Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Buy Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter: Adapters – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are apple lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter features?

  • This adapter lets you connect devices that use a 3.5 mm audio plug to your lightning devices.
  • Works with all devices that have a lightning connector and support ios 10 or later, including ipod touch, ipad, and iphone.
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Apple lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter details:

Product dimensions

‎2.7 x 0.7 x 3.5 inches

Item weight

‎0.32 ounces




‎apple computer

Country of origin

‎burkina faso

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer


Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter AMAZON

Buy Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter: Adapters – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

So is this the official ‘apple’ adapter or not?

There is reasonably good evidence that the one i got was not legitimate. The box and packaging looks like genuine apple, except that a piece of white self-adhesive label material was affixed over the front of the box, covering the photo and the apple logo. It does work okay on my iphone 12. Possible hypotheses: 1. This was purchased from a supplier in some other country, and unofficially imported into the us. (this is commonly called ‘gray market’.) 2. Apple discovered that a batch of these had a high rate of defective units and ordered the entire batch destroyed. Or apple made a production change and ordered the old stock destroyed. But someone ‘rescued’ them from destruction and sold them.

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Can i use an external mic that is 3.5 jack compatible? Or is this output only for headphones?

It can work. I test it. If you want to direct to use this adapter, you have to use trrs type mic. If your mic is just trs jack head, you have to buy one ‘trrs male to trs female cable’ to link this adapter to your trs mic.

Can it control music (volume, previous/next) and answer phone calls (microphone)? Also in regards to the real one vs. A cheap generic/clone/knock-off

This adapter came with my iphone 7 plus… Don’t buy this just double check the box your phone came in. As far as controlling music and phone calls… All this piece does is allow you to use your existing 3.5m headphones with your new phone (7 or 7 plus). As you know, your new phone does not have a 3.5m headphones jack. Therefore, in order to use your favorite pair of headphones you need this adapter… That’s why it’s included in the iphone box! It’s just an adapter…any control you have over music or calls will depend on your headphones.

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Is this original apple adapter?

Mine absolutely seemed genuine, came in a sealed apple factory box, and worked perfectly.

I need to reverse of this – does anyone know where i can get a lightning (female) to 3.5 mm headphone jack (male) adapter?

So the closest thing you can get, is a splitter. Type in ‘audio adapter&splitter’ into the search bar, it should work. Amazon has a variety of sellers for this specific type of product. Have a blessed day!

Will this work with the iphone 7 battery case?

Warning: do not buy a battery case for your phone just buy a normal case because it will break your phone. If you use a normal case it will work.

Where is this product manufactured?

The adapter i received in june 2021 from amazon in like new condition is made in vietnam.

Es original ?

Si es original

Will this work with the square plug in for running credit cards on my iphone 7 plus?

Yes, i use square on my iphone 7 plus

Will this work on facetime calls with headphones?

There must be two different versions of this being sent to buyers . Mine worked for music but did not work for phone calls. After a second one (that also charges) i bought didn’t work with calls (and a little research on other seller questions and answers and reviews), i found that if sellers don’t specifically mention that it works with phone calls then it only works with music.

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Hi, does the adapter comes with its original box/ packaging? Thank you.

If you purchase an adapter in new condition, it comes in its original box.

Can adapter connect to rokono speaker ?

I don’t know honestly. I have only used these for my headphones.

When i connect this cable between the microphone and my iphone, i can not hear the other person’s voice. Any settings i need?

I am using the adapter with earphones. When the adapter is plugged into the iphone lighting port, sound is routed to the earphones via the lighting port. The built in iphone speaker is then bypassed. I am assuming that if you are using the adapter with a microphone, you will not be able to hear any sound. The presence of the adapter in the lighting port is disabling the iphone speaker. I am not aware of any settings that will enable the phone speaker while the adapter is plugged in.

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Is there an adapter where i can use my new lightnight plug earbuds and connect it to the headphone jack, so like the reverse of this product?


Does it work with a balanced 3.5mm trrs?

Mine didn’t work at all.

Are you open all day?


Hi, is it original ?

Mine didn’t work with my ipod touch 7th gen. You’re better off going to the apple store or website and get it there.

So if the same price as from apple store, why order here with risk?

Apple store was a higher price when i checked it.

Can i use this for my car if i already have the piece to go into the piece on the cord

Yep! I use this for my car and plug my aux cord into it

Work with xr?


Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter AMAZON

Buy Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter: Adapters – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Works great!

Lightning port to 3.5 mm apple adapter works well with the iphone 8. This is my second adapter, the first one is still working good after 3 years, i just wanted one for my bose ae2 headphones and the other for my amplified sound system.
The materials seems kinda flimsy, need to use with care though.
I suggest by reading other reviews on this product, when in use if one lt or rt is not working or cracking sounds, clean the connections with rubbing alcohol and soft cloth. This has worked for me.

5Expert Score

Makes normal headphones able to be used on i phone. Good as backup when bluetooth not an option. Sound quality is good. Seems well made. Small so i keep it attached to a pair of headphones.

5Expert Score
Works as it should

I ordered the apple brand jack adapter, and it came in an unopened box, so i believe it was the real thing. Everything works just as it had with an older phone that didn’t require an adapter to use the earphones. I can adjust volume, etc. When i want to. I don’t know whether it’s necessary to buy the brand name, but i’m happy that i did.

5Expert Score
Good quality !!

I just got the item today so i dont really know how long this good quality will last but so far no problems. It connects to a regular headphones that you can get from walmart or something so that you can plug it into an iphone. (shown in image) no issues with it connecting :))

5Expert Score
Works great for connecting my apple iphone 11 to headset for phone calls

I had to buy a second one of these because my first one accidentally went through the shredder (don’t ask lol) and it works perfectly. I leave it plugged into a headset at my desk and then plug it into my apple iphone 11 on the other side anytime i need to be on a call for work. It has worked perfectly so far, good sound quality for calls and i can adjust the volume from my phone as needed. I have used it for music only once, and it was fine then too, i just primarily use it for work phone calls.

5Expert Score
Very easy to use

Don’t throw away your old apple headphones … This is a good investment instead of buying a new headphone. The adapter is small, that you don’t notice it is there.

5Expert Score
Works good

I am using these with my corded headphones for connecting to my iphone 13pro for phone calls and a voice recorder and works great

5Expert Score
Great product

I lost my old one and needed a replacement. It works great for my over the ear headphones. The sound quality is wonderful.

5Expert Score
Greta value for the money.

You don’t lose sound quality while using the adapter. I leave it on my older 3.5mm jack headphones. Compatible with current iphones and even ipads that already have an audio jack.

5Expert Score
Me gusto

Muy bien este articulo original se puede cambiar la música y bajar y subir el audio mediante unos audífonos jack3.5 solo funciona con la función de ios de los auriculares

4Expert Score
Works for phone calls if un-plugged & re-plugged at the beginning of each call.

I wanted a dongle to allow older (trs) headphones with phone calls, while also using the iphone’s built-in microphone.

This dongle does do that for me (iphone x running ios 15.6), with four caveats:

— (#1) when inserting the dongle the very first time, ios asks if the accessory will be used for ‘headphones’ or ‘other devices’. Selecting ‘headphones’ works. Selecting ‘other devices’ fails, and calls always go to the iphone’s built-in speaker. — [to reset use: ‘settings app’ -> sounds & haptics -> headphone safety -> lightning adapters -> forget all adapters]

— (#2) headphone listening always works well for music/videos. But for calls, at the beginning of each call, i must un-plug-&-re-plug either the dongle or my headphones. This is annoying, but after trying several dongles, it’s the only ‘working’ choice i have, so far.

— (#3) during calls with this dongle, you must use the iphone’s side volume buttons for changing the sound. The control center ‘volume slider’ does not work. — (for music & videos the control center ‘volume slider’ works fine.)

— (#4) the short cable in the middle of this dongle is very thin, and likely delicate. So, i envision re-purchasing (for another $8) after several months or a year.

— note: good news. This lightning-to-lightning splitter ( — and likely others too) also allows me to charge while using my headphones on phone calls. (same four caveats above).

4Expert Score
Works, flimsy. Typical apple

Received authentic apple unit in authentic box. Works fine with my iphone 12 but the wire on these pieces is just so flimsy and that’s the fault of apple. That being said, i have yet to find a third party dongle that actually works correctly / doesn’t die after a week or two of use

4Expert Score
It works

I still despise having to pick between charging my phone or privately listening to my music/videos. However, since there’s no point in barking up that tree, this helps “fix” the extremely un-versatile socket. If you’re anything like me as in you use different types of headphones and earbuds, then there’s only one thing you should know. At first, it’s a bit hard to get in, but it’s very sturdy. However, after switching it a few times, it’s much less so. So yeah, no wildly dancing to music while wearing headphones, if you’re the kind of person who does so. A little tug and it’ll unplug. Other than that though, it seems to be working well so far.

4Expert Score
It's fine

My every products were black except this lightening headphone adapter. Wish i bought black color.

4Expert Score
Good enough

It does it’s job okay. Nothing special about it. Sound quality isnt the best but that’s what you get for getting an apple

4Expert Score
Skipping a little

I have an aux cable in my car and i had to replace the last adapter because it kept pulling out and skipping. This one has been working fine until yesterday where i had to readjust it like last time. Hopefully it last longer but i see it being something i need to constantly replace.

4Expert Score
Hopefully this last longer than the non apple ones

We’ve tried some off brands with no luck. Not sure if this apple brand is much better.

4Expert Score
When you need to connect standard micro plug earbuds

Occasionally you need to connect wired ear buds and firewire connections are not available. This allows you to connect standard earbuds to your firewire phone or tablet.

4Expert Score
It works. So what, it’s supposed to work

The sound quality of the wired ear sets with correct plug built-in sound better but their overall quality isn’t as good. Why can’t i just plug the damn thing into a headphone jack? Did eliminating it save apple a dollar-fifty or something?

4Expert Score
Audio quality great, materials not so much.

If you do your research, you will find that the apple audio dongles objectively measure smack in the middle of dedicated dacs that are multiple times the price…. Unless you are driving some really high impedance headphones, you don’t need more than this. The one gripe, the feel of the cable and cable ends is very flimsy. This is backed up with many reviews where people indicate that over time they fail due to fatigue.

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