80×100 Monocular-Telescope High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking

80×100 Monocular-Telescope High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking

Yakibest.com : 80×100 Monocular-Telescope High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking : Electronics

What are 80×100 monocular-telescope high powered monocular for adults monocular for smartphone adapter monocular telescope hunting wildlife bird watching travel camping hiking features?

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  • 【80100 hd high power monocular telescope】with 80 times magnification and 100mm objective lens, this monocular is equipped with fully multi coated lenses to improve the light transmission rate and resolution.ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness explorers, a handheld and must-have for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, camping, surveillance and traveling
  • 【high contrast and resolution images】the zoom telescope is equipped with bak-4 prism and fully multi-coated lens, guaranteeing superior light transmission and brightness. The light transmission reaches up to 99.5% visibility. The built-in low-light-level night vision helps you see things in low light. An adjustable eye cup also allows you to twist up and down easily and rapidly for optimal viewing even while wearing glasses.
  • 【wide scope view】80×100 monocular telescope has the top line view and offers true 80 x 100 viewing.it is using fmc superior bak4 green film prism so that the monocular has compact, durable, high quality precision design featuring.
  • 【ideal for outdoor】monocular specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor sports: hunting, observing animals, mountaineering, camping, travel, hiking, water sports, ball games, watching scenery, driving, concert, monitoring, outdoor exploration and other activities. Give you an amazing visual experience!
  • 【wide compatibility】1non-limited for glasses-wearer.the design of this monocular allows the wearer to get close to the eyepiece without interfering with the viewing experience and feel more comfortable.2.equipped with a mobile phone bracket, which is suitable for many types of smart phones on the market. 3.both adults and children can use it.
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80×100 Monocular-Telescope High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 80×100 Monocular-Telescope High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Does this monocular for taking good photos?

It is decent monocular for bird watching?

What is the effect of 100 monocular remote viewing?

The effect is very good. We often look at the stars in the mountains and take them when we go hiking. It’s very easy to use.

What size tripod can this monocular be mounted on?

This monocular is suitable for tripods of any size, as well as desktop tripods. Very convenient.

What is the true size of the objective lens? No way is it 100mm or the monocular would have to be 9 inches long. It looks to be 60 mm at best..

No wonder they didn’t answer. It is 40mm.
100mm diameter is wider than three largest cellphone, and the pictures show it’s way smaller. It’s a total lie and you can send them back for inaccurate website description.
So sad there are traps like this in amazon, so easy to unmask

Does it have a wrist strap?

I don’t recall there being one

I need this plus three others. Do you also make bella’s dracula, the wolfman, and the mummy?

Search toe/eye/ear universal monster sticker set. There are 8 in the set, including those monsters

Are these anti-fog and nitrogen filled?

Yes. It’s says it in the product description.

Life water-repellent & nitrogen-filled
monocular could bear light raining, no need to worry the rainy weather monocular,but can not be used in a heavy rain for a long time or soaked in the water.nitrogen-filled and sealed to prevent fogging,clouding and moisture damage,ensuring that the details can be seen even in bad weather.

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It is suitable using at one hand?

This compact monocular is convenient for you using only single hand

Will it work with i phone 12 with 3 camera lens ?

It should. Again, the equipment for that comes in the box.

Phone case can i use this with an iphone 12 with a case on it?

Alignment of included phone/camera adapter becomes less precise with added thickness of case; but i was not happy with connection at all and so purchased a 3-way adjustable jig to hold my iphone. These are all poor imitations of the fixed slr body adaptors used with real telescopes; but with a little patience you can get impressive magnification and photos.

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If i go to a concert, is this monocular suitable?

Yes, appropriate. This monocular can enlarge the details for viewing, which is very convenient and clear.

How do i attach it to an iphone for long distance video and pics?

Will not fit w/cover on iphone. Holder will not open wide enough.

Will it be inconvenient for people wearing glasses to use this monocular?

I feel good, i am a person with glasses

Is the 80×100 monocular suitable for mobile phones?

Yes,it suits for any type of mobiles and easy to install with the tripod.

Are there any other colors for this monocular?

This monocular comes in black and green, both popular colors.

It is worthable for the price?can i using as a gift send to my nephew?

Good quality for the price,and easy to using for child.

Does this monocular have an eyepiece cover?

Yes, it has an eyepiece cover. When not in use, the eyepiece cover can be covered for protection.

Is it water resistant?

I’ve had it on my car for over 1 year and it still looks great. I’m out in los angeles so we really don’t have bad weather. So i would say sure 🙂

What are the dimensions for the frankenstein sticker? I see package dimensions, but is that the same as the product dimensions?

I bought this for my son at christmas and i was very happy with it as was he. I believe the dimensions are very close in size to what it is advertised. I personally did not measure the sticker but i was very happy with the product.

80×100 Monocular-Telescope High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking AMAZON

Yakibest.com : 80×100 Monocular-Telescope High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Perfect size to bring everywhere

This is a very useful monocular if you want something that you can bring to all occasions. It’s very small and can fit in your pocket, bag or on your belt with the provided case. It does provide a great deal of magnification for the price but given that it is a monocular with a rather small objective lens, your field of view will be very small, especially compared to binoculars. But, that is something i expected when purchasing this product.

I’ve used plenty of binoculars, monoculars, scopes and telescopes, but i was looking for something i can just have with me everywhere i go and be useful. This happened to be the perfect product because it has plenty of magnification and is small enough to sit in my car’s glovebox for quick access. I’ve used is for hiking, orienteering, bird watching, animal watching, photography, at the range, and even as a telescope.

Understand the limitations of this product before buying it but if you just want a handy monocular that you can bring anywhere, this is a great choice.

5Expert Score
Very happy with this product.

I bought this 80×100 monocular-telescope high powered monocular as a gift for my husband’s birthday. He is very happy with his monocular and he takes it with us whenever we go out for the day. The carry case keeps everything safe and easy to bring with you. He had difficulty with the piece that holds your phone, it could be made with stronger materials. He has spotted deer, raccoons and wild turkeys in the woods as well as watching the blood moon and lunar eclipse recently. I would recommend this monocular to my friends and family.

5Expert Score
This is a great addition to your photography

I love that this is easy and quick to use. So many times things just ‘pop up’ and it seems to take forever to get your camera focused in. This monocular makes it easy. The price is right, the optics are great and the size and weight make it easy to carry with you. Just an amazingly useful tool. You can use it with or without your phone, but the phone makes it.
The tripod supplied is useful and you can also use it with larger tripods.
Genuinely a worthwhile purchase.

5Expert Score
Terrific optics and useful low-light

This monocular is very well made with superior optics at this price point. The “extend your iphone camera” capability leaves some room for improvement: the included iphone coupling arrangement is not well designed and difficult to assure lens alignment. However, with the addition of one of the <$30 phone adaptor jigs the full potential of this good glass as a long distance lens for astronomy, sports or surveillance becomes available. Sturdy, well built, with table top tripod and covers.

5Expert Score

Just what my husband had in mind for his birthday. We used binoculars for years, but wanted something easier to use with just one eye, or even with the phone. The zoom is perfect. Now we can get close ups of our granddaughters on the football field during the marching band half time show. The deer are abundant around our property and seeing the bucks so close is just amazing.

5Expert Score
Great monucular

This is a great product. I love how light it is, easy to carry in a large purse or knapsack. We live right across the street from our high school football field, now we can watch the games right from home. It’s also great for traveling it brings the world closer

5Expert Score

This is a nice little scope. It really is lightweight and easier to keep with you that a large, bulky pair of binocs. You might want more power if you are a pro birdwatcher, but just to have a handy glass to grab, this is nice. Easy to use too!

5Expert Score
Great for camping

I was looking for a replacement for the old teliscope that we had but could not find it . My search lead me to this product and it turned out to be what i was looking for just on a smaller scale. This is a great product at a really good price for what we wanted for camping.

5Expert Score
Perfect knapsack addition

This this is perfect for a knapsack or anything else when you want to travel light, but still want the ability to see distances. It is also priced for less than you would expect an item of this quality to be priced. If you’re on the fence, time to get off now and buy this thing!

5Expert Score
Easy to use!

I absolutely loved this product! I took amazing pictures of the moon i never thought i could capture, especially just using my phone. I would definitely recommend to a friend and i would buy again! Great quality i feel like it’s built to last.

4Expert Score
Great pictures!

I took this to the great sand dunes in colorado to try and get some night shots of the stars and planets from the top of the dunes. I had a hard time getting the camera adapter to align with my samsung s22, but i was able to get some great shots, and was able to see even more when using without the phone. Great product for the price and size. I would buy again….in fact, i did because my kid stole the first one i bought for himself since he liked it so much!

4Expert Score
You can see a clear sight

I bought this monocular telescope for a gift. I did review it, and found it satisfactory. I`m thinking i may
purchase another for myself. Good buy!

4Expert Score
Good mono

Love the monocular for spying ducks for hunting has clear field of vision and easy to adjust, is not too heavy to have on your person while hunting

4Expert Score
Nice size

Very nice and easy to carry. My spouse and i went hiking in the nc mountains and was able to see lots of wild life up close with the monocular.

4Expert Score
Very nice and convenient

Would’ve given five stars except the end cap attached to provide cover is a little off and doesn’t fit well

4Expert Score
Had to learn how to focus on objects

Really like the convenience of the size of the monocular. It took time to adjust from binoculars to monocular. For years, i have not been able to hold items 100% still with my right hand, so it has been a challenge to be satisfied with a monocular. But with determination to use it, i can say i learned to like the monocular.. I wish i had purchased them earlier. I could have enjoyed seeing the buzzards activity when they were roosting on the electrical poles at night. I enjoy watching the wildlife critters at night.

4Expert Score
I love this product! Easy to use.

I think the advertising should be a little more clear about night vision, other than that, this is a great product!

4Expert Score
Great monocular

We took this with us on our recent alaska cruise. It fit easily in my jacket pocket, so it was always handy. It worked great for me, and i found it much easier to use than binoculars. The cell-phone holder takes a little patience to set up correctly, and it can be a little challenging to focus that way (i was generally on the move, so it wasn’t convenient to use the tripod), but it works!

4Expert Score
Nice size for carrying around

This is easy to use and is small enough to keep in a jacket pocket.

4Expert Score

Ision was good it was light weight

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