Achille Lauro will challenge Mahmood and Blanco at Eurovision 2022

All the most avid Eurovision Song Contest fans  know perfectly well how much this competition can bring out a probably dormant patriotic sense in all of us. And the case of the eternal clash between San Marino and Italy is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, precisely from this point of view. At the Eurovision 2022 edition, Achille Lauro will be a respectable artist to represent the foreign micro-state nestled between Emilia Romagna and Marche  .

Achille Lauro at Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song “Stripper”

As is his style, the artist proposed us a piece with a wild, overwhelming rhythm, a song written specifically to participate in ” A voice for San Marino” . A contest that this year, for the first time ever, allowed a group of singers to compete for participation in Eurovision 2022 for one of the smallest nations in the world.

The final of Una Voce for San Marino on Saturday 19 February,

at the Teatro Nuovo di Dogana it sold out and was broadcast live on the San Marino State TV “San Marino RTV”. Presenting the event was the extraordinary Senhit , an Italian-Eritrean artist whom the public of San Marino and Eurovision know very well. In fact, in 2021, the singer represented the small state with the unleashed Adrenalina, a song in collaboration with Flo Rida.

The “Eurovision” fans showed great enthusiasm for Senhit’s songs and performances, who in 2021 was invited to perform also in Spain and Poland together with the most famous competitors from the Eurovision universe. An affection such as to push San Marino to want her as an exceptional presenter for this important musical event. Alongside her, her friend and colleague Jonathan Kashanian, presenter of Israeli origins with whom she shares a cosmopolitan background and who is currently on air with “Detto Fatto” on Rai 2.

Achille Lauro took off his ticket for Eurovision by triumphing at “Una voce per San Marino”. The singer, who recently presented the song “Domenica” in Sanremo 2022 , clashed with 18 other competitors. He competed against the 9 finalists of the “emerging” category and the “big” Alessandro Coli with the Turkish DJ Burak Yeter, Cristina Ramos, Francesco Monte, Matteo Faustini, Ivana Spagna  Miodio.

Lauro’s victory in San Marino opens up a rather unprecedented scenario for Eurovision.

Although it is rare to see a DOC San Marino artist representing San Marino at Eurovision, it is rather unusual to see two different competitors from the most recent edition of the Sanremo Festival clash at the same edition of ESC. Having to participate in Eurovision 2022, in fact, Achille Lauro will return to challenge his colleagues Mahmood and Blanco.  The two singers will arrive in Turin to interpret their “Shivers”, the winning song of the Sanremo 2022 Festival. As per Eurovision regulations, in fact, we know that the winner of the Ligurian singing festival always has the right to represent Italy in the international competition.

Mahmood and Blanco will bring with them – among other things – a heavy witness.

The two singers must in fact be able to hold their own against the Maneskin, who last year won the competition in Rotterdam with the song Zitti e Buoni. The prospects, however, appear to be quite positive. Their song has in fact conquered for the third consecutive week the first position of the Fimi / GfK ranking of the best-selling singles in Italy, as well as remaining # 1 in the EarOne ranking of the most aired songs on the radio for two weeks. The piece is also first on all Italian digital platforms and in position # 15 on the Billboard Global 200, the chart of the most listened to and bought songs in the world.

The predictions already give the two Sanremo winners as potential triumphs.

It doesn’t seem – at least on paper – that Achille Lauro has any chance of beating the two artists at Eurovision. At least for now the forecasts of the bookmakers do not give San Marino as a potential winner, but the last word is not said. Anyone who knows Eurovision knows very well how unpredictable the competition can be and, above all, how much televoting from home can throw the cards on the table at the last minute. What is certain, also this year, at Eurovision we will be able to boast of our Italian pride in the race. See you in May in Turin.

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