Acceptance comes from love and strengthens; resignation, of fear and weakens

Fayna Curbelo, our guest this week, is a Holistic Transformation Mentor and proposes to transform your relationships in 8 weeks, forever freeing yourself from suffering and conflict in your life. How to identify the root of all the conflicts in your life? How to free your life from emotional suffering with a simple and powerful solution? How to build healthy and powerful relationships that contribute to your growth and happiness? These are some of the questions that she intends to answer with her courses and workshops based on what she calls the LIFE method.

 At what point in your life do you decide to enter the exciting world of personal development?

At 28, I had my first existential crisis. I suffered a financial bankruptcy that left me with a huge financial debt, I lost my house, my car and I was left homeless with my two 4-year-old twin sons. My relationship ended badly and I hit rock bottom in all areas of my life. So, out of suffering and total despair, the search for something that would give meaning to what I was experiencing arose in me. It was the first, where it all started, but it wouldn’t be the last.

How has your life changed since then?

My life changed radically. I went on a spiritual retreat for two years and there I met currents of thought, philosophies and teachers that helped me radically transform my mind and my way of seeing the world. I trained as a Life Coach, and traveled the world training with teachers of our time, some very well known and from different currents. ACIM, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, T. Harv Eker, Byron Katie, Louisa Hay, Bob Mandel, Rocío Palacios, among others… I accumulated a lot of knowledge, although everything was at the level of the mind, I would still have to live my “ spiritual awakening” many years later.

What does the Life method consist of?

The VIDA Method is an experience of Self-knowledge and Healing, it is to re-remember and connect with our Real Being through a rich and deep inner journey.

This work is the fruit and synthesis of my own path of search and personal and spiritual fulfillment. In the year 2019 I experienced the liberation of all conditioning in the mind, suffering ceased to be part of my experience and I entered into a kind of deep connection with everything and everyone. I tried to share my experience with others and saw the difficulty involved in trying to understand with the mind something that could only be understood if it was “experienced” in the first person. So I asked for guidance to find a way to accompany others to create this experience. And so, as a response, and in channeling, the VIDA Method was born.

What is holistic consciousness?

It is an all-encompassing look. It is to see and perceive from the totality of what we are, not only from the personal, human part. It is understanding the four dimensions of existence (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and how they relate to each other. In order to generate fullness in our lives we need this look.

What other courses do you take and for what audiences/profiles?

From the VIDA Method, which is a complete and extensive program that requires significant involvement and commitment, I have extracted some parts that have their own identity and with which I work with specific areas and topics. This is the case of the course of the 4 steps of Emotional Healing, where we work the liberation of the patterns of suffering acquired since childhood and we do a deep work of forgiveness, which allows us to reach a level of emotional maturity, which allows us to relate without conflict and live in peace on a day-to-day basis.

In addition, twice a year I work on specific workshops such as “En Amor a ti”, a weekend where we work on the pillars of Self-Love as an essential requirement for living healthy relationships. And at the end of the year I usually carry out the Free and Happy 2022 weekend workshop, an experience where we close the cycle consciously and prepare to receive the new cycle in peace and with a clean and open mind and heart. The work I do is for everyone who vibrates with the proposal and with me. Women and men who are ready to abandon suffering as an evolutionary stimulus, and seek an experience of connection and sustained peace on a daily basis. People who want to get to know each other and know how to get the best out of the experience of living.

 What is the difference between accepting and resigning, when something is adverse to you?

Acceptance arises from the understanding of the nature of life, and its impermanence and duality, it arises from the Essential Being, it is the recognition of what Is without pretending that it is otherwise, this generates a mental state where trust and patience can assist you in the most adverse situations knowing that everything is transitory. Resignation is a submission of the personal will and generates disconnection and resentment, it arises from the impotence that things are as you want, need or desire and this connects you with impatience and the fear that life will not give you “what you want”. what you need” in the future. One comes from love and strengthens, the other from fear, and therefore limits and weakens.

How to strengthen self-esteem?

From the holistic view, self-esteem is based on the 4 pillars or dimensions of experience and from each of them certain aspects must be addressed, such as:

  1. Self-knowledge (Spiritual Dimension)
  2. Self-concept (Mental Dimension)
  3. Emotional maturity (Emotional Dimension)
  4. Self-care (Physical Dimension)

 How is your day?

I wake up very early every morning, do my ritual to start the day – take my cellular nutrition, meditate, give thanks and do some stretching and showering. Then I have breakfast and start to attend to the issues on the agenda for each day. Before going to bed I do my night ritual, I disconnect from the phone and work at least two hours before going to bed, I plan my next day, and I dedicate myself to preparing dinner and having dinner with my family, watching some movie or go straight to bed where, every night, I fall into a prayer of thanks for all the blessings of the day and the next day. I give my dream to God to use my mind during sleep in the best way.

 What are your hobbies?

Walking in nature, the sea, dancing salsa with my partner, traveling, discovering new experiences, gastronomy, deep conversations, cooking, helping people who come to me to return to Love and Peace, I am passionate about my work…

 How is your family?

My family is… like the big Greek family! I come from a matriarchy where women have had to get ahead on their own and with many sacrifices. My grandmother had 11 children and today she is 91 years old and is still the center of the family solar system. My mother had 5 children, I am the oldest and well, her story and her charisma have greatly influenced who I am today.

 Have children?

Yes, two beautiful 18-year-old twins, Tony and Lucia. They have been and continue to be, without a doubt, my greatest teachers and my strongest anchor in this world. I was clinically dead during childbirth, and if I came back, it was because of them.

What do you do to fulfill that of “mens sana in corpore Sano”?

I meditate, I walk barefoot on the ground, I sunbathe, I get massages, I go to the beach regularly, I swim, I dance, I do yoga, or weights or whatever I feel like at any given moment. I am not constant and I love to vary, but I always try to take care of myself and cultivate my mind and body. Beauty is a quality that I appreciate and value.

 Any reference in your life?

Many, there have been many beings who have inspired me throughout my life. Today my mind feels deeply united with that of Mother Kwan Yin and Jesus of Nazareth. On earth, all those beings who are actively working to bring Peace to their minds and to the world inspire me with deep respect and admiration.

 Do you allow yourself any confessable vice?

Mmmm… The truth is I’m not much into vices… maybe good food and sexuality with my partner are my confessable “sins” hahahahahaha…

What do you do when anger or anger takes over you?

I practice the 4 steps until I feel the energy release and Peace returns to my mind. Later, if some type of action is required, such as talking to someone, setting a limit or making a decision, then I do it, but from the calm and clarity.

 Where would you get lost?

I would not get lost in any place -it has cost me a lot to find myself-, but I do love to travel and I am passionate about Asia. Thailand is my next destination and I hope to visit very soon.

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