Aerostar 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter, AC Furnace Air Filter, 6 Pack (Actual Size: 19 3/4′ x 19 3/4′ x 3/4′)

Aerostar 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter, AC Furnace Air Filter, 6 Pack (Actual Size: 19 3/4′ x 19 3/4′ x 3/4′) Aerostar 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter, AC Furnace Air Filter, 6 Pack (Actual Size: 19 3/4′ x 19 3/4′ x 3/4′) : Everything Else
Aerostar 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter: Aerostar 20x20x1 merv 8 pleated air filters (actual size: 19 3/4″x 19 3/4″ x 3/4″) – 6 pack. Merv 8 filters are comparable to mpr 600 and fpr 5. Designed for superior filtration efficiency, these filters are made with electrostatically charged synthetic material that draws and captures allergens between 0.3 – 1.0 microns, including lint, dust mites, spores, and pollen. Aerostar filters are a simple and cost effective step towards a healthier home environment, free of airborne allergens and particles that can trigger various allergy and asthma symptoms. They also improve the efficiency of your hvac unit and therefore reduce maintenance and utility costs, by removing dirt and reducing strain on the motor. For best results, change the filter every 60 to 90 days but increase frequency to 30 days during peak summer and winter months when your unit is working the hardest. Compatible with furnaces and ac units.

What are aerostar 20x20x1 merv 8 pleated air filter features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Nominal size: 20x20x1; actual size: 19 3/4′ x 19 3/4′ x 3/4′; this merv 8 filter is comparable with mpr 600 & fpr 5.
  • Designed to filter microscopic particles such as lint, dust mites, spores, and pollen
  • Simple to install and a cost-effective step towards a healthier home environment. For best results, change your filters every 60 to 90 days but increase frequency to 30 days during peak summer and winter months
  • 100% synthetic electrostatic media for high efficiency with low air flow resistance
  • Manufactured by filtration group, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of filtration solutions making the world safer, healthier & more productive

Aerostar 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter, AC Furnace Air Filter, 6 Pack (Actual Size: 19 3/4′ x 19 3/4′ x 3/4′) AMAZON Aerostar 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter, AC Furnace Air Filter, 6 Pack (Actual Size: 19 3/4′ x 19 3/4′ x 3/4′) : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

I have used the filter for 6 months but doesn’t see like it is dirty, does that indicate it is not working well? Thanks

How can i purchase a merv 13 20”x20” by 2” or 3” or 4” thick filter(s)?

Do the number of pleats really matter?

I would say yes, because the more pleats you have the more surface the air will have to pass, but,are sure you have the correct merv rating if you have to high a ratting you possibly put a strain on the motor. Should check with your manufacturer for the right merv rating. I use 8merv with my carrier infinity. Works great!

The specifications state that the air flow capacity is 1 cubic foot per minute. Is this accurate? That seems like a very small number.

Thank you for your question. We’re sorry that is not accurate. The capacity is approximately 840 cubic feet/minute (cfm).

Does anyone have a whistling sound coming from air duct ?

This can be caused by numerous things such as a gap in the filters or the filter size being too small for the intake.

Filters are all damaged. How do i contact the seller for refund?

Did you note the damage on the shipping ticket? Was it the carrier that did the damage or was it the factory that just sent a bunch of seconds.

What are the actual total dimensions of the 16x24x4 filters?

Sorry i used the 12”x12 “ x1” it is just the way it says you should be good if yours is 16x24x4 it is what it is hope this helps

What’s the model number

Our sku for this product is: p80s.042025.mkt – the actual size of this filter is 19 1/2′ x 24 1/2′ x 3 3/4′, please ensure this is the size you need before you order. Customer care department at air filters delivered – sam

Is the 16x16x1 available in merv 11 (red) ? I can’t seem to find it, please respond with link

Thank you for your interest. Currently there is a higher demand for these filters causing delays in manufacturing and a need for more raw materials. At this moment the merv 11 is out of stock.

Most filters are replaced every 90 days, but, is that 8hrs day? I use my system 80 days a year for a few hours at a time!

90 days is based on intermittent use cycle of 8-10 hours a day in an environment that is not overly dusty or pollenated. Weather conditions, pollen presence, dust, and overall air quality will have a lot to do with the duty cycle of this filter. I recommend every 60 days, unless you live in the dusty desert then every 30 days.

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Is this filter as good as the filtrete brand?

I don’t think i ever used filtrete. I have used filterbuy and i experienced whistling noise with that. However, that might be my fault for waiting 3 months to replace the filter. I have been changing it out more frequently with aerostar (1-2 months). I’m going to continue purchasing aerostar.

How long can this product be used?

These disposable filters can be used for 30-90 days. I check mine frequently and change them when they get dirty. It can vary from month to month especially when you are running the air conditioning a lot in the summertime.

Will this fit an intertek aruf49c14aa?

Measure your existing filter. Any replacement filter with the same measurement will fit.

Is the merv 8 a pack of six ? Or 4?


Are these individually wrapped?

No, they are individually boxed but not wrapped in plastic. I was hoping they were also.

Country of origin?

Thank you for your interest. All our filters are made in house, in orlando, florida.

Can i replace this filter every 90 days?

Yes its good practice to change your filters every 90 days.
Best regards.

Been warned that the higher the merv, more strain on system >10=wasted money? Older system. Looking again at bacteria+fine dust but 13 merv

Bad filters , they won’t handle my unit, they fold up never seen that before.

How many pleats on a 20x25x1 filter?

I don’t know about the 20x25x1. I use the 20x16x1..

Are these a true 16.5 x 21.5 x 1?


How may pleats on 16x25x1?

This filter has 16 pleats in it.

Aerostar 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter, AC Furnace Air Filter, 6 Pack (Actual Size: 19 3/4′ x 19 3/4′ x 3/4′) AMAZON Aerostar 20x20x1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter, AC Furnace Air Filter, 6 Pack (Actual Size: 19 3/4′ x 19 3/4′ x 3/4′) : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Fits a 20×22 air handler

I was a little concerned about the difference in the listed size and the nominal size, but it fit just fine and was exactly the same dimensions as the one my hvac company put in when they were last here for service. This is a difficult, it not impossible, size of filter to find in a retail store. The last time i needed one i went to the hvac company that installed the unit and even they had to check the warehouse to make sure they had one in stock.
It doesn’t have any reinforcing cardboard on top (the air inflow side) but it seemed sturdy enough and not in danger of warping or collapsing.

5Expert Score
Best offer i could find

These filters are great. The price is one of the best deals. I could find on amazon and elsewhere. The filters are solid, effective, and long lasting. My ac system is fairly clean and being in florida, it runs maybe half the time for most of the year. All i can say is that the air feels fresh and the condenser coil has stayed squeaky clean for 10 years.

5Expert Score
Perfect fit

It isn’t rocket science to get the right air filter, but just make sure when you take out your filter that you know 1.) what size is the filter, and 2.) which way the arrow for the air flow is pointing. Just two things to remember. I’ve noticed a difference in the air quality in my house after putting these in. Shocker. I’m sold and will keep using these in the future.

5Expert Score
Fits in a mobile home furnace

To fit in my mobile i just have to bend it a little in the middle and then it snaps right into place.

5Expert Score
Good deal

Odd size so hard to find in stores. Great price. Will be reordering.

5Expert Score
Fit perfect.

Not much to say. These filters fit perfect.

5Expert Score
Good value

I have tried a bunch of different filters. These seem to be better than the other cheap filters, but still cost less than the expensive ones. I think i will go with these from now on!

5Expert Score
Item received in great condition

Product received and in good condition.

5Expert Score
Great i guess

Great iguassu but i accidentally bought the wrong size

5Expert Score
Good filter

We just had our yearly hvac inspection and tune up. The tech examined and gave a thumbs up on these filters for use here in florida. That’s good enough for me!

4Expert Score
Good for the price

These filters work well and are supposed to last more than a month, however i like to change mine out every 6 weeks or so. My only problem with them is that they are hard to pull out, as they become flimsy after use. This may be quite common with all air filters.

4Expert Score
Furnace filters

Good value for money a must have item to keep an expensive replacement of furnace air conditioning unit in top shape

4Expert Score
Good product

Works in furnace. Not as allergy sensitive as some filters but great product for the price

4Expert Score
This order actually arrived on time!

Amazon lost my last order of hvac filters. These work great!

4Expert Score
Air filters. Work as advertised.

Air filters. Work as advertised.

4Expert Score
Filters out the dust

Seems to work well, filters out the dust. When i replace the first one with the second if it is dirtier than the last box of filters came out then i guess a higher merv number was worth it.

4Expert Score
Air filter

They are a good air filter

4Expert Score
Good fit

These fit better than the more expensive ones i was using. They are a bit thinner so i am not certain how well they hold up. I just installed the 1st one today.

4Expert Score
Filter runs large for size marked

The filter is made well. No complaints there but while the size marked was what i needed, i had to cram and bend it to get it in the intake. Therefore not a good fit for the filtered air.

4Expert Score

Air conditions

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