Anykit USB Otoscope for PC & Android Device(NOT for iPhone/iPad), Ultra Clear View Ear Camera with Ear Wax Removal Tool, Waterproof Ear Scope Endoscope with LED Lights, Ear Cleaning Spoons

Anykit USB Otoscope for PC & Android Device(NOT for iPhone/iPad), Ultra Clear View Ear Camera with Ear Wax Removal Tool, Waterproof Ear Scope Endoscope with LED Lights, Ear Cleaning Spoons : Anykit USB Otoscope for PC & Android Device(NOT for iPhone/iPad), Ultra Clear View Ear Camera with Ear Wax Removal Tool, Waterproof Ear Scope Endoscope with LED Lights, Ear Cleaning Spoons : Electronics

What are anykit usb otoscope for pc & android devicenot for iphone/ipad features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Perfect earwax removal tools – this earwax removal kit is a ear cleaning camera with hd ultra clear view. This ear camera and wax remover will help you easily locate ear wax and remove them.
  • Hd ultra clear view – 720p 1.3mp high quality lens with color reproduction techonology. This ear cleaning camera provids user clearer image.
  • Plug and play ear camera-the diameter of this otoscope is only 0.17inch, allows easy entry to ear canal to examine eardrum.
  • Android, macbook, windows pc compatible – not for iphone, ipad. Android 4.5+ devices (support otg & uvc function), usb-a, micro-usb, usb-c supported.
  • Better lighting for better images – 6 led lights for better and more realistic images.
  • Comfortable and safe – the improved soft silicone ear wax removal tool protect your ear get hurt.
  • Take picture and video recording – this ear camera support take picture and video recoding on your device via app, you can save photos videos, and send toyour doctors for a quick and easy professional consultation.
  • What’s in the box: anykit digital otoscope, type-c adapter, 3x ear specula, 4x ear spoons. Please kindly notice this usb otoscope do not support iphone or ipad.
  • Warning! Do not use this product if you have any existing ear, mouth, nose problems or diseases. Please use the earcap if you use this product in ear usb otoscope come with the usb and micro-usb in one head, and a usb to type-c adapter in the box.
  • Warning! This is not a toy, keep the product away from children under 12 years old.
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Anykit USB Otoscope for PC & Android Device(NOT for iPhone/iPad), Ultra Clear View Ear Camera with Ear Wax Removal Tool, Waterproof Ear Scope Endoscope with LED Lights, Ear Cleaning Spoons AMAZON : Anykit USB Otoscope for PC & Android Device(NOT for iPhone/iPad), Ultra Clear View Ear Camera with Ear Wax Removal Tool, Waterproof Ear Scope Endoscope with LED Lights, Ear Cleaning Spoons : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

What’s the diameter of the camera tip?

Diameter:4.3 mm(0.169 inch)

What is required if i wanna make it work on macbook os 10+??

For macbook osx 10.6+:
please run the mac’s own software:photo booth or quick timeplayer.
You just need to switch the camera app to use your otoscope camera . Look for the change camera button at the top-left or top-right of the screen. If it doesn’t appear, you can also try right-clicking in the app and looking for change camera.

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Would i be able to identify an ear infection with this one?

You might be able to identify inflammation or irritation but you can’t see an infection if you don’t know what you are looking for. You also can’t see individual bacteria or very small number of them. Seeing it with this doesn’t give you the ability to prescribe medicine for it. Go to the dr.

What resolution does this endoscope record video?

you can choose the resolution in the app, 640*320 or 1280*720
if you have any other question, please feel free to contact us via amazon or

Will this work with iphone xs?

No, ios system do not support this usb otoscope.
If you need a otoscope work with your iphone, please refer asin: b07kpw7qhw

Will this work with galaxy note 10?

This was suppose to work with my g7 but didnt. So i cant say with a note. I did get my money back with no problem. Thanks amazon!

The camera is on but it does not show anything on my screen

For windows 7/8/10: please download [endoscope camera] or [amcap] from google or follow the link in the user manual.
For win10 system you can also run with the [windows camera]: search your computer for ‘ camera ‘ and open it.
You just need to switch the camera app to use your otoscope camera . Look for the change camera button at the top-left or top-right of the screen. If it doesn’t appear, you can also try right-clicking in the app and looking for change camera.

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Can this show ear mites in dogs and cats?

Please send more details about your problem to support @ anykit . Com, or call 877-888-7979 for help. We will help you solve the problem.
Here are some tips for your reference:(all the app are free)
this usb ear camera compatible with windows and mac computers, and with android phones and tablets. It is not compatible with iphone and ipad devices.

For your android phone, please try with [endoscope camera] or [usb camera]
for some android devices,if there is nothing in the preview area, please go into android settings | permissions | storage permissions | and enable this camera.

For macbook osx 10.06+: please run the mac’s own software:[photo booth] or [quicktime player].
Atttion!!! If your macbook is not the newest 10.15 system, it may not recognize the camera, please update your system or contact us for update firmware.
You just need to switch the camera app to use your otoscope camera . Look for the change camera button at the top-left or top-right of the screen. If it doesn’t appear, you can also try right-clicking in the app and looking for change camera.

For windows 7/8/10: please download [endoscope camera] or [amcap] from google or follow the link in the user manual.
For win10 system you can also run with the [windows camera]: search your computer for ‘ camera ‘ and open it.
You just need to switch the camera app to use your otoscope camera . Look for the change camera button at the top-left or top-right of the screen. If it doesn’t appear, you can also try right-clicking in the app and looking for change camera.

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Can i fit the camera and a tool to remove wax at the same time?

Yes my wife uses the tool included with the camera to scoop unwanted wax seen via the camera.

Are these sturdy, good quality?

Not having had one before, can’t compare. However, for the price, it has fair pic quality, gets the job done, learning curve to get in focus with amount of light depending on what you are looking at… Ear, mouth, sliver on finger, etc. Not same quality as welch allyn (professional), but that’s comparing apples to oranges.

Will this work with a galaxy 9s ? Thank you for any help you can give .

This will work with a galaxy s9, but you may need to adjust the usb settings of the phone. I had to do the same. If you open your phone keypad and type: *#0808# then you will see a menu where you can modify the default settings of the usb chip in the phone. I selected mtp + adb and once i saved that setting by selecting ok, then the camera worked fine with my galaxy s9.

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Will this work on a google pixel 3a xl?

Plan to use this with a computer.
I have a pixel 4xl, running on android 11. I have tried several usb camera apps, including camerafi, with the same result. After allowing the app to use the camera, my phone will freeze and restart every time.

Are replacement ear cleaning picks available?

I lost mine it would be nice to get a clear answer. Can you get replacement earwax removal tools? I emailed no answer so i will advise people against buying this.

How do i get this to work on our mac computer. I have gone to photo booth and clicked on “hd vision” that’s all that came up.

I thought there was a caution about working with mac

Is this ok for use in your nasal cavity and sinuses?

It’s okay also but always be careful extending it inside the nostrils

Why do i have to give the downloaded app permission to make and manage phone calls and also my location to ne able to usetthisdevice!? I will be retu

There is no reason that they should need this information

Does it have a light to look into the ear?

Yes and a camera to see into the ear

How do we resolve the black screen issue? None of 6 different apps worked on my samsung s9.

You can download the app follow the link:
endoscope camera :
endoscope hd camera :
usb camera
if there’s any question, please feel free to contact us via, anykit team here will always offer you best supports

Can you see inside your own ears?

It doesn’t work i’ve tryed all sort of phones computers it don’t work it turn on but that it the rest is a black screen

Can you use it for cystoscopy????

You can use it for anything you want to see up close in hd!

Anykit USB Otoscope for PC & Android Device(NOT for iPhone/iPad), Ultra Clear View Ear Camera with Ear Wax Removal Tool, Waterproof Ear Scope Endoscope with LED Lights, Ear Cleaning Spoons AMAZON : Anykit USB Otoscope for PC & Android Device(NOT for iPhone/iPad), Ultra Clear View Ear Camera with Ear Wax Removal Tool, Waterproof Ear Scope Endoscope with LED Lights, Ear Cleaning Spoons : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Superb quality instrument, it works and can deliver results just like visit to an ear doctor

I have to say, i am blown away by this little piece of tech, so reasonably priced that delivers to you, in home, the ability to look inside ur ear and remove otherwise impossible to reach wax..
Maybe most of the buyers just want to check whats going on in the ear and for that, this gives an image every bit as good as the ear doctor could…its crystal clear and at 720p, really you dont need any higher rez to see ur ear and the wax as clear as day… In my case, i had impacted wax, 5 yrs worth at least with the eardrum sealed behind a wall of wax.. It was that bad! In the past, i had the good fortune of having a friend who was a hear aid doctor and he had a machine that gave results and images just like this little consumer item..of course his was a pro machine and probably cost more than u could imagine… He used to go in there, with that scope, and use an attachment scoop just like what u get in the kit matter of fact, his image was black and white,while this one here is color.. He would scoop out that wax and i was always so grateful to have someone who could get it out… Sadly, he gave up the business and thats why i had yrs worth of wax built up… This tool is incredible! 2 important and vital bits of advice.. You can wreck ur eardrum if u arent exceedingly careful, patient and prescise…you cannot rush! Dont try to grab a huge amount in a few tries! Take ur time..
I had a complete wall of wax right in from of the drum an it was sealed….i picked away at it over 45mins -an hr just scooping alille bit each time till finally, the ear drum showed itself at the top of a wall of wax.. I then gradually lowered that wall till it was completely gone..
My other ear had a wall only 1/4 as high and wasnt sealed.. That one was easy..the other advice is orient the hand held light so that the image u see is upright and then , rotate just the tip so the scoop is grabbing down and the main image is still oriented correctly…now keep that orientation and enter the ear very slowly as u move twords the may take alittle time to get a feel of where that scoop tip is so go slow ! With practice u can come right up on the wax and chip away at it scooping down and then gently pulling it out very slowly or else u will loose the wax from the scoop… Thats it! Love that a tool like this made its way into the consumer market at an affordable price…be careful though, this is not a toy and not for anyone who is impatient or hamfisted or can easily puncture ur eardrum so be warned! This is no fault of the tool, even the pro doctor was ofter reluctant to scoop wax that was too close to the drum… If ur just using the black cone though, its 100% safe and will not touch the eardrum…. I cannot recommend this earscope enough…
Enough…lastly, iused mine with a windows 10 soon as i plugged it in , the driver installed and it lit up..however, some software is also needed.. I used as recommended in the instructions a software ,free and found with google.. Search for amcap.. This tool is also fantastic for viewing teeth..use without a tip to see super clear views of fillings,gums,cavities.. Hope this helps

5Expert Score
1st aid kit necessity!

This periscope produces a very clear image of the ear and the canal. One of my sons decided to look up his nose also just to see what it looks like and that was pretty clear to. I purchased this otoscope because my daughter has a history of ear infections. I had taken her to a minute clinic because of a stabbing ear pain and the doctor told us that it may be infected a little bit and he prescribed her a weak anabiotic. I told the doctor that this anabiotic had never worked for her and that we had spent an entire year treating an ear infection at one time. That did not matter to him. My daughter went home took the medicine and the air it got worse. I have a medical background and because of six kids and the specialist we spent a time with, i know to be careful and what i am looking with.
I hooked the camera up to my laptop which gave me a very large image of what we were looking at and my daughter had a very red very cloudy eardrum so we knew we were dealing with a decent ear infection. I took her back to our specialist and we got it taken care of. My daughter-in-law came for a very quick visit and when she got there off of the airplane her ear was throbbing and she was in tears. She didn’t want to go to a doctor she didn’t think it was a big deal so i told her to let me take a look at it so we knew what was going on . We looked at her ear and the ear canal was very very red there was a lot of pus and blisters which i had never seen before. We took her directly to the doctor got her prescription taken care of and she was feeling better before she went home. It’s just hard to trust any more doctors that you don’t know and for the most part it seems like you don’t see one doctor you get shipped around between plenty of them who don’t know what’s going on . This otoscope works very well the picture is very clear you are given tips for it that you can sterilize and use again and also little scoops in case you need to get large amounts of earwax out. I would suggest that you only use it with a child if you’re holding it. If an adult needs to use it i would have them hold themselves and directed whatever direction they need themselves because they can feel where is going or if they feel any pain so that there’s no issue with going too far into the eardrum. I am thankful for tools like this that save us money and visit to a doctor so that we know what’s going on and can get the care we need.
For the small price, it is a lot of tool!

5Expert Score
Exactly what i wanted

I was getting a strange rustling sound in my left ear whenever i would make certain head movements (such as yawning), it would come and go but when it was there it would sometimes last for weeks. While i was at my doctor doing a comprehensive physical, i mentioned the issue to him, but he wasn’t able to find anything. I suspected perhaps a loose piece of hair was stuck in there. So, after seeing an ad for ear cameras, it occurred to me that i could use one. Doing a ton of research on amazon, i eventually settled on this one from anykit.

My criteria was fairly straightforward… I mainly wanted the camera function (i didn’t care much about the cleaning earwax part), and ideally i wanted something that didn’t require additional software download (i’m an it guy and always dislike installing unnecessary software whenever possible, especially for fear of malicious programs). The platform didn’t matter much, as i could utilize most anything… Pc, ios, or android. A resolution of 1080 would be ideal, but i was ok with 720, and of course cheaper is always better.

Once i got the item, (as i imagined it) i simply plug it in via the usb port, pull up the camera program that’s part of windows 10, change the camera from the default laptop webcam to the ear camera (by pressing the camera flip, this was the only slightly tricky thing that took me a bit of time to figure out), and it started working. The camera was very clear, and the light properly illuminated what i wanted to see.

As i had hoped, i was able to find a very odd piece of hair sort of stuck pretty deep within my left ear, and i took a picture to be able to show my doctor. As a bonus, i was also able to see a bit of earwax in both ears that i ended up being able to pick out with the pick attachment.

For people that choose to buy something like this to clean their own ears (not just this product, but any ear camera), i highly suggest you be super slow and careful, as you can really do damage if you’re not. Anything too tricky or deep, i suggest going to an ear doctor to let them help you out. For this particular item, using the black cone-shaped attachment is very safe as you can’t go too deep with it (however it obviously only allows you to take pictures), but using any of the pick attachments becomes quite dangerous and tricky if you’re not extremely slow and careful.

I also had read some of the negative reviews of this particular ear camera, and though some of them are valid and/or true (for instance the camera is somehow inverted to your movements which makes careful navigation extremely tricky and hence you need to be super slow), overall this item if simply used as an ear camera and nothing else, is extremely solid and awesome. Add the low price and simple ‘installation’, and this is a real winner!

5Expert Score
Pays for itself with 1 use, easy and fun to use

my wife’s been complaining about weird noises in her ear. We first went to a doctor, who confirmed seeing ‘some sort of infection’ and prescribed oral antibiotics and corticosteroid eardrops (which can potentially destroy your hearing, by the way, not that he told us). After the meds were used up, she felt a lot better, but the next week, she started feeling weird again. So we waited another week and then went to the clinic a second time. This time, he couldn’t really see anything wrong and told us to come back if things worsened. Well, it didn’t worsen but it didn’t get better, either. So we were sort of left to decide whether we wanted to risk wasting more money on a visit that led to nothing, or her hearing. I came over to amazon to see how much otoscopes cost, decided we wouldn’t need a $500 device, and bought this.

well, folks, my whole family likes this little otoscope, and it sure paid for itself.

It was an absolute breeze to install, has adjustable brightness, and is decently safe to use with a decently clear picture. Just know that it has a fixed focus, so it will only focus properly at a fixed distance to whatever you’re trying to see.

We plugged it in to my win10 laptop, which automatically recognized it as a camera and installed all the drivers on its own. Didn’t need to download shady drivers from shady websites. Opened up the default camera app on win10, and boom! The screen displayed my face as viewed from the laptop’s webcam. Luckily, we found a little icon on the camera app that switches you over to the next camera you have, and that happened to be this otoscope. So that was all we needed to do to get set up. Plug in, wait, open camera app, click little icon that changes the active camera.

Everyone in my family took turns looking at their eardrums, nostrils, eyes…. Haha, it was pretty fun. But we did find some weird yellow stuff in my wife’s ear, and since you can take pictures or record video straight from win10’s default camera app that we already had running, she took a few shots, sent the files over to her friend’s husband who happened to be a doc, and he told us it’s probably dried pus from the previous infection. We bought an ear cleaning kit at the pharmacy for 5 bucks and that took care of the problem within a few days.

If your room temperature is 75 degrees like ours, the camera can start getting warm pretty quick on max brightness. Since max brightness also washes out the picture a lot of the time, just turn it down to half and make adjustments from there. It’ll be plenty clear enough once you get the hang of it.

it’s cheap, it’s decent quality, absolutely a breeze to set up. Most likely plenty good enough for almost anyone that just wants to get an idea of things before risking medical bills. We like it!

5Expert Score
This is really cool.

Really neat invention. Best investment i made. I always feel like something is in my ear & when i tried this the first time it solidified it was my hair tickling me. Wax kit is cool. Very good for a medical student.

5Expert Score
Great product for it's price. Does what it is meant to do

I used it to see if i accidentally left a piece of cotton in my ear from the cotton swab. Lol. I was surprised with how many adapters they sent. They have a convertible usb plug for usb-a, usb-c so it can go straight into a computer that has the ports, and they send a little usb c fob for the android phones. No iphone compatibility which is fine. Comes with little alcohol packets and different size clear tips. I plugged it into my laptop and opened the windows 10 camera app. It installs the drivers automatically. I wasn’t sure how to switch from my laptop camera to the usb endoscope. Then i figured it out by pressing the settings gear. Gets a little warm cause of the bright light no biggy. Once done with that i went into my ear. It’s a little difficult to do by yourself because you have to figure out the orientation and most of the time you look right at a blurry wall of your ear in the beginning. It’s because you’re too close. You have to move your ear around and go in slowly, or have someone else do it for you since they are viewing the ear from the outside and can do things better. The video was crystal clear once i adjusted my ear a little and saw what’s inside. Nothing. Which was great! I have a problem where i build up too much wax and it blocks my ears. This can also cause ear infections which i suffered a lot from when i was younger. Like more than 10 ear infections a year. I’ve had the problem for years whenever i stop cleaning them with q-tips. I have experimented with or without q-tips. So i clean with 2 q-tips once a day not caring what anyone says and have ear infections like only once every 5-6 years most likely cause i would get sick from someone else. But yeah. This thing was great! Way better than what i expected. After i used it, i used it on my wife who never touches inside her ears. She had wax which is normal. Still went hunting though to remove it because she wanted me to. Lol. This product was great for the price. I saw another item almost just like it that has a dedicated screen for a slightly higher price but went with this one. Worked fine. Chose this one because it had like 2,000 reviews and amazon choice. Didn’t choose the dedicated video one with sd card because really how often are you going to use this product? Once used it’s a done deal. You might use it to get some laughs here and there for the kids once in a while. It’ll come in handy when it’s needed. Saves you a visit to the doctor which depending could be expensive. I’m pleased with this purchase.

5Expert Score
Works as advertised!

Got this for my husband for christmas; we’ve used it several times. Huddled around the computer together just last night to clean out both our ears—was disgusting but weirdly fun. Obviously it’s not super hd, it’s a tiny camera that fits in your ear, but it’s good enough you can see what’s going on in there which is super helpful.

5Expert Score
Shocked the doctor!

Used this camera to take a look at my wife’s eardrum after she mentioned she had occasional pain and hearing issues in one ear. Looking at the photo, we were concerned she may have had a perforated ear drum and scheduled an appointment with her primary care doctor to get a referral. When she provided the photo to her doctor, he was shocked at how clear the photo was for being done at home! The ent doctor was able to look at it as well and recommended she go in for a professional exam.

5Expert Score

My husband was having some ear pain, ordered this and the stuff that i saw was nasty. It definitely saved an expensive trip to the doctor.

5Expert Score
Man that was fun!

Fun tool! Worked very well. I highly recommend you plug it into your computer so you have a nice big monitor to see things. It was plug and play.

4Expert Score
Get this for your ears, not an endoscope…

Get a product like this for your ears, nose and throat and not an endoscope. I was recently cleaning out my ears with cotton swabs when i found a very tender, highly sore spot inside my right ear. It was too deep into my ear canal for my wife to see what was going on. I had previously had an endoscope camera and was trying to look into my ears one time and even though the camera tube was small, it wasn’t small enough for me to see deeper into my ear canal. Besides, it had umpteen feet of extra cabling that i did not need for this purpose. I purchased this product because it was supposed to be a 1-day delivery if i ordered within a certain time-frame which i did. No extra payment was required for shipping. It just happened to be an item that offered extra fast delivery. I did not receive it on the promised day, but i did receive it 2-days later. Anyway, hooking this device up to my windows 10 laptop was a breeze. I connected it to one of my available usb ports and then went to my camera app that was already already installed because i have a built in webcam. I had to flip a setting to switch to turn it off the internal laptop camera to the external otoscope device. After i did that, it showed up instantly on my screen. I did not use the black tips that came with it like the ones you see on regular otoscopes at a doctor’s office. Another reviewer suggested against it. Instead, i attached the pick device to the end of the very narrow camera. This type of camera will fit into your ears and that is why i would advise against getting a regular endoscope camera that has umpteen feet of cabling that you do not need. This camera fit nicely into my ear canal and i was able to see the problem for the pain in my ear which still continued several days later. I had a white pimple-like area that had become swollen and infected. I was able to scrape at it a slight bit with the ear pick attachment hoping to pop it open to relieve some of the pressure. I was able to do this and used some cotton swabs to absorb the fluid that came out. One thing that i must write is that the camera is not easy to navigate by yourself. You really need a second person that can guide it in gently and to have the camera facing in the right direction so that the image won’t be sideways or upside down on the screen. My wife was out of town at the time that i attempted this. Otherwise, i would have had her guide it in and look for me. I cannot say that the picture is high definition quality. You can see the image fairly clearly, but i certainly would not classify it as hd. Another thing to note is that everyone has tiny hairs inside their ear canal. Using the leds on full brightness will light up your hairs brightly causing a minor bit of obstruction of your view. I am unable to test it out on my phone because the included usb c adapter is too big to allow me to plug it into my galaxy note 9 phone with an otterbox defender case attached. Although it would be more convenient to be able to use my phone with this camera device, it is too much of an effort to remove the case off of my phone and then put back on. Keep this in mind. You may want to get one with a usb c cable that has a usb c to usb a adapter. My wife has a different case on her note 9, so when she gets back in town, i will try it out on her phone and report back if there are any issues connecting and viewing it on there. Overall, i am happy with my purchase. Unfortunately, i think the issue in my ear is something that a doctor must treat and not the pick attachment that came with this otoscope. As for the other attachments, i have not given them a try. I don’t see any use for the tweezer attachment to pick out wax from your inner ear because there is just no way to navigate it into your ear canal and cause it to clamp onto any clumps of wax debris. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t really a need for clearing out clogged ear wax. It was simply the need to see deeper inside my ear canal to find the source of the pain when i was trying to use a cotton swab to clean my ears. I can say that i was able to see my ear drum clearly and will try to take a picture to attach to this review at a later time. Just for the record, i was not compensated in any manner to write this review, nor did i receive the product free or at a discount.

4Expert Score
For the price, very handy.

For the price, very handy. My dog had black tarry wax build up due to an allergic reaction. He was a basset, so it was tricky to keep up with the treatments. The scope helped me check that it was all flushed out. Note– just be careful and don’t put the camera head too far in the ear. It won’t fit in the dog’s ear quite like it does in ours.

Compatibility and set-up with my laptop was easy too. Just check the specs.

4Expert Score
Easy to us

This was super helpful for cleaning my ears and using it on others as well. It was easy to plug into the and view it on your computer. At first it was a hard to use however it jus took some time to get used to the angle of the camera and how it moves.

4Expert Score
Works fine with imac desktop and macbook pro laptop, with macos monterey

This is my first experience with these things! Didn’t know they existed till now! I’ve tried the camera so far for realtime video with macs (macos) and it’s working fine. I’m on imac desktop with usb, and macbook pro laptop with the usb to usb-c adapter that came with this otoscope. Both macs are with macos monterey (2022). I tried it both in photobooth and quicktime. It was plug&play, no downloads needed. The supplied instructions tell you how to do it, and they’re short and simple for mac. The trick in both apps is just setting the camera source to be the otoscope (instructions tell you how). The picture is pretty good and bright. It has a fixed focal length of 1 inch, and i wish that were a little shorter, but they’re all like that i think. The stated resultion is ‘640×480 pixels, 1280×720 pixels’. I don’t know what that ambigous statement means! (maybe it’s one resolution for android and one for mac?) but bottom line is the image is pretty clear, you can even see little hairs clearly (at 1 inch), and so forth. It was responsive too, no annoying delays in the image as you moved it around. I think being wired helps the responsiveness.

Getting oriented takes a short practice – knowing whether you’re looking left / right / top bottom! A good trick is look at some text or the letters on the keyboard first – especially to get the top / bottom orientation of the camera. One odd thing – the image is left / right reversed. If you look at text or letters on the keyboard with it, they’re left / right reverse on the screen. Haven’t tried the earwax removal or the cone attachments.

By the way, as reminder, some reviews complain it doesn’t work on their iphones. The information for the product is very clear that it doesn’t. The mac computers are macos – that’s where it works. The iphones and ipads are ios – that’s where it doesn’t work.

4Expert Score
Great at home tool

This helped with removing wax build up on my child as well as checking for ear infections. It was tough to get used to the camera (shows backwards) but i got it after a few minutes. Works as it should.

4Expert Score
Flawless connection to pc

The image quality isn’t quite as good as some older otoscopes i’ve had. But it gets the job done, and i will give this otoscope major props for flawlessly connecting to a pc. No issues, just open up the camera application and there it is. You would think that is easy to get right but no, this is the best otoscope by far that i’ve ever had in terms of a well written driver.

4Expert Score
It works great!

This thing really helped me get relief from a problem in one of my ears. I was able to see the difference between each ear & see there was a tiny piece of cotton stuck in one for who knows how long!
But once i was able to get it out a lot of the irritation went away & it looked like old, dried out wax was in it too so i put peroxide in to soften it then used the scoop attachment to remove it.
I think i’m an (un)certified otologist now lol
it occasionally wouldn’t work or connect to my phone when i turned it on so i just had to uninstall the app & reinstall it and then it worked.
I’m so happy with this purchase, it’ll be very useful over time.
It came with alcohol wipes, several different attachments to see inside your ear & different types of connection bits for different types of phones. You can save videos & pictures to your phone, really neat purchase!

4Expert Score

From my experience with this, it works best with the scope black attachments. I think it needs that added to really get the clearest photo/video. I’ve used the little scoop attachments, but gonna be real, they’re a pain to try to figure out if you’re looking in your own ear while trying to decide if you’re going left, right, whatever via video. And the picture without the black scope attachments isn’t as clear as with, so you’re dealt a double frustrating whammy. I think the light is a bit too bright in some situations, and i’d like the option to dim it, but for what it is and how much it cost, i am a happy camper and would recommend it.

4Expert Score
Great to see inside your ears!

This product worked great to see the inside of the ears. The camera quality was good and was clear enough to see wax buildup.
I could not connect to my phone, which is a moto one 5g ace. I had to use a chromebook, and that worked well. The size, although small, was still a little large to fit comfortably in the ear.
Overall, for price and quality, i would recommend this product!

4Expert Score
Great product

I had an issue with the plug breaking. I contacted the seller and they responded right away. They shipped me a new plug. Great customer service. Great product for the price.

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