A jewelry brand that is a trend in its sector

Jewelry plays an important role in people’s outfits, they highlight different parts of the body with great elegance and attractiveness. There is a jewelry brand that is fashionable in the sector, for different reasons, being the most sought after by users who want to wear jewelry with the best designs in their look.

What makes this brand different?

The Maria Pascual jewelry brand is a trend in its sector for different reasons. Users looking for quality and beautiful jewelry now have a fashion brand that offers everything they need in one place.

The popularity of the jewelry of this brand is mainly due to the following reasons.

Elegant and innovative designs

The brand’s catalog includes jewelry designs focused on elegance, always innovating with new shapes and styles, to create jewelry that all customers love.

Their jewelry is defined by authenticity and uniqueness, it is not possible to find the same jewelry in any store. In addition, the detail that these jewels have, guarantees incredible finishes inspired by vintage, art and travel.

They offer unique and original jewelry, as well as designs in line with current trends. The earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets in their catalog always surprise with their designs.

jewelry discounts

Another aspect that makes this brand trendy in its sector is the variety of discounts on its products.

The discounts and offers are renewed frequently, making the purchase of elegant jewelry more accessible. In any case, the prices offered by the brand are quite competitive, so you will never have to pay more for the same quality and detail.

They also have seasonal discounts, this allows you to buy a wide variety of jewelry at low prices for a limited time.

jewelry customization

The brand offers a section that customers can customize to their liking. By being able to experiment and play with the designs, it is possible to create the jewelery that best suits personal tastes.

Personalization for 18/24-carat gold-plated earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are of the highest quality, allowing users to start from unique and original designs to define their special jewelry.

after sales service

The brand has a warranty service for a period of 2 years, from the moment the product is purchased. This allows users to return the jewel in the event of any damage.

They have a professional service to repair or restore the shine of the jewels, since they can deteriorate over many years. Thanks to this, it will be possible to offer a second life to the products and thus have them as the first day.

In addition, the price for the repair of jewelry products is fixed, regardless of the type of damage or deterioration that the jewelry may have.

Return or change of size

Unlike other jewelery brands, they allow the return of the jewels, either for not being satisfied or for choosing the wrong size. The return or exchange period is 14 days, after receiving the order.

Jewelry must be in good condition and in its original packaging to be accepted for return.

Quality and ethical jewelry

One of the qualities for which the brand is a trend is its commitment to using top quality materials. The gold used for the plating of the jewelry is 18/24 carat, which is obtained in an ethical and responsible way.

The brand makes sure to comply with up-to-date regulations, with a verified gold supplier that has the necessary certifications to ensure extraction that respects social and environmental regulations.

The current regulations that they comply with are those indicated by international organizations, which provide follow-up to ethical and responsible business development within the jewelry sector.

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