Aleene’s 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive ,Clear,4oz

Aleene’s 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive ,Clear,4oz

Buy Aleene’s 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive ,Clear,4oz: Industrial & Scientific – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Aleene’s 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive: Fabric fusion permanent adhesive is available in 4 ounce bottle. Unique clear water-based non-toxic urethane adhesive that provides a permanent fabric bond. Unlike others it is dry cleanable and does not string while applying to fabric. Use fabric fusion to adhere a variety of embellishments to fabric for a permanent bond including fabric pom poms rhinestones light and heavy trim plastic sequins and beads. Contains 4 ounces.

What are aleene’s 23473 fabric fusion permanent fabric adhesive features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Permanent bond between fabrics and other embellishments
  • Nontoxic, machine washable and stays flexible after washing
  • Applies and dries clear, works on a variety of fabrics
  • Easy soap and water cleanup before it dries
  • Won’t string when you apply it
Categories: Crafts & Sewing

Aleene’s 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive ,Clear,4oz AMAZON

Buy Aleene’s 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive ,Clear,4oz: Industrial & Scientific – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Would this product work on the side hems of off-white drapes already hanging? Didn’t notice until after they were hung, which was a major undertaking.

I have used the iron on fusion. I put a cloth under the drapes to protect the surfaces and fuse only the curtains. Just take your time and use the lowest setting possible. They have a light fabric fusion which is the best.

Would this glue work as a permanent bond for adhering metal logo hardware to handbags?

I have only used this with fabric-to-fabric or fabric-to-paper adhesion. My guess is that the metal logo hardware would be a bit too heavy for a good bond — rubber cement may be a better option.

Can i use this instead of hand sewing the seam on the back of a tie, remembering it will be pulled on when making and opening the tie’s knot.

Do not buy this it does not work at all

Can this be used to attach iron on patches to a denim jacket? The adhesive on the patches them selves does not work as hoped, and i need a better glue

I have not found any material that fabric fusion does not work on. It’s simply marvelous. One thing i have learned using this product…..don’t use too much. Much better to use a little and go back after it’s dried and use more if necessary. The first shirt hem i did (shirts are so long these days) i used too much thinking it wouldn’t stick. Wrong…i used so much it showed on the outside. This stuff is marvelous…..worked on my husbands pants, my pants and all the sweaters and shirts i wanted shortened. Vanessa

Does it let marks?

If i use apply too much, i can see a clear stain around the area it leaked out from. The stain soaks through.

Would this product glue stroller seatbelt straps?

With excessive pulling, this glue might not be the best for stroller straps, as it may come apart with wear and tear. For further inquiries, please contact ilovetocreate at or 1-800-438-6226.

Can i use this for red stain ribbon? Or will is bleed through permanently?

This glue could potentially stain ribbon. For ribbon and other delicate fabrics, we would recommend trying the fabric fusion tape or double sided sheets.

I need to hem my scrub pants. Would this or the hem tape work? Which do you recommend?

Either one is fine…i have never used hem tape, but i can tell you this product does not require an iron. It really is just like regular glue….just apply where you want to put it and stick it…you do have to let it sit in place to let it dry…

Does this dry clear, i want to mend one of my white shirts that ripped?

Not sure if clear is the right word. It will dry so you can see through it but where it is visible on fabric, it is darker than the fabric. I would not recommend it for your ripped shirt. I would recommend fabri-tac for that.

Currently i’ve torn the fabric sequined layer off my ugh ugg boots and want to glue or add a different fabric to them…will this work?

Not familiar with the boots, but have used it on many fabrics, and this stuff worked on everything so far, and worked well. No smell either.

Can i sew through this glue?

This glue is meant to be used instead of sewing. However, if you need to sew through places where you have used fabric fusion that should be just fine, just be sure to allow it to dry properly first (manufacturer suggests allowing it to dry for 4 hours.)

Will this work on the part of my wheelchair backrest that has come unsewn?

Yes i used it to bond a heavy glass window to the inside of my convertible….it should definitely hold

I have a lift chair that is worn on the arms and seat. I want to place a fabric over both the arms and seat. Will this work?

It should. I like this product, but be careful not to use too much. It can get messy.

I will be making lace runners for wedding tables. Can i lightly brush the glue on the cut edges of the lace to prevent raveling?

We would recommend using stop fraying for that type of project, as the fabric fusion can stain the lace. We also recommend testing the product on a like-material sample swatch prior to starting your project to ensure the results meet your needs and expectations. If you have any further inquiries, please contact ilovetocreate at or call 1-800-438-6226.

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Can this product glue fabric into metal purse frames?

I’ve used it to glue various items onto fabric. It holds quite well.

Would this work for patches on hat?

I am not sure, but i tore a new set of running shoes just after purchasing them. Patched the shoes 200 miles ago and i will get 100 more. So i trust the product. Stitch it and glue it.

Does this product stay soft and pliable

Yes, this product is formulated to dry soft and flexible.

Would this work on stretchy fabrics?


Would this work for gluing a embroidered patch to felt

Fabric fusion will not work on felt. We recommend aleene’s super fabric or aleene’s turbo tacky.

Kind regards,
aleene’s, a duncan enterprises company

I want to glue an old tshirt design i cut out to a plain shirt would this work and be washable

Well, the t-shirt fabric is stretchy and i’m guessing plain shirt is not. I’m not sure about a good outcome here. I used it on a dress hem and hem ended up being stiff. Try a little piece of t-shirt on a scrap and see what happens. Good luck.

Aleene’s 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive ,Clear,4oz AMAZON

Buy Aleene’s 23473 Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive ,Clear,4oz: Industrial & Scientific – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Dries uneven

What i mean by dries uneven is you have to have something keeping the item completely flat the entire time it dries or it gets that wave type of thing going and the fabric it’s difficult to even iron flat later this having been used on men’s suits type fabric. It might work better with a less pliable fabric light denim

5Expert Score
Best i’ve tried

Since i’m not an expert at sewing i used this to put on my husbands work patches on his shirts . So far a month later and several washes they have not fallen off.

5Expert Score
Surprised how well it works

Fabric glue is surprisingly very durable

5Expert Score
So far so good

No problems

5Expert Score

It worked good

5Expert Score
Worked perfectly

I needed to glue a hem, worked great

5Expert Score
Worked good ontje garments we used on

It was pretty good, dried clean, not discolored

5Expert Score
Better than sewing

This seems like cheating, but once you get over that, it’s incredibly useful for joining fabric. I found that you don’t even need to sew seams together (but you can if you want). This was used for large curtains where the seams were made by ironing the fabric and then joining them with the adhesive. On the first set of curtains i also sewed the fabric after the adhesive had dried. This saved pining the fabric and then pulling the pins out as you sew. On the second set of curtains i just used this adhesive and didn’t bother sewing and am impressed by how well it holds together.

5Expert Score

Product received on time and works as advertised.

5Expert Score
New to fabric glue

I’ve never used fabric glue before but i bought this so i could fix the seats in my truck and let me tell you… I love it it dried quick, it was thick so it didn’t run down, and it washed off my skin without a problem. Idk if there’s better brands than this one but i now have a brand that i will continue to buy in the future if i need fabric glue.

4Expert Score
Fabric glue

Used to glue waist band on underwear, dried, but was stif

4Expert Score
No pega mucho y tarda para secar

No me sirvió para lo que lo ocupaba

4Expert Score
Good to go

Worked exactly for what i needed it for! It was easy to use and dried in an adequate amount of time

4Expert Score
Easy to apply, good for quick repair or project use

Used it to re-attach a hatband.
Sure it will be handy for other quick repairs and projects.
Should have had this in the house anyway.
Beats white glue for durability and is supposed to be waterproof.

4Expert Score
Worked great

Worked great used to glue a denim patch onto pocket of denim jeans , held up to a wash & dry !

4Expert Score
Adequate to its purpose

Inexpensive free shipping …
Not quite as good as crafters pick for adhesion

4Expert Score
It didn't work

I tryed to use it but it wouldn’t whole it together so i could not use it

4Expert Score
Does what it says on the bottle

Used it to repair piping on seat cushion, where it had torn away. Did the job. Dries clear, and reduces in volume as it dries. Seems to be water based. Did not observe any color run. Applicator tip adequate for my needs.

4Expert Score
It worked!

I made a quilt for my daughter and because she loves it so much 2 plastic pieces, in the literal middle of the top of the quilt, were coming off. I researched what i could use to attach the plastic piece back to the fabric square without it ruining the entire quilt and something that would actually stick. Well i finally decided on this and it worked. This was used to attach 2 small plastic pieces about the sizes of nickels to fabric. I was extremely worried that it would bleed through to the back of the quilt…but it didn’t. I assume this is b/c the batting was in the middle of the top and bottom pieces but still, i’m calling it a win. The glue was a little runnier than i expected, not quite as thick as elmers school glue. And the adhesive did dry clear but noticeable if you look closely where some of it oozed out. Overall i am thrilled! Fingers crossed it’ll hold when i wash the quilt in a week or so.

4Expert Score
Fixing some blinds

I bought this to repair some cellular blind. I cut too much of the snout but this did stick well. It will take several hours to fully stick ( roughly 2-4 hours depending on how thick). Hints for fixing blinds, cut the snout small, put the adhesive as little as possible, run your hands if you have to. Then attempt to fold the separated area close for 30 seconds, then pull the blind half way. Leave it half way for several hours. Do not use a clip to force the separated area closed, this unfortunately lead to several folds been glued together for good. Also note, don’t use too much, as this will show on the blind as big wet blotches from where the glue sat.

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