[ 8 Pack ] UniqueMe TPU Screen Protector Compatible for Apple Watch Series 8/7 41mm, [Upgrade Flexible Film] [Bubble Free] Soft HD TPU Clear Anti-Scratch Film for iWatch 41mm

[ 8 Pack ] UniqueMe TPU Screen Protector Compatible for Apple Watch Series 8/7 41mm, [Upgrade Flexible Film] [Bubble Free] Soft HD TPU Clear Anti-Scratch Film for iWatch 41mm

Yakibest.com: [ 8 Pack ] UniqueMe TPU Screen Protector Compatible for Apple Watch Series 8/7 41mm, [Upgrade Flexible Film] [Bubble Free] Soft HD TPU Clear Anti-Scratch Film for iWatch 41mm : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are [ 8 pack ] uniqueme tpu screen protector compatible for apple watch series 8/7 41mm features?

  • [specially designed for series 7/8 41mm] uniqueme’s tpu screen protector is specially designed for apple watch series 7/8 41mm.
  • [no bubbles] ultra thin protector allows for high watch responsiveness. Innovative process achieves no bubbles in apple watch series 7/8 41mm screen protector and revolutionary process make it self-healing within 24 hours.
  • [hd-clear invisible] hd transparent screen, with waterproof coating, can restore the original color of apple watch, providing you with a pleasant experience.
  • [anti-scratch] this screen protector is made of military-grade polyurethane, which can absorb shock, wear and scratch, and provide comprehensive protection for your watch.
  • [easy installation] please carefully watch our online installation tutorial video for better installation.
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[ 8 Pack ] UniqueMe TPU Screen Protector Compatible for Apple Watch Series 8/7 41mm, [Upgrade Flexible Film] [Bubble Free] Soft HD TPU Clear Anti-Scratch Film for iWatch 41mm AMAZON

Yakibest.com: [ 8 Pack ] UniqueMe TPU Screen Protector Compatible for Apple Watch Series 8/7 41mm, [Upgrade Flexible Film] [Bubble Free] Soft HD TPU Clear Anti-Scratch Film for iWatch 41mm : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Will it waterproof?

Dear customer,
our tpu watch film is a unique spider weave structure with a waterproof transparent film layer. When it encounters liquid, it will condense into water droplets and adhere to the surface of the watch, which has the effect of waterproofing.

Whether there will be fingerprint recognition is not sensitive?

Dear customer,
the nano-grade and non-slip transparent film layer is custom made with a fine ultra-polished technology finish and supports 100% of the phone’s fingerprint capabilities. This apple watch protector wakes up the watch in 0.1 seconds and apps can be launched quickly.

Will it scratch my watch?

Dear customer,
our tpu watch protector features a unique spider web structure that resists daily scratches and can effectively address the risk of crushing.

Can i swim with this on?

Yes, it is okay for swimming and washing hands. Water does not get under the screen protector or make bubbles.and you can use a cloth to absorb the moisture on the apple watch screen and the screen protector before reuse it.

Does it leave any residue when you remove it from the watch after it’s been on for a while?

In my experience, removal of the screen protector does not leave any residue.

Whether there will be fingerprint recognition is not sensitive?

Dear customer,
the nano auto-absorbing and anti-slip transparent film layer is matched with a fine ultra-polished technical surface treatment to support 100% of the phone’s fingerprint recognition function. This apple watch protector can wake up the watch in 0.1 seconds so that applications can be launched quickly.

Will it come off if you swim?

No, the watch ultra screen protector will not come off even when i am swimming, its glue is very firmly bonded to the screen.

Can this watch film withstand daily scratches?

The film held up very well and, when i finally had to replace it, there were no scratches on my watch face. I will continue to use this product!

What’s the difference in the clear and black beside the color?

Hi, the black one is the privacy screen protector, and clear is transparent hd screen protector.

Will this stay on when swimming/showering?

I haven’t gone swimming with these on but i do shower daily with my watch and it still looks the same as the day i put the protector on.

Are the lens and screen protectors easy to pop off (without any residue)? I plan to keep protectors on when not videotaping. Thx!

The screen protector didn’t stay on but a couple of days and can’t use the lens one cause none of my cases fit with them on it

Is product compatible with spigen case for iphone 11?


Compatable with whireless charging?


The screen saver is high quality, but the lens screen saver when using flash leaves the photo with the edges clear and unqualified. Can you help me ?

I agree. The screen saver is fine, but i do not like the camera lens saver. It does not allow for good quality photos.

How do we removed the glass protector when it needs to be changed?

It’s easy, just tear it off by your hand.

Will a case fit over this? And with both on, does the touch screen still work good?

Yes a case will fit over this as it’s thinner than paper thin; think of a phone, (if you have a tempered glass screen protector that is) the case for the phone fits fine over the phone after the screen protector is applied right? These are meant to fit dimensions as if nothing on the screen surface at all.

How do we removed when it needs to be changed?

You simply just peal it off. No residue.
I love these screen protectors. I’ve bought twice. I am really rough on my watch and thank goodness i found these.

What are the foam circles for? I watched the install video twice and i still don’t see their function. I see in the pics that everybody got them

They’re to hold your watch down. I didn’t use it the first time, wish i did. It’s easier to take off the watch band and stick it down to a table,so that the watch doesn’t move. You can’t hold the watch with your hands and put on the protector.

Does this fit the first active watch or just the active 2?

I have an active 2 & it fit perfectly. I can’t stress enough to wat h the video listed in the instructions. 1 blew it on the 1st try. Also, the protectors are so clear i couldn’t see it, thought i messed up, tried the 3rd time and well let’s just say now i have 2 protectors on my watch ‍

Is this compatible with series 6 44mm?

No. It will be on the screen but it won’t cover the full area of the watch face.

[ 8 Pack ] UniqueMe TPU Screen Protector Compatible for Apple Watch Series 8/7 41mm, [Upgrade Flexible Film] [Bubble Free] Soft HD TPU Clear Anti-Scratch Film for iWatch 41mm AMAZON

Yakibest.com: [ 8 Pack ] UniqueMe TPU Screen Protector Compatible for Apple Watch Series 8/7 41mm, [Upgrade Flexible Film] [Bubble Free] Soft HD TPU Clear Anti-Scratch Film for iWatch 41mm : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Very nice & best screen protector i ever purchased

I have tried many screen protectors in all the apple watches i ever owned from upgrading to apple’s newest. They were all the exact same ones, just in different packaging i would say made by the same manufacturer. They were the ones that had a black plastic border coming in a pack of two where you peeled off the inner plastic, aligned it, and it stayed on the sides of the watch. They always cracked or if any water got on the watch moisture was trapped underneath them and had to use a hair dryer to warm it up to get rid of it. Pressing on my watch they did not always respond to the first touch and pressing on the corners took multiple attempts to go back to the previous screen. Yes they were nice protecting my watch but always cracking, moisture underneath them, and multiple pressing in the screen got annoying.

I decided to give these a try with my series 7 watch and very, very glad i did. I usually never write reviews, but in these i had to do people would know with me trying other’s i feel these are the best.

When i applied it i was not even sure if the plastic film stuck on with how perfect it was and not one single bubble, which i forgot to mention about ones above always having bubbles. With not being sure i shined a bright flashlight on my watch and seen yes it did apply that perfect with not one bubble.

My watch functions 100% perfect with any press on it anywhere, unlike the hard plastic ones i was purchasing finding those were the best until finding these. No matter where i press on the face even on the corners it responds perfect like their was no screen protector on it. Scrolling is smooth as can be and feel it is better with this screen protector film then with not having one on it. Also, unlike other’s you do not have to do a hard press with your finger and the slightest touch allows the watch to respond.

They are very, very fingerprint resistant too and rarely ever have to use a cleaning spray and cloth on the face. I waited to write this to see with how nice all above is how durable they are to protect my watch, hence the reason for putting a screen protector on.

I do a lot of work with fixing things and that is how i cracked the others ones or scratched them and wanted to see how these held up. I do take off my wat h when i know i will be putting my hand in something that could be sharp or confined not to scratch my watch, plus get my hand in easier putting it in my pocket.

I am still on my first one with all you get in a package and amazed how tough the film is being so scratch resistant. I know if my watch took a hard hit getting whacked with me doing something, reached into something with a very sharp edge, that no screen protector could ever protect it from damage with all of them having their limitations. I know and everyone reading this should know nothing but taking it off and putting in in your pocket or setting it down to the side could ever prevent the faces from getting damaged or scratched.

These will for sure and put one on well over a month ago will protect the face protect the face guaranteed and still not one scratch on film.

Here is a tip for putting these on or any screen protector to make a dust free environment if your washroom has a fan. Apply all screen protectors in the washroom setting everything up you will need. Obviously keep the shower curtain closed and the door closed and steam up your washroom a little bit running the shower, but don’t over do it steaming it up completely and a little is all it takes. With your fan running any dust particles that could fall on to anything you are putting a screen protector on they cling to the moisture like a magnet and the fan gets them out. I shine a bright flashlight when putting any on to see if dust is still floating around and when all clear make sure you turn off your fan. Very important. If you leave it running the air removed will be replaced by air that has dust.

It is impossible to create a dust free environment just like when the manufacture things, but this works great and rarely ever have a dust particle under any i ever put on. I do shine a flashlight on what i am putting it on and have the little sticky tape all ready to go and this is beyond important. Never let your screen protector you are putting on face up or take to long ever!!! When you take off the protective film from the side that applies to what you are putting it on you just statically charged it and any dust by it will go to it like a magnet sticking to it. This is why be all setup and ready to go and have that piece of sticky tape ready go and here is why. The cleaning cloths they give you to wipe are cheap junk loaded with dust particles that you want off and not on, and the sticky tape you get will remove any dust. This is how i do mine and other peoples and they always turn out perfect. Light is crucial so you can see what you are doing and brighter the better as why i always use a flashlight that stands up and the led light i can adjust any possible way i want and have it shining down on what i am putting one on.

5Expert Score

I got a new watch and as always, wanted to protect the screen. I hopped on amazon and bought these. I think it’s a great value, for five of them but more than that, it was so easy to put on. I have struggled with some of these types of protectors in the past. This was fast and easy to install.

I have had mine on my watch for over 3 months and no issues, no bubbles and the corners are still all the way down. Recommend.

5Expert Score
Very good and easy to install

The unique screen protector does the job well. Follow the video and take your time, it is an easy install if you do it right. I purchased this screen protector for my new apple 49mm ultra watch. It is a hair smaller than the watch face. Hard to notice the difference. But ,purchasing the exact size screen protector will work with most 49mm bumper guards for the apple ultra watch. I have the smiley bumper guard installed for protection around the titanium body and it fits perfectly. The bumper guard does not interfere with the screen protector at all.

5Expert Score
Already saved my watch

The screen protectors are absolutely amazing. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you they’re difficult to put on the design and the step-by-step are foolproof. It’s almost impossible to screw up the install. I put these on my brand new apple watch 8 and within the first four days i had an incident where. I put a big scratch into the protector. I’m sure i would’ve scratched the watch, but i peeled it off and the watch was fine.

5Expert Score
Quality protection foe a decent price

This product surprised me. For the inexpensive price, it truly protects my expensive apple watch. I can’t imagine paying all this money for this watch to not protect my screen from scrapes or scratches. It’s an excellent screen protector.

5Expert Score
They do the job!!

I’ve used 2 so far. I work @high proactivity demand. My watch gets bumped & scratched often, but thankfully i’ve had my protection film on. My watch is 100% good

5Expert Score
Easy to install

So i got this for my apple watch 8 and the install process is super easy. I personally watched the install video which makes it so much easier. There is no loss of touch sensitivity at all on the screen.

One thing to be aware of is if you use a bumper case like i do. Be aware of the way the case fits. If there is a tight fit around the edges this film might pull up on the corners. I used 2 films before i realized my case was pulling up the corners.

5Expert Score
Hard to tell you have a protector screen on

Hard to tell you have a protector screen on. Touch screen is still quite sensitive which is great.

5Expert Score
So far so good…

Very easy to install. Takes patience to ensure correctly aligned. Had two small bubbles that will not come out but not noticeable nor do they impair touch function. Take your time installing!!

5Expert Score
Great product!!

Great product ! It’s hard to put on but the instructions help! The team is amazing! They are responsive and very professional! I recommend to anybody that want to protect their apple watch!! I’m satisfied!!

4Expert Score
Good quality, easy to install, affordable apple watch screen protector

This was a clever install, quite easy after watching the video. No bubbles or creases. Everything you need to install it comes in the package. The screen protector feels similar to the original apple watch screen. I have the series 8 45 mm watch. The only negative i can report so far is that i that i can feel the edge slightly raised around the perimeter of the screen. The screen protector specifically states it fits the 45 mm watch but it might only be 44 mm. Perhaps that is on purpose so it can be removed later. Not a deal breaker by any means, the edge is not obtrusive.

I cannot yet speak to the durability, but obviously the reason i bought a screen protector for my watch is that i am very active with it. I wear it during gym workouts and wakeboarding. So, we’ll see how it holds up to sweat, pressure, friction and water. I’ll report back. I’m guessing that because the company includes 8 screen protectors in the pack, they probably come off somewhat easily; we’ll see. But, for under $10, can’t complain much.

4Expert Score
Work great, but a little difficult to put on

Cover only the screen and covers well. Looks great and protect your screen.
The installation/ lining up the screen on the watch face was a bit of trial and error, also watch out for air bubbles.
Also on some of the apple watch screen cover kits, they come with a resting pad for the watch, as you apply the screen cover, so the watch is sitting on a protective surface, which is nice.

4Expert Score
Looks like it’s hardly there

They don’t interfere with the touch screen and they almost look like there’s nothing there at all. I do find that i need to replace it every few months though just because the edges will peel off.

4Expert Score
Great price. Good to have extras

Fairly easy install using the instructions provided with the video via a link on the box. One complaint i have is it seems to have torn just the slightest bit in the middle during install so you have to be really careful. It started off as a really small vertical tear and that tear spread to top and bottom. Also, when i put it into my protective wristband the corner next to the crown peeled up so i had to take it out and push it back down and be extra careful putting it back in.

4Expert Score
They work…

Wish they had a tray to line it up perfectly. Had a hard time getting it on right. Every time i got the position good, it had air bubbles. Finally got it close enough to last me until the spigen ones get here, although i don’t have faith that these ones are going to stay on very long.

Updated to 4 stars. Air bubbles have disappeared and it’s half on even after being submerged multiple times in water. Would be 5 stars if it had an alignment tool

4Expert Score
Touch screen works good. Issues with bubbles.

Touch screen works great through protector. I couldn’t figure out the installation process for my life. Little number stickers were falling off everywhere. Sticks great but the bubbles are awful. I tried with two different protectors and bubbles with both. I used a pin to poke holes and worked the air out.

4Expert Score
Nice but slightly smaller than screen

I like the hard glass, very similar to the protective glass for phones. The glass is just slightly smaller than the screen. Also wish there was a guide device to make it easier to make sure it is centered

4Expert Score
Does an outstanding job at protected the screen, but mine don't stay on perfectly

I’ve put these things through the ringer a couple times. I had a pretty hard bike crash off a jump and landed with my arm under my body, watch face down in the dirt, and slid a couple feet in this position. I knew for sure i had ruined my watch. The whole watch was covered in hard packed dirt and the screen protector had some pretty bad cuts in it. I got home, cleaned up the watch (didn’t have a single scratch on it somehow), took the screen protector off expecting some damage to the screen, but nope. Screen was in perfect condition. I wish i had taken a picture of the screen protector before i took it off.

My only issue with these is they don’t stay on perfectly. I’ve had three different ones on now. The first one i didn’t watch the video and it completely came off 2 days later while i was sleeping. The second one i did watch the video and installed it much better. But after about a week, i started having a couple small bubbles pop up at the top. Not sure how they got there. Then was the crash, which lead me to putting #3 on. Again this one lasted a little more than a week then had the same issue where i’ve got two small bubbles in different spots. It seems like it’s happening while i’m sleeping (i sleep with my watch on), but i could be wrong on that.

4Expert Score
Pretty good, but…

Worked pretty well but it wasn’t long before i needed to replace it and i’m pretty sure it only comes with 4 alcohol swabs and dust removers for the 8 protectors. I didn’t always get them on the first try either.

4Expert Score
Follow the video and you'll be fine

The only issue with a film-type protector on a curved screen is that yes, it will eventually come off. My first one lasted about 4-5 weeks. I just put the 2nd one on a couple of minutes ago.
This is a pack of 8, so should last 8-9 months. Maybe a bit more. I think that’s not bad for the price.

Except for feeling the edge of the protector when swiping down from the top or up from the bottom, i can’t tell it’s on. It’s clear, bubble-free and as touch-responsive as it should be. It’s a very good product.

I tried a different protector before these. It might have been a better option, if only it would stay on the watch. It came with 2, and each fell off within 2 days and couldn’t be put back on.

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