Advantage II Flea Prevention and Treatment for Large Cats (Over 9 Pounds), 2 Monthly doses-Pack

Advantage II Flea Prevention and Treatment for Large Cats (Over 9 Pounds), 2 Monthly doses-Pack : Advantage II Flea Prevention and Treatment for Large Cats (Over 9 Pounds), 2 Monthly doses-Pack : Pet Supplies

What are advantage ii flea prevention and treatment for large cats over 9 pounds features?

  • 2-month protection: 2-month supply of advantage ii topical flea prevention for cats 9 pounds and over
  • Easy-to-apply: easy-to-apply and pre-measured application tubes, fragrance-free and waterproof after 24 hours
  • Kills fleas through contact: adavantage ii flea prevention for cats kills fleas through contact, meaning fleas don’t have to bite your cat in order to die
  • Starts working within 12 hours: starts working within 12 hours and protects your cat for up to 30 days. Kills fleas in multiple life stages; eggs, larvae and adults to break the flea life cycle
  • Vet-recommended: vet-recommended, fragrance-free and designed specifically to treat and prevent fleas on cats
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Advantage II Flea Prevention and Treatment for Large Cats (Over 9 Pounds), 2 Monthly doses-Pack AMAZON : Advantage II Flea Prevention and Treatment for Large Cats (Over 9 Pounds), 2 Monthly doses-Pack : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

Why is the item called ‘bayer k9 advantix ii flea and tick control treatment for cats’? The bayer k9 is, of course, for dogs.

Please be sure to use only feline advantage on cats and use only the dog advantage on dogs! The use of canine advantage on cats will kill them giving them severe neurological damage! I wish that advantage would make the packaging totally different for cats and dogs, it would help. Especially with people who may not see the difference at first glance. My elderly mom accidentally applied the large dog advantage to her cat and it had to be put down. Mom has felt horrible about it. Awful experience. Also about dosing, i have a 19 year old cat and i have used feline advantage on him every summer for about 3 months for well over 17 years. It works wonderfully for him. I have always used the large cat product but since he has lost some weight this year i called bayer and asked if i should use a smaller dose. The person at bayer explained that advantage works on body area as well as weight. So even though my cat has lost some weight (he’s 9 pounds) his body area is still the same (loose skin) and so i have been applying the large cat dose and it has worked well for him this summer with no ill effects. I cannot speak to the authenticity of this amazon product as i purchase my advantage from the local pet store.

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When using this medicine, do i also need to flea bomb or spray the apartment ? Or will the medicine kill all fleas in the apartment, as well?

Vacuum every day. Or at least every other day. You will never get rid of all the fleas if you don’t treat the environment as well as the animal(s). In addition to the advantage ii, i used knockout spray and also shampooed my cat. She has now had two doses of the advantage and i have been spraying and vacuuming every other day and i finally feel like i have the upper hand! Even when you think they are gone, keep treating your cat and house. All it takes is one flea to start an infestation.

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Is this 6 month supply a 6 pack of tubes?

Hi doreen… Actually, i bought the 4 pack because i have four cats. I had earlier in the month bought a 4 pack someplace else, so i had two treatments for each cat. I did the treatments three weeks apart (the instructions say it is ok to do if you wait seven days). I bought the 9+ lb. Package as three of the cats are well over that weight. One cat is a bit smaller and i didn’t use quite all of the tube on her. None of the cats had any bad reactions, and it worked well for three of them. The other cat (partial maine coon) had some results, but not so good.

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Does this kill ticks? If not, what do people recommend for ticks?

To get rid of fleas and ticks use frontline plus. I started to use it on mine a year ago it killed the ticks and fleas. I reapply it every other month and i haven’t seen one since.

Is this product quick-drying (under an hour or so)? I have a cat that goes crazy trying to lick the oil-based or long-drying products off.

It’s supposed to be put on the skin, so it absorbs that way and any residual oil that appears on the fur is harmless. If your cat licks the area, it shouldn’t affect the cat or the effectiveness of the flea meds. Just make sure it’s appliedjust to the back of the crown of your cats head so their tongue can’t really reach it. It absorbs quickly into the skin, the oil is just a conduit for the medication and stays looking ‘oily’ there for a day or so. No harm, no worries.

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The title says 5-9lbs, but the picture is 9+lbs. What is being sold?

It is for the 9+ pounds. It also says 9+ in the description, i took a shot and got lucky cause my chonky girl is closer to 17 pounds.

No expiration date?? Please advise….

..i see none on the package. However, as an insecticide it’s probably not required. I would think it would weaken with age but it would be several years until that happens. I have a large cat (15-18) pounds. When i first treated him for fleas (he was infested) i had used it once(still many), then again after 7 days(alot fewer), then again after 10 days(all gone). I also used a flea comb several times a day. If you’re new to fleas get one. You’ll find it’s invaluable..there’s a number on the package you can call 1-800-255-6826……

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You have a photo describing it as advantage ii, but the title calls it advantix ii. Which is it? Thanks!

Exact same question. Everything i’ve seen on either amazon or ebay shows advantage, but says advantix.

Does advantage ii work for outdoor cats

Our household has 3 indoor cats, 2 indoor/outdoor cats and 1 outdoor cat. The product has worked successfully for all.

I couldnt find the expiration date. Can you tell me where is it written????


i looked at the ones i received and i could not find expiration date.

I haven been getting advantage multi from my vet. Is this the same product?

No, advantage ii is *not* the same as adantage multi. Advantage multi is a more comprehensive topical treatment which addresses more than just fleas on cats.
In addition to just fleas, advantage multi also gets rid of mites *and other* additional internal parasites/worms which cats can pick up, which advantage ii will not address.

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The title says flea and tick prevention, but the box only specifies fleas. Does in work on ticks?

No, advantage does not kill ticks. That title should be corrected to only read flea prevention. If you are seeing ticks on your cat, you should use frontline plus.

Does this product kill ear mites?

I don’t think so. As i’ve understood with my animals care, mites are only present in the ears. So putting a flea and tick med in the ears could hurt them. I’d only use this topically on the outside of the body.

Does this product work on lice? I’ve finally gotten rid of the fleas in the house, but the lice remain! Shampoos don’t kill them at all.

According to the information i was able to find on the internet, it does, but i’ve never had a problem with lice–maybe because i’ve always used it.

Is this from a guarantee usa supplier ?

Manufactured for shawnee mission, kansas. Made in germany.

Is this greasy? If so how long does it take to dry? Does it have an odor?

No detectable odor, and it will dry totaly non-greasy in a day. However it is not overly greasy initially.

Does this kill flea eggs?

The package states “3-way flea protection kills adults, larvae and eggs”. Seems to be quite effective.

Any floridians have any luck with this product?the fleas here are immune to many of these topicals.thanks

Not florida, but the fleas on my island are immune to frontline, but this worked, mostly. I have to reapply it every month because they come back.

My cat is not to be touched. Which flea and tick can be added to food

Capstar (nitenpyram) is an oral flea treatment but it only is effective for 24 hours, however its a life saver for killing fleas quickly, is highly effective and if you wrap it up in cream cheese most cats will eat it up without spitting it out. You could try administering benadryl or a vet recommended anxiety med so that you could have access to administer a topical flea treatment. Stay away from frontline (or fiprinil) not sure why they still sell it when its ineffective against fleas in many states. Another idea is using diatamaceous earth on all areas the cat resides but make sure you get the organic kind that is non toxic to kids and pets. You can use this outdoors too. If indoor vacuum every day and under beds and furniture too. Then check with your vet for a long acting oral medication. Hope that helps. My cat is 20lbs – very large breed cat and capstar is the only thing i’ve found that kills fleas on him while the topical is more of a preventative.

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How can i be sure that the advantage i buy from amazon is still effective given the fact that there is no expiration date on the package?

You could call bayer and give them the lot# on the actual doses and the packaging and they can confirm. Your product should not show any expiration dates because usa products do not expire. They are registered with the us epa and have a registration number as well.

Advantage II Flea Prevention and Treatment for Large Cats (Over 9 Pounds), 2 Monthly doses-Pack AMAZON : Advantage II Flea Prevention and Treatment for Large Cats (Over 9 Pounds), 2 Monthly doses-Pack : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Works great! No issues! Fleas gone!

Had what i’d say would be a decent flea issue that i just couldn’t get ahead of. They kept coming in by the couple on our pants and shoes from the neighbors animals, and turning into hundreds within a week or two. Kept getting in our bed and chewing my legs up! Holy hell what an annoyance! Finally decided to get some of these aside of some of the negative reviews. Read the instructions, and follow them! No issues whatsoever! I did notice my cat was a little more tired the second day, but that went away! It was probably more so just being more comfortable from the fleas dying than anything! I can’t imagine being covered in bugs like that and trying to sleep! Ugh! Anyway, like i say, the first treatment knocked them down pretty hard but noticed them coming back after about two weeks, and that’s when i hit them again with it. They gone fam! For cereal! No more fleas! I’m going to buy more and start doing maintenance doses once every six months or so just to keep them gone. It doesn’t take long for one to turn into a whole house full. If you have animals, you’re going to have fleas! Period! Unless you control them somehow. This was even after spraying my entire yard twice with ortho! Still had fleas coming in. They are ruthless, but they can’t beat this stuff! Cheers!

5Expert Score
It works and isn't greasy

My poor cats got infested with fleas, and i bought this medicine with prime shipping so it’d get here asap. It arrived quickly and it works. I used it on each cat for 2 months and brushed them with a flea comb and it got rid of the fleas! This medicine kills the fleas and makes them fall off of the cat, but by that point they’re either dead or too weak to jump. I’ve used other brands of this kind of flea medicine and they were greasy and stayed in their fur for weeks, one of my cats even ripped off some of that fur because it was so irritating! This one didn’t give me or my cats any problems though and i will definitely be buying this in the future for flea protection.

5Expert Score
Works very well

I have 2 maine coons, one male 14 lbs with very sensitive skin and allergies and a 13 lb female. Somehow both my indoor babies got fleas. I bathed them both and then gave them oral capstar. First few days i groomed some dead fleas came off of them but within a week they were covered again. I was worried to give my male this due to his sensitive skin but the pills did not work.
This product was awesome and it did not effect his sensitive skin what so ever. Within a day fleas were falling off them and now a week later after a lot of grooming there is not one fleas or egg on them! Awesome flea killer, no smell, or skin irritation. I did follow the directions as instructed of course, i will be using this monthly now to avoid fleas getting on them or in my home!

5Expert Score
Advantage is the only brand you should bother with

It will nuke the fleas off your cat and create an inhospitable wasteland of toxic death that the fleas can not return to for several weeks.
Also your cat will f$%&ing hate it and you have to be extra careful to distract them, hold them with both hands, and have someone else sneak up and carefully apply the death-juice to the skin between their shoulder blades and lower neck where they can’t possibly manipulate their body to try to lick the poison off because lets face it cats are pretty stupid and they will poison themselves at the first opportunity.

5Expert Score
It seems to work well

I live in an area where flea infestations seem to be unusually common, even for my indoor cats. I use this medication preventatively for my two cats, which are around 12 and 10 pounds.

After multiple months of use, we have no fleas, and it does not seem to make my cats feel unwell, which was a concern of mine with topical flea medication.

I am not a veterinarian, but i am pleased with the product so far.

5Expert Score

This seller shipped promptly and the product arrived on time. The product was in new condition and exactly as described. Would recommend this seller and i will buy from them again.

5Expert Score
Great product!

This was a great product! I have several cats and one with very sensitive skin. This product worked very well and no issues with skin!!

5Expert Score
Read this

With my review i am going to address points from reviews posted. This review is only based on my personal experiences.
1. Price. Yes, this product is expensive. However, it’s absolutely worth it. It works very well and i’ve always felt that my cats not suffering is more important than the price tag. Also, here on amazon is significantly cheaper than other places. (saved $20 buying it here instead of 1800petmeds)
2. Balding. There are a few things that need to be known for this product. Make sure you are using the appropriate dose for your cats. Weigh them. Do not assume their weight. If they are on the borderline, use the smaller dose or dont use all of the larger one. Also dont put it all in one spot. Make a line from the back of their neck to their shoulder blades.
3. ‘frontline is cheaper and does the same thing’. Incorrect! Frontline is cheaper but in order for frontline to work, the fleas have to bite the animals. This product does not require them to be bitten.
4. ‘fleas didnt go away.’ you cannot expect any flea product to completely rid your home of them. It takes a minimum of 3 months to completely get rid of them if you actively fight against the fleas. You need to vacuum your floors and furniture every day at least for awhile. You also need to keep up with your laundry and wash blankets regularly, including your bedding. And its also very important to be spraying your furniture down with flea spray. Raid or hotshot work wonders for this! Spray your furniture and bedding down every night. I also spray in the crevices of my apartment because fleas like to hide.
5. ‘fleas were going everywhere so i had to give them a flea bath.’ do not do this. Them jumping off your pets is a good thing! That means the product is working. If you bathe them before the product has time to set it, you just wasted your money. This is why you need to be keeping up with prevention in your home. Theyre jumping off your animal because the product is working. Vacuuming, washing, and spraying is what will combat the infestation.

You cannot get rid of fleas completely in a short period of time so dont expect a miracle. That’s where people get disappointed. Let the product do its job and play catch up for the next few months. And make sure you’re keeping up with the doses!!

5Expert Score
It works !

It’s too expensive but this potion works ! I buy them for my 3 cats and my dog every month, no more fleas.
Yay !

5Expert Score
Easy to use

I have used this product for years and it really gives your cats relief. Easy to use too. Just dab it on the back of the cats neck.

4Expert Score
Better than nothing

Over the years many flea products have become less effective. Generally it works at about a 70 percent effectiveness. I have found it is doing better than frontline currently. I combine this with capstar treatments to control fleas. This product is too expensive for the effectiveness. I am going to consider trying something new. I have used the seresto flea collars. They are more effective and cost efficient but one of my cats is allergic to it and the other one keeps getting it removed by someone in my neighborhood unfortunately. If i find a better cost efficient product i will update

4Expert Score
Value for money

I purchased other brand for my cat prior trying out this brand. Quite effective and priced reasonably, stock it up while on sale. Only drawback is monthly application.

4Expert Score
Feral cat uses this prevention so far

I have used this product for 2 months on feral cat. I have still found ticks on the cat, so i will be contacting vet to see what might be better for the feral cat.

4Expert Score
Great but didn't last the whole month

He still has some flees. I noticed a major difference after a week but unfortunately as it gets closer to the one month mark i notice the fleas are picking back up.

4Expert Score
Does work

Does work. Bigger cats will need double dose

4Expert Score
Made a difference but…

Made a difference but my cat had a bit of skin irritation where product was applied. Not sure if i’ll use again.

4Expert Score
Easy to use

I like it’s easy to use just put back of my ‍ neck .

4Expert Score
Great for 3 weeks

I use this on my 13lb cat. It works great! But only for about 3 weeks. Nothing else has worked though.

4Expert Score
Works great for indoor/outdoor cat

Love everything about the product except the drying time could be quicker…but other then that little thing, it works great for my cat who is both indoor and outdoor. No side effects either.

4Expert Score
Gets fleas under control fast.

My male is long haired and he was covered in flea dirt, both cats are indoor only,but the fleas have been horrible this year. After using this, there’s barely any itching and the flea dirt is gone.

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