American Soft Linen 6 Piece Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels 2 Hand Towels 2 Washcloths, 100% Turkish Cotton Towels for Bathroom, Light Grey Towel Sets

American Soft Linen 6 Piece Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels 2 Hand Towels 2 Washcloths, 100% Turkish Cotton Towels for Bathroom, Light Grey Towel Sets

Buy American Soft Linen 6 Piece Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels 2 Hand Towels 2 Washcloths, 100% Turkish Cotton Towels for Bathroom, Light Grey Towel Sets: Towel Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are american soft linen 6 piece towel set features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • towel set includes 2 bath towels of 27 x 54 inches, 2 hand towels of 16 x 28 inches and 2 washcloths of 13 x 13 inches.
  • 100% turkish cotton. Our towels are made from cotton grown in the aegean region of turkey’s best quality cotton. These towels will make you feel and give you comfort as if you are in luxurius hotel, spa, gym, sauna, pool etc.
  • these towels are standart 100 by oeko-tex certified and tested for harmful substances.
  • towels contain long loop-pile height which makes them extra fluffy and extremely absorbent. For best use, wash separately on first use. You may see some lint on the first wash due to the towels cotaining 100% cotton but should diminish after each washing. This will not affect the look, feel, or performance of your towel set.
  • this item is returnable and complies with amazon’s refund and return policy.
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American Soft Linen 6 Piece Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels 2 Hand Towels 2 Washcloths, 100% Turkish Cotton Towels for Bathroom, Light Grey Towel Sets AMAZON

Buy American Soft Linen 6 Piece Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels 2 Hand Towels 2 Washcloths, 100% Turkish Cotton Towels for Bathroom, Light Grey Towel Sets: Towel Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Where are these towels manufactured?

They are turkish cotton towels. They are made in turkey.

Is the turquiose more green or blue?

Hello. The turquoise color is exactly the same as it is shown in the picture. And we can say that this is combination of both blue and green color. Beautiful turquoise color. Thank you for your important question.

Do these towels have loops to hang them?

No , they don’t have loops. Thank you for your question.

What is the difference between light or heavy weight towels when you are using?

Light weight towels are dry faster than heavy towels, and they are easy to carry. Heavy towel feels more luxury and their absorbency is more than light weight towels.

Instructions for first wash?

My instructions for the 1st wash.
1. Wash by it’s self
2. Water temperature of 100 degrees.
3. No bleach or softener
4. Tumble dry

Are these bleach resistant?

No much in this world is bleach resistant except white things

The color in the picture looks more teal, but the description says turquoise. Can someone verify if the color is a true teal like the picture? Thanks

Sorry, i ordered the brown set and the tan set, but those were true to the picture provided. I love the towels.

Can i buy bath towels and washcloths only, after i buy 6 piece set?

Yes you can buy them. Please type this asins into your amazon search box to buy them. For bath towels b072bp6rhm for washcloths b01i2morg0

They shed. I ordered the black set. I washed them but the keep shedding all over the place.

We have the black towels and well and they shed horribly! I have washed them numerous times and tried vinegar or baking soda alone and together and nothing is working. They are soft, but the shedding is so annoying.

How can i order 6 malibu peach hand towels?

Hello dear. Thank you for showing interest on our products. The 6 piece hand towels would be available for sale in 2 weeks.
Customer services department

What color is malibu peach? Does it look the color on the monitor which is orangey-peach? Are they basically thin towels or is there any plushness?

I don’t know about the color of malibu peach. I purchased another color (chocolate brown) and it matched the picture color. They are plush towels, but they are not the softness and most absorbable. They are more on the side of plush than thin though.

Is the 80inch version of this striped like the 70? Thanks.

Hello dear. There is no differences in our towels between 70 and 80 inches. The only difference is the size.
Customer services department

Do these towels snag easily.

These towels do not snag. I have used them for a month and have washed them frequently with no snags.

Do you have the bath mat available in turquoise blue?


Do they take a long time to dry?

No. I dry usually 6-7 towels at a time with wash rags included and i try them in a medium high setting for 30 minutes.

What is the difference between the turkish towels and the ring spun towel sets?

The turkish towels are much more absorbent and soft.

The ring spun towels are cheaper and feel like paper when you are drying after a shower.

How many towels do you get in the bath towel set for $38

Exactly what the advertised product says: 4!

How can i purchase just the bath towels… I want to get this set + 2 more bath towels

Thank you so much for your valuable question. Of course, you may only buy bath towel set. Please type between ‘ ‘ characters ‘b072bp6rhm’ into your amazon search browser, and bath towels will be come up on the page.

The taupe color looks more gold. Is taupe picture true to color?

Yes, i believe that the true color is correct. The picture is true.

Why under the colors it says 12x7x1.5 but the description says 13×13? Which is it?

I measured the bath towel as 52′ long and 26′ wide. I bought these and they are lovely soft towels but i am very tired of cleaning up wispy blue lint all over the bathroom after multiple washings with the lint filter completely full. Look elsewhere is my answer.

American Soft Linen 6 Piece Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels 2 Hand Towels 2 Washcloths, 100% Turkish Cotton Towels for Bathroom, Light Grey Towel Sets AMAZON

Buy American Soft Linen 6 Piece Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels 2 Hand Towels 2 Washcloths, 100% Turkish Cotton Towels for Bathroom, Light Grey Towel Sets: Towel Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Rich color

Wish it hadn’t taken so long to find these towels, thank you to my mom for researching and finding them for a christmas present to replace all of our bathroom towels. We’ve had these towels for a couple years. Been washed and used the whole time. Our daughter about a year and a half ago wanted a rich royal deep purple, and this color was perfect. It’s still as rich in color as when we received them. Like another comment mentioned, the towels come flat and rough, and you think you’ve made a mistake in ordering. After washing and drying them, they fluffed right up! Not showing much if any wear and tear or pilling, unlike our towels from other places like bed bath & beyond. Our other towels have now been demoted to clean up and work towels.

5Expert Score
Surprisingly good towels

I’m very particular about my towels. I used to buy them from another online retailer, but their towels have become so expensive. Then i started buying towels from a large members-only store. Those towels, no matter how often i washed them, got crusty feeling and stiff after a short period of time. Perhaps this is why i have so many towels stacked up next to our dog crate to wipe dirty paws and dry off wet dogs.

I was done with my previous towel avenues, so my search began. Located these towels because i wanted genuine turkish cotton – made in turkey. What a bizarre requirement, right? But i found these and the price was right. Lots of colors from which to choose, so i figured i’d give them a try.

They are, indeed, surprisingly good towels. Wash nicely without shedding a bunch of lint (i did wash them before the first use, and the amount of lint in the dryer trap was not nearly what i thought it would be). Soft. Absorbent. Pretty color. I like it!

Will be purchasing more sets of these, as some of my other bathroom towels really do need to go into the dog pile assortment i have. A great alternative to the ridiculously expensive towels i had been looking at. No regrets in this bathroom!

5Expert Score

Beautiful coral color. Very soft, plush and absorbent. Great quality. I love these towels, and since i don’t use hand towels i loved that i could buy just the bath towels and face cloths! Shipped fast too!

5Expert Score
Much better than utopia brand

For my airbnb i bought utopia as they were a top amazon recommendation, but they were super thin and curled up at the end, very cheap. These ones i just washed and can already tell they are thicker and softer, and a few inches larger.

5Expert Score
Good quality and stays that way

These towels are really quiet good in all respects. They have stayed new looking through weekly washing and use for two years. No color loss and material is just as thick and absorbent as when i bought them.

5Expert Score
Very pretty

I bought these as a gift for my mother so she had nice guest towels. She says they are the perfect color – very true to picture- and they are much better than the others she used to have.

5Expert Score
Beautiful color

We bought these towels to change up the color in our bathroom. They are a beautiful color and my wife washed these 3 times before using them and there was minimal shedding. They do fill up our dryer vent but so has every other towel we have purchased. We recommend these towels and we have not had all the other issues that some reviewers have had (not falling apart or color changing).

5Expert Score
Great value

Rich color, was a little leery of purchasing black but the color is great, not a faded black. They are super soft and thick. Absorbency is very good as well. Will definitely purchase again.

5Expert Score
Move over new-sock-day i have a new favorite day!

New towel day reigns king! These are so soft that i was worried about washing them for fear they would just fall apart. They are the most absorbent and soft towels i have ever owned. Will buy more. Don’t go elsewhere, this is what you want.

5Expert Score
As advertised

Nice absorbency and so far the color has held up. The towels are soft and comfy. I would purchase again.

4Expert Score
Soft and absorbant

I was leary after reading some of the reviews about these towels specifically the reviews stating that these towels left fuzz all over. I was pleasantly surprised that they in fact do not. I followed the washing instructions to the t and did not use any fabric softner or dryer sheets and the towels came out of the wash super soft and more fluffy than they were from the package. I did have alot of lint in the trap in the dryer but have used them several times and they haven’t left any fuzz or lint on me after drying. My only complaint is i wish they were a bit thicker. Overall i think they are decent for the price.

4Expert Score
Nice towel but not for us

The quality of the towels was nice, they were soft and the color was nice; however, my husband uses a face product that causes bleached out spots on them so i canceled the order. Additionally, i’ve decided i just don’t care for face cloths or towels that have a design/pattern on the ends as it takes away from the total use of the towel because that part is not soft. That’s a personal taste – our towels need to be both very functional and look nice.

4Expert Score
Bang for a buck

I would have loved it more if it was fluffier than it was. But in all, it’s not a bad feel.
So far so good, just hope i’ll not come back to update my review.

4Expert Score
Size/color availability

The towels arrived today. The feel is nice and soft and the color is fabulous (i chose yellow). But they are not the size advertised which they claim to be 13′ by 13′. They are actually only 11 & 1/2 ‘ by 11 & 1/2 ‘. I wish they were the size advertised.

4Expert Score
Lots of fuzz!!

What i dislike about these towels is they need to be washed 2x+ or you have fuzz on your body and on the floor, in the shower.

4Expert Score
Not super thin or cheap feeling

Gorgeous color; washed up very nice; absorbent; and feels like a quality towel. Even though they aren’t huge, they aren’t “small” either. These are a good sided every day bath towel. I bought these sets for guest bathroom. I will not be embarrassed to have guests use them. They are perfectly suitable for that.

4Expert Score
Very soft towel but not benzol peroxide safe

The towel is extremely soft, and seems to dry in a reasonable amount of time after use. However, we bought these towels because vat-dyed turkish towels are supposed to be more resistant to face medicines that contain benzol peroxide. We washed the towels before use, as instructed. However, not even a week later, the wash cloth i use is turning orange (the towel is gray) from residual traces of my skin medication. If you want a very soft, absorbent towel at a reasonable price, this is a very good option. If you want a towel that is resistant to the effects of benzol peroxide, this is not the towel for you.

4Expert Score
Color was off

While i do like the towels and washcloths, the sage green isn’t really sage. I wish now i had returned them.

4Expert Score
Good value and quality

Well made product and priced well

4Expert Score
Nice & fluffy

These towels are nice just the right thickness. Haven’t had them long. They are not as absorbent as i would like. But they are soft and they have a good weight.

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