All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet, 8′ HD display, ages 6-12, 30% faster processor, 13 hours battery life, Kid-Friendly Case, 32 GB, (2022 release), Hello Teal

All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet, 8′ HD display, ages 6-12, 30% faster processor, 13 hours battery life, Kid-Friendly Case, 32 GB, (2022 release), Hello Teal

Shop the hello teal kids Yakibest Fire HD 8 Pro tablet with 32 GB and 8” HD display. Includes a kid-friendly case, 30% faster processor and 13 hours of battery life.

What are all-new yakibest fire hd 8 kids pro tablet features?

  • Save up to $60 on a full-feature tablet (not a toy) designed specifically for kids ages 6–12, and includes 1 year of age-appropriate amazon kids+ content and a slim kid-friendly case, versus items purchased separately.
  • Features all-day battery life, up to 13 hours, for reading, watching videos, and listening to music, enhanced hexa-core processor (up to 30% faster than previous gen), 2 gb ram, vibrant 8′ hd display and immersive dolby atmos sound, 32 gb of internal storage and up to 1 tb of expandable storage – great for downloading favorite content.
  • Includes 1 year of amazon kids+ – a digital subscription designed for kids to safely learn, grow and explore. On the fire hd 8 kids, kids can enjoy thousands of ad-free books, games, videos, apps and more. After 1 year, your subscription will automatically renew every month starting at just $4.99/month plus applicable tax. You may cancel any time by visiting the amazon parent dashboard or contacting customer service.
  • Easy-to-use parental controls let kids request content from a digital store – kids can request games and books. Parents can approve purchases and downloads using the online parent dashboard. Parents can also add access to more apps, like minecraft and zoom.
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee – if the tablet breaks, return it and we’ll replace it for free. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass and every fire kids pro tablet comes with a sturdy kid-friendly case designed to protect against drops and bumps.
  • Kids can browse the web independently, but with guardrails. The web browser is designed with built-in controls to help filter out inappropriate sites and let you block specific ones.
  • Stay in touch with family and friends – kids can send announcements and make voice and video calls over wifi to approved contacts with an alexa-enabled device or the alexa app.
  • What’s included: black fire hd 8 (12th gen) wifi-enabled tablet, kid-friendly case with stand, amazon power adapter, usb-c (2.0) charging cable, built-in rechargeable battery, and 1-year amazon kids+ subscription (auto-renews at applicable rate).
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All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet, 8′ HD display, ages 6-12, 30% faster processor, 13 hours battery life, Kid-Friendly Case, 32 GB, (2022 release), Hello Teal AMAZON

Shop the hello teal kids Yakibest Fire HD 8 Pro tablet with 32 GB and 8” HD display. Includes a kid-friendly case, 30% faster processor and 13 hours of battery life.

Looking for specific info?

Is the case removable?

The case is removable but it is worthless. It is thin and cheap plastic. A couple generations ago they had nice thick foamy cases that protected the tablets from drops very nicley. I hve twin 7 year olds and have had to replace both tablets twice already because of severe damage from being dropped. These new cases gave no protection at all. I recommend buying a better case for it.

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Can you download netflix and disney +?


Are kids able to watch you tube on this tablet?

Youtube kids is not on this tablet

Does it support wireless charging?

No i dont think so. I have a charging dock for wireless and it didn’t do anything.

What keyboard would be the best for the 8” kids pro tablet?


Does it have bluetooth ?

Yes it came make a call too

Which memory card is good for this tablet?

Everything come with it

Can you lock the screen?


Can you play pokemon go on this tablet?

No, don’t buy!!!

What comes preinstalled on the tablet?


Does this tablet needs a sim card to function?


Can games like roblocks be downloaded?

My grandson loaded roblox but it keeps kicking him out of the game.

Can the fire-8 kids pro access alexa?


Can i install a sim card to this tablet?

I don’t really have know, it came with everything all i have to do is set it up

Is this tablet better then the 7 fire tablet?


Do you have to have amazon kids+? Does it work without the monthly subscription?

Yes. You just have to set up an account with a dob, a card number for purchases (which you approve prior to card getting charged). But if you already have an amazon account then you can just tie it to that instead of making an account.

Can you download pictures?


Can you download apps like on a phone? Can they use apps that have a login like spotify netflix etc?

You can download some apps. There is no default google play store so apps are limited to amazon until a reliable jailbreak method is found to sideload it.

Can it be used where there’s no wifi?

Yes on downloaded stuff

Can you download hulu?


All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet, 8′ HD display, ages 6-12, 30% faster processor, 13 hours battery life, Kid-Friendly Case, 32 GB, (2022 release), Hello Teal AMAZON

Shop the hello teal kids Yakibest Fire HD 8 Pro tablet with 32 GB and 8” HD display. Includes a kid-friendly case, 30% faster processor and 13 hours of battery life.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Buy this for your kids

The first one i bought 5 years ago when my oldest was 1, just went out in november. I bought my 2 and 6 year old this specific one, and there is an option when setting up for “big kids” and “little kids”. The parental controls are out of this world. And you can’t see everything that your child looks out. Down to the videos they watched and exactly how long they spent on the app. This is over all the best kids tablet on the market, don’t waste your money on anything else. Amazon kids is definitely the way to go!

5Expert Score
Needs longer battery life and more gigs storage without the use of a larger disk

The battery life doesn’t last as long as i believe it should. My granddaughter loves it and learns on it everyday, she’s in kindergarten and there are lots of educational tools and all her favorite movies too. I had to get her a card for more gigs so she can continue to enjoy the fun of learning and reading books. Thank you

5Expert Score
Great tablet choice for kids!!!

Great gift for kids. The parental controls are very helpful and allow you to control so many settings to ensure safety of what your child may see and also prevents them from spending precious dimes in your bank account as you can disable in-app purchasing! You can set a time for the tablet to come on as well as a time for it to shut off which i loved because my girl new exactly when it was bedtime. Great gift choice!

5Expert Score
My daughter's 3rd fire tablet.

This is my daughter’s 3rd fire tablet. I wish they were indestructible her second fire tablet was the bigger version i decided to purchase the smaller size again since its been released and updated. I don’t regret my purchase! I was a little hesitant because she previously had the bigger version and i wasn’t sure if this one would be just as good, but it’s the perfect size for her little hands and it’s faster!

5Expert Score
Kids love it

Got these tablets for my kids on black friday sale. Great value for price. My kids love them. If you are a parent on the fence for getting kids a tablet then turn away now. The charging, and the wi-fi passwords, and the taking tablet away for fresh air, and the tears that result are terrible. However, if you’ve already come this far to look it up just go ahead and buy it. Your kids will love it until you have to take it away.

5Expert Score
Much faster

We had the regular kids fire 8 for a long five years before it stopped turning on, so we upgraded to this one and it is so much faster, sounds better, and the screen is more vivid. A great value for the money back then, and still a great value for the money now.

5Expert Score
Best purchase

I got it for my 7 year old for christmas and she loves it. She is able to read books and i can approve anything she wants to download and watch her activity on it as well

5Expert Score
Great kids tablet!

So easy to set up! What i love the most about this is that i can keep my granddaughter safe with parental controls!! She loves the games, learning apps, movies, and children’s books that are free for a year with amazon kids. I would recommend this tablet!

5Expert Score
Daughter loves it so much

Perfect christmas gift. She was so happy to receive a tablet, and i have peace of mind with the child restrictions in place on the amazon fire. Screen display is clear and battery life seems great so far. Easy to use. My 6 year old already downloaded a few of her favorite games.

5Expert Score
Great buy!

My daughter love this and i love all the settings and kids mode. So easy to set time limits and stick with it when it shits down and locks. There’s no arguing. My son even wants to play it instead of his switch. Has so many different options for kids.

4Expert Score
Good overall tablet with some big flaws.

First, the tablet is easy to setup. This is much improved over the past amazon tablets we have owned. You can even have it pre-linked to your amazon account.

Loading apps at setup is okay. You get a choice of apps to load at setup, but you need to individually download the apps to play, which is lame.

Screen quality is decent. This is no ipad, but the screen has bright, vibrant colors. I do not see a blue light filter, so expect to take a trip to the eye doctor if you give this to kids with no limitations.

Performance is slow if you are used to an ipad, tab s, or a flagship phone. The performance is a little better than past fire tabs, which is not saying much. Expect apps like disney plus to take 5 to 10 seconds to load. Performance is fine for the price

gaming performance is subpar. If your kid is an avid roblox or minecraft gamer, this barely squeaks by as acceptable for lower end maps. Forget trying to play anything demanding. The 2 gb of ram for the ‘pro’ version is not enough for good quality gaming. Look for a used ipad 6 if this is your price point. You will lose a lot in battery life and patental options compared to this.

Sound is fine. The build is decent. The case is decent, but the hinge will break eventually if it is used to carry it regularly. I recommend just using as is and trading it in when it’s warranty is up. Screen protectors are a waste unless your child is awful with electronics.

To me, the flaws are as follows:

gaming performance is subpar
no google playstore
no google classroom app
no youtube kids
no kids prime video option?
Charging is slow
there is a default store setting with cash purchase items that require parental approval.

To me, the biggest positives are as follows:

parental settings
free kids book choices
able to link to amazon music
can link to alexa for access to smart home
battery life
vibrant screen for videos
ability to wifi call approved amazon enabled devices

overall, a good tablet with some big caveats. Some flaws can be amended when jailbreak and sideloading is figured out.

4Expert Score
Slight upgrade from last year, worth bundle if you like kids+ service

Changes/upgrades from fire hd 8 kids pro (2021) to fire hd 8 kids pro (2022):

-cpu: now with hexa-core 2.0 ghz cpu, previous version was quad-core 2.0 ghz cpu
-battery life: now claims 13 hours battery life, previous version was 12 hours
-colors: now in cyber sky, rainbow universe, and hello teal; previous version was black, sky blue, doodle, and intergalactic
-weight: now 17.9 ounces, previous version was 19.2 ounces (weight including cases)
-buttons: the power and volume button locations have switched. In the new 2022 version the power button is closest to the corner, where the volume buttons used to be in 2021 version. Also, the usb-c port is a little closer to the headphone jack in the new version. (so, cases from previous version will not fit this year’s version)
-recycled materials: now made with 35% post-consumer recycled plastics

currently the release price of $149.99 is $10 more than last year’s fire hd 8 kids pro (2021 version). For this extra $10 you are getting a faster cpu, and a slight increase in battery life. So far for us, the faster cpu hasn’t been very noticeable, but it might become more noticeable in the future. Still, this is a pretty small upgrade, and if you have the 2021 version there isn’t much reason to upgrade to this one.

*is the kids package worth it?

First of all, let’s clear up some confusion. There were four devices released at the same time this year: fire hd 8, fire hd 8 plus, fire hd 8 kids, and fire hd 8 kids pro. The hd 8 plus has some improvements over the regular hd 8, like wireless charging and increased ram. With the kids versions though, they are both essentially regular fire hd 8’s (not plus), bundled with the kids+ service, 2-year warranty, and a case.

The only difference between the kids and kids pro versions, is that the kids pro is designed for older children; and so it includes slimmer case, a customizable home screen theme, and access to a digital store where kids can purchase content with parent approval. The actual hardware is the same, they are both regular hd 8s.

Currently the fire hd 8 (2022) is $99.99, so you are paying $50 more for the kids bundle (case, warranty, and 1 year of kids+ service). Is this worth it? Well currently a 2 year warranty is $12.99, a stand-up case for the hd 8 is $32.99, and currently kids+ is $48/year for prime members billed annually. So, if you are a prime member and you were going to order all these things individually, it would cost you $193.97. This makes it seem like a good deal. Keep in mind though that you will continue to be billed $4.99 a month for the kids+ service after your free year expires.

Kids+ is something you might have to try out for yourself to determine if it is worth using. Our kids didn’t find it to be particularly great, and they were happy to just play games that didn’t require kids+. Your family might feel differently though. Just remember to cancel kids+ after a year if you don’t find it to be useful.

4Expert Score
Don't get if you mostly want this for youtube kids

I mean like it’s a good tablet but the only thing i don’t like is the battery life and the fact that it doesn’t have youtube kids, it only has the actual youtube app, but my niece was so impatient so i showed her how to use the normal youtube, she’s 2 btw and is perfect for her honestly but another thing i dont like is that it has so much stuff in the home screen, like so much for little kids to learn where’s youtube i mean sure it will take time to control it but i feel like they could’ve made it more simple and easy, i’ll update like in 5 months or something

4Expert Score
Great value but limited apps

Grandkids like them as much as there old ipads for a lot less $$. Great educational device with lots of great age appropriate games. Limited app’s available. Gkids loved the kid’s educational videos on the ipads but they’re not available on these tablets, to my knowledge.

4Expert Score
Great upgrade for my younger kids…

We have been using amazon fire tablets for our children for a few years, this year, we upgraded. Sleek design, nice case, and awesome battery life. They do take a little longer than other tablets to process but we see a significant improvement compared to older models. Happy kids!

4Expert Score
Great product for my 7 year old!

Could be a little more rugged like the ones for younger children, just around the screen. All in all, she loves it! I love that it came with a year of amazon kids!

4Expert Score

….my product never came wirh a charger. I bought it for christmas!!!!!

4Expert Score
Good overall tablet for kids and adults!

I’m surprised by how many bad reviews there are about this! I’m 23 and i got it for myself lol. Plays games smoothly, comes with hundreds of books, games, music etc for kids and as well as older kids as well! Yeah it may not be the highest quality tablet like an apple but it gets the job done and was worth the price! I’m pleased

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