50 Wheat Pennies (Unsearched Shotgun Roll) – Mixed Years Circulated Good or Better.

50 Wheat Pennies (Unsearched Shotgun Roll) – Mixed Years Circulated Good or Better.

Yakibest.com: 50 Wheat Pennies (Unsearched Shotgun Roll) – Mixed Years Circulated Good or Better. : Collectibles & Fine Art
50 Wheat Pennies Unsearched Shotgun Roll – Mixed Years Circulated Good or Better.: This product consists of 50 wheat pennies in a velour bag . The pennies are a variety of mixed years circulated and are in good or better quality. The ever popular lincoln wheat penny was first produced by the u.s. Mint in 1909. This one-cent piece continued to be minted until 1958 until the adopted the lincoln memorial, lincoln bicentennial, and lincoln union shield pennies. The lincoln wheat penny initial appearance was groundbreaking because it marked a departure from the traditional style of united states coinage. This was the first regular united states coin to bear a portrait and not the mythical liberty which can be seen on most coins pre-1909. These coins would be perfect for a coin collector or history enthusiast. Let us know if your not happy thanks

What are 50 wheat pennies unsearched shotgun roll – mixed years circulated good or better. features?

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  • 50 wheat pennies in an unsearched shotgun roll.
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50 wheat pennies unsearched shotgun roll – mixed years circulated good or better. details:

Product dimensions

5.98 x 4.02 x 5.98 inches

Item weight

5.3 ounces

Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

50 years and up

Is discontinued by manufacturer



Everything else


United states mint

50 Wheat Pennies (Unsearched Shotgun Roll) – Mixed Years Circulated Good or Better. AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 50 Wheat Pennies (Unsearched Shotgun Roll) – Mixed Years Circulated Good or Better. : Collectibles & Fine Art

Looking for specific info?

Are there silver wheat pennies.

There are no actual ‘silver wheat pennies’ the closest lincoln wheat penny resembling silver would be the 1943 wheat penny minted from steel due to the copper shortage of world war 2

So is it a full roll of straight mixed year wheat pennies? No memorials?

Hi, thank you for your e-mail. It should be all wheat pennies. We are finding these to be mostly from the 1940s and 50s. Thank you, gary

If i am buying 5 rolls do i have to pay shipping for each roll?

No, each additional roll is 1$.

Are these guaranteed to be a ‘wide range’ of dates between 1909 and 1958? 1940’s to 1958 is not a wide range. Are these guaranteed ‘unsearched’?

First off i take unsearched with a grain of salt.
Someone somewhere at some point has searched these pennies.
You will find 1940’s and 1950’s to be in the majority.

I found the cleanliness of the coins to be very satisfactory.
My expectation is you will get a couple high quality pennies most likely a 1943 steel penny.
I would expect 10 to 20 pennies from 1909 to 1939.

I have absolutely no expectations of getting a rare penny. Every so often i find a penny worth the purchase.
Keep your expectations low.
I am a collector of wheat pennies and try to buy in large volumes but will throw a 50 penny purchase in from time to time.
Goid luck

Have many of rolls are there

One roll per unit

Son monedas circuladas o sin circular?


I want to buy the 3 rolls left, can you make one auction for all three so i can get them off your hands but not have to pay for 3 shipments?

Yes i have done what you have requested sale final

Are these rolls unsearched? So no one really knows what years the rolls contain?

I have purchased multiple rolls and found all rolls to be a nice mixture of old lincoln wheat pennies. The oldest coin received was a 1917. There was a nice mixture of 1920’s and 1930’s. Most coins are minted in philadelphia especially those older than 1940. There were no 1943 steel pennies in any of the rolls received. I hesitate to say that they are unsearched rolls but overall you get a nice mixture coins for the price.

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Are these packaged by and do these ship from the us mint? One out of four customers being completely satisfied is a poor rating, and why is that score

Hello…….l am just one of seven sellers of wheat rolls, so i cannot answer for the others……however, the rolls that i have were bank rolled and i purchased them from a hoard over 20 years ago in a sealed 50 roll case…..the answer to your main question is ‘no’…..they are not from the mint, or rolled by the mint…..mint rolled coins are uncirculated and always the same year…..

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How many rolls?

If you buy from legacy collectibles coin and bullion you are guaranteed to receive a free 1943 steel penny, with your order of 1 or more. We include this coin because it is actually hard to find in the wheat penny hords uncovered today. You will receive one , 50 penny roll and a free steely.

If i were to buy 5 rolls would it be 14 dollars or would it be 45 dollars?

If the listed price of the roll is $8 then 5 rolls would be $45.00

Are additional rolls still $1?

If you’re referring to receiving a discount for additional rolls purchased the answer is yes…
However, the price of the actual abraham lincoln rolls remains the same.

I only got 40’s-50’s!!!?

I like 40’s and 50’s wheat pennies..!

How old are these coins?

The oldest coin i got out of the roll was 1919 and there was a bunch of coins from the 60s

When u say unsearched what do you mean? You nor anyone you know has seen any of the coins in the roll besides the end coins?

At adamsfamiliesbooks we’re offering a well mixed roll of abraham lincoln cents minted before 1959 and containing wheatback cents primarily from the 1940’s and 1950’s and are rolled, with all culls removed before hand. All rolled randomly and contain some mint-marks, ‘d’ and ‘s’note: please use caution when purchasing advertised ‘unsearched rolls’ as it is against amazon policy to sell them.think about it… How did they get to be straight rolls of wheatback cents in the first place.?!

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Do you have a full 50 roll case of rolls and if so how much do you want to sell them for?

Yes the price per roll is listed.

I want to know if the pennies contain all the years from 1909 to 1958?

Yes. The lincoln 1922 cent is very rare, and a difficult one to find, although the lincoln cent contain all years beginning in 1909

Are most of the coins valuable?

I haven’t gotten any of these because it’s a horrible deal. I have been collecting coins for about 7 years and i just do it as a hobby. And when was 12 i just went to the bank and asked for $10 dollars worth of pennies. I looked through them over a weekend. But i definitely got at least 50 wheat pennies not to mention other types of pennies. And i could just take back the pennies i didn’t want. And i didn’t spend $12 on 50 pennies.

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One of the dealers set me a 1975s! Did the dealer mean to send that?

Maybe the coin was extra but if it was in a unserach older roll from 1909 to 1958 then it is search

Do you get an indian head nickel with your purchase?

Your choice : indian head nickel or lincoln proof penny.

50 Wheat Pennies (Unsearched Shotgun Roll) – Mixed Years Circulated Good or Better. AMAZON

Yakibest.com: 50 Wheat Pennies (Unsearched Shotgun Roll) – Mixed Years Circulated Good or Better. : Collectibles & Fine Art

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Grandson happy

Great value for your money. Don’t make these anymore

5Expert Score
Great addition to my collection!

I’ve found several older dates that i didn’t have. Yes, i had left overs of same dates, but that’s expected when getting rolls like this. I’ve have neices and nephews that i can share them with so it isn’t a waste. I plan on getting more soon!

5Expert Score
Thank you!

Very pleased!

5Expert Score
My roll of wheat pennies

Really nice worth the money good for all ages they come in one easy small rolll very convenient to store good for children to teach them the value of money they can earn a coin for cleaning their room or doing other small chores and it would be fun for them also they can learn about historyalso good for the tooth fairy and you save money kids will really enjoy getting a really cool wheat penny and parents will save dollars so they can buy more stuff on amazon it’s a win-win for everybody also very good for beginning queen collecting

5Expert Score
Good and bad but worth it

I liked the fact that it had a lot of the hard to find s mint pennies and a steel penny but kinda upset that i didn’t get any 1909-1930 pennies. But overall good choice buying this. Will definitely buy again. Had a lot of 1954 &1945 pennies.

5Expert Score
Opened 1 so far

Opened one roll as a surprise for my 8 year old son who enjoys going through coin rolls from the bank. I put it on the table and said open this roll. As soon as he opened it he flipped out yelling wheaties. Haha pure joy! So here is the overview. 23 from the 50s, 17 from the 40s, 8 from the 30s, 2 from the 20s. All decent shape for circulated coins as all dates could be read with the coins having expected wear. Found a decent 32 in there. All coins were differnt mints as well so no duplicate coins. In conclusion, great value for the joy from an 8 year old. Good for filling collections. Overall happy with the purchase and can’t wait to surprise him with the second roll.

5Expert Score
The other great thing about this the suprize i was not expecting …

I was so excited to to get this items it was everything and more then i expected ,there was alot of repeted years .one thing is for sure is that ill continue buying theese rolls one thing if possible is change up the years of coins and not so many repetative years . The other great thing about this the suprize i was not expecting that that was super amazing if i get that every time i am more than likely to buy more then one roll at a time thank you

5Expert Score
A penny from 1912! Same year the titanic sank!

26 were from the 50s and not as many from the 40s followed by even less from the 30s and 20s and a few were older than 1920 with 1912 being the oldest and now the oldest in my collection. It’s common to find more in the 50s and 40s though so i wasn’t surprised. I am very pleased to now have a penny that is now 106 years old!

5Expert Score
Very nice mixture of old american lincoln wheat pennies

Very nice mixture of old american lincoln wheat pennies. I got coins dating back to 1917. Most of the coins are philadelphia mint marks especially those older than 1940. Overall a very nice mixture. I have ordered several rolls and have been pleased with each roll. The price is reasonable.

5Expert Score
Very good sale thank you buy more to see if i'm …

Very good sale thank you buy more to see if i’m lucky with 1920 to 1930 i lack ami collection thanks very good variation truly all are of as described in the ad everything is to luck and truth very good sale

4Expert Score
T's a gamble and the roll wasn't tight. I feel it was pre sorted.

Nothing close to first 3 rolls i had opened and was very happy with. Not worth the money i spent compared to 3 rolls i was happy with.

4Expert Score
Not in shotgun in a bag is how they came.

I believed they would arrive in a roll .however they did not .they came in a bag.the one silver penny well here is a picture . This is a gift for my best friend and husband.

4Expert Score
Fun starter coins

A lot of duplicate 44, and 57 got maybe 4 semi decent pennies
great starter for anyone looking to add to or start a collection. You likely won’t find collector grade pennies, but you may get lucky. Pic shown represents a very clean wheat cent but some of the dates in my roll were not legible:(
but it’s still a good buy

4Expert Score
A little more

The only problem i had was the majority of the pennies were 1957 d and 1958 d

4Expert Score
Realistic expectations

Very happy with my purchase. Got lucky and found several new ones to add to my collection. Yes alot of 40s and 50s duplicates. Bonus coin was a steel 1943 that i wanted for my collection so bad. All and all good purchase. Just make sure to have realistic expectations.

4Expert Score
Overall happy with product

I love wheat pennies for whatever reason and these did not disappoint. I received several i did not have and was happy with the order

4Expert Score

Al wheat backs. Well distributed decades but many duplicate dates. Years 1917-1958 plus one steel 1943.
Overall good selection. Very well circulated coins. None were good.

4Expert Score
Good pennies here. Some were really good.

Packaging was really good and very timely delivery.
There were different years in the roll and some pennies were very good. However one of the steel penny was rusty.

4Expert Score

Got a steel penny.
A certificate, but i dont think it raises the value!

4Expert Score

On time intact what i expected

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