Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors (8 Ounce), 20403 White

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors (8 Ounce), 20403 White Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors (8 Ounce), 20403 White
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors 8 Ounce: Apple barrel acrylic paint is the go-to crafter’s choice for projects big and small. Create fun and funky projects when you use this easy-to-use, high-quality paint. Apple barrel acrylic paint is a must-have product for any crafter to have on hand for basecoating, stenciling, and more. Apple barrel brushes on beautifully to wood, paper, canvas, styrofoam, paper mache, and so much more. This creamy color glides on smoothly and dries quickly to all your crafts. Use this versatile paint with acrylic paint brushes, stamps, stencils, or sponges for an extraordinary finish. Enjoy excellent coverage on all your arts and crafts when you paint with apple barrel acrylic paint.

What are apple barrel acrylic paint in assorted colors 8 ounce features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Convenient size – this apple barrel acrylic paint comes in a versatile 8 oz size that is great for basecoating, stenciling, and so much more
  • Fun finish – this brilliant acrylic paint dries to a matte finish – perfect for a variety of arts and crafts!
  • Bright color – grab your acrylic paint brushes and add this fun, bright acrylic paint to all your diy projects
  • Use on multiple surfaces – use apple barrel acrylic paint on a variety of surfaces such as wood, paper, canvas, styrofoam, paper mache, and so much more
  • Easy clean up – clean up is easy with this acrylic paint! Simply clean up while wet with soap and water
  • Manufacturing – we proudly manufacture apple barrel acrylic paint and acrylic paint sets in the usa
  • Formula – apple barrel is a non-toxic and water-based formula, great for crafting with all ages. Expand your art supplies with this fun brand!
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Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors (8 Ounce), 20403 White AMAZON Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors (8 Ounce), 20403 White

Looking for specific info?

What is the finish on this paint, gloss, matte, satin? The black t be axact.

The apple barrel paint has a matte finish.

The bright red color on the 473ml bottle looks brighter than on the 236ml bottle. Are they the same?

If the paint color name is the same then it is the same paint. Labels can vary in color from one printing to another. Because all of the labels for the different size bottles are not printed at the same time.

Can this be used in slime?

Only if your recipe calls for using a acrylic paint in it.

Can this paint be used on walls as touch up paint?

I don’t know for sure..perhaps for a small area…i used several different colors of this paint to create a faux granite on my kitchen counter…several coats of poly…and it looks nice!!

Does this paint need to be ‘set’ after painting on fabric…tote bags, tee shirts etc?…do set with iron or some product/spray?

The apple barrel paint are not intended to be used on fabric. It they are used on fabric you will need to add a textile medium into the paint. Yes you will have to heat set the paint.
To heat-set your project, follow the instructions below:

1. Allow the decorated fabric to dry overnight.
2. Heat a dry iron (remove all water from iron) to the highest setting allowed for the decorated fabric.
3. Keeping the heated iron dry, position the project fabric decorated-side up and then lay a pressing cloth over the fabric.
4. Without using steam, press the decorated fabric area for 30 seconds, lift the iron and move to another section.
5. Continue until the entire design area has been heat set.

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Will this work on clothes?

You can definitely use acrylic paint on fabric. Some common examples are pillows and shoes. It might fade if you don’t seal it.

Can this be used on glass

This paint would only be for decorative use on a glass surface. This paint will, wash off of a glass surface.

Can i use this on fireplace mantel?

Only if the mantel is for decoration! If theres heat around it tends to dry up and aged quickly{crackling} not too much heat!

Can this be use in ceramic?

Only if the project is for display purposes only.

Is this good for acrylic pour

I use it for all acrylic projects. I prefer apple barrel over any other acrylic paints. I have used it for pour art and i am very satisfied.

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How long is the paint expected to last?

If the paint is left unopened and stored in a controlled environment. Then the shelf life is two to three years.

Can this be used on the rubber lower part of a tennis shoe? Just above the soles?

Rubber repels water. This is a water based paint. It will not be durable on a rubber surface.

Is this paint safe for bird toys?

Apple barrel paint is technically non-toxic, so in theory it should be okay, but if you bird is a chewer, i wouldn’t.

If i use this to paint on fabric, is it hand-wash safe or will the color bleed?

The color(s) have astounding longevity. Although i cannot claim to have applied acrylic paint to all fabrics, i have applied acrylic paint to a good variety. I have washed it, ironed it, poured bleach over it, sewn on it, scrubbed it with a scrubbing brush. I really don’t know how i would advise someone who might want to remove it. Once it’s dry, it’s a commitment.

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What shade of red ?

The shade is crimson. Colors are subjective to each person. So you will have to compare shades to determine if this is the shade that you are looking for.

Would this work for white washing outdoor wood furniture?

This product is a water based paint . If used on outdoor projects you will need to seal the paint after it has cured.

I want to paint small rocks to fool birds in my strawberry patches. Will this paint hold up in weather?

You will have to use a weather resistant sealer over the paint after it has cured (dried 2 weeks).

Can i use this paint on a plastic bucket?

I have used many brands of acrylic paint, including this one, on plastic surfaces. The trick is to clean the plastic item thoroughly with ordinary rubbing alcohol first. Then allow it to dry completely before painting. It also helps to very lightly sand the plastic first before cleaning with a very fine grit (300-400) sandpaper. Be sure to remove all of the sanding dust when cleaning it. Then when done painting the object, be sure and seal it with a couple of coats of the appropriate type sealer. These methods have worked for me many times.

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I’m looking for a baby pink and blue. Which shades would be the best match?

Pink parfait for the pink and cloudless for the blue. Always get a white also. Because you can add white to lighten the colors.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors (8 Ounce), 20403 White AMAZON Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors (8 Ounce), 20403 White

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Good paint

I was not sure about this paint, thinking it might be too thin. But it is nice and thick and goes on the canvas well. I would recommend.

5Expert Score

I love the black paint it’s really smooth and it comes out very nice it dry really fast !! 🙂

5Expert Score
Love it

Love a good black matte background

5Expert Score
Covers great

Was the perfect consistency to cover unfinished wood pieces with one coat.

5Expert Score
Perfect acrylic paint

Exactly what i needed and expected love the size of the product for the value

5Expert Score
Easy to use

Just the right size. The color and density are just right. I will buy more.

5Expert Score

Good product & price.

5Expert Score

Good size and price and its also vibrant

5Expert Score
Worked great and i got it at s good price.

I’m pretty happy with this paint as i needed it for an apoxsee project and all of the other paints were still ridiculously expensive for a small amount. This price was fair so i was a little worried about how things would turn out but after testing it found it to be great.

5Expert Score

Nice matt finish.
I bought this to paint a guitar body.
After sanding it, applying 2 coats of primer, i gave it a light sanding to smooth it before applying the paint.
The paint is a sky blue color. I thinned it slightly with water to use on my gravity cup spray painter. Went on smooth, heavy and dried quickly, with no streaks.
Gave it 4 total costs of the paint and it dried within minutes. I’m very happy with how well the paint flowed and how well it looks.
The paint is easy to use and apply.
Ill now coat the paint with 7 layers of birchwood casey’s tru oil, let it dry them buff to a high shine.
I recommend any color of this brand of paint. Great stuff@

4Expert Score

Good value, dries fast.

4Expert Score
Good product

Painted the artificial pumpkins for display in the garden. Paint went on very smoothly and the results were really good.

4Expert Score
Bigger size, a little sheerer than 2oz size

Jumped on the chance to buy this big bottle when i had free shipping. I use it to base coat kindness rocks. It seems.good, but a little more watery abd sheer than the 2oz size. I don’t really notice it until the rock is sealed… So recommend more than 1 coat if you seal your work. I’m about halfway through my bottle…. So i’ve been using it a.lot.

4Expert Score
Great general purpose acrylic

Great general purpose acrylic paint. Good opacity. Great color.

4Expert Score
Good value

Lots of paint at a good price. Gave 4 stars because mine arrived a little dried out but still usable.

4Expert Score
Good color, good coverage

I mixed it with white school glue to make goth paint and it worked great.

4Expert Score
Decent enough craft paint

Love your paint use them all the time. Not sure what happened with this one bottle out of 10 or so bottles i ordered. Sadly i think the seal got messed up somehow and i had to dig out the top inch or so of paint and throw it out, i guess that happens sometimes? I mean 1 out of 10 not to bad.

Thanks though paints really are normally great!

4Expert Score
Not enough pigment in this pint

These paints do not enough pigment to paint easily. Takes multiple coats. Very dissappointing as it did a very poor job on the art project i was making for my grandson.

4Expert Score
Need to ship in a box! Lid cracked in bag

Thicker than usual. Applies ok. This was only first coat. Happy with color and quick delivery, but need to ship this in a box!

4Expert Score
Was okay

Had to put a few coats. Dollar tree type quality

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