Apple 2021 MacBook Pro (14-inch, M1 Pro chip with 8‑core CPU and 14‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – Silver

Apple 2021 MacBook Pro (14-inch, M1 Pro chip with 8‑core CPU and 14‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – Silver

Buy Apple 2021 MacBook Pro (14-inch, M1 Pro chip with 8‑core CPU and 14‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – Silver: Laptop Replacement Parts – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are apple 2021 macbook pro 14-inch features?

  • Apple m1 pro or m1 max chip for a massive leap in cpu, gpu, and machine learning performance
  • Up to 10-core cpu delivers up to 3.7x faster performance to fly through pro workflows quicker than ever
  • Up to 32-core gpu with up to 13x faster performance for graphics-intensive apps and games
  • 16-core neural engine for up to 11x faster machine learning performance
  • Longer battery life, up to 17 hours
  • Up to 64gb of unified memory so everything you do is fast and fluid
  • Up to 8tb of superfast ssd storage launches apps and opens files in an instant
  • Stunning 14-inch liquid retina xdr display with extreme dynamic range and contrast ratio
  • 1080p facetime hd camera with advanced image signal processor for sharper video calls
  • Six-speaker sound system with force-cancelling woofers
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Apple 2021 MacBook Pro (14-inch, M1 Pro chip with 8‑core CPU and 14‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – Silver AMAZON

Buy Apple 2021 MacBook Pro (14-inch, M1 Pro chip with 8‑core CPU and 14‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – Silver: Laptop Replacement Parts – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

I want but if possible change 16gb to 32 gb ram?

You can’t change it later on it’s soldered in. However the ssd is so fast that swap memory makes the experience so it’s near as no difference. In benchmarks between the 16gb and 32 versions ranging from cinebench to 8k video editing the performance and time we’re minimal to non existent.

This listing has specs for many different models. What is the exact hardware for this mac?

I may be missing something here, but the listing clearly states: 2021 apple macbook pro (14-inch, apple m1 pro chip with 8‐core cpu and 14‐core gpu, 16gb ram, 512gb ssd). Even if this was not clear enough, the price and any macbook pro list of options should provide the exact same basic information.

I want but if possible change 16gb to 32 gb ram?

The 32 gig and 64 gig models seem to be limited in availability overall. Even ordering from apple seems to have a long wait. I don’t think 16 gig is enough for such an expensive computer which i would want to still be very usable five years from now.

Have any 4k monitor suggestions of this macbook pro? I’d like to make video/photo editing, dell, lg, innocn, asus, any good idea?

Honestly, i was extremely disappointed with this mac. It did not have enough memory to do any video editing. I was unable to get an m1 mac with enough ram due to supply shortages. I sent this back. However, i have found with mac, the best 4k monitor for the buck is the lg 27bl85u-w 27′ 16:9 hdr freesync 4k ips monitor. The new benq products stack up pretty well. I like the lg models because of freesync and the variety of hdr they can process.

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Any second monitor recommendations of this mbp?

Do a youtube search 🙂

Is the 512 gb memory enough for normal use or should i consider a 1 tb model?

Yes 512 gb is perfect for normal use. I am a video editor and 512 gb works fine for me. And you can also get an external ssd to backup data if needed

Which color scratches less?

There are articles online saying that scrapes and scratches are less visible on the silver (lighter color)….but that scuff marks are less noticeable on the space grey (darker color). I’d opt for the silver myself, since i get more scratches than scuffs on mine, but i still recommend also using a protective cover either way…in case you want to sell it someday!

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Can i select keyboard language?


How about the apple care warrenty period?

Apple care is purchasable directly on your device within 60 days or direct fro the seller like amazon here if sold by them, best buy or through apple stores with an inspection. They can be addressed for the coverage period of the apple care plan and through authorized dealers

Does it get too hot when rendering?

No it doesn’t

Does the 10 core come with the 67w usb-c power adapter of the 96w?

One tb model comes with 96 watt charger

Is the laptop worth the money?

Personally , it is worth the money i spent.

Please tell me which color macbook pro 14 of this model looks more advantageous?

That’s a personal decision

After the purchase is it possible to increase the ram ?

No it’s fixed memory and can not be changed

512 gb ssd and 32gb ram are not on sale?

The prices are as they list, you can’t force the retailers to make sales and if the price point is not on sale its probably due other factors (stock, components, or other retailers being price matched). The price is what you see on the site here.

Can you power charge the laptop by usb-c as well?

Yes. I usually don’t carry the magsafe charger with me when i travel. Instead, i use the same 3rd party 60w usb-c charger that i charge my phone, tablet, and other devices with.

What is apple care+?

Apple care is almost like insurance. It covers you computer if certain things go wrong.

Macbook pro 14 body is aluminum? Plastic?


Is 16gb (hard drive) and 512 gb ssd (with the m1 pro chip) storage capacity enough on a macbook pro 14” to download the logics pro x music production?

16 gigs of memory will be fine, as far as the ssd is concerned i know some people that use this setup but also purchased a 1 tb external ssd.

What is the reason for such a low price on the amazon marketplace?

Don’t question the price, just buy one 🙂

Apple 2021 MacBook Pro (14-inch, M1 Pro chip with 8‑core CPU and 14‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – Silver AMAZON

Buy Apple 2021 MacBook Pro (14-inch, M1 Pro chip with 8‑core CPU and 14‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – Silver: Laptop Replacement Parts – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Best laptop i've owned

I recently purchased the 2021 apple macbook pro and i am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The 14-inch laptop is powered by the new apple m1 chip, which provides lightning-fast performance and impressive graphics capabilities. The 8-core cpu and 14-core gpu make it perfect for heavy workloads and demanding tasks, such as video editing and 3d modeling.

One of the things i appreciate most about this macbook pro is the fact that it has 16gb of ram and a 512gb ssd, which means it has plenty of storage and can handle multiple applications at once without any lag. The laptop also has a long battery life, which means i can use it for hours on end without worrying about running out of power.

The laptop’s design is also top-notch, with a slim profile and a space gray finish that looks sleek and professional. The keyboard is comfortable to type on and the trackpad is smooth and responsive.

Overall, i highly recommend the 2021 apple macbook pro to anyone in need of a powerful, versatile laptop. It is a high-quality product that has exceeded my expectations and has made my work much easier.

5Expert Score
What's not to love about it

Coming from a previous laptop owner that costed $500 from a different brand 4 years ago, the m1 pro 14-inch is just incredible.

Firstly, the battery life is honestly the best thing ever; my other laptop nowadays lasts about 2 hours (3 hours if i’m lucky) from a full charge, so coming from this to the mbp 2021 is a major change. And not to mention how quiet and amazing the performance is; my previous laptop was so loud due to the internal fans blasting from it trying to cool it down. This laptop also doesn’t get all that hot so i have personally never witness its fans on.

In addition the built-in camera and speaker quality are top-notch. When i’m watching series or movies on this laptop, the sound quality blows past the speaker from my ipad. It might seem expensive at face value but when you can snag a good discount it is totally worth buying over the original m1 mbp. Would most certainly recommend buying!

5Expert Score
Great laptop

I really like this apple 14 inch laptop. I had an 16 inch 10 year old apple laptop which i really liked. But the battery is starting to have problems and i ran out of memory with videos. Plus turbotax said it is not supporting the older operating system any longer as apple isn’t updating the security anymore for my old 2012 laptop. So figured it is time to get a new laptop. This works great. I prefer the smaller 14 inch as the screen is still large enough and it is more compact. The new battery lasts forever too. It is expensive but if it last me 10 years like my last laptop i will be happy.

5Expert Score
Best price from all competitors

It’s a mac- what’s not to love. We really need a new laptops after having ours for several years and the battery was going bad on them we considered purchasing home computer however, for arnies we decided to get a macbook pro and connected to a monitor instead so we had the best of both worlds. This set up is awesome. The pro is beautiful has amazing performance and battery life. Going to be our home office set up and home computer for kids to use as well.

5Expert Score
Bang for your buck.

For your average user, this is the most you’ll need.
Got this for under $1600 when it was on sale. Compared this to the m2 macbook air, this was the clear choice since it has active cooling and unlike the single channel memory of the base m2 air, this has a multi-channel one, making it faster. I use it for app development, browsing the web and editing pictures and documents. Great battery life and. Impeccable build quality. Perfect daily driver.

5Expert Score
It is what it is

Exactly what i wanted and needed. Shipping took a little longer than expected. However amazon has gotten so sketchy with garbage sellers recently and crap products. I feel like if i buy off ebay now i have the same chance of getting a rip-off or crap seller.

5Expert Score
Its every bit as good as i had hoped

I have been a mac fan since the early 1990’s. This laptop (mbpro 14′, with m1 pro chip, 16 gb dram and 1 tb ssd) is very fast, with excellent battery life and great portability. Build quality is as you would expect for a $2k system, very high. The display is gorgeous with great aspect ratio, keyboard is excellent, speakers are great, etc. The only slight nit is it seems a bit heavier and thicker than it needs to be, but really it is as close to perfect as you get.

I have been using computers since the 1980’s and macos has always been easier to use than most alternatives. I administer many windows 7/10/11 systems and windows server 2019/2022 systems for work, but prefer macos for my personal workstation. You literally could not pay me enough to use any other os for my personal system. I have been using unix since before linux even existed (early 1980s), dos before windows existed, etc. There has never been an os that is as reliable, easy to use while also supporting virtually every application you could ever need as macos.

As an aside, i have tried running logicprox with 20 – 30 plugins, etc and this sysem didn’t even start breathing hard. I also have a mac studio for home use, and although that system has the m1 max cpu with 32 gb of ram, i don’t see much difference between the performance of the systems. There are few workloads this laptop cannot handle.

5Expert Score
Very impressed so far

I am a long time windows user, at least since windows 3.0. Yes that long ago. I consider myself a power user and have built all my computers for over 20 years, well, except for laptops. But i digress. This is my 5th laptop, various models up to 17 inch. My most recent, not included the mac book pro, is a semi-recent dell xps13. I really like it a lot as it is very portable/light. The only real drawback is battery life/runtime. I’m lucky if i get 6-7 hours of casual use.

I’ve read about how these mbps are supposed to have great battery life. That, coupled with the great sale on this 2021 model prompted me to pull the trigger and get it. Still learning all the ins & outs of macos but i get things done easily enough. The display on this thing is fantastic and the battery life does not disappoint.

If you’re on the fence about this purchase i would recommend you go for it. Apple doesn’t seem to have sales quite like this one. There is plenty of bang for the buck.

5Expert Score
Best laptop i’ve ever owned

One of the best purchases of my life! As a photo editor, this macbook pro never slows down and the battery life is great. Can i say this laptop might even be underrated?! One of apple’s best products yet.

5Expert Score
Such a nice monster!

Cpu is more advanced than 11th and 12th-generation intel ones. I have not seen that durable battery life ever! This monster is better than my expectations. Mostly, i use it for my blender and unity projects and did not see any lag or render issues.

4Expert Score

A few hours out of the box the thing froze. Fortunately, there was an option to reinstall the os from the web. I ended up with the long process of setting it up twice. That was a bit unnerving.
The mac offers a vivid display on a par with the ipad, but not the sound volume and quality of the smaller device.

4Expert Score
Video editors review

Im a videographer from a small caribbean island. I choose to use apple because of the ecosystem and purchasing this laptop while not the highest spec its amazing and works really well with davinci resolve.

4Expert Score
Awesome battery life, great screen, and overall good laptop.

This is a great laptop to use for productivity, which is why i mainly purchased it. Has a reliable reputation, bright af screen, sturdy chassis, 16gb ram is good enough for most users so it’s pretty damn fast, and just an overall well rounded computer. There are however a few things i do no like about the computer itself and macos. I come from a long line of window users and continue to prefer windows over macos.

1.) the keyboard is so mushy! It’s so annoying to use. I own a 2018 macbook pro and i prefer the keyboard on that 1000 times over. It’s more response and tactile. I absolutely hate the keyboard on the macbook 14. I went out of my way to purchase a logitech craft keyboard and that’s amazing let me tell you.

2.) the window splitting on macos is so stupid! I cannot have multiple windows open on the first attempt. I wish it was more like windows were you just drag them to the side and you split it! Boom that is so simple.

3.) macos does not support a lot of games, but that’s a pretty decent trade off i guess.

4.) the price and the fact that for that price it’s not customizable.

I mean there aren’t a lot of bad things about it but for the life of me i am unable to stand this pc when i need to have multiple excel spreadsheets and adobe or word documents open! I usually end up closing this pc in frustration and just use my blade 14! Now that’s a pc! Just wish the screen was oled or at least 4k, but it’s fine. I would prefer that over the macbook 14 anyway.

4Expert Score
Se ve muy bonita

Se ve practica aun faltan instalar los programas

4Expert Score
Wow!, maybe not the smell

Love my mac, but it smells like nail polish remover. What’s up with that. Hopefully, the smell goes away, but if not, i will be asking for a new one.

4Expert Score
Its really only a 12' screen.

Not sure why they always tell you it’s bigger when its clearly not. 15′ diagonal measurement of screen with 12.5′ length at most

4Expert Score
Best laptop on the market

This macbook pro is amazing. I can do all my work without thermal issues and the performance is great. I like how it can handle video and photo editing software easy without getting hot and the fan doesn’t need to come on. Can’t wait for the m2 pro later this year hopefully. Apple has really add lots of power into all their product, only thing i didn’t like is how buggy the software is compare to 5 years ago. I’m glad they brought back all the ports, definitely made my workflow better

4Expert Score
Why wouldn't it be an apple

Only reason 4 starts because, although marked prime it was not able to be delivered in the 2 days ! Explanation – ‘it’s coming from warehouse further out’, will be delivered following week on tuesday. It shipped late and so didn’t arrive until wednesday. Otherwise, i love my purchase of the apple 14′ mac book pro (silver). The graphics and sound are excellent and i am really liking the feel of the keys/keyboard and finger id for login. It’s so much quicker and easier to use than the lenovo idea pad that this apple is replacing. Already had a mac desktop and as have iphone so makes sense to switch laptop to apple. Apple so much better, lasts longer, no virus worry or continual purchase of protection plans….love it !

4Expert Score
Good purchase

The computer runs well and looks great. It seems a bit heavier and thicker than earlier models. Speakers sound great for a laptop. I love that they brought back the magnetized charging cable too.

4Expert Score
Watch out for wrong specs

Sent me base model

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