42pcs Felt Fabric Sheet 4’x4′ Assorted Color DIY Craft Squares Nonwoven 1mm Thick

42pcs Felt Fabric Sheet 4’x4′ Assorted Color DIY Craft Squares Nonwoven 1mm Thick

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What are 42pcs felt fabric sheet 4’x4′ assorted color diy craft squares nonwoven 1mm thick features?

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  • Material: acrylic felt sheets
  • Size:4’x4′ (10cm*10cm)
  • Think: appr.1.0mm
  • 42pcs in 42 different colors
  • Innovative, non-woven fabric, easy to cut, fold, glue, sew and staple – even to paint and draw on
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42pcs Felt Fabric Sheet 4’x4′ Assorted Color DIY Craft Squares Nonwoven 1mm Thick AMAZON

Shop flic-flac at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

Looking for specific info?

How many of 1 color do you get

First, i don’t recommend these to anyone. The picture is very deceiving. They’re more like paper than felt. Some of the colors come in two’s some in one’s.

Does this felt do a good job sticking to itself or other felt? I want to use it for a felt board for toddlers

I tested this for you, and here’s what i found: this felt is quite smooth and stiff. If your felt board is the more traditional ‘fuzzy’ felt, then these will stick. The pieces of this felt do stick lightly to each other if you are putting a small piece on top of a larger piece, but i wouldn’t trust it to hold up indefinitely. The assortment of colors is real plus.

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Can this be used to glue on a t-shirt?

It is pretty thick and stiff. I’m not certain how well it could be glued. I stitched it together by hand when i used these.

What are the thickest stiff felt sheets offered ??

Not sure of the thickest offered, but these are very thick and very stiff. It was easy to cut through these.

I want to wrap felt around the bottom of my students chair legs to make it quieter to push in the chairs. Would these be big enough?

Yes they’re more than big enough.

Can i use this for shuffle mats for dogs ?

I am not sure what a shuffle mat is… But a snuffle mat is made out of fleece and a rubber mat. I don’t think felt would work very well.

Can they be used as an eraser for dry erase board?

I hadn t thought of it but yes!!! Great idea.
Firm felt squares in the pile.

What material is this felt made from?

Material: acrylic felt sheets

Does it have only one sheet of each color?

Yes, one sheet of each color. As you can see there may be multiple sheets of green, but each sheet is a different shade and only 1 count of each shade/sheet.

Would these work as erasers for a whiteboard?

Yes if you cut them to size.

If i get a stack of the different colors and the thinkness i like, can i order only the colors i would like to have?

I don’t believe you can order by color.

Can you use a hole puncher to punch holes in these? I want to use them to make flag bunting and string them up. What do you think? Tia!!!

Yes, but my hole punch is fairly new and pretty sharp.

Can i specify and get only one color – 50 pieces

It comes in a multi colour pack.

Where can i find projects to make with felt?


Can felt be used when making face masks

No flet is made by press fibers together and mostly glued so would not be good for masks

Would this be good/stiff enough to make pennants?

A 12” pennant probably wouldn’t stand up on its own, but a 8” might. Pretty stiff but still plyable. It it was double layered a bigger one might work

Can this felt be used in garment or quilt construction?

No, its very thin and no good for a garment or quilt

Where is this manufactured?

Pretty sure it was asia.

How small are they

At first, i felt cheated, when i realized how small the felt was. Then i looked at pricing elsewhere and noted the price was within the standard price range. Just about everything you buy in the last few is triple the price you once paid.

Do they bleed in the wash?

The one’s i have don’t

42pcs Felt Fabric Sheet 4’x4′ Assorted Color DIY Craft Squares Nonwoven 1mm Thick AMAZON

Shop flic-flac at the Yakibest Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Colors are very nice

Perfect for my needs

5Expert Score
Exactly as described

Using as erasers fur small dry erase boards

5Expert Score
A square of every shade

I was so impressed by these felt squares! They were packaged super cute (my photo is me trying to redo it and failing miserably) and there was one square of every shade! I bought these for my 6 yr old’s craft demands and had no idea that they would be so nice. Each square is a slightly different shade. Amazing value for basic craft supply need.

5Expert Score
Exactly what was advertised

I’m not sure why ‘sheerness’ is a rating feature for felt, but it’s there. This is felt, not gauze. It’s not supposed to be sheer.
This fabric is perfect size and weight for making hair accessories for kids. I attached to clips and attached feathers and a small medallion or button as well, and makes perfect and inexpensive hair accessories that i can customize to specific outfit colors, thanks to the variety of colors included in this felt set.

5Expert Score
Love this felt/ great for embroidering

Love thickness/stiffness of this felt – made embroidered finger puppets. Wish could get more sheets of neutral colors- black – grey- white- brown only 1 sheet each need 2 per puppet

5Expert Score
Felt patches

These felt squares are only 4 inches by 4 inches but they worked for my particular project. I wanted to make some small felt patches and the sizes and colors provided worked great. There is only one white piece of felt, but most of the other colors came in numerous different shades. The felt is not super thick, but thick enough to lay flat. I used tacky glue to affix the felt to it’s self. When the glue is still wet, it showed up on the outer layer of the felt, but once it dried it was not detectible. The felt was easy to work with and the perfect size to make small patches. If you are looking for large sheets of felt, this is not the product for you.

5Expert Score
Beautiful color combo

I needed smaller pieces of felted wool for a few winter applique projects. This was the perfect solution. Beats buying 1/8 wool pieces at the fabric store. Very happy with my purchase. Well packaged, too.

5Expert Score
Great for crafting small projects.

Pretty thin but the stiffness is perfect for sharp clean cuts. I was able to easily freehand this tiny wilderness explorer patch for my toddlers costume. Beautiful vibrant colors; i plan to use the rest to cut out balloons . Definitely adding this to my craft list for future purchases.

5Expert Score
My granddaughter loved it!

This was a gift for my granddaughter. She loved it…will be crafting for months, and then i’ll buy this again!

5Expert Score
Perfect for crafts with littles

Sturdy even after getting wet. Easy to cut with shears. Same size and color as description.

4Expert Score
Nice stiff felt. Using in maker 3 successfully.

I am enjoying this variety pack of felt and am using it in my maker 3. It’s a stiff felt that is working well for making flowers and foliage. I messed around with different settings and for me, i found the best choice was to use the felt wool fabric option with less pressure, using the rotary blade on a fabric-grip mat. I tried the acrylic felt fabric option, but it was cutting a bit too deep and down into my mat, leaving white cut lines behind on the mat. I also tried the plain felt option with the fine point blade, but it wasn’t cutting as cleanly and thoroughly. On the felt wool fabric option, i’m still getting light cut marks in my mat, so it isn’t ideal. But i couldn’t find a setting that cut through cleanly and didn’t leave behind any marks. My mat still seems to be working even with the cut lines, so i guess it’s an okay option. One thing i have done to extend the life of my mat is to put a layer of clear contact paper, sticky side up, over the top. Then i switch it out every few cuts. It’s a bit of a pain, as the blade cuts through the contact paper and i have to pull it up in bits. But it is working.

4Expert Score
Thickness not uniform no repeating colors

Thickness not uniform no repeating colors

4Expert Score
Nice but small.

They are sturdy pieces not floppy and soft which will be good for cutting. I have not used yet though.
The description did say 4×4 so not their fault that it was smaller than i wanted.
Colors are good and this item i feel will be great for crafting.

4Expert Score
Exactly as ordered

I thought these would be a bit softer however they didn’t say that. My mistake.

4Expert Score
Not too thick; not too thin

Felt was the perfect thickness for cutting and sewing onto a t-shirt and baseball hat to create a dogmantm costume for ‘dress like a book character day’ at the kiddo’s elementary school. And now i have many additional vibrant colors for future costume hacks and/or creative distractions. Mom win. Boom.

4Expert Score
Very thin felt squares

Stack comes neatly packaged however, the colors are randomly scattered in the stack. At first, i didn’t think i had multiples of every color. After pulling it all apart, i finally was able to organize it more logically. Many of the pieces were thin and a few were almost opaque. I suspect i’d have found a better deal for bigger, heartier felt by walking into the local blue-label big box store but covid so amazon it is.

4Expert Score
Stiff felt, still good quality

I bought this felt to use for a baby mobile project, and at first i was disappointed that the felt was so stiff – it really seemed at first to have no flex/bend, almost like cardstock. This felt would not be good if you’re looking for something soft and pliable. However, it ended up working really well for my project. I made a series of tropical birds for the mobile, and the stiffness of the felt made the wings stick out in a way that actually looked great. This was a happy accident though, as from the description i was expecting regular ‘soft’ felt.
Another positive is that the felt is really richly and evenly colored, which was definitely a plus! (see photo).

4Expert Score
Not good for gluing but ok for crafting overall.

Couldn’t use glue on this, had to be sewn. Overall, nice quality and colors for the price.

4Expert Score
Great colors for crafting

I’ve been using this for so many crafting activities over the last few months. It’s worked well with all the projects. Felt crayon set and colored objects to enhance the little guy’s learning, halloween costumes, and birthday party decorations. I still have plenty left over for more crafting. I’m excited to use it too.

4Expert Score

I was making sequined hanging ornaments for the tree. The squares were small and no color repeated. If i was doing it over i would have paid attention to the size and no repeating color . My fault. It was ok.

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