Adasion 12×42 High Definition Binoculars for Adults with Phone Adapter and Foldable Tripod, Super Bright High Power Binoculars with Large View, Lightweight Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting Sports

Adasion 12×42 High Definition Binoculars for Adults with Phone Adapter and Foldable Tripod, Super Bright High Power Binoculars with Large View, Lightweight Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting Sports : Adasion 12×42 High Definition Binoculars for Adults with Phone Adapter and Foldable Tripod, Super Bright High Power Binoculars with Large View, Lightweight Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting Sports : Electronics

What are adasion 12×42 high definition binoculars for adults with phone adapter and foldable tripod features?

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  • High definition binoculars for bird watching, hunting, stargazing, traveling & whale watching: adasion 12×42 high powered binoculars provide 12x magnification and 18mm eyepieces, feature a 367/1000yds large field of view, and delivers large and clear details
  • Vivid, clear & bright view even in low-light: 42mm large objective lens, collect more lights, deliver brighter view; bak4 prism and fmc are usually applied in professional binoculars, increasing light transmittance and providing good color reproduction. All of these provide premium image quality
  • Powerful camera function, the ideal choice for gifts: 2022 newly upgraded universal phone adapter fits all smartphones; 360° swivel and 2.2′ extendable tripod w/ adapter ensures stable photo shooting. The ideal gift for father’s day and children’s day. Ideal gift for outdoor. The ideal binoculars for boys and girls
  • Light weighted and portable, perfect for the outdoors: ideal choice for outdoor activities with only 1.25 lbs weight and crossbody case. Non-slip rubber and ip55 rain & fog resistance are suitable for most outdoor occasions
  • Simple to use, comfortable experience: twist the eyecups up and down to see the world with or without glasses – eye relief range 13.6mm – 19.6mm. Adjust the center focus wheel to easily fit your eyes, and the diopter (located on the right eyepiece) balances left and right eye parallax
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Adasion 12×42 high definition binoculars for adults with phone adapter and foldable tripod details:

Product dimensions

6 x 5 x 2.4 inches

Item weight

1.25 pounds

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer




Adasion 12×42 High Definition Binoculars for Adults with Phone Adapter and Foldable Tripod, Super Bright High Power Binoculars with Large View, Lightweight Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting Sports AMAZON : Adasion 12×42 High Definition Binoculars for Adults with Phone Adapter and Foldable Tripod, Super Bright High Power Binoculars with Large View, Lightweight Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting Sports : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Are these good for deer hunting?

Love the initial response; i rarely laugh at reviewers trying to be funny…that was worthy of a belly laugh and of course, later, helpful!!

I have a samsung j2 – older model, but will it fit?

As long as the phone is less than 3.74 inches wide it should fit. But 3.74 inches is the absolute maximum the adapter opens. The closer you get to that width the harder it is to mount the phone. My samsung j7 in a case is 3.33 inches wide and i personally wouldn’t want to try getting a phone wider than that in the adapter.

How do i get the free tripod?

There was a card in the box with instructions.

Can i store in a boat?

Normally those binoculars should be kept in a dry place for the best performance.
Thus, i donot recommend to store them in a boat.

Is this porro or roof prism?

Roof prism

Is this good for target shooting range?

Would depend on the range, but they work very well in good lighting. Haven’t tried anything at 200+ yards yet but they provide a clear image of adjusted properly. Even clearer on tripod

A cuantos metros máximo podemos observar cualquier animal y/o objeto???

Se ve con claridad a 500mt, a la distancia se ve considerando que no es un telescopio. Buena imagen

Are these binoculars compatible with iphone 12?

I use an iphone 11pro with a case and it fits fine. The adapter is large enough to fit most phones.

Looking to star gaze how clear are stars?

I tried looking at stars before but binoculars are not the answer, you need a fixed focal point using a telescope.

How to put the camera attachment on? Are there any video tutorials? I’m perplexed! I’ve tried several times. Using an iphone 10x max.

My iphone was not compatible. Please check to see if your phone is.

Will the phone adapter fit a galaxy s8+

I do not know for sure but the adapter expands and looks like it will fit most phones.

How do i contact this seller to see what free gifts are available?

There is a website on the info card but i think i just sent a text. To the number on the card. They were really prompt.

Can i record?

You can record with your phone using attachments

Will the smartphone adapter fit a i-phone 12 mini

I think it will fit. I don’t have a 12 mini but it seems very universal.

I would like to know how to get on the list for a free trpod

You can send the message to us or e-mail to our gift center and then get the free tripod.

Will this work with the iphone 12 max pro?

It should… Works with our iphone

I would like to use these binoculars to take pics of wildlife with my motorola phone from my kayak. Is this possible or will it be too shaky?

I haven’t tried using it for pictures yet. But, from using it to view distant objects without a phone attached, it seems pretty shaky. I think that it would probably take good pictures with a tripod but not from a kayak. Others who actually have tried it taking photos on the water may have better information.

Tienen opción de colocar trípode?

Sí, póngase en contacto con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente

Is this compatible with a samsung galaxy a50?

The adapter is adjustable. I believe it would be compatible with your phone . I’m using 11 pro max

Will these binoculars work good for an alaska cruise?

I have never been on a cruise. So i don’t know what would make a cruise different from my experience of being able to see and identify animals and nature out in the woods from my house or deck. I am unsteady holding these with my weak arms and yet i am able to get good views of birds in trees or animals off in the distance. Views are wonderfully clear with these binoculars. And i have started to work on being able to take pictures of what i see with the cellphone attachment.

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Adasion 12×42 High Definition Binoculars for Adults with Phone Adapter and Foldable Tripod, Super Bright High Power Binoculars with Large View, Lightweight Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting Sports AMAZON : Adasion 12×42 High Definition Binoculars for Adults with Phone Adapter and Foldable Tripod, Super Bright High Power Binoculars with Large View, Lightweight Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting Sports : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Advice for 1st-time users

The birds, fish, frogs, and turtles in my neighborhood have become my new friends since social distancing began, and these binoculars have been spectacl-ar in helping me identify them. I’d never used binoculars before this new hobby, so here are some things i’ve learned that might be helpful to first-time users:

binoculars always have two numbers in the spec, axb. A represents the magnification – the bigger the number, the more zoomed-in the image looks. B represents the size of the objective lens, which is the piece of glass at the far end of the binoculars. The bigger the number, the brighter and clearer the image looks.

They also have a focus wheel that sits between the two halves, which you’ll have to rotate depending on whether you want to focus on something close or super far away. There’s also usually an additional fine tuner on the right eyepiece that will allow you to adjust for differences between your two eyes. So when using a pair of binoculars for the first time, you should close your right eye and use the focus wheel for just your left eye, and then close your left eye and use the fine tuner for your right eye. After that you can just directly use the focus wheel.

I had an old pair of bushnell 12×25 binoculars at home before i got this adasion 12×42 set. Here’s a comparison, with things i learned from experience:

1/ size: the adasion is bigger because of the larger objective lens. You can see the size difference in my first picture.

2/ eyepiece: the adasion has eye cups that rotate in and out, which give your eyes some breathing distance from the eyepiece lenses. You can see in the second picture the right eye cup has been extended while the left one has not. The bushnell didn’t have this feature, so my eyelashes were always brushing against the glass, and the glass itself would frequently fog up.

3/ straps: this seems like a trivial one, but it bothered me more than i expected. Bushnell’s straps attach at the center, while adasion’s straps attach on each side. This results in the bushnell hanging somewhat perpendicular to my torso, which makes it really annoying as it bounces along while i walk. The adasion just lies comfortably flush against my torso.

4/ protective covers: you can see these in the first picture. Each objective lens has an individual rubber cover that hangs off the end. If you don’t like them, you can remove them – they’re attached by a rubber ring that slides off easily. But i think they’re great and protect the glass from smudges. The eyepiece lenses have a joint cover that you take off completely; i only put it back on when i’m done for the day.

5/ picture quality: the most important difference. You can see four pictures i took through both binoculars. Interestingly, i found that the bushnell binoculars were very slightly more magnified than the adasion. I actually prefer the wider field of view of the adasion, which is more forgiving of unsteady hands. The bushnell also starts to get blurry on the edges (see the fence and bench or the floating grass in the fish photo), while the adasion is much clearer throughout. In addition, colors are a lot brighter through the adasion, while the bushnell is a bit faded.

This brings me to my last piece of advice: the smartphone adapter is pretty cool. I had no idea what a phone adapter was in the beginning – i assumed it was some kind of usb cable that digitally connected the binoculars to your phone, and you’d have to download an app or something to take pictures. Nope. So apparently, you can just hold up your phone camera to the eyepiece of any binoculars, have your phone “look” through the binoculars (monocular?), and you simply use the camera app to snap whatever your phone sees. It works surprisingly well as an amateur telephoto lens. That’s all i did to take the pictures from the bushnell.

Turns out though, it’s kind of hard to hold the binoculars in one hand, your phone in the other, and both steady enough while maneuvering your thumb to snap the photo. It’s flat out impossible to take video. So the purpose of this phone adapter is to make it easier by holding your phone in place. It’s a very simple piece of hardware with a spring-loaded clamp around your phone (both an iphone 6s and iphone 11 fit just fine) and a round cap that attaches to either of the binoculars’ eye cups. For best results, attach your phone without the eye cups extended. Righty tighty all the way. I find that provides the optimal phone-to-eyepiece distance for the best view from the camera.

I also did some extra research on phone adapters and tried to buy one for my bushnell. The universal circular ones have a screw cap where the attachment can be expanded or contracted in order to fit any eye cup. But i actually found that the screw mechanism made the attachment so thick that my phone camera was too far away from the eyepiece to see much through it – all i got was a small hole. In contrast, the adapter that comes with the adasion was built to fit the adasion eye cups perfectly. It’s a nice snug fit so your phone (even a heavy iphone 11) will stay in place at just the right distance from the lens and without needing any hand support.

The last thing i’ll say about the phone adapter is not to be surprised that your picture is a circle in a black vignette. That makes sense, since that’s what you see when your eyes look through the binoculars too. The rectangular photos from other reviews can be produced by either zooming using the camera’s zoom function or just cropping after the fact.

Okay that’s as much as i’ve learned so far through my amateur explorations, hope you’ve found it helpful. 🙂

5Expert Score
Bought for alaska cruise; good image, low shake, good for view and photos

Excellent binoculars for the cost!! These are certainly not a pro model by any means. They do have a clear image, they are easy to use, focus well (be sure to calibrate them before first use), and they work well to photograph with a phone camera. All images pictured are through the binocs. I used mostly images with the black circles or lens glares to prove they are through the binoculars, however, most of the images i took through them do not have the black rims or glares. I also wanted a lightweight item that is fairly durable to being bumped around during hikes. These fit the bill. I paired them with a “vest” style binoculars holder rather than using the neck strap. These were so great and affordable that family members bought them too.
Only suggestion when using is to remove the lens covers entirely as they have a tendency to work their way off/fall off.

5Expert Score
Crisp, clear, adjustable visual. Phone attachment.

Love being able to get super close to all the little critters in my back yard. Easy to use. For the best pictures, set up the tri pod, focus the binocs, attach the camera, then zoom in just a little bit or use portrait mode x3.

5Expert Score
Great for people with small faces

I have a child size head apparently. I can’t use most binoculars because the eye pieces don’t squeeze together enough. With these, they can be squeezed close enough together that i can actually use both eye pieces! Everything is clear and i can see for miles!

5Expert Score
Just what i wanted

I wanted not heavy check. This binocular is for sitting on recliner watch out the window or bike and hiking bird watching…..i love you can take off your glasses and it comes in focus just like wearing your glasses….best buy.

5Expert Score
Great gift!

Bought these as a gift for my dad before an alaskan cruise vacation. He has an iphone but minimal tech skills, and had an interest in taking pics of what he could see through binos. Behold: the perfect gift! Even with his minimal tech skills and decreasing dexterity, he was absolutely thrilled with these binoculars, the tripod/accessories, and the photos he was able to capture during his vacation. I even tried the binos (sans camera phone engagement) and for an inexpensive amazon set, i was really impressed! Would definitely recommend for hunters, birdwatchers, travelers, anyone with experience and appreciation for a good set of binos, or absolutely no experience using binoculars at all – everyone could eventually use a good pair, and these are absolutely worth the price.

5Expert Score
Quality product

While only completed initial inspection and testing, very pleased with the quality of the product. Materials and manufacturing appear to be of high quality (without regard to it’s price, but even more impressive when that is considered). Light weight. Easy to use, focus, and make personal adjustments. The image is large, sharp when properly focused, and gathers light well, especially in daylight. A recommendation would be to adapt the case to also comfortably carry the smart phone/tripod adapters. The tripod itself is probably a little too large to include in the case, but perhaps a velcro strap or similar to attach it to the case? It should also be noted, not unexpectedly, that photographing from the smart phone is not something that can just be whipped out and pictures immediately snapped. It requires use of the tripod and at a minimum some time (3-10 minutes?) to set up and adjust. Once done, though, and focused, the photos are quite good.

5Expert Score
Great features at an excellent price

This is a gift for my 10 year old grandson, but it’s something even adults will love. He can’t wait to take them to the nascar races next year!

5Expert Score
Great bargain and great optics

I bought them for a trip to alaska and they proved to be worth every cent even though i did not take/need the tripod or camera adapter. I have a pair of very good nikon binoculars at my son’s house, and these adasion binoculars are just as good and more powerful. Remember the more power, typically the width of field gets smaller.

5Expert Score
Excellent for the price

So, i bought these for my father for his birthday because he has had a very heavy old pair forever (literally from the late 80s). He told me he loves them. ‘they are light weight and come with a lot of little features, such as easily adjustable eye placements (for glasses or non-glasses) and easily adjustable focus/view placements. They are very light weight, which is great for hiking and quick movement. The stand is small but fun to use and although i don’t have a phone compatible with the side piece, your mother does, and it works alright (haven’t used it enough to give a good review on it). I haven’t used a lot of high-end binoculars but i have used enough that for the price these work fantastic, you can’t beat that.’

personally, i was concerned with how tiny the package was when it arrived and i don’t know anything about binoculars, but i thought they looks impressive when i checked them out and they came early.

4Expert Score
Seems great

Got this because it had a high rating on a website, high ratings here, and was on sale. Liked the idea of the tripod and being able to attach the smartphone to it. Have to save the binoculars themselves seem fine, lightweight, and easy to use. The tripod also seems quite sturdy and easy to use. Had a little problems figuring out how to attach the smartphone with the right camera, but that was more about my smartphone i think. I suspect that unless i’m going to be sitting for a long period of time, i’ll end up just hanging binoculars around my neck and also hanging my camera with the long lens on it rather than trying to finagle the smartphone. Especially as, with my smartphone, which is a samsung galaxy s10, the picture is kind of small with just a circle and lots of black surrounding that. Of course, it maybe i just need to play around with that more. Wasn’t entirely impressed with the instruction book. Particularly with the instructions on putting on the strap. I had to just kind of figure it out for myself with a tiny bit of help from the pictures. Also took me a bit to figure out how to attach the tripod, but that was because i hadn’t carefully looked at the picture of all the parts of the binoculars first. So that one’s on me. I think they’ll be good binoculars. I just don’t know that all the bells and whistles are worth it. Also, the case is kind of weird as if i don’t try to stuff the tripod and the other attachments into the case the flap pulls down too far and misses the velcro closure. But if i sort of stuff the tripod in, in a not very secure way as there isn’t enough room to actually put it in the bag, then the flap matches up with the velcro. Seems a bit of a weird design. I’ll probably end up carrying a bag with my camera and throwing the tripod and the other attachments into there and hoping that the flap will stay down on the bag even without the velcro meeting up well. Seems a bit of a design flaw.

4Expert Score
They’re still selling them with bad tripod adapters

I liked these binoculars, my first pair ever, very fun! They felt heavy around my neck, but barely noticeable weight if worn over a shoulder.

Had read old reviews that the adapter for connecting them to the included little tripod wouldn’t attach to the binoculars, but felt sure that issue would have been fixed by now. They’re still selling them without the tripod or adapter being possible to use, though.

I called the included phone number for customer service and immediately received a text reply. When i explained the issue, they replied within a couple of days that they would be happy to send a replacement adapter, and all contact info/address would be kept private. While i waited a week or two to decide whether to keep them, they texted several more times with the same message. So, i’m torn between appreciating the diligent customer service, wondering about providing my phone number and address to an unfamiliar vendor, and feeling like they should just include this little part correctly in the first place!

Decided to give them to my sister, she won’t care about using the tripod. I will probably get a different brand of binoculars for myself.

4Expert Score
The tri-pod is not really sturdy enough for the size and weight of the binoculars

I really thought the binoculars would be smaller. Putting that aside the binoculars function with the iphone camera, when you use the iphone zoom feature and the binoculars, you can really see objects far away very clearly. The problem is, even sitting on a flat surface the tri-pod and apparatus that hold the iphone are not steady of enough. You may think you have the phone positioned to see your object, but as soon as you let go, the phone and binoculars shift. It is a pain. Holding the phone and the binoculars to get the picture is a pain as well.

4Expert Score
Work really well!

Very good to use,i can see very well with these. I live in the country and am trying to keep track of critters on my property.
I would have given all the stars,except the tabletop tripod wasn’t included with the wonderful binoculars. I was disappointed.

4Expert Score
Pros & cons

Great viewing binoculars and light weight. Easy to handle & use. Tripod is flimsy in that it cannot be stabilized. It tips over easily, the camera tips every which way. Everything is loose and cannot be tightened. The carry case holds the camera well but where does the neck strap go? And where does the tripod go. We cannot fit anything but the camera in the case. If you’re looking for good binoculars these are good. But don’t expect to have an easy time with the tripod or cas.

4Expert Score
Great hd binoculars, but not good for small heads

I was so excited to get these, as i wanted something just a tad better than what i already have. Unfortunately i have to return them. They do provide clear images. The appear well made, study while still not being too heavy. The tripod and phone adapter easy to use. Unfortunately the ipd did not adjust small enough for me to have one field of view with both eyes (basically my head was too small, so the barrels could not go close enough to match my pupils).

4Expert Score
Good visuals, i couldn’t get iphone 13 to take good pictures

Overall good quality binoculars. However, the phone holder used on my iphone 13, has only one hole for the camera lenses. It’s extremely challenging to make any good pictures. Minus 1 star for that. Other than that i’m happy with the quality of detail when i look through the binoculars. I was expecting typical smudgy views, but i was surprised these are above average. Keeping at 4 stars.

4Expert Score
New gift

Just got this for my husband, for his birthday, we had a set of binoculars in our condo that had been left that was sketchy, these binoculars are already so much better than the other ones, and my husband is excited about using the iphone feature or looking @ stars etc

4Expert Score
Ok.., doesn't open wide enough

The width needs to open a bit wider

4Expert Score
Really brings things up close and still clear.

Took them on our alaskan cruise. They were great to view the animals up close.

Important information

Safety Information

Do not use binoculars to observe the sun

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Brand “Adasion” is an registered trademark in US, any business use of “Adasion” trademark without authorization will be prosecuted Adasion Optics guarantees these products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. These warranties do not cover consumer caused damages such as misuse or abuse by someone other than our authorized technicians. If any problem, Remember we are ready to help you and make your experience as enjoyable as possible, just can contact seller “Adasion Optics” on amazon to solve it.

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