Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen) with TV controls, Requires compatible Fire TV device, 2021 release

What are alexa voice remote 3rd gen with tv controls features?

  • Compatible with fire tv stick lite, fire tv stick (2nd gen and later), fire tv stick 4k, fire tv cube (1st gen and later), and fire tv (3rd gen, pendant design).
  • Not compatible with fire tv (1st and 2nd gen), fire tv stick (1st gen), or fire tv edition smart tvs.
  • Just press and ask alexa to easily find, launch, and control content.
  • Control your compatible tv, soundbar, and receiver with dedicated power, volume, and mute buttons.
  • Get to your favorite content quickly with preset app buttons for netflix, prime video, disney+, and hulu.
  • Use the guide button for channel and program listings to see all your live tv apps in one place.
  • Includes 2 aaa batteries.
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Looking for specific info?

Does it light up when you press the buttons, or is it useless in the dark?

No, it does not have backlit keys. Big miss on 3rd gen opportunity

Why am i always replacing these stupid remotes?! I have replaced 3 or 4 of these for the same device in the living room!

I’ve ordered at least 4 new remotes in the past 2 years. They only last about 6 months then just stop working completely. New batteries still doesn’t work so here i am ordering another….

Are the app buttons programmable? Example for youtube tv.

There are button remappers..just look on youtube or do a search…i have a article on it but it’s on my pc so i will find it..

Can you download additional apps that don’t come pre-set on the fire stick?

Yes, you can use the downloader app then download android apps, for example. It’s the only way you can currently run the peacock app on the fire stick.

What do the buttons control on my new firestick tv

Everything on the tv but you should look for tutorials on you tube for your device.

My buttons are not working on my remote the only buttons that work are my power button and my volume button and my mute button the rest of them are no

I have never been able to use this remote. It is not compatible with my fire tv. I bought it after my remote stopped working. This replacement remote never worked. The fire tv app is unreliable so my newer fire tv is difficult to use.

I have a new alexa echo dot show 8. What remotes are compatible with it

Echo dot or echo show 8….those are two different devices. This remote will not work with either. See compatibility chart way down in the product description.

Can i use both 2nd gen and 3rd gen remotes interchangeably for same tv?

It depends on the version of tv

Can i use the remote finder with this remote?

I don’t have a finder, but it should work, i will be getting one it on my list.

Will the hot buttons work on a second generation fire stick?

Yes – it will work with 2nd gen firestick.

Here is from the page:
compatible with fire tv stick lite, fire tv stick (2nd gen and later), fire tv stick 4k, fire tv cube (1st gen and later), and fire tv (3rd gen, pendant design).

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Does it only come with remote ? If so do is have to pair with other part ?

Just the remote. You don’t need additional parts..

This could be an additional remote with existing device or replace existing ones.

Is this compatable with the toshiba fire tv edition, with all the same controls??

No – it is not compatible with toshiba tv ones, like the 2nd gen were also not. Would love for these to work with toshiba tvs.

Here is from the item description of 3rd gen –> ‘not compatible with fire tv (1st and 2nd gen), fire tv stick (1st gen), or fire tv edition smart tvs.’

Does the volume control buttons work on a fire tv stick lite?

Volume buttons only work on tvs or soundbars, but only if the previous 2nd gen remote was working like that..

Is this remote compatible with fire stick 4k max?

See the compatibility list in written description.

Do you have to pay a fee to use the voice remote

No, the voice remote is free of charge after purchase. No monthly fees .

I successfully paired this new remote to my tv and everything works well except i cannot control volume how do i do that?

You need to try a different code when you set up your remote. Go into settings on the fire stick. Then go to devices, then remotes and change the settings there.

Mute button dose not work, when button is pushed source list keeps coming up how to get mute button to work?

Try going into your settings and find ‘change tv’ and reassign whatever brand of tv you have. If you are trying to control a soundbar/system, you need to dig deeper in the settings to link up with the soundbar. The remote may have ‘seen’ the brand of tv and simply assigned mute to that brand. That assignment will not control a soundbar.

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Can i add this as a second remote?

Yes, that is how we added and used first, then eventually i removed the old one.

Does it work with voice find feature without alexa?

Yes, it works with fire tv stick lite, fire tv stick (2nd gen and later), fire tv stick 4k, fire tv cube (1st gen and later), and fire tv (3rd gen, pendant design).

If the gen 2 remote worked for you with the voice feature then it should work..
You don’t need separate alexa device other than the above.

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Does it work with tcl tvs with built-in roku? We prefer the fire stick and wonder if we just install this if it we can smoothly use this over the roku

Buy a 4k fire stick put it in the hmdi input in the back of the tv. Issue solved. Also you tube tutorials will help you program the fire stick.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Does it's job and others!

I bought this remote to replace the 2nd gen remote that died on my fire tv cube. It took about 30 seconds to setup. Just went into the settings for remote, hit add, and pressed the home button for 10 seconds. You can see the light on the remote flashing, and then boom, it’s paired. I didn’t have to reconfigure the universal remote portion at all since that’s saved within the cube software.

The remote operates my cube even if it’s no where near it, so it has nice distance capabilities. The quick launch buttons are a nice touch too! Saves time scrolling through the menus if you have used other apps and now want to watch netflix etc. New also is the guide button. I have a fire tv recast and it’s cool to be able to access it with one button press. No more going to the main menus and scrolling to live tv.

Overall it’s just a fire tv remote in build quality but with extra buttons to access the most popular features and apps. Highly recommend people upgrade if the opportunity arises

5Expert Score
Not built well

This is the 3rd remote i have had to get in 3 years. But the other ones did not have the short cuts which i love. It is kind of flimsy though. I have 2 and one is more solid than the other one. But i do like them

5Expert Score
Cool remote

So glad i finally purchased an extra remote, i didn’t even have to go through the whole setup process i just held down the home button for 20 seconds and it automatically paired to my tv! Thank you amazon!

5Expert Score

Super-fast shipping!!! Pairs up easy for using 2 controllers.

5Expert Score
No last channel recall

I like that you could use the upgrade with your fire stick with the new remote features. Dislike that no last channel recall was added as an update feature.

5Expert Score
Good extra remote

Good remote. Easy to program. Got exactly what i was expecting.

5Expert Score
It works

Works as expected, it is a remote and does what a remote is supposed to do.

5Expert Score
Tv remote

Cheaper than purchasing cable

5Expert Score
Needed extra remote

Works fine

5Expert Score
Easy to navigate! Produces clear, & beautiful streaming

I love this product!

4Expert Score
Amazon remote

We bought a couple fire stick tv 4k max units, and wanted to have an extra remote for another viewer. Nothing like fighting over just one remote.

It’s pretty sad that the remote is more than half the cost of the actual stick, but whatever. My one and only complaint is there is no input button, so you have to use voice control to switch to different hdmi inputs. It would be nice if it could be managed within the settings, not having to sideload and manually reprogram it through an external program. Other than the input issue, no complaints.

4Expert Score
If only this superior emote could crack apple's / siri's proprietary ecosystem

This remote is almost identical with the one that came with my alexa cube–same dimensions, same weight, more sensitive voice recognition, plus instant connections to prime video, netflix, disney+ and hulu. The directions for set-up are in tiny, busy print. Best to have both your first and this new remote handy during the set-up process and to familiarize yourself with the controls (my first attempt failed because i mistook the new colored (blue) voice button for the ‘home’ button. If you can’t find your original remote, no problem. Simply follow the 2nd set-up instructions for those without the original remote. And rest assured that any mistake can be erased by removing / reinserting the batteries and starting over.

I was surprised–once i’d identified the ‘home’ button–to see my tv screen go into a mode conforming to the sequence described in the instructions. I saw a list of my ‘old’ remotes and–after depressing the designated buttons and waiting the requisite number of seconds–soon saw an option for introducing my new remote to the previous ones used to access the apps showing on my sony tv. There actually is electronic circuitry in the new remote that searches, finds and connects. Just don’t rush it, but also don’t be hesitant about indicating your choice when you’re asked to make the selection.

On the down-side, the soft, bright acrylic cover that i purchased for the original remote, is a poor fit for the new remote–unless you cut out sufficient material to expose the additional 4 app buttons. Also, if you’re satisfied with your original remote, this new one–at a cost almost equal to if not greater than the price of a fire tv stick or an echo dot 3rd gen–should probably be seen as excessive.

Do not expect the instructions to cover more than set-up, even though there are 20 buttons to learn prior to achieving total command of your new alexa remote. I had planned to take the new remote for a spin and, upon failure, to return it. Fortunately, it instantly heard my instructions–‘alexa, take me to midsomer murders, season 3, episode 4′–and translated them into fast, accurate results.’ it even passed the most critical test–viz., not requiring more time fussing with the gadget than time saved by using the gadget.

Gets a qualified recommendation. Again, alexa is a more compatible partner and better learner–at least in my experience–than apple’s siri. Apple apparently believes its. Buyer should pay 4 x the price (minimally) and spend 10 x the time entering letters (digitally and vocally). But apple has commandeered apps and programs like spectrum, which is inaccessible to amazon’s remotes and streamers as well as to streaming devices / sets with tcl or roku. You may be forced to struggle with apple’s painstaking video equipment for entry into apple’s ecosystem.

4Expert Score
Just fine as a replacement remote.

This was a hard review to write to be honest. On the one hand, as a replacement remote for the one that came with the fire tv device it is identical. On the other hand, the functionality of the buttons and the whole fire approach leaves one decidedly nonplussed. The hamburger button, which could/should be used to pull up additional information for whatever is highlighted on the screen almost always seems to do nothing at all. This is frustrating. But that is a fault of the fire tv device itself and not of this remote. Just saying, though…..

4Expert Score
This is a replacement for the first one that just up and quit

Hope it lasts longer than the first one, amazon was very helpful and replaced the one that quit, great guy on the phone

4Expert Score
Good customer service, huge problem- problem resolved to my satisfaction!

Let’s start off with the problem. This is a replacement remote. Why do most remotes need replacing? Because the original remote was misplaced. The directions instruct you to go to the settings on your tv. How am i supposed to do that when my remote can’t even turn the tv on because it’s not yet paired!

I called amazon cs twice and got stuck with 2 reps who were clearly not trained on this replacement remote.

In the end, the rep had me download the fire tv app. And told me to use that to control mytv.. At first i was excited i could control my tv with my phone. That excitement faded when i realized there were no volume buttons, no mute button, and no way to turn the tv on and off.

I gave it 3 stars because for those still having their original remotes, this replacement remote probably did its job.

Me? My money is being refunded, but here a sit without an efficient remote.

Not sure what i want to do at this point.

Update: i called amazon again and asked for a superviser. The superviser didn’t seem to be reading off a script like the other 2 reps. She had me unplug and plug back in a couple things. I was then able to navigate to settings with my fire tv app. Now i have a perfectly working remote! I added another a star. I didn’t bump it up to five stars because of everything i had to go through to make it work.

4Expert Score
No tv input selection is a glaring oversight

In this age of multiple devices connected to our tv’s, any remote that claims to have tv controls should have an input selection control. Otherwise my only criticism is the rounded back, which means it matters where you set it down. But overall it’s a good remote.

4Expert Score
Too much $!

I needed a replacement and this works with ease. Can’t even tell it didn’t come with it. My only problem is the price!! Absolutely ridiculous

4Expert Score
Seems to work great

Seems to be as good as the first one i had. Haven’t tried or needed tech support.

4Expert Score
Upgrade remote for sure.

The remote setup is flawless. The added shortcuts are great… One a bit redundant… But ok. Both the home button and prime button are the same. The battery cover slide off too easy. Should have a clip. But good stuff.

4Expert Score
Items works fine. Exactly correct for my tv

A little pricey but a very good unit

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