Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

Buy Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone: Earbud Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are apple airpods (2nd generation) wireless earbuds with lightning charging case included. over 24 hours of battery life features?

  • Quick access to siri by saying ‘ hey siri ‘
  • More than 24 hours total listening time with the charging case
  • Effortless setup, in-ear detection, and automatic switching for a magical experience
  • Easily share audio between two sets of airpods on your iphone, ipad, ipod touch, or apple tv
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Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone AMAZON

Buy Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone: Earbud Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Why don’t you ship to alaska?

It’s because of the lithium battery. However i just received a remote control car i bought from amazon that cost $20 and it had lithium batteries. The packaging it arrived in said “lithium ion batteries in compliance with section ii of pi966” i also talked to my postmaster and he said the post office will ship lithium batteries if people go about it the right way. When a seller won’t ship to alaska its because they don’t want to go through the hoops to ship lithium batteries here.

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Are these fake??

If you buy anything on amazon go through prime so you can return right away if you get a fake. I take everything up to apple as soon as i purchase to see if the warranty is valid. That is how you will know if it’s a fake if they won’t honor it. I have purchased five apple products from amazon and all of them are fully authentic per the apple store. Even with that said of course they always try to encourage you to spend the $30-40 more to buy from their store instead of amazon because apparently they’ll do more to service you if something goes wrong with something they sell to you.

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Does this come with a lightning cable?

Yes, it comes with a lightning cable. It can be found by pulling up on the tab underneath where the air pods case laid. It is underneath the bottom piece of cardboard. Do not throw the box away without first taking the cord out.

Why is this the same price as the first generation?

Apple almost always keeps the price when a new version arrives.
These are the latests airpods, which are priced at apple fof $159.00

you could also get these same airpods with a wireless case, for $199 at apple.

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Wow, i want to buy a protecteor case to protect it and will the wireless charging still work with the case?

These cases are full-grain leather and protect airpods as well as allow wireless charging through them. Https://

Is this a water profit?

Water profit? My assumption is you’re asking are the apple airbods water proof. No, but they are water & sweat resistant. I work out 3-4x week, sweating profusely (lol) and the product works just fine.

Dose the airpods work on android phones

Does the airpods work on android phones and tablet

When is the estimated time i will get the regular ones if i pre ordered about 2 days ago?

I ordered mine may 11th. The delivery date was scheduled for today (may 28th) but i received an email that it has changed. Still don’t have them and have no idea when i will. Now i wish i would have bought them from bestbuy. $20 more but i would’ve had them on the 15th.

Are these the 2nd generation?

Received 1st generation airpods (a1523) that after 12 hours of charging wouldn’t get above 85%.

Son genuinos?

Si! Son de apple vienen en su respectiva caja igual como si compraras directamente en apple

What’s the difference between this one and that $169.99?

It’s about the charging way, this one cannot be charged wirelessly directly. I have an airpods case cover from allas, it can make my old airpods charged wirelessly.

Son la segunda 2da generación ?


Son originales?

Si son originales y son excelentes!!

If i order now, but it’s out of stock, will i get it for the same price as when i ordered it?


Does a regular apple i phone charger work with these ? Or does it come with a cable?

It comes with a cable but it also can charge with an iphone charger!

Does it come with lightning cable inside box?

Yes, it is included in the box

Hola veo que por el momento no disponen de los apropies mi hijo cumple años el 12 de diciembre en cuánto tiempo llegarán?

Yo lo compré a fines de noviembre con otros producto. Me llegó lo demás pero este producto no me llegó aún. Sigo reclamando y aún no tengo respuesta.

En ls respuestas leo que solo funcionan con iphone ? Es asi? O tamb con android necesito unos gracis

Los airpods funcionan con cualquier dispositivo con bluetooth.

Is there any way to coat the earbuds so that the plastic doesn’t touch my skin? I’m allergic to the plastic methacrylate in apple earbuds.

There are airpod skins that cover the whole airpod so that you are touching the skin which is not made of plastic.

Item can use for my mom ?


Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone AMAZON

Buy Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone: Earbud Headphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Not an apple supporter but i love it!

I have never purchased anything from apple. Being on the phone for hours each day having a nice pair of earphone is very important to me. Friends recommended me getting airpods and i think it is probably the best on the market when it comes to comfort level, noise reduction and battery power. I wouldn’t use it to for music listening since the sound quality can’t compare with bose. It’s a must have device if you’re on the phone for hours each day.

5Expert Score
Better than newer ones

I liked using product the size was pretty good, the lasted for about 3 hours before needing to be charged. If i were to buy airpods again would by this model it’s easily one the best airpods the audio is good but when on a phone call could be better. Though compared to others it’s audio when talking on the phone is better.

5Expert Score
Definitely worth every penny and then some

I love my airpods. I thought about getting the airpods pro but i didn’t wanna spend that much more just to have the noise canceling feature. Now i will probably upgrade in a year or two now that they’ve even improved the airpods pro even more.

Coming from somebody who has an ipad and iphone and an imac at home having the airpods and the ability to switch between them so effortlessly without having to unpair and repair is so nice.
I’ve had a number of bluetooth headsets over the years from plantronics to generic to a number of other different companies i don’t even know if i could remember every different manufacture that i’ve had. I always hated that they were bulky they never fit in my ear just right. I just never felt like they were great and it was always complicated they seem to fuss to pair up and especially if they ever unpaired then it was starting all over again. I love that the minute that i got my airpods i flipped open the case and right away my iphone registers that they are there and with the top of a button on my phone and the top of the button on the airpods in a couple of seconds i am paired up.

I also have a very nice charger that i bought right here on amazon for about $25 and it will charge my apple pencil my airpods my apple watch and my iphone all at the same time which is amazing and so nice that i can just click my airpods case on there and they charge up in a very short time.

First off i’m not a sound engineer or an audio file so i can’t say that they have the absolute best sound quality and i’m sure that they don’t i can’t imagine that if you went out and got some of the beads or some other type of wireless headset that fits over your entire ear with a bigger driver in it that of course it’s going to have better sound quality.
But i love that they are tiny small and easy to just throw in the case. The battery life is great if my case is fully charged with the airpods in and charged i can go to complete times to almost dead with both airpods being used. If i only use one way talking on the phone i can go even more so in between case charging times is sometimes over a week which is absolutely amazing. The talk time on them is very long as well. I’ve never sat down and figured up exactly whether i get the exact time that apple says.
I love that the minute that i put them in my ear i get a nice little tone to let me know that they’ve connected if i’m listening to music and i take them out it automatically pauses. I love that it will even pause my music if i get an imessage and it will read my message it will tell me who it’s from if they’re in my contact list if not it will read me the phone number and then read me the message and then asked me if i would like to respond all without touching my phone.
I love apple products even if they are a little more expensive in some areas but i love that for instance with the airpods home they tie effortlessly into my phone my mac and my ipad.
I absolutely hate when i am talking on the phone for more than a couple of minutes to have to hold the phone. Also i run a business and so i have to multitask sometimes someone calls and i need to be able to pick up a remote to navigate to something to check i may need to grab the computer etc. And having the ability to have both hands free to do something like that while still talking and not worrying about the airpods falling out of my ear is worth more than the money that i paid for them by far and then all the other features that come with it are great.

So in the end i think that they are amazing and i’ve had it again a number of different bluetooth headsets and they never fit right they fall out of my ear or the ones that took over my ears are always so uncomfortable after a short period of time that i never ended up using them i always ended up using my wired earbuds that come with my iphone.

5Expert Score
I like!

I have never owned a apple earphone before, however i have purchased many expensive and cheap earphones in the past. For near 90 dollars these are perfect. I doubt the 250 dollar newest versions are necessary. Best not to find out!
Of course not losing these are the true challenge.
It’s super, super small.

5Expert Score
Pretty good product

Overall it’s a good product but i constantly have issues connecting it to my phone. When i take one of the pods out of the case and put it in my ear it never connects to the phone i typically have to end the call and connect the pods then call the person back for it to function properly

5Expert Score
A great product for a great price

My oldest niece had been asking for airpods forever! She has beats, but she doesn’t want big headphones on. I finally surprised her for her 12th birthday with them and her face lit up like it was the fourth of july! They were easy for her to connect to her iphone and she was jamming within seconds! They are very comfortable and have great sound quality. It’s also great to have the little pod to charge them in and keep them from getting lost. I’m definitely uncle of the year for this gift!

5Expert Score

This sound great! I have had them for a couple years now and i love them. The only thing i will say is they don’t always stay in my ears so i had to get an cord to link them together so when one falls out it stays around my neck.

5Expert Score
I love them, thanks.

I bought some airpods because i really did need them, i love musiccc. Whenever i am at work, or doing something productive, i like to listen to music while doing so. Quality a+. Also, apple care comes in handy as well. My right one accidentally got ran over, and with my apple care, apple replaced it within no time. So, thank you.

5Expert Score
Been using them for a year and a half and they still rock

I use these with my new ipad, my dell inspiron 13 laptop, and my samsung galaxy s8 phone. They pretty much always stay in my ears unless i really shake them out. They have pretty good sound quality, though i’m not much of a sound buff. Sometimes though when i’m using my phone the airpods disconnect from each other creating a double echo sound, which is really uncomfortable for me – i have to disconnect the airpods and reconnect them to fix it. I’m someone who needs to have a constant stream of music in my ears, so this has been a godsend because it’s so easy to do chores while having them in. I’ve never been able to mess with volume with just the airpods, and i can’t pause/unpause with just the airpods on non-apple devices. But i can skip to the next song on my phone by tapping the right airpod twice. I’ve dropped them and had them go flying out of the case at least ten times but they’re still fine.

5Expert Score
Excellent product

Very good noise cancellation. I can have any conversation at any place and the noise won’t be a problem. I only char it every three days if so. The music and videos that i listen to are loud and clear. I am very happy with my airpods.

4Expert Score
I like them.

They sound great, are easy to charge and store, the batteries last a very long time, and the noise canceling feature works very well. They are really easy to connect to any device too. But they have a tendency to fall out of my ear, and that costs them a star. Maybe it is just my particular ears, but almost every time i use them, one manages to fall out and hit the ground at some point. Because of that, i have to be careful where i use them. Motorcycle rides and river activities are out of the question. Once one fell out while i was on the riding mower, and it took me about ten very stressful minutes to find it. I have since learned that it helps to wrap a bandanna around my head and ears when mowing. Unfortunately this isn’t a perfect solution either, as the other day one still managed to fall out and hit the ground when mowing. Fortunately i found it right away that time.

Thank goodness they certainly do seem to be very durable. My kid’s airpod pros got washed and dried, and they still worked! I heard them clanking around in the drier for 30 minutes, but thought it was just a nickel or something.

Anyway, for around the house or office they are great. But don’t think you can trust them to go anywhere.

4Expert Score
100% honest review

Taking the apple airpods at face value, they’re a solid headset for the money! If you already have the original, first generation airpods and just want to upgrade, not a bad option either. The 2nd generation airpods feature an improved software chip & runs off of bluetooth 5.0 vs 4.1 (gen 1). The software chip allows a faster, stronger, and more stable connection with your device(s). This particular item for $139.00 does not feature the wireless charging case. This one must be plugged in via usb (cable provided in the box) to an outlet or usb port. The wireless charging case model is $169. Now if you’re looking to upgrade to the wireless charging case later on, you can. Apple does sell it separately. If you want the wireless charging option right out of the box, i recommend sending the $169 vs the $139 product here.

Sound quality: straight out of the box, sound is pretty solid. No crackles, static, pops, or any abnormal noises created by the more economic-friendly headsets. You have a lot more adjustability & tuning capabilities if paired on an ios/apple device vs using for example paired with an android os device. So, ultimately apple users may or may not get a better sound quality experience.

Noise cancellation: airpods do fit fairly well in the ear without having to be jammed inside your ear canal. Generally they create a snug fit using apple’s ‘universal’ earphone design, it is one size fits most not one size fits all. Some users have upgraded or opted to spend the additional funds on a set of airpods pro due to the rubber tips for a better/snug fit. I believe only the airpods pro currently has an active noise cancellation utilizing two microphones but i would double-check apple for accurate information. Also, for android users. The galaxy buds by samsung feature active noise cancellation & wireless charging case on every model so you might want to look into that product before making a final purchase.

Battery life: for optimal battery life, i highly recommend charging both airpods inside the case. The case itself is a battery pack with a life. So if one or both airpods are low on battery, you can toss them in the case and charge them up. Apple i believe rates 5 minutes of charging time is equivalent to 1 hour of talk/listening time and 15 minutes of charging time is equivalent to 2 hours of talk/listening. I’m sure this is accurate when they’re brand new but i’m sure like anything, normal ware & tare might diminish that over time.

Warranty: apple provides a 1-year standard manufacturer’s warranty on this product. This only covers defects/defaults from the manufacturer. This will not cover physical and/or liquid damages to airpods, case, or charging cable included.

Applecare: it’s $29.00 and 2 years and well worth the extra money. You’re already spending this kind of money on a headset, may as well have protection. We get it, accidents happen! But protect yourself and get your airpods repaired/replaced at no additional cost to you! There is no additional fees or deductibles involved.

Applecare tips:
you don’t have to install applecare right away. You have 60 days from the original purchase date to contact apple by providing your airpods serial number (on outside of the box) and apple will tell you if you’re still eligible.

You can renew applecare for another 2 years for the same fee of $29.00 provided you want to keep the same product. If you decide to upgrade to the airpods pro or whatever the latest model is, you would have to purchase applecare for that specific product.

You can go into an apple store location and get live repair/replacement on your airpods.

Using airpods with android:

apple has allowed android and other non-ios devices to use airpods since the airpods pair/connect via bluetooth.

If you’re using airpods on an android platform such as samsung or lg for example there’s 2 ways to pair the headset to your device. You either turn on bluetooth on your device, pop both airpods inside your ear, find ‘airpods’ under available connections, and connect. Or you might have to pair manually using the button on the airpods case to make available, pair, and connect.

Fair warning:

you will not have access to all features that the airpods have to offer on an apple/ios device. You will be limited on functions you can perform.

I was able to find an app on google play store for $1.99 called ‘airpopup’. It is a paid application that unlock access to certain/more features of the airpods similar to what an apple/ios device would be granted. Be aware that you will not have access nor the ability to have every single feature since you’re not on apple’s network. There may be other apps (most likely paid applications) you’d have to find that may unlock more features such as: airpods battery life percentage, case battery life percentage, programming left & right airpods for certain function(s), skipping/pausing/resetting songs, answer/decline/hang up phone calls, find my airpods, and more.

For samsung users specifically, you might want to look into the galaxy buds. They’re a little cheaper than airpods, i believe amazon has them for $109.99 + $22 3-year insurance through assurion that does cover physical/liquid/accidental damage just like airpods.

Galaxy buds features:
made by samsung
audio powered by akg
rubber ear bud tips
pair with samsung device to get the most
wireless charging case
active noise cancellation
comes in multiple colors (black/white/silver/yellow/red & black combo with star wars edition galaxy note 10+)
includes changing cord and replacement rubber earbud tips.

I know if you pair the galaxy buds with a samsung device it will automatically download an application titled ‘galaxy wearable’. This allows users to check battery life status of the case and each bud, prompts you for software updates, ability to program left & right earbuds to do certain function(s), answer/decline/hang up phone calls, pause/skip/reset songs.

Apple may charge a lot of money for their products on accessories but they never fall short of being a revolutionary, well-designed, reliable product that works as advertised.

4Expert Score
Satisfied 🙂

I give these airpods a 5/5 stars because they are excellent 🙂 they have a very long battery life and they are actually noise canceling, even with one airpod in your ear. I had airpod pros before i brought these but lost them back in february, and i actually like these better than the pros because they don’t feel heavy in your ear. Airpod pros are smaller than these, so they’re more likely to fall out your ear. With these, they stay in your ear without feeling so heavy, and won’t have to worry about them falling out! Only downside i have about these airpods are that after about 2 months, my left airpod sounded a little low. But that’s nothing a little setting adjusting won’t fix 🙂 overall these are excellent headphones!

4Expert Score
A bit hyped up

Here’s a pros and cons list;

* answering calls and texts hands free is nice. As someone who works full time and always has full hands, this is really nice.
* they’re small and there are no wires, so i don’t have to untangle or worry about wires getting messed up when i put these in my bag. I can also put them in my pocket.
* the charging case is convenient. I like only having to charge the case every three or four days, and always having it on me in case my earbuds get low.

* they don’t fit in my ears. They constantly fall out, so i’m always readjusting. If i walk at a fast pace, it seems to speed up the process.
* they’re not noise cancelling.
* the sound quality is a bit weak. I have 8 dollar headphones that are better with sound quality.
* they cut out sometimes for no reason and i can’t figure out why.
* they aren’t very loud.

I think that for $100, these could be much better.

4Expert Score
A good baseline wireless earphone.

I recently bought these last month and after a month of usage i find this product to be very well designed. But i think personally there are still some design flaws.

1. You can’t wear it very long
– after a certain point maybe after 2 hours, you ears start to hurt especially if your playing loud music or something.
-the battery on these earphones aren’t the best either 4 hours are the longest they’ve ever lasted after a full night’s charge too 100%

2. This is not an honest product
– i live in new york city, a very loud place, so when i see noise canceling, i want to be able to not hear the noises on the train on my commutes to work, school and home. So in terms of noise canceling, i don’t think this product is very honest.

But otherwise the product is great, the sound quality is great (unless your on a call at the same time), the case doesn’t need to be charged to often, it’s very good if you need a quality wireless earphone.

4Expert Score
Good sound but need to fit your ear to get the best result

I wanted to try some of these and when they had a good price here on amazon i went ahead and purchased a pair i wasn’t prepared to pay the price for the newest version. I also have a set of beats earbuds which are very nice and probably fit my ear a bit better but that’s mainly because they sort of twist into your ear. These being a different thing altogether, where they slide into your ear and hang there is nice because they don’t pop out, on the other hand the sound quality is going to work better if they fit tightly in your ear versus loosely so a lot of that’s is going to depend on the individual. They have fine audio reproduction but as you might expect with such small speakers the base is a bit light and the noise cancellation seems to work but it’s only going to work if there’s a good seal around the earbud and the ear itself so once again that’s going to depend on your ear. They are slightly larger than some but i didn’t find that to be a problem. They work well in a work out, mainly because if you’re going to use earbuds and are using ones that fit tightly into your ear, like beats, they’re more likely to work their way out during your exercise program as you move your head and so forth. If they seem a good price you can’t go wrong

4Expert Score
Good quality but not a great fit.

These are great headphones. They are good quality but not a great fit for my ears. They always feel like they’re about to fall out. I also have to turn the volume all the way up in order to hear while i’m on the treadmill. I’m guessing if they fit in my ears better i wouldn’t have to do that. Other than that i love them. I love the charging case too.

4Expert Score
Perfect, not 2nd gen

Perfect fine airpods, don’t mind having the first gen there’s no major difference. I will say the 2nd gen has the battery light on the outside not the inside that’s how i know it’s not 2nd gen, all in all they work fine glad i got them

4Expert Score
Pretty good overall.

Sound quality is exactly the same as the traditional apple earbuds with the wire. Wireless sync is a breeze, and the quality of the product is good. If you are looking for a strong bass, this doesn’t have it though. Skull-candy, jbl, or beats would be your best bet if you like a lot of bass. The sound quality isn’t bad at all though. 4/5 from me.

4Expert Score
They get the job done.

They get the job done. I was way too excited about getting apple airpods. The sound is good tho i feel not as loud as i would like. One of the pods dies faster than the other even though i use them the same amount. When i needed to find them they would not appear on find my airpods. Yes, i made sure they were connected to the app. Battery life however, is amazing.

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