Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (1m)

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (1m) Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (1m) : Electronics

What are apple watch magnetic charging cable 1m features?

  • Make charging your apple watch utterly effortless.
  • Simply hold the connector near the back of the watch, where magnets cause it to snap into place automatically.
  • It’s a completely sealed system free of exposed contacts. And it’s very forgiving, requiring no precise alignment.
  • 1m usb cable
  • Compatible with all apple watch models
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Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (1m) AMAZON Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (1m) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

What’s the difference between 1m and 2m?

The difference is 1m

Is this, the item being sold, a genuine apple product in apple packaging?

I received a genuine product in genuine apple packaging. Buyers should inspect the received package for apple branding information, examine in the internal packing to compare with other customer photos here. Some have received counterfeits and giving bad reviews, they should return the fake and not post bad reviews for a bona fide product. If you buy it from amazon, ships from amazon, you should be confident of receiving an authentic product, but even amazon gets duped by counterfeits once in a while.

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Can you put this into the usb port on your computer?

This listing sells both versions of usb connections: the older (more common) usb-2/3 connector and the newer (smaller) usb-c. Select the version that is compatible with your computer. If you get it wrong, you can always buy adapters that will convert to the connector type you need for under $10.

Does it come with the adapter to plug into the wall?

No it does not come with the adapter wall plug.

Will this work for the apple watch 7 45 mm?

It will work but will not support fast charging for watch 7. For that, you need the apple usb-c cable, not this one.

I’m looking for one i can plug into my phone charger?

Search for a qi-certified wireless charger

Can magnetic charger charge any smart watch?

No. Its specific to apple only

Will it work for the 6se?

All apple watch chargers work on all apple watches.

Will this work for series 2?

God, both the question and the first answer make me shake my head….

Of course it will work with your series 2

Does this charger work with a series three watchwhat size watch does this charger work with

Every size watch.

Why doesn’t this charger work ? I would like my money back or a new that works.

I have not had any problems with mine. Troubleshooting tips are:
1 make sure the watch backing fits in well of charger listen for ping and look for lightning bolt on face of watch.
2 try another outlet
3 plug the usb into a charger that has a plug and then into the wall.
4 after trying all that sounds like i would assume you have a defective charger.

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What does 1m 2m stand for?

1m/2m refers to the length of the charging cable: 1 meter or 2 meters long.

My anker has quit charging. Flashing light continually.

Usb on one side watch charger on other side of cord works great

How long does it take to charge watch?

Less then two hours

Is this a genuine apple product?

It looks like my genuine apple charger. Hard to say without seeing it in real life. Does it say it is?

I have an apple watch3 38mm which one would i buy. The .3m,1m to 2m?

I purchased the 1m and is doing the job just fine.
P.s. Love my apple watch

Do it stop changing when watch is fully charged to avoid overheating?

The charger continues to keep the watch fully charged as long as it is on the magnetic dock, but i have not had problems with it overheating my watch.

How fast to a full charge?

If less then 30 minutes remaining, plan on 90 minutes to fully charge

‘style’ description and picture don’t match – which one has a usb connector?

It has the cord and connector but not the “block”to plug it in the wall. You have to order that also.

Does this charger work with a 42 mm series three watch


Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (1m) AMAZON Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (1m) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Just works like the original some watch charger

Good quality and works exactly as expected. We’ve been using it for a few weeks and so far so good. My wife charges her apple watch with this nightly and it charges it 100% without issues.

5Expert Score
Works great!

Exactly what i needed! Works as expected.

5Expert Score
Received on time

Travel i left mine at home

5Expert Score
Works great

Lost my original charger, bought this one and it works great.

5Expert Score
Works well

Needed another watch charger. Works great.

5Expert Score
Love it

I like this charging cord because i can use it with other chargers that i have instead of the one that came with my watch. I like to have an extra cord in my camper so i don’t have to remember to take one. It’s also good for travel because it does work with the charger i already use for other devices.

5Expert Score
Great charger for apple watch

This works as well as the original apple watch charger.

5Expert Score
No issues

Great product

5Expert Score
It’s apple! What could go wrong?

It’s apple, it’s reliable, works perfectly as intended!

5Expert Score

Just like the one that comes with the watch. I needed a backup charger for work.

4Expert Score
Charging cable at apple prices

A nice sturdy cable at apple prices. You need one so you have to buy it but it’s expensive.

4Expert Score
It works

It works

4Expert Score
Beware: apple series 1 watch issues

This product is advertised as an all-in-1 charger for all apple watches, in fact it says it’s compatible with all apple watches on the product page.

When i tried to charge the watch it said that the charging device was incompatible with the series 1 watch. After updating the watch and re-syncing i have gotten the charger to work. Not sure if this is a firmware issue with the charger or requires to be reset and re-synced before use.

This charger will work with a series 1. It just requires you to jump through additional hoops, like all apple products.

4Expert Score
Oem charging cable works the best

It seems my apple watch is picky about the charging cable. I tried multiple non-oem cables and my watch lose connections. It is very annoying to hear it making ‘ding’ connection sound every 2 minutes or so. With oem cable, it makes just one ‘ding’ sound at the initial connection.
I think the price of oem cable is too much. (minus 1 star)

4Expert Score
It’s fine

This is a fine charger. It does what it needs to do but it does get hit very fast. So i only use it in emergencies when my watch is dying at work. It’s not my “go to” charger

4Expert Score
Works fine with apple watch 4

Bought it as a spare for wife to put by nightstand. Works fine but the cable is not as heavy duty as apple brand. She will use the apple brand for travel.

4Expert Score
Real deal from apple

This was a real apple product in a fully sealed box. It works perfectly with my charging base to charge my apple watch. Kinda pricy but it hasn’t burst into flames like so many imitation apple gadgets seem to do.

4Expert Score
Overpriced for what it is.

This is an okay cable but it is expensive because it works with the apple watch.

4Expert Score
Quality item still charging after nearly a year

I bought two nearly a year ago and both still work. One in my travel bag and the other on my charger desk. No issues with either, so buying a third for my son’s birthday

4Expert Score
It's apple original cable

It’s apple’s original cable, aside from that nothing special. Wish it worked on iphones as well since you always have to carry extra cable with you. And it’s not even desiged to last long. But it is what it is.

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