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What are apple airtag features?

  • Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the find my app
  • Simple one-tap setup instantly connects airtag with your iphone or ipad
  • Play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your things, or just ask siri for help
  • Precision finding with ultra wideband technology leads you right to your nearby airtag (on select iphone models)
  • Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of apple devices in the find my network
  • Put airtag into lost mode to be automatically notified when it’s detected in the find my network
  • All communication with the find my network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy, location data and history are never stored on airtag
  • Replaceable battery lasts over a year
  • Airtag is ip67 water and dust resistant
  • Make airtag yours with a range of colorful accessories, sold separately
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Apple airtag details:

Product dimensions

‎3.27 x 0.47 x 4.09 inches

Item weight

‎1.41 ounces


‎apple computer

Country of origin


Item model number



‎1 lithium metal batteries required. (included)

Apple AirTag AMAZON Apple AirTag : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

What is the fartest distance to be active ?

About 10 ft. It’s worthless. When i first got it, it would give directions to where it was. An update has taken that feature away. If lost the tag needs to be moving on the area of another apple product with find my active for your gage to even long it’s location. About all it’s worth for is a reminder you left something behind. When i get about 40 feet away from the tag my phone sends me an alert i left it behind. From that point the tag longs nothing and i can’t see it on my find my app until i’m back in the house ! It’s a $45 reminder -that’s it. I bought it to put on my dog and the first few months i had it it worked well. But between illegal stalking use and launching the network location sharing nation wide -updates have made it worthless. And that’s coming from apple.

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Which iphones have the u1 chip this product requires?

Iphone 11-13 have the u1 chip but it can also work with any other apple phone from what i can tell. The u1 chip is for precise tracking & using older iphones might not have that good of the tracking ability as the iphone 11-13

Can you leave one in your car , for those of us who can’t remember where we parked ?

I’ve now had an airtag in my car for 10 months as a poor man’s security tracker and i have to say, it is working great. I can easily find my car in any large lot (even underground lots) and i’m confident i can locate my car via the airtag if it were stolen.

Some are saying that an iphone must be nearby or pass by the airtag in your car if you do this… That’s true, that’s how the technology works. But there are lots of iphones out there. Consider, if i used a gps based tracker it wont work in an interior location like a parking garage or home. Gps must have a view of the sky. The airtag just needs an iphone to pass within range.

But compare: the gps network works with 31 satellites in orbit above us. The airtag network locates airtags with an iphone network consisting of 728 million phones. 728 million nodes reporting the location of the airtag.

Is it perfect? No. But my experience is it’s really really good.

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How far can you travel with this? Also how long dose the battery last?

This relies on bluetooth as well as other iphone users’ find my apps for when you are separated a long distance from the air tag. They say battery lasts one year.

How does this connect to wifi or internet for the tracking to be possible? ??

This device does not connect to wi-fi. It does not have a built in gps. All it does is constantly broadcasting its id over blue tooth. If an iphone user passes by within bluetooth range (about 30 feet), the user’s phone transmits the id’s location to apple, which notifies the device owner of the last location the devices was spotted.

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What is the oldest iphone with which this is compatible?

You can use it on any iphone running ios 14.5 but to get full functionality you must have an iphone 11 or 12.

Can it be paired with more than one iphone?

Can only be paired to one iphone. Family members have an option to silence a air tag of a family member, but they cannot track it.

Can it be attached to a tv remote control? If so, how?

Use remote cover and put in between

What if something of mine gets stolen? I heard that if an airtag is with someone and you’re not with them, apple will tell them they’re being tracked?

Only you can see where your airtag is. Your location data and history are never stored on the airtag itself. Devices that relay the location of your airtag also stay anonymous, and that location data is encrypted every step of the way, so not even apple knows the location of your airtag or the identity of the device that helps find it.

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Is there a distance range on it?

For bluetooth, i suspect the range is a bit far considering my iphone and ipad have bluetooth turned off and i suspect neighbors’ iphones are picking up the airtag’s signal.

How far is the range? Ex. If i’m home but i left my bag at my office, would the tag locate it?

From what i’ve read and early review videos, from home, if someone at work has find my app on, or if you were previously at office and your find my app pinged the air tag there at that time, you should have a record of where the air tag was last known to be.

If someone at work took your bag and went somewhere, if anyone within range of the bag had find my app on, you should be able to see a revised last known location.

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How long does the battery last?

They say one year.

Can i find my wife in a large store if this is in her purse with her iphone 12? (i have an iphone 11).

If the airtag is paired with your phone, yes. You can only track airtags with the phone it is paired with related to finding the airtag. If you have it in lost mode, any iphone/ipad near it can send an anonymous signal that is encrypted so the owner can find this, but nobody (not even apple) knows what phones or devices find the airtag, or the location, and the location history isn’t with the airtag, so even lost and somehow hacked, nobody can track where you have been.

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Can it be turned off?

You can remove the battery. There is no “off” button.

Would this work well as a tracker for an expensive e-bike?

When you’re tracking it does it sent off a sound to alert the people who took your bike

What is the maximum distance the airtag can be detected? Ie 50 feet from your device?

This can’t be answered as everyone’s situation will be different. If it’s just you and your airtag and you can physically see it maybe 50ft if you’re iphone is also using bluetooth 5.0.

Everything works on line of sight. As long as there’s people around with iphones the distance is limitless.

What is the range of the device. If my kids are at school 10 miles away, will it still show location?

The answer is ‘yes’. And, they do not need to have an iphone with them. They just need to be around other people who have iphones. All you need to do is register the device with your iphone (takes seconds), and put it your kid’s pocket or backpack. The device id will be picked up by any iphone anywhere in the world which is within about 30 feet of the device. You can see its location on your phone by using the built in ‘find my’ app.

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Could you glue it on, or would that ruin your ability to change the battery?

I use this for my tortoise. I had to purchase a case and then i glue it. Otherwise you have to glue the battery or speaker. (use e6000 glue. It’s safe on torts.)

Can i put this inside an internal pocket of my backpack? Or does it need to be external to prevent signal blocking?

Internal pockets are fine

How do you charge it to reuse it?

Uses cr2032 nonrechargable battery.

Apple AirTag AMAZON Apple AirTag : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Works with iphone 8 plus.

⁃ setting up the airtag is easy. Pull the plastic cap and once the battery is connected to the airtag and the airtag is activated, the iphone will recognize the airtag and connect to it. It is connected to a specific apple id and once you connect the airtag to the iphone, you can designate what the airtag will be used to trace/locate, for example, ‘wallet’ ‘keys,’ ‘backpack’ and so on.
⁃ the use of a replaceable cr32 battery is a plus. Just twist the top cap and replace the battery by following the instructions on the polarity of the battery terminals.
⁃ i have an iphone 8 plus, so, the fancy ‘precision finding’ function that uses ‘ar’ and the arrow to point out the location of the airtag as you approach it is not available. I knew that beforehand but it doesn’t minimize the effectiveness of this airtag.
⁃ if you have an iphone 6/6 plus and/or later, you’ll be able to use bluetooth and nfc for tracking.
⁃ however, the airtag works perfectly with the iphone 8 plus. All i need to do is expand the screen of my phone when on the ‘find my’ app on the iphone and activate the sound of the airtag when i get close to the airtag and once the airtag starts beeping, then i can be able to trace it in its exact location.
⁃ the airtag is excellent. If you leave the airtag in a location and walk for about 2 minutes, or 0.1 miles, the iphone immediately alerts you that you have left the airtag and gives you the street address. When driving, the alert shows up after approximately 0.5 miles. Once you get the message on your iphone, you then open the ‘find my’ app on the iphone and when you select ‘items’ at the bottom right of the app, you will then see the airtag description and the blue dot that shows the location of the airtag. As you walk back to the location of the airtag, all you do is expand the screen on your phone and once you get to a couple of feet of the airtag, you can press the ‘play sound’ button and the airtag is going to start beeping.
⁃ i have now purchased 3 of these airtags. I use one for my wallet, one for my keys and one for my backpack. I’ll definitely add more airtags once the need arises.
⁃ the airtag works so well such that, even when i go to the gym and leave my wallet and backpack in the gym locker and then go to the main floor to work out, about 50 or so feet, i get an alert on the iphone notifying me that i have ‘left my wallet/backpack’ behind and gives me the gym address! Excellent!
⁃ you can disable notifications from the iphone for certain locations so that, when you leave certain items like a backpack at home, you won’t keep getting notifications.
⁃ the ‘find my’ app figures out where ‘home’ is after a while (even before setting the home address on the ‘maps’ app) and when you leave the airtag at ‘home,’ then the iphone alerts you that you have left the airtag at ‘home.’ you can also set the ‘home’ address on your iphone’s ‘maps’ app.
⁃ just to show you how good the airtags work, i attended a superbowl party and left my backpack (with airtag attached) at home. I had my wallet with me and my house keys in the car. The ‘find my’ app was able to accurately pinpoint the location of my wallet, (with me) my keys (in car, on road close to the super bowl host’s house) and my backpack, 44 miles away. The location of the backpack had been picked up by another iphone that was close by the backpack.
⁃ i purchased a psrat 2 case wallet holder for my wallet airtag and it works well. I purchased the arae airtag keychain holder for my keys and i got the apple leather loop for my backpack.

5Expert Score
Hey, these are great!

No monthly subscription! Easiest setup imaginable too. Turn on your bluetooth, unpackage the airpods – and pull the battery tab, pair to bluetooth – with a single touch, open the ‘find my’ app and view. It’s this easy. I followed these steps with one airpid at a time. I’ve been experimenting and testing the two i bought for little over a week. Can set notifications for leaving behind or for when a decice leaves a specified location. Can use the find my app visibility to getting very close to the backpack or keys i might have left behind or misplaced. Within about the same room of a home or within several feet if outside. I’ll pist additional updates as i learn more of the capabilities. I am very happy with my purchase and apple has completely nailed it with airpods!

5Expert Score
As from the apple store

Works just as well as from the apple store. A bit pricey, but somewhat makes sense given that it connects to the entire network of apple device owners, making it more reliable for actually finding my stuff when it goes missing. I mostly use it when i’m running late for work and don’t have time to look for my keys or wallet. The speaker is loud and easy to locate, even in a fully sealed case that muffles to a small degree. Decent battery life and is relatively easy to replace. Durable with the appropriate case, which can be had for very little $. I like that you can manage reminders on apple devices to notify when i leave important stuff behind. I found it annoying at first, but for the simple inconvenience of swiping away notifications, i never get more than 5 minutes from home without having a final reminder. I like that my phone identifies which tags or devices i left behind so that i can quickly check that i have everything i need. It saves me the headache of constantly checking my pockets for stuff and ensures that i always know the last secure location i had it. Small footprint with decent quality plastics that feel secure and high quality. A bit chunky for something like a wallet, but not impossible to use.

5Expert Score
Worked great at first (edited)

Update: the app sucks. I walked around the entire perimeter of my property pressing play sound every couple seconds. It would mostly come back saying it’s not in range and it would stop trying to play sound. Then at one point it said ‘playing sound’. Obvious sign it was nearby. I couldn’t hear because of all the background birds and cicadas so i asked my kids to walk around me and eventually i was close enough to hear it ringing and i found it. I will be getting a better app to put it on and hopefully that app won’t give me false readings.

I bought this to put on my cat understanding that it could come off and that it isn’t recommended for tracking animals. I liked the idea that if it was lost, other iphones could sense it and help me locate it. Well the collar it was on came off at some point the other day (not airtag’s fault). I went for a walk around the property to see if the app could sense it. At one point by the woodline of my property it told me that my airtag was seen nearby but it wouldn’t play any sound. It said i wasn’t close enough. I moved around and it would suddenly disappear. It would alert me on a different part of my property not near the first alert. It would then do the same thing. The app also did this with my watch that has been dead for a few weeks. We live in the woods and don’t have close neighbors so it is unlikely that someone walked off with it. I understand that this issue isn’t just with airtag, it is with the app as well. If i am able to find it, i am very likely to continue to use it but with a much different app. I am disappointed with apple. I would not purchase again due to price and how inconsistent the app is….. I am willing to change my rating if problem is resolved.

5Expert Score
Perfect for piece of mind.

I absolutely love this product for peace of mind with my fur baby. I have an indoor cat that loves to try to run out the front door and has a lot of opportunities to sneak out while i am at work. With the airtag, i have access 100% of the time to knowing if she is safe at home at my fingertips through the find my app.

Connecting the airtag to find my was an extremely simple process and changing the battery is easy, too. You can see the battery life under your airtag in find my anytime. I can also let out a ping sound from the airtag at any time through the app to help me locate her. The ping isn’t loud, but works well in enclosed areas like a home. The ping sound would likely not do well if you lose an item outdoors, at an event, or in a louder environment.

If your item is ever lost, lost mode sends a custom message from you to nearby iphones through find my with details/instructions. You can also select “get directions” to get turn-by-turn directions leading to your airtag if your close enough or driving directions in maps if your further way. I have not had to use any of the features for a lost item yet but i will update this post with a review of the lost features and how well the tracking updates for an item on the move after i have the opportunity to use them.

5Expert Score
Air tag should be a must in every travel bag!

I purchased this for a trip to italy in september. I put it in a discreet pocket after pairing with my phone. Our bags were left behind in frankfurt on our transfer there. When realizing this on arrival in florence we filed all paperwork and left. The next day we could see on our phones that the bags had arrived in florence. When we went to airport they had already been put in a van but had no commitment of arrival that day or next. When we showed the van location to lost and found they had the driver return to airport…our group had 10 bags. This little gadget took out all the anxiety of not having our bags…we knew exactly where they were at any given time. The other poor souls in airport could get no specific info on their bag locations…weather issues had caused many issues! I have already purchased a second one and will use also in golf travel bag! A must have for travelers!!!! P.s. Works through iphone connectivity but encrypted so no security concerns that i have read of.

5Expert Score
Clever, reliable product!

I purchased the 4-pack of air tags. One for each of our dogs and the other, for my wife ot use as she deems fit/necessary (traveling). The set up was incredibly easy. The moment i took the battery tag off, it beeped and voila, showed up on my iphone. I went through the set up process, naming each tag. Works like a charm!

My only complaint is: there is no way to share the air tags. If apple were to devise a way to do this, i honestly beleive that they’d sell even more of these tags. Here’s hoping that apple modifies its app (find my) to allow for such. At the time of this review, apple’s only workaround was to share my appleid with my wife so that she could use my appleid on her find my app. That isn’t a good option.

Pros: versatile, easy to set up, quality made
cons: the ‘share’ functionality is much needed!

5Expert Score
Must buy for frequent travelers and forgetful folks

I went on a 33 day international trip that took me through 7 countries and 11 airports. We were very worried about luggage getting stolen or misplaced so myself and my travel companions all purchased airtags beforehand. Setup was very easy you just open the airtag and sync it up to your phone in the ‘find my’ application. You can select to get notifications either when you leave your airtag behind, when your airtag is found, or both. Whenever i left my luggage at our lodging or got on and off a flight i got a notification of an approximate location. Note: airtags do not always give precise location as i believe it triangulates based on satellite data and the presence of other iphones/apple devices so it isn’t 100% correct (but still pretty good). One of my friends’ luggage was stolen off of a train and she actually got a notification that it was ‘left behind’ at the station minutes after the thief stole it. We were able to track it using her airtag and could even figure out where it ended up. Unfortunately she didn’t get her luggage back so just know that even if you can track your stuff that doesn’t mean local police will do anything about it! Other than that, it relieved a lot of travel anxiety and is a handy device for keeping track of your items.

5Expert Score
Airtag saved my sanity!

International travel can be stressful enough, but when a storm delays your leaving an airport in time to make your international connection, and you have to be put on a later flight with a different airline, how can you be certain your checked luggage made that second flight? I was exhausted once on board and worried that my bag didn’t make it. But in the luggage was an airtag that i bought right before the trip. About an hour into the trip i got a text message that my bag was traveling along with me. What a relief. Back home now, i intend to but an airtag for my purse, for my … Everything.

5Expert Score
Has a use

I can see where these are really useful, but it didn’t fit my use case.

It is not a “gps” tracker.
Be aware that you can only find/track it if it’s in bluetooth like range (not nearly as far as claimed).
So if it’s in your yard, you’re going to need to grid search it.

I think if you declare it “lost”, other iphones might find it and communicate the location back to you.
But they need to stumble on, and be an airtag user.

And they put way too much thought, way too late in development over trying to prevent you from surreptitiously tracking people. If their phone sees an unknown tracker “following you” (hidden in your purse, for example), apple will warn you that you’re being stalked.

One useful scenario would be one in your purse. If you leave without your purse, your phone can notify you that you left it behind. But it does that because it lost connection with the tag, so it doesn’t know where your purse is currently, just that it doesn’t see it.

4Expert Score
An obvious upgrade over tile

Originally we used tile products on our tv remotes. They worked well and made finding remotes easy- especially in a house where a child could carry a remote out of a room.

The app is aggressive and wants all the permissions on your phone all the time. That wasn’t really necessary for our use-case and yet it still persisted in asking.

Then they stopped connecting reliably….they were more and more difficult to connect to and then they all stopped working completely- leaving us with tiny round black useless bricks glued to our tv remotes.

So…i upgraded to airtags. I was able to find a remote control case that holds the airtag in place which was great. They integrate with our ios devices so i’m not giving data access permission to another random company or installing another app. They are incredibly reliable too as we have never failed to find one.

After reading it seems that the tiles will basically shut themselves down after a given amount of time. So you’re forced to replaced them (the internet seems to think it’s about every 8-12 months). These airtags have an easy to replace and source battery built in.

We also attached these airtags to our kids, luggage, diaper bag, and stroller on our last vacation. It was nice to be able to locate strollers with decent accuracy and get a quick reminder if we accidentally left a backpack or other item (great when you have 3 kids each with their own backpacks filled with ipads and switches, and expensive electronics.

The ios device network is obviously much larger than the tile network which means that the devices were always seen and updated.

My only complaint about these devices is the built in speaker. It can be muffled by couch cushions and most likely wouldn’t be heard inside a suitcase or bag.

4Expert Score
The smart tag choice for iphone users

This is a modal window.

No compatible source was found for this media.
*note- video shows the sound the airtag makes when you select ‘play sound’ from your iphone*

airtags are apple’s entry in the smart tag market; an accessory to help locate devices you might lose. Tile and samsung have similar products, but the big advantage that airtags have over other smart tag devices is the connection to the findmy network, which allows any nearby apple devices to help locate your airtag. This is a big deal for iphone users.

So the idea is, you attach the airtag to something like your keys for example, and then if you lose your keys you can find them in three ways: you can use your phone to make the airtag beep, you can use precision finding to have your phone point you to where the airtag is, or if it is really far away, it will use the findmy network to locate the airtag based on signals received from other iphone users that are near your airtag.

Here are my thoughts so far:


setup: setup for these airtags is incredibly easy. Just pull the tab off of the battery shield, hold the airtag near your iphone, and it will be detected and prompt you to name the airtag. Then you associate it with your apple account, and you’re done.
Network: this is the biggest advantage apple has, because being connected to the findmy network increases the odds that there will be someone nearby your device if you lose it. Tile uses their mesh network to help you find lost devices, but there are nowhere near as many tile app users as there are apple users on the findmy network. For iphone users, this means you are much more likely to find a lost airtag than a lost tile.
Precision finding: (this feature requires an iphone 11 or 12) if you are within about 30 feet, you can use the precision finding option that points you in the direction of the airtag from your phone, telling you about how far away it is and what direction it is in. This is super useful around the house to find a nearby airtag.
Nfc tag: you can set a phone number and message for anyone that might find your airtag, so even android users can scan the airtag with nfc, and get that information about who it belongs to, so they can contact you to return it. Apple users can also report a found device through the findymy network.
Ip67 waterproof: ip67 means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep, for up to half an hour. I haven’t tested this out, but it is nice to know that the airtags have this protection.


durability: the airtag seems to scratch pretty easily on the metal side. Even within 24 hours of test use, the metal side already has a few scratches on it. This might not be a big deal if it is just cosmetic damage, hopefully it won’t affect the device’s functionality in the long run, but i still would’ve rather had it be just plastic on both sides to avoid these scratches.
No locate phone option: having used tile devices for years, i have found it to be super useful to be able to have two-way location ability; being able to push a button on the tile device to locate my phone in case i misplace it. You can’t do that with the airtags.
No key ring loop: users of tile or samsung smart tags are probably accustomed to being able to attach their smart tag devices directly to a key chain via a built in small loop, without having to buy another accessory. These airtags don’t have a loop, and you have to buy an accessory, which apple currently sells for about $35. There are less expensive options from 3rd party vendors like belkin for around $12, but still i was a little bit annoyed to have to spend more money to attach the airtag to a keychain.


so, at first i wanted to compare these airtags to the other smart tag devices from tile and samsung. But actually, if you primarily use an iphone, there really isn’t much of a choice. The fact that these are connected to the findmy network, the ease of setup, and the precision finding option for newer iphones, makes it hard to chose anything else. Again, i personally love tile’s ability to also locate my phone from my keys, but if you mainly use an iphone, then technically you have the findmy network to try to locate your phone anyway.

So in summary, most android users will probably stick with tile, samsung s20/21 users should try samsung smarttags because the ar find is pretty cool and the smart device integration is nice, but all iphone users should go with airtags. Hopefully they will add new features in the future.

*pictures show airtag next to a quarter for size reference, and then ‘connect’ screen that pops up when you put airtag near your phone for the first time*

4Expert Score
Like playing hide-and-seek in high stress situations?

Then this may be the tool for you!
After my cat busted out of my window a couple of times, i decided to get this to help me keep track of him. Alright, listen, i know it says not to use it for pets. Yet compared to every other geo-tracking device, this thing is a steal, so i figured, let’s at least try it. I attached it to my cat’s collar with a little rubber band made for the purpose. I will say, it was incredibly easy to set up on my iphone.
As for its ability to geo-track… Well, it’s kind of like a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek or hot-and-cold. You need to be close to the airtag to get an exact location, and once it knows its exact location, instead of showing you on a map, it seems to just give you vague instructions like ‘sixteen steps to the left,’ which could, i guess, do the job, but it doesn’t really help that much. However, once you get close enough to the item that it ‘connects,’ you can have the airtag play a noise, and this is super useful. I was able to find my cat by the noise but not by the onscreen instructions.
If you are not very close to the item already, it’s not going to give you an exact location, and i think this is super important for pet parents to understand. I was able to find my cat when he was hiding in the basement and when he was in my yard, but if he were to go off of my property, it would only give me an approximate location of the airtag based on its proximity to other apple devices. If you live in a tightly packed neighborhood, this probably won’t be an issue, because there are lots of devices around – but if you live in a rural area, for example, this would make the airtag totally useless.
It does have a function that tells you when you’ve left your airtag behind, which would be very handy if it were tracking something like my wallet, not my cat.

Tldr – it does exactly what it is advertised to do, and absolutely nothing more. If you’re thinking about getting it to track a pet, consider its limitations before you do so. However, if you’ve got a cat that likes to shove itself into tiny impossible-to-find places and not come out, then this is perfect for you.

4Expert Score
App don't work

I bought this airtag to put it on my son’s book bag that way i can track him when he get on the bus. The only problem that i have is that it shows when he get to school but it don’t show me when he get out of school or which street he’s coming from.

4Expert Score
Short range

The range on these is only 25-30 feet so i often get a message that my signal is weak or nonexistent and i have to walk around to get a better connection. The apple watch can ring the air tags but the phone has the additional capability to track them with an arrow and tells to which direction to walk and how many feet away they are (if within range). We don’t have other iphones in the house besides mine so i haven’t been able to test the capability of going off other people’s phones to find the air tags. Supposedly you can do this!

4Expert Score
Buen producto

Es un producto que no necesito, pero me ha ayudado a salir de apuros en varias ocasiones, es algo que no necesitas pero cuando lo requieras es espectacular tenerlo. Mi único pero es que la parte cromada se raya con solo mirarlo y un producto muy bonito para que pierda tan rápido su brillo cromado, se puede solucionar con un llavero que lo cubra todo. Me encanto el producto y lo volvería a comprar, es más ya estoy en planes de adquirir paquete de 4.

4Expert Score
Great for dogs, but can't share the airtag

Can track my dog to the exact location that he is. My dog is a shih tzu, so pretty much a small dog and it’s small enough for him to carry it all around. I can’t track him with precision finding, i have an iphone 7 plus, only my brother can, which brings me to why is it a 4/5. As far as i know, it doesn’t have a family share option, so only my brother can track my dog and i’m left in the dark about his location. Making this exclusively a single apple id tracking. Would love to know if it is possible to share the location and i don’t know how share it, or implementing it later so i can finally feel safe that if my brother is not at home, i can also track my dog if we ever go for a walk.

4Expert Score
Not for tracking pets

This product is great if you’re trying to track something stationary, but because it only updates every 5 minutes, it made it difficult to track our escape artist. Keys, remote, wallet, or other items we lay down and forget where we put them, this will work great.

4Expert Score
Excellent but alert too low

Product works great but if you misplace and item and try to track, the alert notification sound is too low…extremely low

4Expert Score
Not all it's cracked up to be

Put this on my dogs collar and only once have i been successful tracking him down when he jumped the fence. Not sure i totally believe those stories about tracking people with these tags if i can’t find a loose dog within a few blocks of home.

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