AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 Fans Up to 17.3 Inch Heavy Notebook Cooler, Blue LED Lights, 2 USB Ports, S035, Blue-5fans

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 Fans Up to 17.3 Inch Heavy Notebook Cooler, Blue LED Lights, 2 USB Ports, S035, Blue-5fans AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 Fans Up to 17.3 Inch Heavy Notebook Cooler, Blue LED Lights, 2 USB Ports, S035, Blue-5fans : Electronics

What are aicheson laptop cooling pad 5 fans up to 17.3 inch heavy notebook cooler features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Aicheson s035 laptop cooler is special designed to cool down up to 17.3 inch laptop. Wave metal mesh, 1000-1500rpm 1 big laptop cooling fan and 4 small fans, flip-up silicone holder, 4 adjustable stand height settings, 2 usb ports, adjustable speeds, foam pad
  • This laptop fan cooling pad can accommodate laptops up to 17.3′ on desk use. The cooling pad for laptop has a large central fan with two smaller fans on each side (5 total fans). The upper surface of the laptop fans cooling pad is builted with metal mesh, and the sides and bottom are plastic
  • A metal bar for ergonomic design at the bottom provides elevation mechanism, 4 adjustable stand heights for healthy life. A flip-up high quality silicone grip at the bottom of computer cooling pad surface keeps your laptop from sliding off when it is elevated
  • Two usb ports and a switch that turns fans and lights on and off (the greater you turn, the faster the fans run and the brighter the blue leds get). A usb-to-usb cord (approx. 1.5ft) is provided to connect the laptop to the laptop cooler pad for power
  • The cooling fan for laptop can help to raise height from 2.4′ – 4.8′, and the angles is available to be adjusted from 7.5 – 21.5 degrees. Help to relieve neck pain caused by prolonged laptop use and incorrect posture.
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AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 Fans Up to 17.3 Inch Heavy Notebook Cooler, Blue LED Lights, 2 USB Ports, S035, Blue-5fans AMAZON AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 Fans Up to 17.3 Inch Heavy Notebook Cooler, Blue LED Lights, 2 USB Ports, S035, Blue-5fans : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Can we turn off the led? Will snipping the lead to the led keep them off and fan working?

Cannot turn light off when the fan(s) are running. Do not know if you already have one (i was thinking the same thing b4 i bought one), but you barely, barely can see the lights. So i do not think there is a need to turn them off (remember they are led, so use almost no power). Be sure not to purchase a fan that is larger than is needed.

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Can you change the lights color? Or is there a program that would allow you to change it?

This laptop cooling pad is not a rgb cooler, so the color of lights can not be changed. There is a red light color for you to choose in my store. Hope this helps.

That is realy tiny wind and does not work ?

I felt that it did exactly as described. I generally play games that use a higher amount of gpu/cpu which raised my laptop temperature beyond what i prefer. I noticed that when using these fans i generally dropped 5-10 degrees celsius which was exactly what i was looking for. The fans may seem underwhelming but they definitely do as described and lower the temp.

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The middle fan isn’t working, is there anyway i can fix that? The smallers ones are just fine, the biggest one won’t spin.

Is it new and did it ever work? Have you contacted the seller or manufacturer? I’ll have to look at mine and see if it can be disassembled or if there’s a potential likely cause. Look if there’s a loose wire or something. Adjust the fan speed if you haven’t already to see if that affects it. Unfortunately it’s hard to troubleshoot on the fly. Good luck!

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Where are the usb ports located? I can’t see their location in any of the pictures.

The two usb ports are located in the back of the laptop cooling pad with a switch (the greater you turn, the faster the fans run and the brighter the red leds get), you can take a quick look at the third images. So sorry for the inconveniences, we will get more detailed images in listings. The usb-to-usb cord is approx. 1.5ft, included.

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Will this cooling pad work for 17.3in msi gaming laptop?

It should. My computer is a 17-inch gaming laptop and it works, and it has a 2.5-3 inches to spare on the sides.

Would this work for my ps4? The cooling stands don’t do anything…

All laptop cooler pads need to be used with an angle to provide airflow. And connecting the cooler with an adapter will increase the airflow. As for the compatibility of ps4 console, please measure the ps4 dimension and compare it with the cooler. The cooler is measured at 16.1×11.6, and the anti-slip pad height is 2cm. Hope this helps.

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How great is this cooler for intense gaming?

I love it. You can feel cooler air coming out of the vent from the heat sink.

Can my nitro an515-54 fit this? Will it work?

If the laptop os 17.3 inches or less wide, then it will fit. It just rests on top of the fan unit. Powered by laptop usb port, or a usb powered hub.

Am i able to have the fan lay flat on the desk and still be effective?

Yes, it will of course raise the height of the laptop quite a bit, but it can lay flat with the laptop open, or closed, and provide cooling. The base is open enough by design it will be able to move air freely whether flat or extended/angled.

Will this cooling pad work with the hp envy 17? Model number 17m-cg0xxx

Yeah, the laptop cooling pad will work well with your laptop. Double checked that hp envy 17 is about 15.94’x10.47′, while the cooler is measured 16’x11′. Hope this helps. More question, please feel free to contact us.

Are both usb cables needed?

No, just 1 usb port will be used for connection of laptop cooling pad and computer. Another usb port can be used for mouse or keyboard use.

Where it is made?

Thanks for your interest in this laptop cooling pad. The cooler is made in china. Any question, please feel free to contact us.

Is there a cushion on the bottom to make it more comfortable in your lap?

Thanks for your interest in this 5 fans laptop cooling pad. This laptop cooling pad up to 17.3 inch is special designed for heavy and large laptops to cool down. For lap use, it do not the best one. On the back, the stand is structured with a iron hook and a abs frame to create a different hallow room. More air flow the laptop touches, less heat remains. The cooler is 1.93lb, a little heavy to bear with your lap, we suggest you to use on a flat surface like desk. For your needs, a new launched item of aicheson x5 laptop stand, which is lightweight and the bottom have a large flat surface, is perfect to meet you while being helpful to hear dissipation and ergonomics. More question, please contact us.

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Can this be laid on a bed with laptop on top? Would it still cool?

Yes, you can. This cooling pad for laptop have several height setting for you to adjust, and the fan speed can also be adjusted. You can set a max fan speed when using on a bed.

Would this be too thick to put it on a laptop desk?

Thanks for your interest in the laptop cooling pad. The whole thickness is 1’/2.5cm, and it is designed to use on desk or flat surface. Hope this helps, any question, please feel free to contact us via amazon.

Does it effectively cool a dell inspiron n5110

I know it works well for a dell inspiron 15-7568.

What are the dimensions of the stand?

Item dimensions lxwxh16.5 x 11.5 x 1.1 inches

Please help both usb ports have gone bad unit is under 1year old. The use was light can you help resolve?


Does this device have a range in fahrenheit for operating temperatures?

No. It doesn’t have any kind of temperature sensor. There is a dial that you can choose for whether you want high fan or low.

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 Fans Up to 17.3 Inch Heavy Notebook Cooler, Blue LED Lights, 2 USB Ports, S035, Blue-5fans AMAZON AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 5 Fans Up to 17.3 Inch Heavy Notebook Cooler, Blue LED Lights, 2 USB Ports, S035, Blue-5fans : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Worth every penny

I bought this thinking it was going to be cheap and not last long but this laptop holder has been great. Is it the best no is it the most sturdy no but for the price your. Not going to find a better one i promise you that. When and if this one breaks i will surely be buying another one. The fan works to cool your laptop and it’s not lound at all the back light gives it a nice touch. Definitely worth buying

5Expert Score
Great for the price

I needed a ‘fan’ for my laptop because the internal fan quit working and with the economy the way it is i couldn’t see spending the money to take it in and replace it. I asked my son for help to pick out a ‘table top’ fan as he’s very tech savvy and a gamer. He said there was one a step down that would probably do what i needed, but he was sure this one would be a good purchase for me as it would last. It was so worth the few dollars more (less than $10). I use my computer for work, so it’s on from early am until late in the evening — sometimes until the wee hours of the morning; consequently, i wanted to be sure to get a product that would protect my computer. Couldn’t be happier!!

5Expert Score

My laptop runs very hot, but with this fan the heat is barely noticeable. Runs quieter the lower the setting. But even at high speed, the noise is very little and not distracting.

5Expert Score
Great computer stand

I like the red light that’s at the bottom of the unit. The fan is a little noisy but it does help cool down my laptop.

5Expert Score
Love this cooling pad!

My computer always gets hot but since this one can lift in the back it give better flow and now she gets alot less hot. I def recommend!

5Expert Score

Me agrada que es muy silencioso, ligero y hergonómico.
Ayuda a mantener a mi laptop más fría evitando recalentarse

5Expert Score
Works as expected. Worth the price

Piece of mind that most of the laptop heat is being pulled away from the bottom of the unit.

5Expert Score


5Expert Score
For what i use it for, it's excellent.

For what i use it for, it’s excellent.

5Expert Score
Quietest cooling tray

I’ve had a single fan cooling tray for years and i’ll never go back to them.

4Expert Score
For the price its good

1. Quite, and lighted fans (4small near each corner, 1 large center fan)
2. Tilt stand design w/anti-slide bar at bottom

1. Cheap plastic design bends easily
2. Tilt stand does and will slip

was looking for an affordable aluminum or other metal stand which stays cool. This plastic stand will heat up to just slightly cooler than room temperature. For the price (at my time of purchase), it was a good bargain.

4Expert Score
Does the job of cooling a laptop

Happy to have this product. It does the job. It fits my laptop. The fans are well placed and they are quiet. But the design is mostly plastic. I do not expect it to last long. For now it is ok.

4Expert Score
Feels cheap, but is great to keep temps down

I recently bought a new gaming laptop. For the last ~3 weeks i have tried out a number of ‘gaming’ laptop coolers ranging from 30-80 usd. This unit is surprisingly the best, even better than those blower fan style coolers…

The biggest issue with previous ones i tried is that either their adjustable fan settings were too weak, or (blower fan style models) the air intake was on the top in the back which is where 99% of all gaming laptops hot air output is, so it was essentially feeding the laptop it’s own hot air… So for those to call themselves gaming coolers is hilarious.

As mentioned in the title and other reviewers pointed out, this unit feels very cheap, so be very careful when handling, other than that it works perfect for dissipating large amounts of heat quickly and efficiently!

A somewhat minor issue, on first use there was an industrial smell, i hooked up a power bank to it, set it to full fan speed in the sun for about 20 mins, after that the smell was gone.

4Expert Score
Performs beautifully, but needs some minor design tweaks

I recently purchased a new laptop that runs hot within minutes of beginning work. I ordered this cooling pad to combat that heat issue, and it works beautifully. The fan is not loud at all, and the power cord is simple and easy to plug in.

Two issues:

1. The power cord is short, and whilst i understand the intent most likely being to prevent tangling with other cords, it would be better and more practical if it were another 3-5 inches longer. Also, the cooling function does not shut off when the laptop is closed – you have to manually unplug it from the usb to turn it off.

2. The frame of the unit has an adjustible easel stand to allow you to tilt it for better use of your laptop. It has a convenient lip edge at the front that you can flip up to prevent your laptop from sliding off the pad. Both are great features.

The problem with the adjustible easel is that when you lift the unit off your lap (if you are in bed or on the sofa), the bottom of the frame falls open, and the metal rod of the easel section also falls. You end up wrestling both pieces closed multiple times each time you lift it up, and anyone with dexterity issues, or unable to use both hands, is going to have a struggle with it. There needs to be a clip or velcro-type attachement that secures the frame and easel rod to the rest of the unit to prevent both pieces from falling open each time it is lifted up.

The product is still a good purchase. A few minor design tweaks would make it a 5-star review.

4Expert Score
Good build quality, except the fans

The stand itself is pretty solid. But, the fans only lasted about a year before they started making odd noises. I wish there was a fan replacement kit to buy because i hate wasting a good stand. I’m going to buy this one again and see how long that one lasts.

4Expert Score
Works great

Love this laptop cooler, makes a great stand as i use my laptop as a pc. I am on my second one because i gave my 2st one away to the person who purchased my old lap top, he is still using it. I fully recommend this product and would buy again, as i already have.

4Expert Score
Solid product at a good price.

Keeps the laptop very cool. Lightweight, durable and fits perfectly in the laptop backpack. The only downside is the light can’t be adjusted or turned off like most cooling pads do. Still a solid performer at a good price.

4Expert Score
Very quiet

I like it’s quiet, just wish it had more usb ports

4Expert Score
Cools any device on top of it, not very ergonomic

This product worked with cooling just like i hoped, the fan was slightly on the louder side but needed to be to cool off device, i would recommend putting this on like a shoe box to get it alittle higher up as i was using this for my ipad.

4Expert Score
Works as intended, nice and sturdy design.

Works as intended, nice and sturdy design.

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