Fly Traps for Mosquito and Bug Indoor & Outdoor, Pest Insect Catcher Killer : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Work great on those pesky fungus gnats!

As much as i hate to kill bugs, those fungus gnats have got to go! I am a fairly new ‘plant mom’ and it took me a while to figure out where the gnats were coming from. I didn’t want to use chemicals on my plants or in my home, so these traps were perfect! Within just a few hours of sticking them in plant pots, i could see that they were working. I only put them in every 4-5 pots or 1 per shelf of plants, and that seemed to be enough. These are very easy to use and the cute designs are a bonus. After about a week i was only seeing a few random gnats here and there. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Grossly satisfying!

These are a must if you have even the slightest fly problem in or around your household plants. I hadn’t even finished putting it in place when the first fly literally divebombed right into it. It was mainly the baby flies that were a problem, but these things are so adhesive that it was catching normal houseflies as well. Just be careful because these will stick to anything (leaves, hair, curious hands, etc.). I’m reviewing this a couple months later, so i included a picture of one of the traps i have in right now. I accidentally knocked it into the soil, but all those little white dots are baby flies! The little shovel that’s included doesn’t do much. The one i received with my first order broke right away, but it makes a cute prop. I found it easier to wedge them into the soil with my hands anyway.

5Expert Score

These little yellow stickies helped rid my home of the annoying fungal gnats. They are not as ugly as i thought they would be due to the shapes they are cut in. I have enough stickies to last a few months if needed. I will purchase these again in the future if i need them.

5Expert Score
Great for catching small flying insects

I always seem to get very small flying insects in my home. Don’t know how they are getting in but was not able to get rid of them until i inserted the sticky traps in several plants in my house. The insects seem to be attracted to the traps and they have been very effective in reducing this problem.

5Expert Score
Thin fall over into plants if not pushed far enough

I grabbed a set of these because the gnats decided my house was the party place grr. I had tomatoes on counter a whole day and bam the gnats came knocking free food, so i peeled few stuck near bowl took a day or two it started to grab them. I did buy a house plant same day as tomatoes and that was my mistake put it with the others it had gnats, i stuck one in pot put in garage by next day covered it takes a while easy but thin watch you don’t stick them to plants table countertop.

5Expert Score
I can't believe how well these work

So gross, but these traps are amazing. Grabs all of the little bugs and pests. One kept sticking to my cardigan as i’d walk by and even with repeated peeling off’s it still caught bugs.

5Expert Score
It works like magic! I'm still amazed :/

I didn’t know i had that many fruit flies, i put 5 of these, one next to the other on the top of an apple piece and close to it, and tons of flies keep getting stuck there, amazing!

5Expert Score
The price for amount and quality is worth it!

This was taken in just a few minutes! It came with so many so that was nice and it’s great to put into our plants when this happens. I recommend!!

5Expert Score
Great no more annoying pests

One of my plants was getting infested with gnats. I was getting so annoyed with the gnats that i started to get good at killing them. I put one on each plant and the infested one. It caught so many it was kinda gross. Now i no longer have to wash my hands 24/7 after killing them with my bare hands because eventually the gnats will get stuck on the adhesive.

5Expert Score
Most amazing product for getting rid of these pesky flies!

I have an indoor garden and was having a terrible time getting rid of these sand gnats. Within 24 hours this product had removed 99% of the problem. Totally amazing, highly recommend.

4Expert Score
Too big for small planters

I wish these sticky traps came in a smaller size because they’re not particularly useful in small planters. I was only able to put these in a couple of my larger pots without the risk of sticking to the plants themselves. They’re quite adhesive and have caught a few fungus gnats (i wasn’t seeing a ton to start with). They’d probably work great in larger planters with bigger gnat infestations. Lastly, although it came with an adorable miniature shovel, it was still somewhat hard to place the sticky trap in the soil due to its wide base.

4Expert Score
Was skeptical but they seem to work

I came back to re-review these because i thought they didn’t work at first. I was ready to return them and slammed them because i thought i saw a fruit fly walk across the “sticky” part, but i am more than willing to stand corrected and eat crow.

I’ve caught 4 fruit flies with one trap so far. Wouldn’t say they are stellar by any means but if you have something to attract them it seems to catch them if they happen to land on the trap. I was really hopeful after seeing the reviews, photos and claims other people made but will give it more time to se if this kills our problem.

4Expert Score
Gets rid of gnats.

Good product. Very sticky. I wasted a couple when i couldn’t get the protective paper off. Works best if you place in a dead plant or dry soil and place close to the infestation site. For me it was the kitchen sink. I first tried the counter but didn’t collect much. Placing in the sink i got almost all of them.

4Expert Score
I like…..

Bought another brand that was highly recommended online and really liked them, but, you had to remove the tape covering the sticky part, fold in half and clip to a plastic stick. They worked great but were so sticky that you couldn’t move them without collapsing the whole thing or getting sticky stuff all over your fingers. No thanks. These are easy to place and move, and look cute in the plants. I’m not sure they are as sticky as the other ones, but they do catch at least some of the bugs.

4Expert Score
One downfal

They’re so sticky removing them and getting them into the soil is an issue, but they work!

4Expert Score
Bugs stick

These yellow sticky traps work well at reducing the pests indoors. I’ve had them for 2 weeks so i can’t say they will fix the problem completely but the bugs are definitely getting stuck to these traps. They do stand out but i don’t mind them and would rather be able to eat the herbs i grow. Cute shapes and they are easy to put in and remove. Good value for the amount of traps you get.

4Expert Score
Work great

Take the paper off, stick them in the garden or pot and the bugs stick and can’t get away

4Expert Score
Sticky for small gnats

Works on very small insects only.

4Expert Score
They do the job

These do a great job of trapping fungus gnats and are fairly attractive (the little shapes are cute!). They do work best for larger plants and can be a but cumbersome in smaller pots.

4Expert Score
These are very effective at catching drain flies

These work! I was skeptical, but the proof is in the pictures!

I’ve found myself with a seemingly never-ending swarm of drain flies that just kept reproducing. I’ve tried using hard cider (it attracts them, but the cider grows surface mold very quickly!) they are attracted to plain water, as well, since i’m finding dead ones in my dog’s water bowl nearly every morning!

This all started when i opened a brand-new bag of potting soil, and there were drain flies already inside the bag! They have become such a nuisance, i didn’t have any hope of reducing their numbers, even though my cider ale traps were “catching” a couple of dozen drain flies, per trap, each day!

Just when i was considering some sort of natural, not-harmful-to-humans and dogs kind of spray, i ended up finding these! They work!

The only issue i have is that there isn’t a non-sticky surface at the top of each trap. This makes it a bit of a challenge to position them in your pots, as they will stick to your fingers, ans you’ll end up pulling it right out. The base that goes into the soil is the only part that is not sticky. That is the only reason i gave this product 4 stars rather than 5. When i am watering or pruning my plants, i will often discover that i have a trap stuck to my shirt sleeve! They are that sticky! I have also had my spider plant too close to one, and it lost a couple of leaves, because there was no way to pull them off of the trap without damaging the leaves.

There are 12 in a pack, and there is a “barbie doll-sized” little shovel that comes with it. I actually found that useful for helping to create a trench in each of the pots where i’ve placed a trap.

Updated: i thought i had a fruit fly problem, but, as it turns out, through research and educating myself about this “plague” in my household, i have since discovered that my plague was/is actually drain flies. They come in from outdoors, they exist in every us state, and they are attracted to the “organic” matter in drains. You can unwittingly bring them into your house when you bring home plants from your local nursery! That happened to me, as well as finding them in potting soil, where they lay their eggs and hatch. They are very, very difficult to eradicate!

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