All-new Fire 7 tablet, 7′ display, 16 GB, 10 hours battery life, light and portable for entertainment at home or on-the-go, (2022 release), Black

All-new Fire 7 tablet, 7′ display, 16 GB, 10 hours battery life, light and portable for entertainment at home or on-the-go, (2022 release), Black All-new Fire 7 tablet, 7′ display, 16 GB, 10 hours battery life, light and portable for entertainment at home or on-the-go, (2022 release), Black : Everything Else

What are all-new fire 7 tablet features?

  • 7′ touchscreen; 16 gb or 32gb of storage (add up to 1tb of expandable storage with microsd).
  • Up to 10 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos and listening to music.
  • Enhanced performance – up to 30% faster quad-core processor and 2 gb of ram (double compared to fire 7—9th generation).
  • Unwind with your favorite content from netflix, facebook, hulu, instagram, tiktok, and more through amazon’s appstore (google play not supported. Subscription for some apps required).
  • Stay in touch with zoom, or ask alexa to make video calls to friends and family.
  • Get more done with alexa. Update shopping lists, set reminders or listen to your favorite podcast.
  • Amazon kids offers easy-to-use parental controls on fire tablets. Subscribe to amazon kids+ for access to thousands of books, popular apps and games, videos, songs, audible books, and more.
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All-new Fire 7 tablet, 7′ display, 16 GB, 10 hours battery life, light and portable for entertainment at home or on-the-go, (2022 release), Black AMAZON All-new Fire 7 tablet, 7′ display, 16 GB, 10 hours battery life, light and portable for entertainment at home or on-the-go, (2022 release), Black : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Why google play not supported?

Because it’s running fire os, not android. Search ‘how to install google play on 2022 fire 7’ on youtube for instructions on how to sideload it.

The games i have on my older kindle, can they be transfered to the new kindle, at the level i am at or would i have to start from the beginning?

Depends on the app. Using backup and restore to set up a new fire normally just downloads a fresh installation. Check settings of each app to see if there is a button to restore purchases and/or progress. Most apps have a restore purchases, very few transfer progress unless there’s a id or membership or account number. Your libraries of books e and audible, music, and videos are all tied to your account. As are the apps themselves for downloading and a fresh installation. But in app purchases? Usually level of progress? Rarely.

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If i already have an amazon fire hd8, and decide to purchase this amazon fire 7, will i have to pay 2 prime membership fees or still just one?

All of your amazon devices are connected to one prime membership

Sd card slot

There’s a micro sd card slot that supports cards up to 1 terabyte.

What processor is itusing?

This new fire 7 uses the mediatek quad core processor while the fire 8 hd uses the mediatek octacore or twice as many cores due to it’s larger screen size, higher resolution and stereo sound all of which are more demanding so the quad core for the 7 is a perfect fit because of lower res and mono sound demand.

Can i use a connecter from the usb port to an hdmi cable to project onto a tv screen?

No. Usb-c to hdmi adapters require the device support dp alt mode, and fire tablets do not.

When ordering kindle books are the book covers shown in color?


Does kindle 7 – 2022 support yahoo or gmail email?

Use the browser built-in to the kindle to get to other email accounts. You can’t use aol or google as browser but you can get to your email

Does this tablet receive e-mail?

Yes i have mine set up with my email account . Like gmail or outlook .

Is amazon prime video already loaded and free?

The prime video app is pre-loaded, but you still need an existing prime or prime video subscription to view prime content.

Does it come with disney hulu and roblox already?

Not installed.

For both hulu and disney+, they were in my “recommended” apps, so i didn’t even had to search for them to download them. Did search for roblox and it’s available, i just didn’t install them because not really my thing.

Is a prime membership required to use?

Prime is not required, but an amazon account (free) is.

How do you get more apps ?

Go to app store

Is hoopla app (for digital content from library) supported on this version?

I use hoopla on my hd kindle fire 8,so i think it should work on this one too

Will my case for my old kindle fire 7 fit this?

No, this device is smaller than the previous model.

Is there a keyboard you can connect to this?

External bluetooth keyboards for fire tablets are rare. Keep searching. I was lucky enough to find one back in 2016 that takes aaa batteries and it still works.

Does microsoft word work on this ?

Yes, search amazon for ‘b08wc1b9d2’ for the ‘microsoft office: word, excel, powerpoint & more’ app for fire tablets.

Kindle vs fire 7?

Also if you read many books on web fire 7 is by far the best. Fire 7 is about same size and weight, and can do both kindle books and read books on browser.

Is this device blutooth compatible?

Yes, this device has the option to use bluetooth.

Does this fire 7 support text to talk?

Text to speech for kindle ebooks has always been supported on fire tablets. Go to settings, download your favorite, mine is british amy, set as default. Then inside the kindle app itself somewhere there will be a toggle switch to turn on ‘text to speech when available’ . On the 9th gen, it’s where you set your font and size of print etc. Now on kindle e-reader devices, it got dropped starting with the paperwhites.

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All-new Fire 7 tablet, 7′ display, 16 GB, 10 hours battery life, light and portable for entertainment at home or on-the-go, (2022 release), Black AMAZON All-new Fire 7 tablet, 7′ display, 16 GB, 10 hours battery life, light and portable for entertainment at home or on-the-go, (2022 release), Black : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Massive improvement over the 2019 tablet

I bought this a few weeks ago as an upgrade to my old 7inch fire tablet (2019) release.

What a massive improvement.

The 2 gigs of memory are noticeable right from the start, literally. My tablet starts up and is ready to go much faster now and the battery life is amazing too. My 2019 7inch needed to be recharged about every day maybe day and a half occasionally, but my new 7 can go 2-3 days solid before needing that.

i only use my 7 when going to bed. I watch shows to fall asleep and sometimes it will run most of the night and even still the battery lasts far better then my 2019 under the exact same useage.

Opening apps or using their provided web browser works much, much more smoothly and it is all more responsive. That extra gig really pays off, for me anyway.

A lot of reviews here that cover tech specs and all that so i won’t go into that.

My experience so far has been nothing but good and the 2022 7in fire tablet has been a big improvement in every way i have used it.

5Expert Score
Less than 24 hours 5 star review 7' fire 2022

This new fire 7′ tablet is absolutely amazing & fantastic. Compared to all my other 7′ fire tablets, this is the best one hands down. 100%
got my 1st. 7′ fire tablet in january 2015. Anyone familiar with this model? Next new fire 7′ tablet i got in summer of 2019. Anyone familiar with this model?
Absolutely garbage compared to the fire 7′ 2022. Why is that? Imo, with this new design i believe amazon used the cpu & ram from the last model 8′ fire tablet and put it in the new 7′ fire tablet. Whatever they did, they did an amazing job.
Smaller by like an inch. Wider by like a half inch. It feels a little different holding it. I have every only owned a 7′ fire tablet so this feels different, but comfortable. Camera is on the side and not the top. That’s because this was designed for movies and entertainment. My game play is 100% so much better than ever !!! Zero lag now !!!
Long story short, if you are reading this review, do yourself a favor and buy this 7′ fire 2022 tablet for yourself. Seriously the best 7′ fire tablet to date.

5Expert Score
The storage on the sd card issue can be overcome! Update

I have had several fire tablets over the years and loved them. I turned in my old fire7 and got this new one because it specifically said “ 32 gb of storage (add up to 1tb of expandable storage with microsd).” this would allow me to use a 512gb micro sd card so every one of my kindle books, audible books and every favorite movie would be available no matter how far off grid or long the storm caused power outage lasts. It would also have meant i would have been able to view all of this media at my parent’s or friend’s homes without using up any of their data allotment.

The listing specifically says “ add up to 1tb of expandable storage with microsd⁠—more space for downloading content to enjoy on-the-go.” this statement insinuates you will have the ability to view your media while away from internet connection. Turns out this is not true. The listing says absolutely nothing about not being able to store more than a few downloads at any given time. At a minimum i find this dishonest. The comparison table also says “ storage 16 or 32 gb (expandable by up to 1 tb)” without a mention of the inability to store the entirety of your media on the aforementioned card. Later in the listing it says “ some apps may require that they are installed on internal storage. App or feature updates may impact available storage.” according to this, if you format the sd card as ‘internal storage’ you should be able to actually use that internal storage to store your media, but no…

In case you can’t tell i am angry and rethinking the whole using fire tablets thing.
update- let me tell you- i got the low down on fixing this issue!
So it turns out the amazon customer service person i spoke to originally was courteous but incorrect about not being able to store all my media on the sd card. Caitlan from cs saw my review and called me in less than an hour to help me with the issue. Caitlan said that i should be able to store all my media on the card and walked me through fixing it. It has to do with choosing ‘portable’ for formatting and choosing the toggles to automatically down load my media to the sd card in settings. I saw that some others in the reviews have been told the same incorrect info, that movies/audible/kindle books cannot be stored on the card in ‘portable’ mode ( or any mode). Wrong! If you need help getting that done call for caitlan! Now i can enjoy all the media miles away from wi-fi.

Thank you caitlan, my love for the fire platform burns bright again.

5Expert Score
Great at what it does

I bought the 12th gen fire 7 (2022) because i wanted a: small, light weight, easy to carry, inexpensive, tablet on which to: read ebooks, play audible books, listen to music play simple game like solitaire, and occasionally watch a movie while traveling. This item does that, and only cost me $44.99 on sale for a 16gb model with ads. The screen res is not the highest, but i didn’t expect it to be. My movie watching will be limited to travel situations, and the res on this is good enough for that. When home, i watch movies on my 65” 4k tv. For action games, i play on my tv with a playstation console. Cameras on this fire are good enough for snapshots to put in text messages / on social sites, and such. When i want better photos, i use my iphone, or nikon dslr. The speaker on this fire is minimal, but works well enough. I usually bypass it, by plugging in a headphone. That gives me better sound. The storage can be boosted with a micro sd card, which i have, and will get more of. In some ways, this fire could have been better, but that would have made it more expensive. Overall, it does everything i want, and does it well. It took six days to arrive, which was what was expected. My previous fire-a 5th gen hd10, purchased in 2016-broke down, and needed to be replaced by something. That is what caused me to start shopping for a new fire. I liked the way the 12th gen fire 7 seemed to fit my needs, so i bought it while it was on sale for $15.00 off it’s regular price. I have no complaints so far.

5Expert Score
An incredible value!

I bought this tablet to be able to download books to take on vacation to a remote ranch in colorado, with no cell or internet service readily accessible. The batte is truly amazing. It lasted nearly a full week with reading about 2 to 3 hours a day. I also played games and was able to watch prime videos and tv at the airport with zero issues! What a great surprise for my hubby who was able to catch some college games too. I highly recommend this tablet for those who don’t have to do any serious computing or other techy stuff. A fantastic value for the money!

5Expert Score
I use it solely for video chat

I have a laptop and it heats up when i use it for video chat and other activities (email, online shopping, etc) at the same time. I thought of lengthening the life of my laptop so i bought this affordable tablet for under $100. Now my laptop does not get extremely hot because i no longer use it for video chats.

5Expert Score
I use it for audio books.

I bought it for listening to audio books so only the apps like audible, overdrive/libby, kindle are useful to me. It would be nice if i could delete the shopping apps, alexa, email, and a few others. I don’t think it has ten hours of battery life since i’ve listened to three chapters in a little over two hours and i’m down to 51% battery.

5Expert Score

I got an old fire tablet 7 from my dad that doesn’t update anymore. I traded it in for the latest one which is pretty cheap. I used it for playing chess and simulator game lol. But of course you can do so much more if you the amazon prime subscription.
Easy to carry, especially without a case.

5Expert Score
Car rides

Purchase this for my son who is a toddler. This is much smaller than the average kindle but works great for toddler. Very easy to use and perfect for car rides! If you plan on purchasing this as an adult it’s really small and wouldn’t recommend it we can fit in an average size purse

5Expert Score
Great investment

I replaced my original kindle with this one and it is perfect for what i wanted it for. To read books. The battery life is great, and i am happy with the new unit. Use it daily. I would recommend it. I like the on/off button on top of the unit. It is also very light.

4Expert Score
Great for the price

I was an early kindle fire adapter, but i think the last one i bought was in 2017. So this one is definitely a step up from that. I just got tired of the fire os – it was too locked up and not as robust as regular android. Plus, there is one mindless android game that i love that isn’t available in the amazon app store, so that’s a thing.

I like to talk a lot before getting to the actual review. Sorry. Context is important for me.

***actual review***

i decided to buy a new fire because i wanted something a little larger than my phone screen (i have a samsung galaxy z fold 3, which actually has a pretty large screen) to watch movies on when on vacation. Fires tend to be cheaper than most tablets, so i looked there first. This came up with decent specs for an amazing price, so i bought one. Then realized that it wouldn’t be out until 6/29.

I got it yesterday and set it up. Here are my impressions:

kindle fire 7 with 32gb storage & no ads.

– perfect size to watch movies on an airplane tray table
– decent screen resolution (my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, and this is still better than everything i had growing up)
– made for amazon environment, so prime video, audible, and kindle books work great. Mostly.
– most of the apps i use are in the amazon appstore
– i paid $94 to get this without ads and to get the 32gb size – that’s way cheaper than a comparable name brand tablet anywhere else (i’m looking at you samsung & apple!)
– there’s an expandable memory slot – i have a 128gb micro sd card in there (it makes you format the card before you can use it)
– usb-c cord!!!!!! I don’t know when fires switched to this, but i’m glad they finally did
– amazing battery life. I downloaded a whole bunch of shows and also reset a couple of times. Then downloaded again. After several hours of aggressive usage, it’s still at 66%.

– wow, this is slow. I’m comparing it to my phone, which is technically top of the line as of last november, and this is slow. It’s also $1400 less than i paid for my phone, so while it’s annoying, it’s not enough to knock off a whole star.
– can’t fast charge. Not a huge issue because the battery is pretty big & i have to sleep sometime, but still.
– can’t download the one game i want from the play store. Yes, i know that there’s a way to do it, but it’s annoying that it’s not easy out of the box.
– not all the customer service people know enough about this to help when you have issues. (yeah, technically not the unit’s fault, but as someone who was dm’ing with them for 2 hours yesterday and talked with 4 different people, i’m putting this con somewhere!)
– can’t save prime video content to the sd card. At least you can’t download there. That’s why i got the card. I’m not sure i can transfer prime videos between internal & sd yet. I think this is the same for all amazon content.
– i kept getting ‘service_error’ when i downloaded tv episodes that i had purchased, even when the episodes weren’t on another device. According to customer service, you can only have them on 2 devices. I only had them on one, and i deleted them off that one, and i still kept getting the error.

Tl;dr: this is a really, really good tablet, bordering on great for. The. Price! The form factor is awesome for travel, and as long as you play in amazon’s sandbox, the experience is mostly good. I did have a lot of problems downloading episodes, which is actually why i bought this in the first place, and i don’t like that you can’t download amazon content to the sd card. I’m not sure if there are legal reasons for that, but i don’t like it.

4Expert Score
Limitations should be easier to find before buying

I need an e-reader with color and thought that the fire tablet would be a good alternative to my older paperweight.

Of course i read the hyped description on amazon and thought that for the under $50 price i was getting a good e-reader plus.

But it runs on a proprietary, limited android os. Which means that the plus is not so much, and it is slow.

It does come with a great speed reading feature, text-to-speech feature and washington post article access. So while i’m disappointed by the speed and inability for me to use it for as many utilities, like pill management, meditation for health, etc. That i have and wanted to take off of my phone, for the price, it does work great as a color e-reader, has much better battery life than phone and i can make wifi calls. Not bad for under $50. 4 pts out of 5.

4Expert Score
Amazon really wants you to buy one

Over the last 3 years i’ve purchased two ten inch and and an eight inch tablet…happy with all three and for what i do, watching videos and web browsing, they are all i need. When traveling i take one with me knowing that if it’s lost or stolen it’s replaceable for the price of a few chicken dinners. I never bought the seven inch…seemed like a waste of money because i’d probably never use it. Then they made this one and with the upgrades it’s an absolute pleasure to use. It fits in my cargo pants pocket along with a very slim phone i use only as a hotspot. For twenty-five bucks a month i have unlimited data and can prop my legs up on a tree stump and watch tv anywhere. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive knock-around tablet.

4Expert Score
Excellent for price

I use this product for reading mostly. I find the keyboard to be too small on the screen for my fingers. It takes a while to type things out sometimes. Product is thicker than i thought it would be. It’s an over all great tablet, especially for a reader. I am enjoying it. I also have a few games i’ve enjoyed from the amazon app store. It’s nice for on the go if you want to have something compact and read something.

4Expert Score
Decent for the price.

Overall this tablet is pretty decent. In my opinion, the cons are simple picky things. The 2 major issues i have are the screen is untreated resulting in a lot of fingerprints/smudges, and the speed of the tablet. Again, it’s nothing horrible, but could definitely be improved. If you’re using this for its intended purpose, ie. Reading on kindle or watching netflix or hulu, then this is a pretty great deal. I would suggest adding a sd card.

4Expert Score
Perfect for reading

Pros: definitely a perfect size to hold on hand for reading. I suggest adding a pop socket on the back to help holding it. Loading speed is definitely much faster than fire 7 (2019). It is very lightweight and portable in purses or small backpack. Love the usb-c change! I did try watching a few videos on it, and the color saturation is nice! To me, the color of videos i watched on fire 7 (2019) tend to have this odd washed-out look.

Be aware that it is much smaller in comparison to fire 7 2019. Literally almost the same size as a kindle e-reader, so be aware of that. But for me, it is a perfect size because i’m using this fire 7 (2022) strictly for reading only. The touch screen is not as responsive as how i’d like it to be, but with the price i paid for it, i don’t have much expectations.

Majority who are disappointed with this product are mainly people who expect this product to be a high-performance tablet, which it is not. If you use this mainly just for kindle reading, watch prime videos, and occasional web browsing, you’d be more than happy with this tablet.

4Expert Score
It's just ok….

I read a write up that said, don’t expect too much out of the fire 7 and, you’ll be ok and, that’s entirely correct. It’s about as bare bones as you can get. Built around things associated with jeff bezos and amazon. You’ll have to use the amz browser and, their app store which is very limited. I only use it to check email and light web surfing and it works fine for that. I’ve read reviews of people crying the blues about pop up this and that, i haven’t had that experience? I get one ad when i first fire up the machine and, that’s it, nothing (for me) to cry about. Again, don’t have high expectations and, you should be just fine….

4Expert Score
Books have never felt more portable!

When it comes to ebooks, i’d love to have a device that’s pocketable, portable, lightweight and very snappy. The fire 7 2022 model does that and more! I could argue that we could use a smaller device, like a 5.6 inch model (similar to what apple has for ipod touches).

The fire 7 is great if you are looking to read on the go, consume amazon ecosystem content, and have a device that can supplement your smartphone. I bring my fire 7 with me to work and read during my lunch breaks.

There are some critiques i have about the device:
1. It is unclear if the device supports wireless charging or not. I tried putting this and my fire 8 model on wireless charging ports and they don’t work. Amazon claims you need a ‘built for amazon’ wireless charging port. I will have to update my review when i get an answer.

2. The operating system can be laggy at times. Amazon needs to have a team dedicated to making their fire os more stable and faster. The os has been around for years and it’s still slow. Please figure out ways to make the os faster.

3. Please give us an update that allows us to touch the screen to wake the device. Getting a magnetic case will fix this problem, but it would be nice to have a ‘touch to wake’ ability.

Overall, fire tablets are great for reading, studying, audible, and engaging with amazon ecosystem content. The fire 7 is a fantastic device, and i love being able to have a device that is small enough to bring with me to work and put in my pocket.

Thanks for reading!

4Expert Score
Great size

I had expected this to be a lot faster than my old kindle and i am not sure it is. The picture is great and when i can get it to stay connected to the wifi some of the other features can work well. I am having difficulty with it recognizing some of the games i have loaded. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I tried adding the memory card but it seems that i have to remove it and reinsert it and restart it and then it often works. Are these issues ‘operator error’ ? Maybe. 🙂 i love the size and weight of it.

4Expert Score
Great all around..

I like a 7′ tablet and have been looking for another to replace my aging nook tablets. This tablet is the perfect size to carry in your purse. I can either read or play a game i got from the amazon app store.
But while nook allowed the kindle reading app i am disappointed that amazon does not allow the b&n reading app.
Otherwise i love this 7′ tablet.

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