Amooca Car Seat Headrest Hook 4 Pack Hanger Storage Organizer Universal for Handbag Purse Coat fit Universal Vehicle Car Black S Type

Amooca Car Seat Headrest Hook 4 Pack Hanger Storage Organizer Universal for Handbag Purse Coat fit Universal Vehicle Car Black S Type Amooca Car Seat Headrest Hook 4 Pack Hanger Storage Organizer Universal for Handbag Purse Coat fit Universal Vehicle Car Black S Type : Automotive

What are amooca car seat headrest hook 4 pack hanger storage organizer universal for handbag purse coat fit universal vehicle car black s type features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Material: this good is made of premium quality material. This item is wide & deep enough for your purse, backpack and so on.
  • Organize car space : it converts your car’s headrest into a storage space, help you keep your car interior perfectly clean and organized, the headrest hook can hang groceries, handbags, purses, schoolbags, umbrellas, water bottles, shopping bags, baby supplies and much more.
  • Easy to install: easy remove, easy installation. The car headrest hook with simple design, do not need to take off the headrest, no tools required.
  • Universal fit: sold by 4 packs and can be used in everywhere, fit most of car, suv (installation size: 0.32-0.55 inch diameter of the headrest bar). Each item can hold up to 13 lb (6kg )
  • 100% money back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with our product, let us know and you will be offered a full refund or replacement.
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Amooca Car Seat Headrest Hook 4 Pack Hanger Storage Organizer Universal for Handbag Purse Coat fit Universal Vehicle Car Black S Type AMAZON Amooca Car Seat Headrest Hook 4 Pack Hanger Storage Organizer Universal for Handbag Purse Coat fit Universal Vehicle Car Black S Type : Automotive

Looking for specific info?

I just received these and there are little bumps inside the hooks that go around the headrest rods. Am i supposed to force them past the bumps?

I ended up returning these after one broke trying to get on my headrest! Don’t force! Get a different kind. I went with metal.

Can these be used on the front of the seat?

Yes the hooks are light and can hold example bag packs, purse, grocery bags. When the hooks are not used they are quick to fall everywhere .. They can be moved to the front or back of the seat hook if used on the front of the seat then no one can seat down

Do they fit 2006 corolla headrests?

I imagine they would fit any car seat

How strong are these hooks?

Excellent hooks , it can carry up to 7 kg. Each.

Does it work with teslas?

It would work on any vehicle with an adjustable headrest. The hook goes around the metal rod that allows the headrest to move up and down.

Hi ,where is my item? Im home all day and did not recieve this item ?

Lol i don’t know but i would try tracking the package through amazon or wherever you ordered from!

Will these work for a 2015 chevrolet sonic ltz?

If your headrest slides up and down on two post,then yes they will hook right on post and slide headrest back down on them and voila,easy peasy☮

How good are these for long purses?

I went from big car to a crossover and don’t have as much room in front seat. Saw the hooks, ordered them to hang my purse on.
I love them! My daughter saw them so i had to give her one and she loves it for hanging her purse.
The other hook, i hang a bag of groceries or whatever.
I recommend these…you will love them!

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Are these manufactured in china?

I’m not sure i throw out the box. All i no is that they are super nice for holding your purse, they swivel so you can reach them good

Are these bendable?

No, they are not bendable. They are hard plastic.

Will these car seat headrest hooks ship to toledo?

Does toledo have a zip code or streets on the map?! Then, probably.

Is this product good to use?

Hello. Yes, it’s very convenient to help to hang you bags/bottles/purses/… In car. They can be hooked forward and backward as you need. They can also be hided under the headrest when you don’t need them.

Can these switch from facing one way to the other easily?

Yes, they’ll fit forward or backward. My wife has hers hooked facing forward with her purse on it when she drives alone. It keeps her purse from sliding everywhere. Plus great for grocery bags too.

Where is this product made and also shipped from?

It is made in china.

Which type for 2013 hyhundai elantra?

I cant speak to this> they work fine on a 2014 honda crosstour.

Will this work on a gmc at4 headrest?

Works on my traverse.

Does the purse hit the back seat of the car when you brake?

We use ours for a small waterproof trash bag, it does not hit the back of our passenger seat. I imagine you would have to real stab your breaks hard an restab then quickly.

Will fit on a minivan

I would think so..they hook on your neck rest. Unfortunately i like my headrest up and they will slip off if hit by passenger etc.

Don’t understand the sizing being categorized by aa or bb, etc. How do you determine the correct size for your car?

The types(aa, bb etc) are different type hooks. Some deeper, some straighter. But i think as far as as the size goes, the headrest posts in most vehicles are the same size. I bought a 4 pack and use 2 in a sedan and 2 in a pickup truck with no problems

Does the style ‘aa stype’ fit in toyota camry 2018?

Yes, it fits any car with a headrest

Amooca Car Seat Headrest Hook 4 Pack Hanger Storage Organizer Universal for Handbag Purse Coat fit Universal Vehicle Car Black S Type AMAZON Amooca Car Seat Headrest Hook 4 Pack Hanger Storage Organizer Universal for Handbag Purse Coat fit Universal Vehicle Car Black S Type : Automotive

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Worth it

I purchased these so i can hang my purse when driving….nothing like having to reach all of the seats to get your bag that shifted while driving. It works. The other day i went shopping and purchased soda for my kiddos, well i didn’t want it to roll around my car, so i hung it up on the hooks with the reusable bag my daughter got from amazon. ….and they held without breaking the hook….it was a lot of weight. Partially, i wanted to test to see how much weight they would hold….no issue at all. I wouldn’t put 20 pounds of weight on it but ….it worked

5Expert Score
Exactly what i needed!

I always have my super heavy packpack, large water bottle, and my own purse with me in the car plus a few other bags depending on the day. Everything is always flying around the passenger seat and i didn’t want my car nor my backpack with the computer and textbooks in it to be damaged, especially with my 32 oz. Metal bottle in the mix.

Insert these and they solved literally all of the problems i’ve ever had. My bags now have a place to hang, my bottle is dent free, the car interior is safe from scratches. These are very sturdy, and you can switch them around from the front to back or vice versa. I drive a nissan versa which is fairly small inside, so these do a great job at freeing up room on my seats and around the legs for my passengers. And these fit just fine on my seats, too. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

It might feel like such a random little product to buy and you might think “i don’t really need those..”, but i promise you they’re so worth it if you’re like me and always holding a million things! Even if it’s just one bag or no bag, i think they’re still great to have for jackets or other things. They’re so helpful. Buy these!!

5Expert Score
An essential item

If you own a purse, this is a must have. A lot of times i don’t like sitting my purse in the ground because i don’t want it to get dirty. Especially my cloth or soft material purses. These keep my purse secure and within safe arms reach when i need to grab my wallet to pay for something. I absolutely love it. However avoid manhandling the purse because the hangers are prone to fall out. I’m pretty sure lowering the head rest will solve my issue. Nonetheless, this is an investment all purse carriers need!!!

5Expert Score
What a cool product

These seat hooks are a great product, especially in our gladiator where cargo space is a premium. My wife hangs her purse off of it instead of in the floor board which provides more leg room. We hang our hydroflasks and yetis off of it since the cup holders are too small. We have also used these for hanging a couple of grocery bags from.

5Expert Score
Works well for holding bags and water bottles with hooks

I bought these to paint them to match the theme of my car, they can hold up things like bread or purses (mine is pretty heavy, like 10lbs) or water canteens, i have a 40oz and it’s very sturdy when filled with ice water since my canteen is too large for the cup holders. I really like these !

5Expert Score
Love these

I love these! I have them on the back of both of my seats in my car. I hang my purse on them, a hat, a bag whatever i need that i don’t want to roll around in the backseat of my car they’re strong and durable. They don’t move or come off won’t regret this purchase..

5Expert Score
Great product and seller!

These hooks have been a game changer! I keep my purse and lunch bag in the front seat and when i have to make a hard stop everything falls. With these hooks i’m able to organize my car better, and can hang my purse, lunch, yoga bag, and back pack. The seller is really great to deal with and very responsive. Thank you!

5Expert Score
Car purse hanger

I love getting in my car and having my purse hanging on the passenger seat when i’m driving alone. Once i stopped really hard in a red light and my purse when flying so now i will not happen.

5Expert Score
It works great

It fits perfectly in my rav4 hybrid. It’s very sturdy i use it every time. I like that it isn’t pointy and small like others out there since i get nervous about making a sudden break and someone hitting themselves.

5Expert Score

I got really tired of spilling my coffee every morning, so that’s why i bought these and i love them! I always put my coffee (with lid and straw) in my lunch box in the mornings on my way to work and when i would turn or stop, my lunch box would spill over and so would my coffee. These make my life much easier!

4Expert Score
It works.

I needed a place to put my purse when someone was riding in the front passenger seat. There is no space between the seats. I have an suv. If i put my purse on the floor behind me, it slid around. If i put it on the seat behind me, i had a hard time reaching it if i needed it. These hooks seemed like a good idea and they work fine. They hook on to the head rest and the purse hangs behind the front seat. The only issue i have, and it’s small, is that sometimes the hooks flip off of the headrest when i remove the purse. Not a big deal for me, but if you can’t or don’t want to be fishing around on the floor behind you to find the hook, you need to be careful when removing your bag or purse.

4Expert Score
Does what it should do

Used to hang a purse or water bottle in a holder making them easy to get them when needed . Leg room does not apply

4Expert Score
Helpful and sturdy

I find these very helpful and sturdy. I had bought some before and ordered more and these are a lot thicker which i like.

4Expert Score
Hook everything possible.

I have these in my car for my handbag. Excellent choice.

4Expert Score
Seems sturdy enough!

It doesn’t take up too much space in the backseat area.

4Expert Score
Just what i needed.

Needed something to keep my purse off the floor. It use to slide around so i couldn’t reach it. I’d get that moment of panic that i left it someplace. Now i just hang it up and it works great.

4Expert Score

They fit fairly well with the headrest pushed down. Handy to hang my small umbrella and tote bags.

4Expert Score
Great idea, but….

They do not stay on well when not in use.

4Expert Score

Easy to use

4Expert Score
They're good

But they fall off when not in use and tend to get lost.

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