Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K), 24,000mAh 3-Port Portable Charger with 140W Output, Smart Digital Display, Compatible with iPhone 14/13 Series, Samsung, MacBook, Dell, AirPods, and More

Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K), 24,000mAh 3-Port Portable Charger with 140W Output, Smart Digital Display, Compatible with iPhone 14/13 Series, Samsung, MacBook, Dell, AirPods, and More

Buy Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K), 24,000mAh 3-Port Portable Charger with 140W Output, Smart Digital Display, Compatible with iPhone 14/13 Series, Samsung, MacBook, Dell, AirPods, and More: Portable Power Banks – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are anker 737 power bank powercore 24k features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Ultra-powerful two-way charging: equipped with the latest power delivery 3.1 and bi-directional technology to quickly recharge the portable charger or get a 140w ultra-powerful charge.
  • High capacity: featuring a 24,000mah battery capacity, juice up an iphone 13 almost 5 times or a 2021 ipad pro 12.9′ 1.3 times.
  • Smart digital display: easy-to-read digital display shows the output and input power and estimated time for the portable charger to fully recharge.
  • What you get: anker 737 power bank (powercore 24k), welcome guide, 140w usb-c to usb-c cable, 24-month stress-free warranty, and friendly customer service.
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Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K), 24,000mAh 3-Port Portable Charger with 140W Output, Smart Digital Display, Compatible with iPhone 14/13 Series, Samsung, MacBook, Dell, AirPods, and More AMAZON

Buy Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K), 24,000mAh 3-Port Portable Charger with 140W Output, Smart Digital Display, Compatible with iPhone 14/13 Series, Samsung, MacBook, Dell, AirPods, and More: Portable Power Banks – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is this tsa approved?

The tsa does not ‘approve’ packs, so strictly speaking no battery pack/power bank is tsa approved, however, this *is* well below the 100wh limit enforced by tsa and other regulators around the world so you should not have a problem flying with it (i have a few times, no problem).

Those suggesting this is over 100wh are confusing this with the fact the pack can output 140w. This might be confusing, but one measurement is the total power contained in the cells that make up the power bank, the other is its ability to deliver power (e.g. How many watts over a connection).

The tsa does not care if the pack can output 140w, it only cares about the total amount of power contained in the pack (e.g. Max of 100wh, which this pack is below despite having 140w capability in its output). The analogy is this: the tsa cares that you only have 3oz of fluids, they limit *how much fluid* you can bring on board, they do not care how big the opening on your container of 3.4oz or less is.

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Do you have to charge the powerbank by plugging it into the wall or can it be charged by a laptop that is plugged into the wall

Output from a laptop is far too low. A macbook pro for example, is only going to output about 10w. You’re looking at 12+ hours to charge this pack at that rate. Additionally, your laptop isn’t designed for ongoing high-power draw through it. Also keep in mind that the power is going from the power source, into your laptop battery, and then to the battery pack, further aging and degrading your laptop battery. I wouldn’t recommend charging this or any other battery pack from a laptop.

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Is the capacity small enough to be allowed on airplanes?

Yes, it is well below the 100wh limit of all airlines and regulatory agencies i know of around the world.

Carrying on airplane (usa faa)… What’s the largest battery you can carry on an airplane in the usa? 100 watt-hours… This battery is way to big…

Check with your airline. United, for example, will allow lithium ion batteries that are within technology to be checked, but loose batteries and power banks must be carried on and protected.
United allows lithium batteries in tech that do not exceed 100 watt-hours. But allows 2 larger batteries that do not exceed 160 watt-hours and must be carried on.

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Does this charger support pass-through charging?

The person who stated that this unit does not support pass thru charging is 100% wrong. This unit does in fact support pass thru charging. Note: it stops charging momentarily when power is supplied to the device as it redetects all connected inputs and out outputs. That only takes a few seconds.

Does it support passthrough charging? Can i charge the powerbank at the same time as the powerbank charges other devices?

Yes and no, the power bank will not charge and will just pass through the amount of power the load devices are drawing.

Ex. I have a 100w charger, that will charge the pack at around ~85w. If i plug another device into c2 it will still show the ‘bolt’ on c1 and show power input but it will be reduced from ~85w to slightly above the load being drawn from it (3.8w out on c2 and 3.9w in on c1 in the example device i tested it with)

How long is the included cable?

6 inches is not small. In fact that’s quite above average i’d say.

Can this charge itself from one usb-c port and charge a device from another?

No pass through charging, so no.

What’s the length of the included 140w usb c charging cable?

About 6 in

What batteries are used and can they be replaced?

Not sure on the batteries. But don’t think they can be replaced unless it’s by the manufacturer. Don’t see where consumer could do it easily

Does it come with a pouch?

Yes, a black cloth one, but i use this one: Great fit and room for an ac adaptor as well.

Can you charge the anker 737 power bank with any block? I tried with my block at home and a warning screen came up and would not charge.

Not sure i use a anker charger

It shows ‘charge iphone 13 4.9times’ iphone 13 have 3,227 battery, so 4.9*3,227= 15812.3, so power bank is 24000mah???

This is wrong. The batteries in the phone are 3.6-3.7 volts, and are stepped up to 5v. So the calculator is 3.2 (amps) x 3.7 = 11.84 watts. The usable watt hours of this charger is around 70 watts. So 4.9 times is actually an under estimate, that’s why your number is lower. It can fully recharge an iphone 13 about 6 times, but i gave the calculations you used. Battery voltage x amps = watt hours and x the watt hours to get the capacity, which hovers around 70 for this charger.

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Doesn’t it feel to heavy?


Do i need a 140w charger to charge this powerbank? I only have a 65w charger brick

65w is enough to charge it pretty fast

Is this device gan prime?

Doesn’t have that info anywhere on the supplied doc’s. Contact anker customer service.

Could i charge my ipad pro and macbook air (m2) at the same time (both on usb-c)?

Yes you can. The macbook should be charged from the top usb-c connector due to this ports higher output wattage and the ipad can be charged using the lower usb-c connector.

Can this fully charge an apple macbook air m2 2022?

Yes, it can. You’d have some battery left as well (depends on if you’re using it or not while charging how much would be left).

Why is the usb discharging at .01 watts when noting is plugged in? User manual sucks

It is the trickle charging feature. Press on the button on the side twice quickly to turn it on and off.

From the product description page:

why does usb-a port show 0.1w output when the power bank is not connected to any device?

1. Even if the device is unplugged when charging with usb-a, it will continue to output a small current to prevent the device from being fully charged, and it will last for about 2 minutes.

2. In trickle-charging mode, the output of usb-a is 0.1w.

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Can this device support a cpap device for about 8 hours? We need something like this for when we have power failure?

The short answer is no. This doesn’t have a standard 110v wall outlet you can plug into, unless your cpap is compatible with a usb-c. Also, the wattage of a cpap varies by the precise settings and the brand, so you wanna check on that. What you are looking for would be a portable power station, not this power bank. Anker has them, but there’s also other brands out there here in amazon. Hope this helps!

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Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K), 24,000mAh 3-Port Portable Charger with 140W Output, Smart Digital Display, Compatible with iPhone 14/13 Series, Samsung, MacBook, Dell, AirPods, and More AMAZON

Buy Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K), 24,000mAh 3-Port Portable Charger with 140W Output, Smart Digital Display, Compatible with iPhone 14/13 Series, Samsung, MacBook, Dell, AirPods, and More: Portable Power Banks – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Awesome, fully meets my expectations

This is an awesome device. After some quick tests i can say it fully meets my needs and expectations. Yes, it is expensive, and at $150 i didn’t think i could justify it. I got it on sale for $100 and i believe it was definitely worth it.
The display is fantastic and really provides all the information you need in order to know what is going on with the inputs and outputs.
My main use will be for charging the 50wh battery in my surface pro 8. The anker 737 will charge it at a 55w rate via either of the two thunderbolt ports (the supplied microsoft charger is rated at 60w through the surface connector), and it appears that the conversion efficiency is about 80%, meaning that it can fully charge the surface and have capacity left over to charge a phone or two.
(an interesting note about conversion efficiency based on some quick tests and calculations: if i charge my surface pro 8 from my jackery 300’s pd port, it takes about 60wh to fully charge the 50wh battery. It appears that the anker 737 will need to supply almost 70wh to fully charge the 50wh battery. If i connect the microsoft ac adapter to the jackery 300’s ac port and charge the surface that way, it requires about 90wh to fully charge the 50wh battery. The more up and down conversions you do, the more you lose.)
the supplied cord is rated for 140w and is 60cm long (not 6 cm as some have said), or about two feet.
I had limited success with pass-through charging, ymmv. I connected a 45w charger and the anker started charging at 42w. Then i connected a phone, which started charging at 10w, but the input to the anker then dropped to an identical 10w. A different charger and a different load might give different results, i don’t know.
Others have complained about having difficulty charging dji batteries. Here’s what i think is going on (my best guess, anyway): i have the mini 2 battery charging hub and three batteries. The hub appears to be happiest with an input of 12v, 1.5a. (the supplied dji charger is rated at 9v, 2a and 12v, 1.5a.) usb-c pd 3.1 does not appear to support 12v, and when connected to the hub, the hub and the anker can’t seem to negotiate an 18w charging rate at 9v. However, when i connect the hub to the anker’s usb-a port using the supplied dji cable all is well and the hub charges at 18w.
Some users have panicked over the usb-a port showing 0.1a with no load connected. Anker explains this on their support page (which takes some digging to find). 1. Make sure trickle charge mode is off (tap the button twice). 2. Wait two minutes after disconnecting a load from the usb-a port. 3. Relax.
Some users have experienced less than expected charging rates. Not all usb cables are created equal. (in fact, back in the early days of usb-c there were some cables that didn’t meet the standard and were risky to use.) make sure your cable supports the rate your device requires. I bought a six foot, 140w anker cable to go along with the 737. That, plus the cable supplied with the 737, should meet all my needs.

5Expert Score
Beast of power bank for laptop owners!(owned for almost 4 months) update

The main reason for purchasing this is to charge my m1 macbook pro and 2017 12.9 inch ipad pro simultaneously. When i originally got the power bank i charged it back up to full capacity. I ran into a few minor issues with the charging of my ipad pro in terms of speed but it has calmed down as of late. I’ve run quite a few tests to see what it’s capable of. Update

anker 737 test results

charge iphone xr, 2017 12.9 ipad pro, m1 macbook pro:

iphone xr: 78%
ipad pro: 58%
macbook pro: 70%

recharge speed on ravpower 90watt 2 port charger:

10 minutes: 18.72%
20 minutes: 35.17%
30 minutes: 51.05%
40 minutes: 66.35%
50 minutes: 81.17%
1 hour: 96.37%
finish at: 1:03:18

charging macbook pro:
finish at: 100%
remaining capacity: 23%

charging ipad pro and macbook pro:
ipad pro: 49%
macbook pro: 78%

charging iphone xr and ipad pro:
iphone xr: 100%
ipad pro: 100%
remaining capacity: 42%

charging macbook pro after 80 percent charge on anker 737:
macbook pro: 93%

charging anker 737 after 35 minutes and charging ipad pro:
anker 737: 62%
ipad pro: 100%
remaining capacity: 13%

charging anker 737 after 25 minutes and charging nintendo switch:
anker 737: 45%
nintendo switch: 100%
remaining capacity: 17%

charging macbook pro after 50 minute charge on anker 737:
anker 737: 84%
macbook pro: 100%
remaining capacity: 12%

charging iphone xr and macbook pro:
iphone xr: 98%
macbook pro: 94%

charging iphone xr, nintendo switch, and macbook pro:
iphone xr: 92%
nintendo switch: 70%
macbook pro: 86%

charging iphone xr, nintendo switch, and ipad pro:
iphone xr: 100%
nintendo switch: 100%
ipad pro: 100%
remaining capacity: 2%

charging macbook pro and docked mode switch:
macbook pro: yes
docked mode switch: no

charge power bank for 10 minutes:
iphone xr: 86%

charge power bank for 20 minutes:
nintendo switch: 88%

charge power bank for 30 minutes:
ipad pro: 81%

charge power bank for 40 minutes:
macbook pro: 84%

anker 737 powerbank switch dock + phone test:

anker 737 percentage used: 36%
anker 737 percentage remaining: 64%
time spent charging iphone xr to full: 1: 1:53:28

switch dock time when using anker 737: 6:11:37

pass through charging test:

5 minutes: anker 737 10.97% iphone xr 10%
10 minutes: anker 737 20.93% iphone xr 16%
15 minutes: anker 737 30.38% iphone xr 23%
20 minutes: anker 737 39.66% iphone xr 29%
25 minutes: anker 737 48.76% iphone xr 36%
30 minutes: anker 737 57.64% iphone xr 43%
35 minutes: anker 737 66.39% iphone xr 50%
40 minutes: anker 737 74.98% iphone xr 57%
45 minutes: anker 737 83.35% iphone xr 63%
50 minutes: anker 737 91.64% iphone xr 69%
55 minutes: anker 737 97.55% iphone xr 75%
1 hour: anker 737 99.30% iphone xr 80%

when anker 737(just over an hour) is finished iphone xr 80%

it does come with a short 140 watt usb c cable to charge the power bank but it does not come with a wall charger to power it.

– recharges quickly with a 100 watt or higher charger(sold separately)
– recharges laptops at full speed and can trickle charge two high-end laptops
– smart display indicates tons of useful information such as battery percentage and wattage charging
– small enough to fit into a backpack

– expensive($149.99)
– doesn’t come with a wall charger
– occasionally has issues charging 2017 ipad pro

overall, if you have a high-end usb-c laptop such as the 16-inch macbook pro, this is the best choice to go for in the sub-$200 range. Your laptop will thank you later

5Expert Score
Fast charging, great charge details, super bulky

First impression is that it feels bulky even knowing the weight and dimensions – but i’m sure there was a reason for it’s shape. I used to put my other power bank and phone in my pocket while i needed immediate power, but not going to happen with this charger.

If you travel often and aren’t worried about an extra 1.5 lbs and you plan to use mostly while your device and power bank are on a table or in your bag, think this unit is great. Could also be used while carrying around, but i can’t see myself carrying this plugged into my phone fumbling through the airport – i’m bound to drop it.

I like the charging information on the device – actually shows you the speed it’s charging at (watts), the amount of time remaining to charge to 100%, and the temperature of the power bank. I didn’t buy it for that, but it’s nice to have and i did mess around to see if the numbers they quoted when charging once vs two devices is actually what i saw – they were. Could also test out some cords to see if they are better or worse than others. Chances are, if you’re buying this, you already know the power rating of your cords and have a dedicated pd usb c. I don’t have the pd 3.1 (think that’s what it’s called with 140w output), but had a cal digit thunderbolt 4 which is rated for 100w and i saw close to 100w charging with it on my iphone 12 pro max plugged in by itself.

Haven’t tried:
1. Traveling with it on a plane yet (not sure if this one is allowed – if it isn’t, i may have to return it)

2. Pass-through charging (charging power bank and personal device at same time) to see what the experience is cs what they claim

3. Looking up optimal way to recharge power bank. They don’t tell you on the page or the manual that comes with it, so will have to look it up. Like should you charge only when battery gets to certain level instead of topping it off. I know the rules for my iphone, but somehow, my battery life is still $hit, so who knows. They show some fancy graphics on advanced battery engineering, etc – i wish they would tell you, either “don’t worry about the battery health and when to charge or if you’re screwing it up bc we’ve figured it out” or “charge when at x% to fill battery most of the time and you’re good”. I’ll feel stupid if they clearly tell you this on their page so happy to revise it if it’s there.

Overall, happy with it. – will revise after travel and after a few months. Happy charging.

5Expert Score

This battery is probably overkill for most users, me included, but anker is just a great brand that i love folding their devices into my use patterns. This device will last for years if taken care of. Couple of things to keep in mind that folks may overlook or miss: to achieve 140w charging (to recharge this battery pack), you need a power brick that supplies that level of charge power. They include a cable with this device that is capable of charging at that speed, but not the brick. Also, not all devices can be charged at 140w, so don’t expect, for example, to charge your iphone at 140w. This device will be able to detect what level your device can be charged at and get after it. I achieve around 38w charging using this brick to recharge my m1 ipad pro. This power bank is heavy, so don’t expect to throw it in your pocket and have that work for you. It is a beast. I use it to charge my iphone 14 pro max, m1 ipad pro, ipad air 4, as well as my wife’s phone and daughter’s phone and love it. I still travel with other recharging options that are more portable, but this is great for airplane travel or if you are on the road. I would suggest that for most users who are not high traveling power users with laptops in tow, you can probably find a more affordable power back option from anker that will suit your needs. My opinion, this is a splurge item more suited for traveling laptop power users.

5Expert Score
Fast charging and huge capacity

I purchased and tested both the anker 737 and the shargeek storm2 slim. All tests were done using either the provided usb-c to usb-c cable or an official cable that came with the device. I plugged in the devices and waited 60 seconds for the charge rate to settle before recording the listed wattage.

Being charged via a 140w apple laptop charger (at 50% battery):
– shargeek via usb-c: 65w (max rate)
– anker via usb-c: 120w (near max)

charging my m1 macbook pro (at 50% battery):
– shargeek via usb-c: 91w
– anker via usb-c: 95w
– shargeek via usb-c to magsafe: 58w
– anker via usb-c to magsafe: 111w

charging my iphone 12 mini (at 30% battery):
– shargeek via usb-c to lightning: 11w
– anker via usb-c to lightning: 10w
– shargeek via usb-a to lightning: 11w
– anker via usb-a to lightning: 10w
results are close enough that i consider them equivalent. Note i was not able to get my iphone to fast charge at a supposed 20w with any charger i own but the results are included anyways.

Charging my airpods 3 (at 20% battery):
– shargeek via usb-c to lightning: 2w
– anker via usb-c to lightning: 2w

– shargeek has 1x c and 1x a
– anker has 2x c and 1x a

– the shargeek screen looks fantastic with extremely detailed information about both voltage and amperage draw. Holding down the button lets you access additional information such as individual battery cell voltage and change some settings. My largest complaint is the input section is always displayed even when not being charged leaving only a single area that you can cycle between usb-a and usb-c charge information when both are being used. The screen also has a timer that appears to only ever count up power on time; a statistic i find quite useless.
– anker screen is extremely minimal displaying each plugs wattage and a timer showing you estimated time until fully discharged or charged. While compared to the shargeek the information is minimal being able to see the wattage of every port and a functional battery life timer wins it for me.

– anker: $100 (black friday)
– shargeek: $140 (black friday)

– anker 24ah – 6x internal batteries (4ah 21.6v / 86.4wh)
– shargeek 20ah – 4x internal batteries (5ah 14.4v / 72wh)

in summary i decided on the anker due to the ~30% lower price, 20% higher capacity, almost double charge rate, and higher discharge rate.

5Expert Score
This is a very good power bank to have.

My laptop’s battery was dead and i didn’t find an original battery for replacement.

I can power my 70-watt laptop for several hours with this power bank. The laptop detects it as if a power cord is being connected. Note: if you need to charge this power bank, i recommend having a power adapter that can deliver 60 watts or more. By doing so, you don’t have to wait so long for this power bank to be charged back to 100%.

I connected two samsung galaxy s’ (i don’t like to disclose the specific model) at the same time to this power bank and it was able to deliver a super-fast charge to both. With a single charge, i charged the two phones twice from 10% to 100%. (you can be sure this will charge one of them at least four times with a single charge)

i’m using this for two weeks or more.

I’ll try to update this review after three months of usage.

5Expert Score
Awesome display, fast charging, and passthrough charging. Love it!

I’ve had a few anker power banks, i absolutely love this one. The screen is so satisfying and useful! I can use it to rate my multitude of loose usb c cables.

140w in and out is more than enough for anything. Fully charges my power bank in one hour (using apple 140w wall charger).

Pass-through charging is back! Fully functional. I didn’t know this was actually a feature. They removed it in previous banks because it destroyed battery life, but i think this bank is smart enough to do it right (at least, it seems like it based on the display).

A lot of answers are conflicted about this. Let me be clear. I can charge my 737 power bank in c1 at the same time as it charges a device through c2. Both charge at the same time. I don’t think the charge is literally ‘passing through’ the battery, just intelligently directing the input to two different places (bank and device)

5Expert Score
Very nice power bank – read review to dispel some misinformation

My main purpose with this review is to dispel some of the flat out wrong responses from some individuals to questions that were posted by other amazon customers and to provide some details i have not seen anyone else report.

Q1: does this power bank support pass thru charging?
A1: yes! It absolutely does. You may see charging stop for just a few seconds as the power bank figures out the changes after another device is plugged in, but charging will continue within a few seconds while power is supplied to any attached device(s) at the same time.

Q2: if this power bank is capable of supplying 140 watts of power, why is it showing my phone, laptop, or other device only drawing xx watts?
A2: just because the power back can deliver 140 watts total, this doesn’t mean that the device that you plugged into the power bank can draw that much power. As an example, your city water main can probably deliver hundreds of gallons of water per second, but that doesn’t mean that the faucet in your house is going to be able to dispense that much water.

Q3: does the power bank come with a usb cable?
A3: curiously, i have seen customers respond that there is no cable included with the power bank. In actuality, there is both a carrying pouch and a usb-c to usb-c cable included in the package. Note that these are located below the plastic tray in which the power bank is located so make sure to lift up this tray!

The usb-c cable that is included is one of the new pd 3.1 capable cables that is able to supply 140w of power. Note: pd 3.1 allows for up to 240w with the correct equipment and cables. Note that in order to deliver 140w you must use pd 3.1 capable cables rated at 140 w (or higher). The included cable has a length of 0.6m (approximately 2 feet).

Other comments

the fit and finish of this device is top notch. The display is very cleanly laid out and easy to read. Operation is exceptionally simple with only a single button to deal with. Oh yes, that button also has a very satisfying sound and feel when clicked.

I have observed one oddity: i have an hp laptop (spectre x360 15-bl012dx) that does not work with this power bank if i use a 100w capable usb-c cable. However, if i use a 65w cable, it works just fine. This seems backward to me – i would think that a cable with a higher capability would work at least as well as a lessor cable, but that is not the case with this one laptop. The point is simply that if you have difficulty with one cable, make sure to try other cables.

5Expert Score
Finally the ideal power bank

Bought this to replace my old anker 10,000 mah power bank. Forever i have longed for a power bank that can do it all. This is that power bank. I use my 65w usb-c charger, and it charges this thing back up in about 2-3 hours from empty. I use this to power my laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Using this with my lenovo x13, i can extend my battery life on performance mode by about 4-5 hours. I love that the display shows how much power the unit is taking or putting out. It also gives an estimate of how long until the power bank is empty or until it is fully charged. It also included a nice soft carrying bag and pd cable.

The only con is that the unit itself is heavy and kind of chunky. It is not slim by any means. I would compare it in size/volume to a 16 oz can. It also does not include a charging brick, but honestly i’m glad it didn’t. I have two pd chargers (a 65w and 20w). For the first time in my life that’s all i need, and i’m happy not to add to that. It’s also pretty expensive for a power bank, but i’m so happy with it that i can’t say that anker is wrong for charging this price. If you’re thinking about it, just buy it.

5Expert Score
Best portable charger i have ever owned

This is the best charger i have ever owned, i have tried different portable chargers in the past and i never get plug in the wall charging speeds. This thing charges fast and supports super charging. The charger is a little bulky but the use of this charger really makes up for it. I love how you can use the switch and not worry about the battery slowly dying . This also charges my girlfriends mac book pro so we don’t have to worry about traveling and having to find a place to plug her computer..if you are thinking of getting a external charger, this one is definitely worth getting

4Expert Score
Needs a fast charger

I bought this for myself as a new toy for christmas. I often carry a power bank with me to keep my ipad pro charged away from home. I don’t need the fastest charging that this unit is capable of, not even the household laptops draw 140w, but it does charge lower power things fast compared to other power banks i have tried. It’s nice to have the ability to charge a laptop too. The only thing i don’t like is how slow this brick is to charge. I hadn’t really considered that before buying this. I tried my husband’s laptop charger which does 90w and got 50w charging. I guess i’ll have to shell out for the hundred dollar 140w anker charger if i want the fast re-charging. Otherwise it takes forever.

4Expert Score
A little heavy, but powers all my devices without any complaints.

I mainly purchased this as it supports usb-c pd w/pps so supports superfast and superfast 2.0 charging with my samsung s22 ultra, note 20 ultra 5g and note 10+.

Its a little heavier and bigger compared to my older anker powercore speed 20000. But it has enough wattage to charge my laptops, and my phones. It can charge multiple devices at the same time.

The on screen display is nice to see the power remaining, how its charging things, as well as how long is left to recharge it.

The size and weight are the only reasons i knocked a star off.

4Expert Score
Anker does it again

When i find a brand that works, i tend to keep coming back. Anker has been a brand that i’ve trusted with my portable chargers to my security cameras. This is a beast, it charges my iphone 13 pro max fast and multiple times before needing to recharging. The price is high but again you get what you pay for. Take my money anker!

4Expert Score
Probably one of the most advanced portable chargers as of october 2022

Anker 737 power bank is probably one of the most advanced chargers available as of october 2022. This thing can fast charge any of the newer devices that support pd 3.0 specs. You can even fast charge the charger itself! As seen in my screenshots #1, i used a baseus 65w charger and it charge at about 36w. I used another baseus 100w gan charger, and it got up to 61w (screenshot #2).

Pressing the display button will give you charger statistics (screenshot #3). This feature sets anker 737 apart from other 100w portable chargers.

Charging my gadgets works as well as my baseus 100w gan charger. As you can see from screenshot #4 and #5, i was able to charge up to around 40w to my galaxy tab s7 ultra, and 78w to my wife’s macbook pro.

Screenshot #6 shows anker 737 charging 3 devices at once, galaxy tab s7 ultra, galaxy s22 ultra, and galaxy watch 4.

pro: the display with interesting statistics. Mini-xbox form factor so it lay flat or stand vertically. Can fast charge 2 usb-c outputs at the same time. Can fast charge the charger itself.

Con: weight of 1 pound 6 oz is quite substantial compared to traditional chargers. Price of this charger. You can get other 100w portable chargers on sale for between $50 to $75. I would not buy this charger at the list price of $150, i got it at $99 which i was already debating whether it is worth the extra $50. I guess we pay that extra $50 for the nice display.

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Probably one of the best faa approved battery banks

If you are looking for a large battery bank that can still be carried on flights, this is the one. I first thought the screen is a gimmick but it’s actually very useful when wanting to know if a device is receiving a proper charge. Also found that the battery health + temperature is excellent information. Overall the screen is not a deal breaker but a great feature nonetheless. Battery capacity and charging speeds are absolutely mind-blowing for a battery bank but be sure to read the fine print if you are expecting to get that maximum 140w. Regardless, even 100w output is more than enough for your devices.

Now for the negatives, which i think are more like nitpicks. First, anker advertises the trickle mode feature for small devices like smart watches or earpods. However, i found that it doesn’t really work and ends up just outputting the maximum speed most of the time. Second, it is a bit hefty which is expected for its battery size. Would really only recommend it if you frequently need to charge a laptop or tablet. If it’s just for your phone/earpods, it’s probably too big for your liking. Last nitpick, i would have liked it if there was a way to adjust the brightness of the screen. It’s fine in a dim room but trying to read it outside in the sun is nearly impossible and you’ll need to cover it with your hand.

If in the future, anker can address these nitpicks then it would easily be a 5 star, but as of now, i believe a 4.5 stars is most fitting.

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Easily exceeded 140w with macbook pro 16 2021

2021 mbp 16 inch 8tb 64 gb ram with apple tb cable and apple brick — was easily able to charge this pack out of the box from ~26% up to 100% in about 30 minutes.

I waited to get the mbp down to 10% when the low battery alarm pops up. The anker pack was able to get 141+ watts using the apple mpb cable. It went from 100% to 0% in about 45 minutes and charged the mpb from 10% to 70%. Anker did not even sweat.

I want to also mention the mbp was powering up a 2nd 15 inch oled 4k monitor as a 2nd display, during this entire time. That display is also energy hungry because it can drain the mbp battery down over time than if the mpb is not powering it. I kept this setup this way because this is my special use case. Likely would have gotten more battery charge into the mbp sans monitor, but again, i wanted to test this with my setup.

This was an impulse purchase because i like new tech toys, but will have this in my utility bag to use with all my other ‘on the go’ tech toys.

Would recommend this to someone who needs a powerful pack on the go.

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Passthrough charging warning!

Pass through charging does not work unless your wall charger is capable of charging the device on it’s own!…
If you have a laptop that does not charge at 65w but does charge at 100w.
And you have a wall charger that charges at 65w.
You cannot charge the laptop via passthrough.
Only if you connect the battery directly to the laptop and not the wall charger, will it charge. If you connect both, nothing happens actually. It’s quite surprising, cause at the very least the battery should charge…
Why? I have no idea. I would have expected the battery bank to charge the laptop… And take what it can from the wall charger. Slowly dwindling if necessary. Nope.
Aside from that very important caveat… It is a swell device. Having the display is actually great. I was leery about paying so much for a battery that isn’t 100wh (max for tsa flying). I actually almost took away a star for the device not being 100wh. But it works so well except for the passthrough issue that i am only taking 1 star away. Truly a great device.

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Dell xps 15 9510 – charges but 'slow'

Really like it, and will keep, but doesn’t charge the xps at full speed. Observed ~80w charging (xps is 130w). Fully configured, 64g ram, dual nvme drives, oled, etc. Ymmv of course.

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Doesn't actually charge with >60w?

When charging the power bank itself, it seems to deliver ~90w, which means the power bank gets charged in just 1-2h. That’s really great! But unlike a wall socket charger, it won’t charge my macbook pro at >58.7w according to the on-device screen, even under high power consumption. Not sure what’s up with that.

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Great unit nice and solid feel like the info on the display. Works on everything i have charged with it, including my laptop. For as heavy as it is i would think it my laptop which only requires a 60-watt power supply would discharge slower than it does. I will be doing more testing with it.

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