Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Apple AirTag 4 Pack + Free Shipping

What are apple airtag 4 pack features?

  • Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the find my app
  • Simple one-tap setup instantly connects airtag with your iphone or ipad
  • Play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your things, or just ask siri for help
  • Precision finding with ultra wideband technology leads you right to your nearby airtag (on select iphone models)
  • Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of apple devices in the find my network
  • Put airtag into lost mode to be automatically notified when it’s detected in the find my network
  • All communication with the find my network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy, location data and history are never stored on airtag
  • Replaceable battery lasts over a year
  • Airtag is ip67 water and dust resistant
  • Make airtag yours with a range of colorful accessories, sold separately
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Apple airtag 4 pack details:

Product dimensions

‎3.27 x 0.71 x 6.02 inches

Item weight

‎3.2 ounces


‎apple computer

Country of origin


Item model number



‎4 cr2032 batteries required. (included)

Apple AirTag 4 Pack AMAZON

Apple AirTag 4 Pack + Free Shipping

Looking for specific info?

Anyone know the max temperature rating for these? Want to put a few in my car in case car gets stolen.

A car parked in the sun can exceed the maximum operating temperature for the included cr2032 battery. You can swap it out for a br2032 which is rated up to 85°c (185°f).

Do the 4 air tags have to be linked with the same phone, or can you give them to four different people?

I have 4 air tags. I gave one to a friend. His airtag is set up on his phone, not mine. And the remaining three are set up on my phone, not his. So yes, you can give them to different people. They are activated one at a time.

So when you buy this tag you have to also buy the clips you can attach it to something?

There are many different uses for these air tags. They make keychain holders, 3m cases to stick them to things like ipads, macbooks, cars/trucks (if you have company vehicles you want to track)…..etc. Different clips/cases/holders for different uses. You just need to decide what, and how, you want to attach them to things you don’t want to lose. Some of the things you can put them in, are waterproof. Crazy right?!

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How often do the batteries need to be replaced?

I purchased a 4-pack of these in june 2021 and two of them began notifying me of a low battery in may 2022. I didn’t actually replace the batteries until last week, september 2022. I replaced all batteries at once, but they were still working well. I just didn’t want to have the batteries die when i actually lost something and then have no way to find the item.

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How many can be in used on one network? I would love to have many of these, but want to make sure i can use them all at once if needed.

Apple says it’s 16 per apple id. If that’s not enough, you could release some to add others temporarily, or swap the airtag to something else when needed.

Would this work as a tracker on a vehicle that gets stolen?

Very likely yes, but…. If the thieves had iphones, they would be informed that an airtag was following them. Which might motivate them to ditch the car or rip it apart to find the tracker. Very likely they would drive past several iphones that would show the general area where the car was first.

Could i use this to track my model rocket while and or after flight roughly 1000 to 5000 feet high and maybe half mile away after landing?

While in flight? No.
Where it lands…maybe…if it lands within range of another ios device or within wifi range. If it lands in the middle of a few acre field, then you would have to get within about 30 ft of it.
These are nearly useless.

Is it durable enough to be on my wallet? Does it have adhesive?

They’re durable, and about 1/8 inch (3.17mm) thin, but after you sit on your wallet (with an airtag in it, it will feel a lot larger. Unlike the ’tile’ tags, there’s no button that gets pushed if you press on either side of the airtag.
And no adhesive. They’re like little tiny beveled hockey pucks…….lol

Would this work for bellman carts in the hotel industry? Sometimes guests don’t return them for extended periods of time.

It seems to me it would work. To track something like a luggage or bellman’s cart, luggage, cleaning carts, etc.

How long does the charge last?

They run on a ‘watch’ type battery. So they do not need charged. The battery gets replaced when dead. It should last a long time.

Can i put one in my child’s car without him knowing?

If the child has an apple phone he or she will get an alert on their iphone that they are being tracked – but if the have a samsung or android phone they will not be alerted then in this case yes you can track them and they will not know.

Will it be subscription based? Example like tile’s service.

I have many tiles and never used a subscription. There is a subscription offered but it offers other feature beyond just keeping track of your stuff. I love tile

Why would i pay $99 for 4 pieces when i can get the same 4 pieces from apple for only $89?

If it’s prime then you can return it for any reason. A little bit harder to do with apple. Amazon just makes stuff like that so much easier.

If you move airbtag to a different item, can you rename it in the app?

Yes. Just go to find my app-select items-scroll to the bottom-hit rename. You also can change the icon the same way.

What generation are these? Please no guesses… Tyu

The cool generation

If i use a air tag on a item that is stolen (gear case, bike, cars) wouldn’t the thief be notified he is being tracked and will disable the air tag?

They say if airtag is separated from owner for 3 days, it will periodically beep alerting potential stalking victim.

How far does it track an item? What if it’s 100 miles a way? Will it still work?

Don’t see why it wouldn’t work as long as an iphone or ipad user with find my app and bluetooth on is within bluetooth range and connected to internet.

If your luggage in in the back of an airliner, and your in the front, would everyone get a ‘airtag found moving with you’ message?

What an excellent question! This is still a new device. People will test it, use it, and abuse it. I imagine that over time apple will be adjusting its behavior based on people’s real life experiences.

Can you press something on tracker to find your phone?

No you can’t it can only receive.

Does this work better than “ find my ipad”? Because that is by far the worst locating service ever.

Yes they did very well! Except one does not work and apple and amazon were useless getting any helpful information or exchanging 1 of 4.

Apple AirTag 4 Pack AMAZON

Apple AirTag 4 Pack + Free Shipping

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Love them!

After losing two phones in a single year without insurance, i thought i was cursed. There is now a new, cost-effective solution for this everyday problem; that solution is apple’s newest technology called airtag. Most phones have automatic tracking built into them; however, when a phone is dead you can no longer track it. This means if your phone dies and you lose it, you will not be able to find it most of the time. Although i’ve had a google phone for several years and can’t even tell you the last time that i had an iphone, something about apple’s newest and latest product stuck out to me. The apple airtag has to be the latest and greatest invention on the market to date. I bought a four-pack of the airtags on amazon and can now track, in real-time: my phone, even when it’s dead; my car keys; and my wallet. Never again would i lose these things without a good chance of recovery. Anyone who has ever lost a phone or a wallet or car keys knows how frustrating it can be and how much of an inconvenience it is. Apple has solved this problem in my life. What i also love about the air tags is that the battery lasts over a year without recharging and when it’s dead, you simply just replace the battery. The airtags are also small and stylish enough to fit almost anywhere. The air tags give me peace of mind knowing that i will never have to lose important belongings ever again. Thank you, apple for creating such an amazing product. Hopefully, however, i will not need to use them too much. Should i need to, i know the airtags are reliable and durable.

5Expert Score
Essential gadget for apple users

Bought a 4-pack prior to travel. You know, travel? It’s what we did before covid.

I put them on 4 pieces traveling with me. All pieces also had secure id tags.

As i passed through tsa airport screening and went to retrieve my stuff, my carry on suitcase was missing. Videos at security revealed that someone walked off with my suitcase.

Nowhere to be found, i went to the departure gate and boarded my flight, hoping for the best.

Get this. The airline took no responsibility as it was never in their possession. I get it. Not their fault or responsibility.

At my stop en route to my final destination, i fired up findmy on my iphone. The errant airtag was tracked to the airport from whence i left.

At my final destination, i tracked that airtag again. It was on the move, out of the airport.

With nothing more i could do, i went to bed. The next morning the airtag was tracked to my destination airport, a very small airport.

I called. The airline at that airport, connected to the checkin counter. I pinged the airtag while i waited on the phone.

I told my story to the very kind airline representative. Upon hearing my name, she asked if it could be my bag beeping at her feet. Yes!!!

She said she was about to call me. Someone smart opened my id tag at the outbound airport, matched my name to the flight i was on and took the initiative to send it on its way.

I went to the airport to get my suitcase. I offered id to the agent who said, “no need. I recognize your voice.”

if this doesn’t encourage you to buy and use airtags, nothing will.

Bear in mind that airtags rely on bluetooth and wi-fi. If you don’t have strong signal where you live, airtags might not be workable for you.

As for me, i’m a huge airtag fan. I will never travel without them. I also keep one in my wallet, just in case.

5Expert Score
Keeps track of my luggage

After all the issues i’ve read about airport luggage loss, i decided to purchase these. I insert them into my luggage and they work great. Connection to my iphone was super easy, like any other bluetooth device.
From what i read, it pings other iphones to maintain location. It works pretty well. Another feature is you can block locations so that it doesn’t tell you that you left it behind, like your house when you store luggage (i was expecting that i would have to remove it from my app).

5Expert Score
Lost luggage

Used these before but bought extra ones as i was traveling and thought i would see how they did. My baggage managed to get lost including my carry on case which they said had to be put in the hold. They also have my peace of mind to see them traveling to where i was rather than being lost in another country. When they arrived at my location at my local airport abroad there was quite the problem with me trying to get my luggage from the airport police but the luggage handlers were trying to explain to them i had tracked them and could show they were mine and not to be taken away and blown up. Amazing the luggage handlers could speak way better english than the commandant and told him let him have his damn luggage. Had i not been close to them at that point i probably would never have got my luggage. The baggage handlers actually found this tag in my case and showed it to the police saying see it is his luggage and his tracker. Let him have it. Kudos to you guys in baggage handling i really owe you one.

5Expert Score
Found lost luggage in uk and in spain

Bought a four pack of these prior to my trip from us to spain. One on my wallet, one inside my backpack, one inside my luggage. Airline lost luggage in the uk. Airtag notified me it was missing and left in london, then tracked it as it was sent from there to madrid, on to santiago, and then to my hotel in sarria. I knew where it was at all times, even before the airline. Made this common travel nightmare less worrisome. All my travel companions were amazed.

5Expert Score
Works best in populated areas.

I do like these a great deal in that they can provide some piece of mind in your luggage, in your car, on your dog, or in a child’s backpack.

I have noticed that when i walk my dog in a rural area that he is occasionally “off the grid” and is harder to see on my phone, even as i see him physically in front of me.

Also helpful to keep up with teenage drivers and older folks, or if they have samsung phones and you don’t pay for a subscription service.

I would like to see apple add a rechargeable battery that lasts a year for it, but it’s not yet available.

5Expert Score
Recovered luggage at paris airport thanks to air tag

One of our bags was left at the charles degaulle aiport in paris by our taxi driver. When we got downtown to our hotel, we could see on our phone that our air tag and luggage were still at the airport. A cab ride back required talking with numerous taxi, airport and airline personnel and insisting that we knew that the bag was there. After much effort, they ‘found’ the bag in the terminal showing on our phone. The iphone image was not precise about where it was in the building, but it was a help and inspired others to help us find it and its valuable contents. Glad we bought our air tags just prior to this trip!

5Expert Score
A travel essential!

One of my luggage bags was lost in the zurich airport for 16 days and they kept trying to just reimburse me for my loss. I had a couple thousands of dollars worth of camping items in it and i was not willing to just take cash. With the airtag, i was literally able to call them and tell the baggage people exactly where the bag was at in the airport. Definitely a must have for traveling with all of the lost bags lately!

5Expert Score
These are so easy to use they connect to my iphone i can track anything love it!

These little apple air tags are great, i just opened it up pulled the tag out and it connected to my iphone automatically and i can track anything. They are so easy to use. I also bought these little air tight water safe case with a key chain, so i can put them on my kids backpack or my purse, bike, dog. I love them. You can see the location on your phone.
So easy breezy

5Expert Score
Genius invention!

These airtags are incredible! I have them in my kids backpacks, my wallet, my purse, each of my kids, computer bags, and an every piece of luggage that i’ve traveled with, and i receive immediate alerts when the bag with an airtag in it is left behind. It’s a genius invention! I even have one airtag inside of my dogs collar just in case she got out i would receive an immediate notification.

4Expert Score
Not perfect, but it saved my dog's life

Got air tags for each of my dogs. Even decided to update my phone to better track them, but that’s not happening until april. We live in the wilderness. There are very few people out here and fewer iphones. When our dogs go exploring, we can’t find them via the airtag (though one time my dog appearantly came across a hiker with an iphone as she registered as being on the trail.) however, when my husband goes biking and takes the dog, as long as they have cellphone coverage, we can see where they’re at.

This morning i took annie with me to pick up a home depot curbside order. Ran into target to get some lettuce. Came out and annie was gone. It became appearant i left the back windows open too much and she jumped out.

The air tag had issues. It would tell me where she was, so i would drive there, but by the time i got there, she was gone. It wouldn’t refresh and look for her, so i kept missing her. Called apple to see if they could track her, but they said they’re not meant for a moving target. I filed her as lost in the app, but once she blipped on my phone, it automatically shut off the ‘notify when found’ even though i hadn’t found her, she’d just been in the vicinity. So while i was frantically trying to find her, i was having to set the app to notify me when it found her. However, it let me know about where she was so i knew how to focus my search.

She spent most of her day in the a wild, dry river wash where the tag wouldn’t signal because it’s below street level and there were no iphones down there. (though when i was near her a couple times it didn’t ding. One of those times was when i ran into really busy traffic to stop cars from hitting her, so we were in cell zone and she was close to my phone.) met some really nice people (a mall security guard and some homeless people) that spent hours helping me find her. Plus a dad and daughter on bikes that just happened to see her. Three times she and i looked at each other and she ran away from me. I’ve heard dogs go into survival mode after about a week on the road and will run from their families, but this was only a few hours. (she was feral when i got her so maybe she just reverted faster.) finally, at sunset, i went home. Except she kept beeping off the airtag. (she only did that once an hour during the day and now it was more frequent.) i worried she’d been hit by a car.

I drove back to the mall with harvey, her dog-bff. For three hours she circled around me and harvey. She was afraid of us, but she was also staying near and watching. When she went away, harvey and i went into the van to escape the cold. Then the air tag would ding. We’d get out of the car and play ‘where’s waldo’ in the dark. Eventually i’d see her just standing there watching us from the shadows. Then she’d disappear agin. Then the tag said she was back. I wondered if this would be easier with a newer iphone as mine is only a 7plus.

At 12:40 a.m., she walked towards the van. I partially opened the door and stuck my head out. ‘hi, annie.’ and finally, she recognized me. After 13 hours of driving, walking, riding my bike (my husband brought me my bike,) and sitting out in the cold so she could see me, she finally recognized me. She wagged her tail, came up to me, and got in the van.

The airtag had issues, but it gave me ideas as to where she was. Without the tag, i would not have been able to find her. A few years ago our rescued ex-bait dog stayed with my parents while we were on vacation. They live a couple hours away. Shortly after we got home, the dog jumped their fence. I drove up immediately to try and find her. We looked for two weeks. She was sighted so many different places miles apart (facebook has great dog-finding groups.) saddly, she was hit and killed. If she’d had an airtag, we would have known about where she was and we would have found her. I hope the airtag works better when i get my iphone 13 in a couple weeks. However, even not working great, it saved my dog’s life.

4Expert Score
It worked

I went camping and left my camper keys on the truck bumper by mistake and drove off and they eventually fell off as i was driving. Later, my phone said i left my keys behind and i immediately realized what happened. So i drove to where the tag said my keys were on the side of a 2 lane country highway. This was probably only an hour after the keys fell off my bumper and i looked all over using the “find it” app but couldn’t locate the keys and i drove home very disappointed. About 6 hours later i noticed that the app was now saying the keys were at a different address. So again i drove to the updated address and i walked to the location my phone was reporting. And this time my phone connected to the tag and listed the number of feet and direction to walk and it led me right to the keys. So i believe what happened is that some other iphone person walked past the tag during the day close enough for the app to update the location and i suspect that is why it worked on the 2nd attempt. So overall really happy. Only 4 star because i found it pretty useless to track my dog in my yard. I had to be within 15 feet of the dog in order for it to work. I was wanting it to be able to confirm that the dog was still in my yard when it walked off to an area where i could no longer see her. Also, the sound of chime is much too low to be useful in some situations like when you standing on the side of a busy road with traffic going by there is no way you would hear the chime.

4Expert Score
Works pretty great, with a downside

Ok for the most part i love these things. I bought them for my old boss because his elderly wife sets stuff down and forgets where she put it.
I really like the location finder although it doesn’t seem very refined yet.
I put his keys in the office and let him use the finder to locate them. Eventually he did but sometimes the direction wasn’t very accurate but most the time it was pretty good.

Now what i don’t like. There is a major limitation. You can only use the tag with one apple id at a time.
So his wife’s stuff purse wallet and keys are tied to her apple id and his keys to his.
For the most part this should work fine however say she set her purse down and can’t remember where and her phone was in her purse these are useless without her phone. We couldn’t tie them so both the husband and wife could find each other’s items. Yes i know you can use find my app but a lot of time although she can see his phone hers says unknown.
So if your a parent wanting to track your kids things well either you can pair it or them but not both.
This is a big limitation and apple should come up with a solution so you can pair with more than one i’d or at least share tracking with one of your family or friends.
The firm was going to get some to put in laptop bags hidden however we didn’t do it because then only one person could track all the laptops.
I am hoping apple realizes this oversight and puts out a patch to change this

4Expert Score
Life saver for the forgetful

I don’t know how long the battery lasts or how to rate the quality. What i can say is i have one on my keys, one on my wallet and one hidden in my car.

I am so absent-minded i always misplace my wallet and keys. I have tried to always put them in the same spot – in a bowl – when i get home. However, i forget to do it and end up looking everywhere for them. These solved that problem. I never seem to lose my phone.

You can search for your item and the phone points to where it is and how far away. If you still cannot find it, you can make it play a kinda quiet beeping sound.

I put one in my car for two reasons. First it helps to let me know where i parked at the mall or if i am at work. Second, if it is stolen, i can tell the cops exactly where my car is. Good luck trying to find where the airtag is hidden.

Registering the device is as simple as setting it on top of your phone and following the prompts. The first time you walk off away from it, it will ask if you want to be notified every time you leave it behind. Also, if you put one in your spouse’s car, it will tell them there is an airtag following them if they have an iphone too. It prevents you from tracking someone with nefarious intents. (i haven’t figured out if this will disrupt my stolen car theory)

4Expert Score
Once you lose internet, you’ve lost signal.

Took them to europe! Not all airports have internet, or very good internet. When i got on the plane sometimes you would lose internet and you couldn’t see if your bags actually made it on the plane. In greece and in germany both it look like luggage got left at the airports. Good news the tracker showed up as soon as i arrived in chicago.

4Expert Score
Keep track of your stuff.

It’s important for people to realize these are not really ‘gps trackers’ in the sense that they do not tell you where your item(s) are minute-by-minute. When someone with an iphone is nearby and close enough, they get updated via that way. So through your apple phone or tablet via the ‘find my’ app, you can see approximately where they are. Example – friend of mine went out of town and left his car at the atlanta airport parking lot. We stuck one of these in there just in case the car was stolen we’d have a general idea of what was going on. It showed where the car was parked accurately, but once he left, it only updated every few hours when people walked near enough to it (who had iphones) so it updated.

So if someone takes something you have one in, it’s going to have to be exposed to apple devices nearby reasonably often for you to get an idea on where they are at. In that regard and context, they work as intended. Note too – anyone with an iphone will get pop-ups on their phone letting them know an airtag that does not belong to them is nearby, so crooks with iphone will know there’s one near (so will people you are trying to track – so don’t do that.. It’s creepy).

4Expert Score
Great idea of an item! Hate they don’t recharge!

So far they are great, location isn’t totally exact but they are great for the price! I put them in my luggage. They did take a long time to get delivered which was my only other complain besides they aren’t able to be recharged!

4Expert Score
Easy to pair, works well in finding your stuff, i wish it could be used by more than one user

I was surprisingly impressed as how well these airtags worked. It is the first apple device where you can actually replace the battery easily which is shocking to me. It uses a cr2032 battery which is pretty common in most coin battery powered devices. The amount of time the battery last all depends on which battery you are using. I found energizer works the best. It does notify you when the battery is low so you can replace it. It is very easy to open the airtag and replace the battery. It does not reset your airtag or anything. Only way to do that is to unregister it from your apple account. That being said, do not buy this device used or open box as it still may be registered to the previous user. The device is a bit scratch proned even with the case on it. The case does not seem to block the connection but it depends on the case (it is sold separately). The airtag does have a beeping function so you are able to locate your device when you are near it easier. It does utilize other apple phones in order to triangulate where the device is. It only works with apple phones. It does use android phones to help locate it using the network but it cannot be paired to an android phone. There is also no way to recharge the device and you need to just replace the battery everytime. So far i have yet to replace the battery and when using my battery tester, it is still running strong. Apple did a good job with these and if there are any updates, it will utilize your phone to do the updates. This is a great way to track your keys, wallet, and even your kids if you attach this to their backpack. The only issue is that you do need a case of some sort. Also that only one account can find this airtag. You cannot share it with other people which is a bit annoying. If you are going to use this to track your kids, you would at least want to be able to share this with your significant other. The fact it limits the tracking to just one account makes it tough to track if that account is locked out or the person cannot be contacted. It should at least give you the option of sharing that tracking with others like finding your iphone. Overall this is a good tag to have if you want to keep track of things or a person. It works really well and for a long time without needing a battery change. It is far from water proof so it is not something i would go diving with but it can handle the rain if you have a case on it. It is scratch proned which a bit of a bummer. It is nice that it has a ringing feature when you are near it to help you locate it and the ringing is loud. The down side i feel that they should allow is sharing the tracking information with at least one other person in case something happens to their account or person.

4Expert Score
Good but needs improvement

Device works well for putting on pets and personal items however desperately needs a share feature. For say if you are going out of town and leaving your pets with a friend, what good does the find me feature do if the people watching them can’t access it, or if you have friends helping you look for a lost pet same thing. It works well but has obvious limitations.

4Expert Score
Works good, but i wish it was louder

If you use this to find your keys, for example, and they’re in a pocket it can be hard to find them with the alarm. Other than that these are amazing. Locate anything just about anyplace.

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