All-new Fire 7 Kids tablet, 7′ display, ages 3-7, with ad-free content kids love, 2-year worry free guarantee, parental controls, 16 GB, (2022 release), Blue

What are all-new fire 7 kids tablet features?

  • Save up to $70 with bundle value—includes a fire 7 tablet (not a toy) for kids 3-7, 1 year of amazon kids+, a kid-proof case with built-in stand, and 2-year worry-free guarantee, versus items purchased separately.
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee. If it breaks, return it and we’ll replace it for free. Every fire kids tablet comes with a sturdy kid-proof case designed to protect against drops and bumps.
  • Includes a 1 year subscription of amazon kids+: the only service with thousands of ad-free books, games, videos, apps and alexa skills from brands like disney, nickelodeon and pbs kids. After 1 year, your subscription will automatically renew every month starting at just $4.99/month plus applicable tax. You may cancel any time by visiting the amazon parent dashboard or contacting customer service.
  • Easy-to-use parent dashboard allows you to filter content based on child’s age, set educational goals and time limits, and grant access to additional content from netflix, disney+, and zoom.
  • Up to 10 hours of battery for reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music and enhanced performance—up to 30% faster quad-core processor compared to fire 7 kids 9th generation and 2gb of ram (double compared to fire 7 kids 9th generation).
  • Choose from 16 gb or 32 gb of internal storage. Add up to 1tb of expandable storage with microsd—more space for downloading favorite content.
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Looking for specific info?

Does this work while offline?


Se puede usar sin wifi en el auto


Y el contenido para los niños osea los programas y actividades que el dispositivo trae estan en idioma español ?

Tu desde el principal le puedes dar el idioma de tu preferencia.

Can fire tablet work outside of us ?

Yes definitely, i got one for my daughter in central america, she used with no issues!

Se puede reproducir youtube ?


Does this support bluetooth?


Does it have alexia?

Yes the new fire tablet has alexa, but you do have to set it up.

Can work without wifi and can i download apps

You need internet to download apps, but once they are downloaded they will work without internet as long as it isn’t something that needs it to function. Like youtube, it needs internet to work.

Se puede reproducir youtube?

No tienes especificamente la aplicaciòn youtube, pero si tiene muchos videos de youtube. Le buscas cualquier personaje para niños y te aparecen de youtube

Are any of these abc mouse compatible? Looking to buy the 8 most likely. Thanks!

The application is available for download in the app store.

Does this tablet come with a charger?

Yes it comes with a charger that is probably 18′ long.

Does it block blue light?

I returned this item. It was literally the size of my phone. To answer your question i am not sure, i was too disappointed in the size to check.

Does this have the same charging port issue the 2019 release has?

Gift for my grandson, i think he likes it very much.

Do u have to have wifi

Yes wifi is preferred even though you’re able to download apps and play offline

Can it download the youtube app?


Can you download youtube, netflix, or disney+?

Yes netflix and disney plus can be downloaded i don’t know about youtube

Can you download fortnite on this table?


Se usa sin internet

Si se puede

You can install abcmouse?

Yes! There is an app for abc mouse! They have a bunch of learning games that it comes with also.

Can this tablet play youtube ?

No huge downside

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Definitely recommend

Love this!!! The parental controls are great, it comes with lots of apps. Youtube has about 10 or so videos already on there for them with no ads. You can’t search on youtube so i don’t have to worry about unwanted videos. My toddler loves it and i love that i can monitor everything. My toddler is 20 months.

5Expert Score
The future is awesome

Stuffed with education and entertainment. It helps alot that i can manage both tablets/add apps from my prime profile. You can also upload your kids previous tablet instantly via the amazon cloud when you need to replace one, if you need to replace one. These tablets even without the case can take a serious beating. My kids love their tablets, they are learning way faster than i did. You can’t beat that price either.

5Expert Score
Buy the case with it. It's a lifesaver!

My boys love their tablets. Buy the case. Just the other day, my husband put our youngest in the car and left his tablet sitting on the roof of the car. Needless to say as we were driving 45 mph the tablet flew off the roof, bounced 3 times on the road and off to the side of the road. We pulled over and found it, no scratches, scuffs, dents. The tablet works perfectly!!!

5Expert Score
Great for my son

This is perfect for my almost 4 year old. It’s tough, it’s easy to use. It’s big enough that he won’t lose it but small enough for him to hold comfortably. There is a wide variety of games, and they aren’t lame.

5Expert Score
La mejor compra!

Realmente la batería dura mucho, es muy fácil de utilizar y muy cómoda también! Es una gran inversión

5Expert Score
Great for toddlers in long car rides!

Downloaded some movies and books on this and it worked perfectly to entertain a little lady on a long car ride. Will buy again!

5Expert Score
Great for kids

Very great for kids. Mine love them and keeps the occupied and it’s also very educational

5Expert Score
This is great and great to trade in for warranty!

The battery lasts so long! Way better than the other one. My daughter broke hers and it was so easy to use the warranty! You just call and they send you a shipping label and send you a new tablet right away, i got mine in 3 days! And there’s an app you can edit your kids profile from your own phone, very easy to use

5Expert Score
Grand son loves it!

I bought this for my grandson who is 7 going on 35 and he loves it, he even figured out how to call me on it. My daughter thanks me daily for getting it for him and one for his 3 year old sister.

5Expert Score
Great for the price

Great product for my three year old. You can tell its cheaper but it’s a great price and i’m not buying my three year old anything super nice toddler approved!

4Expert Score
Beware they have changed the charging port usb

So i buy these and keep buying bc i rather buy a new pad on sale that gets a yr free amazon kids vs paying 6 bucks a month for the service. I keep one charged and exchange each day with my daughter for my grandson when she picks him up . I got this new 2022 version this time which is exactly the same as the old version but they changed the usb port …. Annoying. So now it has to have a special cord so its going to complicate my system and anyone else who loses the cord or needs a new one .

4Expert Score
Mainly wish it held a charge when not in use

The battery life has to be my biggest complaint, it really cannot hold a charge over night while turned off. It’s best to keep it on the charger when not in use to garuntee they can use it later.
I’m also not a fan on how the downloaded apps are stored, i like to make specific folders and keep them more organized but i didn’t see a way to do that.
My son does really enjoy the disney number & alphabet apps and the elmo app though and has enough storage for 2 seasons of bluey downloaded into it when we travel.

4Expert Score
Get the 32gb model

Get the 32gb model. You’ll thank me later. Even that wasn’t enough for my toddler. I constantly had to delete games because he kept filling up the memory. Ended up getting a 32gb micro sd card and moved all the apps to the sd card to free up storage. It’s the perfect tablet for toddlers at this price point. My only complaint is on some games that have a lot of quick motion, such as radical rapelling, it does seem to glitch/lag behind. I wish it had the octacore and 3gb of ram like the fire 10 kids does. Anyways, highly recommended kids tablet for toddlers.

4Expert Score
Makes a wonderful gift.

We purchased this for our granddaughter and she loves it. We had the option to add it to our amazon account but opted not to so her parents could add it to theirs. The year of programing is a nice bonus.

4Expert Score
Just 1 problem

See the thing is my daughter loves her tablet the only problem is that’s she’s 3 now and she still has trouble trying to go back to the home screen when she’s done playing an app or watching youtube videos. I always got to show her how to drag the finger up on the screen to show that little white button icon so she can go back to home screen. It would have been easier for kids her age if they had an actual button on the tablet. But either way it’s a great product and would recommend to others.

4Expert Score
A fire 7 (2022) tablet, case w/stand, 1 year of kids+, and 2 year warranty

This bundle includes the new fire 7 (2022) tablet, a “kidproof” case with stand, 1 year of the kids+ subscription service (approximately $60 value), and a 2 year replacement warranty. The regular fire 7 (2022) is currently $59, so you are basically paying $50 more for the case, kids+, and warranty. This might be worthwhile if you planned on subscribing to kids+ anyway.

The tablet itself has had some upgrades from the fire 7 (2019) version:
-cpu upgraded from 1.3 ghz to 2.0 ghz
-ram upgraded from 1gb to 2gb
-battery upgraded from 7 hours to 10 hours
-charging upgraded from micro-usb to usb-c
-storage now expandable up to 1tb microsd card


so overall is this bundle worth it? That mostly depends on if you are really going to use the kids+ subscription service. Kids+ is targeted more towards younger kids 3 – 7, and you might want to try out the service first to see if you actually like the content. Our little ones grew out of the content pretty quickly, and we didn’t find it very useful after about age 5. Your mileage may very though. Keep in mind that you will automatically be billed $5 a month after your free year expires.

4Expert Score
Great road trip companion

Quick and easy to set up and use. Only knock is that you can’t child lock the screen so they exit out of videos pretty regularly.

4Expert Score
Kid tablet

This was a replacement tablet because the first one lost charge after 2 years. You can control what your child can play or watch which is a great quality.

4Expert Score
Delivered fast

Dont know just recieved it

4Expert Score
Good and cheap

Like: the fact that is cheap and the latest version. Screen looks nice, battery does really good and it is fast. It started with a few problems, but the software got an update and everything bad disappeared.
Dislike: all the settings to make it work with alexa and other amazon products. It’s really confusing…

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