All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 tablet, 8′ HD Display, 32 GB, 30% faster processor, designed for portable entertainment, (2022 release), Rose

All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 tablet, 8′ HD Display, 32 GB, 30% faster processor, designed for portable entertainment, (2022 release), Rose

Shop now for the 2022 Yakibest Fire HD 8 tablet with 8′ HD display, 32 GB, and all-day battery life for maximum portable fun. Available in rose and other colors.

What are all-new yakibest fire hd 8 tablet features?

  • Enhanced performance – updated hexa-core processor for more responsive performance (up to 30% faster than previous gen fire hd 8).
  • All day battery life – up to 13 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music at home and on-the-go.
  • Stream or download your favorite shows and movies from prime video, netflix, disney+, and hbo. Enjoy your favorite content from facebook, hulu, instagram, tiktok, and more through amazon’s appstore (google play not supported. Subscription for some apps required).
  • Fire hd 8 offers 8′ hd display and 2 gb ram. Choose from 32gb or 64gb (up to 1tb of expandable storage via microsd card). New design is thinner and lighter than previous gen. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass. As measured in tumble tests, fire hd 8 is twice as durable as apple ipad mini (2021).
  • Stay connected with family and friends – ask alexa to make video calls to friends and family or download apps like zoom.
  • Do more with alexa – ask alexa to listen to music, get news and weather, update shopping lists, and set reminders. Control your smart home, or ask alexa to make video calls to friends and family with apps like zoom.
  • Amazon kids offers easy-to-use parental controls on fire tablets. Subscribe to amazon kids+ for access to thousands of books, popular apps and games, videos, songs, audible books, and more.
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All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 tablet, 8′ HD Display, 32 GB, 30% faster processor, designed for portable entertainment, (2022 release), Rose AMAZON

Shop now for the 2022 Yakibest Fire HD 8 tablet with 8′ HD display, 32 GB, and all-day battery life for maximum portable fun. Available in rose and other colors.

Looking for specific info?

Can you download tubi to watch?

Yes, the tubi app is available for fire tablets via the amazon appstore:

Does a sd card come with this?

Description says you can order with either 32 gb or 64 gb memory. The optional microsd card can be purchased separately and description says you can add up to 1 tb additional by adding the optional microsd card.

Can’t get it to turn on what do i need to do ?

If it’s like older versions, you have to push and hold the button until you see screen light up.

I bought a kindle fire in 2012, it has been really great for reading and games, but now it won’t charge, why not?

Sometimes batteries will charge only so many times. It would probably cost as much as a new fire to replace the battery, even if that is possible. All of your amazon books will transfer to a new one automatically, but your games will not. I just bought a new fire 8 right before christmas and i love it.

Yes, but is it fast? All the previous ones have chips from the 60’s. Slow is low – make them faster

I can tell a difference with this one i had a 7 and some apps didn’t work on it anymore thats why i went with this one..i really like it

Is the apple tv app compatible? Is the you tube tv app compatible?

Apple is not compatible with kindle fire

How do i register my tablet?everytime i try to register it, i get brought to a page that says ‘your log in can only be used on the amazon shopping app

Good question. I never tried to register my tablet, but now that you ask, i will give it a shot and get back to you.

Do you have to pay a monthly charge for fire hd8 with alexa


Can data be transfer from former 8?

Yes, it will give you the option to sign in and everything should transfer or you can choose to start clean!

Trying to go from usbc to hdmi to put screen on tv wont work any help

A standard usb-c to hdmi adapter requires dp alt mode support in the hardware of the device. Fire tablets don’t have that.

I’m wondering if this is good tablet for my 8 year old granddaughter?

I think so. I got it for my 2 year old son and he loves it. It has a kids mode that only has games and videos for all ages and the battery life is pretty good.

Can you download audiobooks from your audible library easily?


Does this use usbc connectors?


I have an older version of the amazon fire, 8′ display. Haven’t used it in recent months and have lost my pin or password. Is there a way to reset?

Yes there is. Go on where it’s says reset pin/password

Will i be able to download the cricut app on this?

Not from the amazon appstore.

Phone apps . Can you get android game apps on this device?


Estravie el cable de la luz, puedo solicitar otro por amazon

Hola, si aquí en amazon puedes encontrarlo a buen precio.

Can i add a protection plan on after i purchased the tablet ?

I am not sure, i’d contact the seller

Does using any sd card exband my storage accessability in the same way as buying a 64gb over a 32gb kindle, or do i need a special/amazon sd card??

No special card is needed, but even when formatted as ‘internal storage’ a micro sd card isn’t a perfect equivalent to internal storage.

How many bluetooth headsets can be connected at the same time?

Probably one at a time

All-new Yakibest Fire HD 8 tablet, 8′ HD Display, 32 GB, 30% faster processor, designed for portable entertainment, (2022 release), Rose AMAZON

Shop now for the 2022 Yakibest Fire HD 8 tablet with 8′ HD display, 32 GB, and all-day battery life for maximum portable fun. Available in rose and other colors.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Excellent, temper expectations

I’ve had this for over a month with almost daily use. I also purchased a 2022 fire 7, to compare. In terms of extreme portability, i love the 7. In most basic use, they work closely to the same.

For my use, i wanted something for very light gaming, internet use, and streaming several apps.

The 8 is significantly better. The screen is full hd. In most cases, you won’t see a major difference between the 7 and 8, but side by side, the 8 is much nicer to view.

The 8’s sound for basic streaming is fantastic for such a small tablet. In landscape mode the sound is truly decent for the price.

Battery life is great, i would say as advertised.

Temper your expectations; this will not multitask and can be a little slow. I used 3rd party developers to add the google play store, which unlocked apps, like youtube.

If you’re realistic, this is one of the best android tablets you will find under $100. They go on sale often, which makes this deal even better. It has security and software support for years, and is easy to sideload other apps. If you are wanting a tablet for pure portability, the 7 will suffice in most cases, but is sluggish in comparison, has worse sound quality, shorter battery life, and is not hd. Overall the 8 is the best bang for your buck.

5Expert Score
Great improvement

Bought as a replacement for my version 7 which has a cracked screen and was not charging reliably. This is my 3rd kindle, i have gotten to where i prefer them to paper books and newspapers. My only complaint is that they don’t always synch between devices so if you have been reading a book on one you may not be on the right page on the other one. That and i haven’t been able to figure out how to move my games from the old ones and keep my scores. Great for e-mail and simple web surfing, i seldom use my laptop for these anymore. Like the usb c charger. Great value, especially when compared to the alternatives.

5Expert Score
A fast affordable high quality tablet

The tablet is light and the screen is excellent. When the tablet is on sale it is almost a must to get because no other tablet can beat the price.

I have read some outside reviews by ‘so call’ experts that says it is just okay. Which of course is true. For 500 dollars you can get something a bit faster and perhaps even with a sharper screen. My question is how fast and how sharp do you really need and would can actually notice the difference.

I do have the 10 inch amazon tablet that i love however the 8 inch is a bit easier to hold, but would not go smaller.

The only negative is the app store, it really needs work… Some apps are really awful even the paid apps. I do not like games and sometimes it seems that most of the apps are for kids.

There are just enough good apps to make me happy. But again for the price this is all i really need.

I remember when amazon first came out with the tablets. It was the first time everyone in the world could afford a tablet. So i am very thankful for all the ways amazon serves.

5Expert Score
Great tablet

Very good quality for the price. It is also lightweight. Seems to work pretty fast when using it to search. Have not gotten to download books on it yet, but video works great when watching netflix, hulu, disney, etc. Tablet was already charged to 77% and after about an hour or 2 of setting it up and messing with it, it only went down to 74%. Very satisfied!

5Expert Score
Love mine!

Only issue i have is the background i set resetting and it randomly deleting some apps but other than that, i love it! Battery will last me days before i need to charge it and the sound is nice on it. I love that i can watch movies, play games and look stuff up on it on top of reading.

5Expert Score
Brighter screen

I traded in my 2020 model for the new 2022 version. Biggest improvement was the screen brightness. Sort of like the difference between watching a standard dvd and a bluray. Apps from older tablet transferred easily and automatically. One cautionary note: i like the cover that automatically turns the tablet on or off when it’s opened or closed. The 2020 cover doesn’t work on the 2022 version. At this moment there is only one lower priced cover from a different manufacturer. It didn’t work very well and i returned it and got the amazon one.

5Expert Score
My favorite

It’s a little heavier than my old keyboard kindle and my oasis. It’s easier to hold than my oasis. I like the color display, but the screen isn’t made for reading outdoors. Of course it’s more versatile than an ereader, meant to be used for more than just as reader.

5Expert Score
So practical, fast and convenient to used excellent size !

I got this firehd for my husband to do his crossword and read the news ! Because our local news paper informed us that from the beginning of february 23 they will stop delivering the paper! So this was a great option for him that loves crossword! Thank you !

5Expert Score
Great tablet for any age!

Item as described! Bought as a gift for my aunt for christmas! She never owned a tablet before, it was so user friendly. I set it up and she naturally just started navigating through it. Shes deaf and in her 60s and loves it.

5Expert Score
Reliable product

This is our 5th kindle. Love the product. The newer versions charge faster and the battery lasts longer. Like the improvement in the volume control. Easier to use. I do not like some of the apps that come on the units from amazon that i have no ability to delete which i assume is taking up space. I would like to have more choice.

4Expert Score
Battery life makes this useable.

I upgraded from an old 7 inch fire to this 8 inch. Not a huge increase in screen area but noticeable for my aging eyes.
The nicest surprise has been the battery life. My old device would be at 85% after just a few minutes of reading. I never felt comfortable taking it where i would expect it to be far from a charger for long.
Not so for this unit. I charge it and can use it for light reading and entertainment for a week and not be below 50%.
I wish i could get to my apps and licenses on the google app store, but i understand that fight.
Also wish there was a charge limiter so that i could hope to keep this great battery life by not prematurely aging the battery by keeping too close to 100%
my paperwhite is pretty old and doesn’t support dark mode. I can actually read with this unit in dark mode with less light spillover than with my paperwhite.

4Expert Score
Not much of a difference

Honestly, i should have waited and looked into it more. The newer hd 8, moved the power button to where the volume button is on the old one. The charging port also scooted over more to the right. The old eva foam cases i had for the hd 8 still fit the new ones thankfully. The screen protector is still same however it’s best to still go and buy new ones. I just had to slice off some foam on my old case so that i could charge the device. Idk why they had to move the buttons/ports around but if you have your old case for the 2020 hd 8, they may fit still. Just keep in mind the power button and volume buttons are switched and the charging port scooted over more to the right.

Now to the battery life, it is a bit longer than the old one. These tablets were purchased mostly for my kids. They play on amazon freeplay and there’s honestly not much of a difference. You still have to wait awhile for all the games to download onto the device. Remember you have to get a specific amazon sd memory cards for these stupid tablets or else they won’t work. I learned that by using an sd card i had leftover. It was a samsung brand sd card. The amazon tablet allowed me to store extra memory but the games the kids downloaded onto the tablets would not download onto that samsung card. It has to be a specific amazon approved sd card. Annoying but that’s what i found out.

Also, if you are doing a trade in. When i traded both the devices in, i did two separate trade ins. I got instant $25 and 20% for the first one however for my second one, it doesn’t show that i’ll get another 20% and $25 for that tablet. Currently i have the second hd 8 in my cart and the checkout price is at $111. I contacted customer service and they said i am supposed to get the credit for both but in order to get credit for the second tablet, i have to mail it in. So if you have 2 tablets you are trading in, you’ll get instant credit for the first one but the second one you have to mail it in to get the credit. Lame. It’s annoying because now i’ll be down a tablet and my kids will fight over that 1 tablet until i can buy the second one. They should just allow instant credit for as many tablets as long as you promise to mail in your trade in!

But overall, if you still have your 2020 hd 8 tablets and it’s for your kids to play amazon freeplay. I would probably wait. There is not much of a change with these new tablets other than the dumb button swaps. (which we are all still getting used to) my daughter wouldn’t stop pressing the volume up button and she almost erased all the data in the tablet. I would have cried because the games took forever to download.

4Expert Score
Beware of advertisements

I bought this tablet for work, not to be inundated with ads on my lock screen before i even log in. Amazon charged an extra $15 to turn off the ads. I paid up, and hope they will quit bombarding me. Still a pretty good buy at $99 + $15 = $114. It ain’t an ipad, but it costs a lot less. If you log off or shut down the fire with the browser open, it will return to the browser with the same page open. That’s better than an ipad or android which opens up on the home screen no matter where you are when you stop work. If you use your tablet to play, you can just ignore my comments. I use tablets, laptops, etc. To work. The fire is marketed as an entertainment device, but it works for work also.

4Expert Score

I bought this for my old kindle the battery of which is at the end of its useful life. Amazon decided that to use the device one must first enter the pin – why? Both of us are in our early 90’s and have no secrets from each other. Certainly no kids trying to see porno pix or movies – a pain. She contacted amazon and was lucky, got on the phone a wonderful agent who helped her out. To answer another question was impossible: the agent on the phone had had a heavy foreign accent, could not understand him. Trying to contact amazon again was impossible: after 40 minutes (!!!!!!) on hold, she gave up – watching the battery of her phone getting exhausted. Amazon needs to hire more agents and make sure they speak an english that can be understood by the average american joe or jane.

4Expert Score
A good tablet for the price. Very satisfied with it.

It comes in excellent conditions. Well packaged. An excellent product for the price. Easy to use. I know that is a product delivered for exclusive use inside amazon. My principal use is for kindle books. The rest is a plus for me. A good product for the price. Fast processor for normal applications and the durability of battery is like they say. Have to wait a time and manage it with other applications and media for more details. But the price is excellent for basic needs and media. No like a high ending tablet but in reality i don’t need them for the use of basic things like read books, see movies or youtube. It is more than enough for me. I love its color that is pink. Crisp images and very responsive. It feels very firm in the hands. Very happy with the purchase.

4Expert Score
A solid tablet

For the price this is a very solid little tablet assuming that you’re either comfortable with fire os out of the box and its limitations or comfortable doing a few tweaks and making it more like a basic android tablet. We use ours mostly in the kitchen for recipes and controlling smart devices, but i’ve also purchased one for my mother who uses it daily for basic web and social media browsing and for listening to audio books. It’s pretty middle of the road performance wise but for the price it’s hard to beat.

4Expert Score
Overall a good tablet

I’ve had several fire tablets & kindle readers so when the battery on my last one got to the charge it several times a day point, i decided it was time for a new one.

Overall i like it. It’s a little faster than my last one, which i’ve had for 4 or 5 years, & it’s a bit lighter. They have moved the charging port & the power button, which will take some getting used to, but that’s minor. My only real complaint is i like dark mode for most things but not for the reading app & unfortunately if i turn it to dark mode, my reading app goes dark, too & that’s hard on my eyes. Hopefully there’s a way to change the settings in the kindle app that i just haven’t found yet. Also, it’s been crashing when trying to play the few games i have on it. A little frustrating but i’m sure an update (hopefully soon) will fix that little bug.

4Expert Score
Fast charger

Reviewed it relatively positively, but have one difficulty when charging…….why aren’t the usb port and charger the same size as previous kindles? The new 8′ port and charger only fit in this new machine. An older 8′ kindle’s charger and port are the same size as a 7′ kindle but not this one. Means extra searching for this one alone while the other older ones are always available.

4Expert Score
Great for all ages!

We bought this ipad for family use so myself, my fiance, and our two year old all use it periodically. Our two year old probably uses it the most since we linked it to our amazon kids account and he loves it. There’s a lot of free educational downloads like shows and games for little ones available. As for the quality of the ipad, we have no complaints. The battery life is amazing! I think our two year old uses it at least an hour everyday and we rarely turn it off (just put it to sleep), but we haven’t needed to charge it up in a long time which is really nice. It’s definitely a win-win for our whole family.

4Expert Score
Overall a nice tablet

I purchased this to replace my fire 8, generation 8, unit that’s charging port was giving out after 4 years of valiant service. So far a week in…

– nice improvement on the processor speed.
– the screen resolution upgrade is definitely noticeable, and feels more responsive. I also like the revised size (1/2′ shorter, 1/2′ wider). Note you will need a new case.
– battery life is definitely better, but not great. I don’t see how it could possibly be 13 hours, unless you turned off every other power using application (wifi, bluetooth). I was reading for an hour and lost 12%. So that would be 8 hours being just in kindle.
– easy setup, and transfer of apps and data to new device.

– i’m not sure why they reversed the power and volume buttons after 11 other releases, but so far it’s just annoying.
– the 12th generation has a different charging port. It is still usb-a at the outlet, but on the device it went from micro usb to usb-c. So none of your old cords will work. I have charging cords rigged all over my house so those will need to be replaced. So be carefull if ordering replacement/additional cords. Many say fire 8 compatible, just make sure they are usb-c.
– minor – where you adjust settings for apps is definitely different. I get it all things need to progress. However amazon tech support should be able to direct you. In reaching out , i specifically said i had the generation 12, and was repeatedly given directions for previous releases. I eventually figured it out on my own.

Overall a nice tablet, and would definitely recommend. It’s a $99 tablet, be realistic in your expectations.

Hope this helps!

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