All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 Plus tablet, 8′ HD Display, 32 GB, 30% faster processor, 3GB RAM, wireless charging, (2022 release), Gray

All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 Plus tablet, 8′ HD Display, 32 GB, 30% faster processor, 3GB RAM, wireless charging, (2022 release), Gray

Discover the 2022 Yakibest Fire HD 8 Plus tablet with 8′ HD display, 32 GB, and 30% faster processor. Available in gray with 3GB RAM. Shop Fire tablets today.

What are all-new yakibest fire hd 8 plus tablet features?

  • Fire hd 8 plus offers everything you get with a fire hd 8 and more – wireless charging, 9w power adapter, 3 gb ram, 2 mp front-facing and 5 mp rear-facing cameras. New design is thinner and lighter than previous gen and has a screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass. As measured in tumble tests, fire hd 8 plus is twice as durable as apple ipad mini (2021).
  • Fast and responsive – enhanced hexa-core processor for more responsive performance (up to 30% faster than previous gen fire hd 8 plus) so you can get more done. Check email, tackle your to-do lists, browse the web, and more.
  • Use show mode to transform your tablet into an immersive, full-screen alexa experience, optimized for visibility across the room. To go hands-free with alexa, just ask alexa to show news, check the weather, view camera feeds, make a video call, set alarms, control your smart home or play your favorite videos and music, and much more.
  • Great for on-the-go – up to 13 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music. Hassle-free wireless charging dock (dock not included) offers easy charging anywhere. Choose from 32gb or 64gb (up to 1tb of expandable storage via microsd card).
  • Relax and unwind with your favorite content from netflix, facebook, hulu, instagram, tiktok, and more through amazon’s appstore (google play not supported. Subscription for some apps required).
  • Stay connected with friends and family – ask alexa to make video calls or download apps like zoom.
  • Great for the whole family – amazon kids offers easy-to-use parental controls on fire tablets. Subscribe to amazon kids+ for access to thousands of books, popular apps and games, videos, songs, audible books, and more.
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All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 Plus tablet, 8′ HD Display, 32 GB, 30% faster processor, 3GB RAM, wireless charging, (2022 release), Gray AMAZON

Discover the 2022 Yakibest Fire HD 8 Plus tablet with 8′ HD display, 32 GB, and 30% faster processor. Available in gray with 3GB RAM. Shop Fire tablets today.

Looking for specific info?

Is there a reason you can’t purchase the 64gb with the charging dock?

No… But if you want one it has to have wireless charging capabilities for the dock to work. I bought one with the 2020 version and it worked fine and after sending it back i got the 2022 version and it also worked fine. I’m sending it back because i can’t get any of my google play store apps on it because amazon hatez google and tries to be like apple & restricts you from installing anything not coming from them. Unfortunately i missed the deadline to ship the dock back but it actually works as a wireless charger for anything else that has it.

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For vision impaired, are there larger fonts and more bold letters?

Yes, there are larger fonts and you can bold letters. But don’t know how large a font you need.

Does screen rotate?

Yes, the screen can rotate. You can also lock/disable rotation from settings if you’d prefer.

Will it read audible books?

Yes, through the audible app.

Can you charge this tablet without buying the dock

Yes. The tablet uses the usb-c type charging cable

What is the largest font available?

The font size is adjustable from very tiny to absolutely massive. I do not know the specific size/pixel measurements for the fonts, but you have plenty of options to choose from.

The meaning of lockscreen ads?

‘lockscreen ads’ refer to advertisements that are shown on the tablet’s lock-screen instead of a wallpaper or background. They do not interfere with the use of the tablet at all, but they can become annoying after awhile. If you do not wish to see ads every time you turn on or ‘wake up’ your tablet, you can also pay a one-time fee to remove the ads permanently.

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Does this have the youtube app?

I was able to install youtube from the amazon appstore.

Can i use this with my blink outdoor cameras? I would like to watch saved videos and also check the live view occassionally.

Yes, the blink app is available for fire tablets via the amazon appstore.

Will the wireless charging doc for the previous version of the fire hd 8 plus work for the new (2022) version?

Yes, the same doc used for the 2020 version works with this one.

Only 20% for a trade-in from a year ago?

Yes. The 20% discount remains the same regardless of the age of the device traded in. You could be trading in a 2017 fire 7 and it would still be 20%.

Can you multi-task on this tablet?


Will the children’s case for the olderfire hd 8 fit this ‘all new fire hd 8 plus’ tablet?

No idea, but, i’d expect not

Do it has wifi?

Yes it has wifi

Does it support microsd ntfs formated?

I gave this as a gift, what i understand is that it works the same as the other one she had . Only better speed and memory.

Can i purchase books directly from the kindle app on this, or do i have to go to the amazon ebooks website to purchase and then download?

You can purchase books directly through the kindle app which is preinstalled on the tablet.

Does this have a simcard slot?

Not a sim slot but a slot for external memory card. I use a 512 gb micro card. Great if you want a lot of music, video, etc.

Will i be charged for using data?

Amazon tablets don’t use cellular data. They use wifi. So you will not be charged additional fees for using wifi. Just connect to a network and your connected to the internet

How long will this be at this price?

Probably at least through november 28, and possibly until the end of the month.

Does the fire 8 hd plus 2022 only come in the color gray?

So far, yes. The same thing happened with the 2020 models. The regular fire hd 8 gets all the cool color options and the fire hd 8 plus only gets one grey/black option. I don’t mind too much since mine almost always has a (somewhat colorful/fancy) case covering the back anyway.

All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 Plus tablet, 8′ HD Display, 32 GB, 30% faster processor, 3GB RAM, wireless charging, (2022 release), Gray AMAZON

Discover the 2022 Yakibest Fire HD 8 Plus tablet with 8′ HD display, 32 GB, and 30% faster processor. Available in gray with 3GB RAM. Shop Fire tablets today.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Have had many fire tablets and this is good.

We use our fire tablets for music and reading our kindle books, as well as watching our streaming services.

We have had two hdx 7′ the 10′ fire full hd three versions ago, an 8′ hd when they first came out after the 8.9 hdx was discontinued, i still have two fire hdx 8.9′ 4th gen, one 2020 10th gen fire hd 8 plus tablet, and this newest version.

The 2022 fire hd 8 plus tablet is noticeably faster than the 2020. The battery life is unbelievable. I use them for music in the bathrooms and reading my kindle books there too. We connect them via bluetooth to bose soundlink mini and bose flex bt speakers and the sound is amazing. These are great audio/video streaming devices with all the advantages.

I admit the 720p screen is visually very good but i do wish they would come out with a full hd 1080 or better fire hd 8 plus. I took one star off the screen quality just for that. We know they can because the 10′ fire tablet is full 1080 p 1920×1200.

display looks good, actually faster, very durable, easy bt and wifi connectivity, back camera is now an acceptable 5mp instead of 2mp like previous versions, the usb c on it is the standard too.

no wifi 6, display is not full hd, no heavy duty magnetic origami cases available like the hdx tablets had the cross fold cases are not as stable in portrait and landscape, only 3gb of ram.

Because ios is always under attack as is android there is a bit better security with the amazon version of android. However, not enough to offset the advantages of the play store and all those apps. Google has the pixel phones which i have and they are great, amazon gave up on their phones just like google gave up on their tablets.

If all 8′ and 10′ fire tablets were both made with full hd, minimum 4gb ram, octacore processors, wifi 6, i believe with the economy of scale they could sell the 8′ for less than $150.00 and sell the heck out of them. The ipad crowd would switch if you made them able to access the google play store and make them for google to sell under the pixel name and play nice.

Amazon could leave the fire 7 tablets as they are specs price wise for those on a severe budget and for the kiddos.

C’mon amazon! Like the fire tvs fire tablets could do all the google stuff and the amazon stuff too. They have phones and you have tablets! Let’s kick apple and samsung’s butts. I have my two hd 8+ and two 8.9′ fire tablets but no 10′ in addition to our 13′ surface pro 7, surface pro 7+ and our two 10′ surface go 2 with the m3 faster processor/1920×1280 display, 8gb ram and lte. No not rich we bought only the surface pro 7 and the two fire hd8+ tablets new. The rest we got used like new at steal prices.

5Expert Score
Terrific tablet for the price

This is not fully an ipad replacement. But, for the price point, this is a great tablet. The 3gb of ram and the 6 core processor are responsive. I can continuously stream my 4mb and 5mb outside wireless cameras at their highest resolution on this tablet without any data or video gaps. The browser is snappy. The browser graphics aren’t always super top quality. But, they are clear.

This tablet does allow me to download installation apk files and just install them. I haven’t sideloaded installed a lot of apps, but i also haven’t had any compatibility issues yet.

Speedtest is registering in the low to mid 300’s download speed on my network. I have 400mbs from spectrum and a wifi 6 (ax) router that allows other devices with ac/ax to achieve the full 400mbs downloads.

It’s not the same feel as the ipad, but at about one tenth the cost given my sale price that’s acceptable. This is a very capable little tablet.

5Expert Score
Great for what we paid for it

It is a little slow compared to other similar devices in our home but it’s fine. I mostly use it to control our smart items in the house and it works great for that. It is connected to all my amazon services so that is very convenient as well. We really only got it because we traded in a very old fire tablet with a broken screen and used the trade in program, which i highly recommend. Between the christmas sale and the trade in discount this ended up being very inexpensive and i have no complaints about it.

5Expert Score
Bang for the buck

I originally had the 2020 version. It was really sluggish just switching between appts. Long delays on opening apps. I decided to trade it in for the 2022 refresh. The difference is night and day. It’s snappier and smoother compared to its predecessor. I was able to sideload google playstore. Now i have both ecosystem on my tablet. No noticeable slowdown and delays while switching between apps. I’m primarily using this tablet for streaming on netflix/plex and reading on the kindle. Personally haven’t tried to do any gaming on it. For a sub $60 tablet, it’s perfect for everything i need it to do. Small and portable. The sound is phenomenal for such a cheap tablet. There is no difference in accessories between 2020 and 2022. I was able to reuse my 2020 case on the 2022 tablet as well as the spare glass screen i had lying around. I definitely enjoyed this 2022 tablet compared to the 2020.

5Expert Score
Way beyond my expectations!

I had no expectations for the fire. I bought it because it was offered at such a great price just to see what it was like. I have always used my ipad and also have a kindle oasis. But after using the fire i’ve basically stopped using the oasis – and the price difference between the fire and ipad is so great you can’t really compare the two but i really do not have any complaints about the fire at the price point. I would highly recommend the fire – and for everything it does it’s worth the price- my only suggestion would be to wait for the best price offered….

5Expert Score
Great tablet

I bought this to replace a very old ipad and was not disappointed. The form factor is ideal for me – easy to hold and fits in my small bag. The screen and audio are very good – at least for my abilities to discriminate. It runs what i need (browser, email, and video). The price was great, too.

Other than several minor restrictions on software availability and configuration (compared to an android systems) i am happy.

5Expert Score
Amazing improvement with 3gb ram.

I hesitated because my old fire was a 2017 and so annoyingly slow that all i used it for was to store recipes. The black friday sale + trading in the old fire brought the price down to a no-brainer. Immediately i was impressed by every feature and the speed! Not clunky is a good way to describe it. Of course not a mini-ipad but for the price, this does exactly what i need. Tablet is thinner, easier to hold, lighter weight, ads are no problem whatsoever, and charging is fast with included type c cable & plug. The trade-in process was easy. Recommend this 3 gb ram tablet with no reservations.

5Expert Score
Muy buen producto de amazon

En realidad ya es el reemplazo de una que tengo hace varios años y que no he tenido queja de ella. Por eso decidí comprar una de la misma línea de amazon. Me encantó como vino bien empacada, el sonido, la pantalla, adicional esta trae carga inalámbrica pero esto no lo he probado porque no he comprado el cargador ejejejeje así que en esta parte no puedo opinar.
En fin está excelente y a buen precio comprada en black friday.
La recomiendo.

5Expert Score
Love this new generation

I love this new generation, the wireless charging is amazing and so far it has kept a long charge they have changed the on and off and charging port location if you want to do a manual charge, love it.

5Expert Score
Great for reading

I bought the fire for reading. I have a ipad pro and it’s too big and heavy to hold for an elongated period of time. So this device is perfect for reading. It’s light and the perfect size. It’s also a great tablet for the price.

4Expert Score
Great display, light weight for reading and games; however, there are disappointments!

This is my second 8′ fire tablet. This 8’+ version is faster with great display and light weight to hold for reading and games! But, cord is not longer as advertised!! Charger port on this tablet is smaller than those on my other fire tablets; so my cords are not interchangeable! This short cord is only about 37′ not counting the connection ends. My other devices use a much longer charger cord and the connection plugs are larger.
Another issue is the high number of seriously outdated programs available for download to this new tablet — shocking! Talk about cutting corners! At the least, amazon owes me the longer cord they discuss in their ads for this new 8’+ fire tablet!! …. With connection plugs that fit this tablet’s ports! So, this tablet is fine for the price, if you have patience to update programs and deal with the short cord! Good luck!

4Expert Score
This fire tablet is fast however i am having software issues

What i don’t like about this tablet it will not let me log off amazon music or any amazon prime accounts which is bad for me because i would like to take it out of town or to the coffee shop and i can’t risk the chance of someone taking advantage of my account because i can’t log off.

4Expert Score
I can hold on to the 8' hd better, the 10hd great for home use.

Don’t know the battery life yet. I do like the type c port. Maybe this port won’t wear out as quick.

4Expert Score
Fire hd 8 plus

I really like the size of it. I bought this to mainly play games and read. For that it’s great. The only thing that i found so far is that the pictures are not real clear and i have had to turn up the brightness to 80.%. I have only had this for a bout a week so i am little worry about the brightness.

4Expert Score
Looks great

I am finding connecting to alexa difficult. But overall i love the new tablet

4Expert Score

Touch screen is too temperamental.

4Expert Score
A slight improvement over the 2020 model

After some testing i found that this 2022 model is in fact slightly better and faster than the previous model. The screen is brighter which may take some getting used to. Battery life has also improved. The 8′ size is perfect (not too big or small) however there is no 1080p output (you only get 720p).

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