All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 6′ 300 ppi high-resolution display, and 2x the storage – Denim

All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 6′ 300 ppi high-resolution display, and 2x the storage – Denim All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 6′ 300 ppi high-resolution display, and 2x the storage – Denim : Everything Else

What are all-new kindle 2022 release – the lightest and most compact kindle features?

  • The lightest and most compact kindle, now with a 300 ppi high-resolution display for sharp text and images.
  • Read comfortably with a glare-free, paper-like display. The adjustable front light and dark mode make reading effortless, day and night.
  • Get lost in your story. Tune out messages, emails, and social media with a distraction-free device specifically made for reading.
  • Now with extended battery life – a single charge via usb-c lasts up to 6 weeks.
  • Now with 16 gb to store thousands of books – double the storage capacity of the previous generation.
  • Find new stories – with kindle unlimited, get unlimited access to over 2 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and more.
  • Designed with sustainability in mind. This kindle uses 30-75% recycled plastics, 90% recycled magnesium, and has 100% recyclable device packaging.
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All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 6′ 300 ppi high-resolution display, and 2x the storage – Denim AMAZON All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 6′ 300 ppi high-resolution display, and 2x the storage – Denim : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Is this a paper white?

No. This is not the paperwhite model. It is an upgraded basic kindle model. Much better features than the older basic model.

Does it have page turner buttons or is it touch screen?

It is touch screen only.

Is this waterproof ?

Spec. List does not list this model as waterproof.

Will this have wifi only communication capability or will it work with cell phone service as well?

Spec. List shows wifi only.

What does it mean that epub is supported through conversion?

It means that an epub file would have to be converted from that file type (epub), to a format that the kindle can open. Eg. .mobi, .azw, .azw3, .pdf, .txt. I use a program on my computer to convert my old epub books to mobi format and then transfer them to our kindles, so they can be read.

Does this come with a charging cable? If not can you sell me one?

It came with a charging usb cable. You will have to purchase a power adapter though if you want to plug into wall.

Is it waterproof?

It is not waterproof.

I have trouble swiping down to get to my library. What am i doing wrong?

The screen is very sensitive

I have a ton of ebooks from barnes and nobel. Will i be able to access them on a kindle?

I don’t know anything about amazon and sideloading. But do know that you cannot convert drm ebooks…..not sure if b&n would allow that. The biggest reason to understand that when you ‘buy’ an ebook on any platform like amazon/b&n you are not really owning it. I think though that you can just plug the kindle into a computer and drag over to kindle device and kindle/amazon will register it as a document. Not an ebook. Or email it and it will do the same. But again, i doubt with drm locked ebooks…i don’t think. If ebook’s have no drm lock, then i highly suggest calibre ebook manager. It is amazing and free. And of course there are ways to convert taking out that drm…but i’m not going to explain or go there. But calibre does do a fantastic job of converting to all formats to and from…i would stick with epubs since amazon has/is dropped mobi and you can now read epubs on kindle’s (just not drm locked). Epubs are open and not linked to any company like amzon or b&n.

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Why is this a downgrade from the existing paperwhite, smaller screen, smaller capacity, not waterproof, same price?

I think it’s $10 cheaper than the paperwhite, but the best thing about it is that it’s small and easy to hold.

Can these play the audio, and do they connect to bluetooth speakers, or a car via bluetooth?


Can i charge this kindle on 220v, or it only works on 110v?

It’s usb so it gets 5v dc. Just ensure you’re using the appropriate charger for your local ac outlet.

How to load kindle books into my new reader?

Purchase in amazon store and sync device via wifi

Do you need to buy the adapter and cord separately? I got my original kindle so long ago i don’t remember if i had to do that!

It came with a cord but no plug.

Can the led front light be disabled or turned off, as opposed to dimmed?

It can be dimmed to zero, which is off. In a dimly lit room you can’t detect any backlight when the screen is set to zero.

What is the difference this kindle and the paperwhite?

I think it’s the same company concept. I have had a 1st generation kindle for years and just upgraded to this when it was on sale. I’m very pleased so far.

Where is on/off button?

On the bottom

?keeps glitching

Mine doesn’t. It only did when i first got it and downloaded over 300 books. Even then it wasn’t glitching, just slow. Improved once they were all downloaded, no issues.

Does it have a keyboard?

It has an on screen keyboard that comes up when you want to search or type something out.

Can you get to the kindle store from this and buy books? I have a 3rd generation kindle and they just took away the ‘store’ from my kindle.

My kindle 3 became a pain.
All my books transferred easily from my 3 to 11, via my iphone. I haven’t tried to buy a new book yet because i had just started a new book which i am still reading. But think i can.

All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 6′ 300 ppi high-resolution display, and 2x the storage – Denim AMAZON All-new Kindle (2022 release) – The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 6′ 300 ppi high-resolution display, and 2x the storage – Denim : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Excellent entry level kindle — has a hidden bargain for removing the ad-filled screensaver

I have two 32gb kindle oasis that have several valuable features that this kindle does not but they cost several hundred dollars more. They’re great devices but expensive. So i just bought this basic kindle for carrying around in my purse.

The screen is about the same height for both kindle models but the width of the basic kindle screen is noticeably narrower than that of the oasis. The basic kindle’s case is made of mostly recycled plastic and all movement among options are accomplished by sweeping your finger across the screen — no buttons.

Because the case is plastic rather than metal, this basic kindle weighs about an ounce less which matters when carried around all day. The power button would be better on the top of the kindle but i am pleased that it uses usb-c rather than the archaic mini-usb that the oasis still uses. The16gb storage is quite generous and better than the base paperwhite model. This uses wifi only and doesn’t offer a cellular option

i find the basic kindle’s screen remarkably good despite being lit by so few leds. The screen is the same 300 ppi as all other kindles but appears slightly less crisp because of the basic model’s 4 leds. I find it easy on my eyes however.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the ad-filled screensaver can be easily removed for free (but only if you call in) because the content and devices, devices, page for your kindle will say the removal is free. Alternatively, rather than paying $20 more to purchase the kindle without that screensaver, you can call to have it removed for $15.

The issue is not the content of the screensaver. It’s that any cover with a magnetic closure stops on the ad screensaver but opens directly to the book you were reading on the standard screensaver. I believe that both the free and $15 prices for removal are in error so i would suggest having the ad-filled screensaver removed immediately.

I do encourage you to accept the free four months of kindle unlimited included with current purchases. Ku allows you to select (and keep indefinitely) up to 20 items. This is a bargain worth $40 so why leave money on the table?

Also for the cash-conscious, other than using those four free months of ku, do use your library card to connect your new kindle to the libby app. The app will search for kindle books at your library and will, after setup, load your library books onto your kindle. These free books automatically vanish when your lending period is over.

You can also save by checking to see if friends or family had an old, unused kindle (working or not). They can be traded in for a cash payment that may be as little as $10 but a trade-in is also good for 20% off buying a new kindle. I have seen the certified, refurbished basic kindles offered at $79 but remember that price doesn’t include the four months of ku and it may or may not include free removal of ad screensaver.

Three items to tweak in settings. If you open any book, and tap the top of the page and then the aa, you can select your own default font, font size, and page setup which will be used for everything you read from then on. I use helvetica with one unit of bold, size 5 or 6. My layout uses the left option for all four choices. In the more tab in the same area, you can turn off being notified about how many times various passages have been highlighted by other readers. I also suggest that you use settings, device options, and tap on display cover so that the screensaver is the cover of the book you’re reading and settings, device options, advanced, home & library, to group your books into series.

I’ve had kindles since the first one offered and am never without one in reach. They allow me to read in small bits anywhere. They’re great! I continue to be quite happy with my oasis for reading at home but think this basic kindle will be a workhorse for carrying around. The reduced size, weight, and cost make this a buy at $99.

5Expert Score
Great first e-reader

While i’m not very experienced with e-readers, i think this one comes in just right. Though i will probably get a paperwhite sometime for home. This will certainly stay my work and travel e-reader. First of all, charging with usb-c is wonderful, as almost everything is usb-c these days, and not needing to dig for a micro is very nice. It’s super lightweight as well, especially if you have just the kindle itself. I got a case for it as i don’t like damaging my products in any way, and i read before bed, so it’s not always out of the question for it to get dropped.

It does, however, have it’s downsides. When bringing the device to a higher brightness, it has an odd hue to it. But, i can get past that for the price. When you put a case on it, it can get fairly heavy. Though, compared to a book, it’s still like a feather. And, the power button on the bottom is a little odd, but, i think i do prefer it there. It’s just a bit odd to get used to at first.

With all of this said, this kindle is great for either a first e-reader, a device for a child to read on, or a travel reader. As it fits in most pockets and certainly any handbag, it’s an incredible way to make sure you’re entertained wherever you go.

I highly recommend for anyone looking for something to read on the go!

5Expert Score
11th gen kindle, some big upgrades from 2019 version

This 11th generation of the kindle ereader comes with a few big upgrades over the previous version:

-screen: new hd screen has 300ppi (pixels per inch), compared to 167ppi in previous version (2019)
-storage: 16gb storage space, compared to 8gb in previous version
-battery: now can charge to full with 9w charging in 2 hours, compared to 4 hours with 5w charging in previous version. Battery lasts now up to 6 weeks with 30 min daily use, compared to 4 weeks with same use in previous version. (actual battery life varies with use)
-usb-c: now using usb-c charging port instead of outdated micro-usb in previous version
-size/weight: slightly smaller frame although same size screen, slightly lighter compared to previous version (2022 version is 6.2” x 4.3” x 0.32” and 5.56 oz, 2019 version was 6.3” x 4.5” x 0.34” and 6.1 oz)

also, this 11th generation version uses 75% post-consumer recycled plastics in the black color device, (only 30% in denim color device). This percentage of recycled content has been steadily increasing with new kindle devices. Last year’s paperwhite had 60% post-consumer recycled plastics.

Overall, this is a nice upgrade over the last generation of kindle. These devices have always been targeted at avid readers that want the most paper-like reading experience, and this newest version adds double the storage space, longer battery life, faster charging options, usb-c and a higher resolution screen. This regular kindle screen now looks about as good as the paperwhite version from last year. (note that this kindle screen isn’t waterproof though, it does not have the same ipx8 rating of the paperwhite)

for me, being able to finally use the same usb-c chargers that i use for everything else is a big deal. Having the same ppi screen resolution as the paperwhite is also pretty nice. As a family that reads tons of ebooks, we will definitely be using a few of these. When comparing to the previous version, the difference is noticeable right away; if you like the way the 2021 paperwhite looked, you will probably like this new kindle also because the screen resolution is almost the same.

We are loving these so far. Sometimes it is nice to have a dedicated reading device, free from other distractions, and without eye-strain problems. Avid readers know how bad glare and eyestrain can be, so devices like this make a big difference.

5Expert Score
The perfect e-reader

I meant to order the new paperwhite, but i am thrilled with this one. It is smaller and lighter but the screen size is the same as the 2021 paperwhite. It’s great to have a usb-c connector and the beveled edge overcomes the issue i had with turning pages by accident on the paperwhite with no screen-to-frame discernible border. I have used just about every nook and kindle product ever manufactured and this is by far the best one. Battery life may be overstated a bit, i received this on sunday and on tuesday i’m at 64% so it probably won’t last for ‘several weeks’ as advertised, but i can take a weekend trip without worrying about running out of power. I don’t think i’ve ever been quite as ecstatic about an e-reader.

5Expert Score
Love it!

So i traded in my kindle i bought last year for this new model and loving it so far. I will need a new case but that’s ok.

For the people complaining about glitching have never owned an e readers before. They all seem to glitch. Idk why but they do. My first book did it and my last paperwhite did it also.

Also some people complain about the ads it’s literally only the lock screen. You will get recommendations on books based off of what you read but none of these features interrupt while reading.

Love that it is a usb-c charger. The micro usb was annoying in my opinion. Also this kindle gets way darker screen which is perfect because i read at night in the dark.

It also connected to my kindle phone app and was super easy to set up!!! Definitely recommend especially with the trade in value it was super cheap for me to buy.

5Expert Score
New and improved at an ok price

I’ve used my 2019 10th-gen kindle to pieces. Loved it! But time for a fresher one: cracks and sticky page-turn. Also 167 ppi was not helping my aging eyes.

This 2022 release reader looks better right away. Better contrast!! Slightly better lighting (i think they save the best led-clusters for the hi-price model). And 300ppi means less fuzzy text. It is about a millimeter smaller all around so it fits in the same pockets. I never filled-up the old one so this one is ‘infinite’ for books (texts; art-books may eat more space).

This also has the new fits-both-ways usb connector and it is in the center!! (the 2019 was just a little off-center, enough so i could not find it in the dark, even before one-way-up.)

if you have an older low-line kindle getting tired, do buy this one.

5Expert Score
So cute!

First of all, i really wish amazon would just do away with the “basic” option, and make this the “paperwhite mini”. Give it all the same features, plus some new color options, and i would say it’s perfect!!

However, as that’s not reality, i will say they’ve made some great updates to this device – usb-c charging, improved battery life, dark mode, etc.

I just bought the paperwhite 2021 model last year, but i think i may use both devices. This one for errands, travel, maybe longer reading sessions as it’s lighter. I may keep the paperwhite for reading in the bath, or by the pool, and may use it to house library ebooks as they come in (since they always come in at the same time!) and keep it permanently on airplane mode. Tbd though!

Love the portability, and the hardshell exterior (shows way less fingerprints). Overall great little device. Just wish they gave it all the paperwhite features and it would be perfect.

5Expert Score
Very light, and this is what i want.

Not fancy like kindle oasis 2019 (i have one).
Not lasting as long as the kindle ppw signature (i have one).
However, it still has its strong points.
It is very light. Many of us are using iphones, and this kindle basic is much lighter than the current ones (12,13, and 14).
I love it.
I am looking for an oasis 4, with the battery of kindle paperwhite, and the weight of the kindle basic. :))))
amazon, show me one, and i will buy it right away.

5Expert Score
Exactly what i wanted!!!

I’m a heavy paperwhite user. But i never really liked the flush front screen because it made the texts blurry. I tried using 2019 basic version but 167ppi was not crisp enough. I was always hoping for a device that’ll have a 300ppi sunken screen. For this reason i got a kobo libra 2 but got frustrated quickly about their software. This basic is exactly what i was searching for all this time! And on top of that it’s super light. As i read a lot on busses, my hands get tired pretty quickly with the heavy paperwhite. But this little piece of tech is just perfect!! I’m enjoying this a lot.

5Expert Score
My third kindle – fancy its portable size and feather like weight

I haven’t charged it yet. But the battery is like lasting forever after almost two weeks use on a daily basis.
I love the denim color which is exactly the dark blue i like. The size is just beyond my expectation ( much smaller than i thought), but it’s right the size i want. I can take it everywhere in my pocket. So far so good. Love it

4Expert Score
Back to basics

I do not generally write reviews, but wanted to offer my two cents. I originally had the 2019 kindle paper white with the 6in screen, and decided to upgrade. I ordered the new paper white signature but did not realize it had grown in size from the model i had. I tried to live with the new paper white but perhaps i’m just too basic lol. The size was too large and did not give me that cozy feeling while reading.

On to the 2022 kindle, i ordered this to see if i would like the size and love it! It’s so simple and easy to hold, no frills and basic, much the same as a traditional paper book would be. The screen in my opinion reads more like an actual book than the paper white. I appreciate the simplicity of it, as i feel most things these days go overboard with features.

My only gripe would be the feel. I saw another review mention it also, the plastic feels a bit underwhelming. I do wish it would have the same texture as the other models. However this is something that will just take getting acclimated.

All the models have their perspective buyers and you really cannot go wrong with any, it’s simply up to personal taste. However those who want an inexpensive and smaller kindle should definitely try this. Good luck and happy reading!

4Expert Score
Ok for the money

For the price this is nice. You can’t compare it to the paperwhite, it feels cheaper, doesn’t have a flat front, isn’t as bright (specs say it has 4 leds as opposed to paperwhite’s 17) so that should be expected. It isn’t waterproof and it’s a bit slower. However, it’s a good entry level kindle, good for someone like me who wants it to fit in the purse (very lightweight) and who won’t feel as completely devastated if it’s lost or stolen. It’s easier to hold as it’s lighter and smaller.

Three issues i have. You can’t make the home screen fonts larger (you can, of course, increase fonts in the book) and secondly, the packaging was atrocious. It was in its small, non-padded box in an envelope. The box was torn and crushed. The kindle seems ok so far but it was in no way being protected.

Last of all, there is no option to do away with the ads. To pay for something that uses the device to continuously send me ads is frustrating.

4Expert Score
Easy to use

In all honesty my old kindle was a better product other than.the battery longevity

4Expert Score
Great for first kindle

Great first kindle, i returned it and got the 32 gb kindle reader for more storage.

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