ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection, 5.9′ W x 7.7′ H, Black, Set of 2

ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection, 5.9′ W x 7.7′ H, Black, Set of 2 : ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection, 5.9′ W x 7.7′ H, Black, Set of 2 : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are artigifts pro outdoor faucet cover socks for winter freeze protection features?

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  • ❤super waterproof & insulation – the outside spigot covers were made of heavyweight polyester pongee waterproof fabric and special pp insulated cotton, which possess the characteristic of good water proof and insulation to guard against severe weather in winter such as freezing rain and snow.
  • ❤universal dimension – the faucet protector measures of 5.9′ w x 7.7′ h, and thickness of 1.4′, works well with various faucet types, such as garden spigots, hose bibs, water tap, keep faucets protected in freezing weather.
  • ❤unique covering-wall patent design – with this covering-wall clipping patent design, the great cover sock not only covers the faucet firmly, but also be great for against the wall closely. That means the snow/wind/water are isolated well and keep outdoor faucet insulated and waterproof.
  • ❤ flexible string tie system – come with string tie, you can extremely easy to install or take off from your faucet within a few seconds, much easier to use than some foam covers or hook & loop tape styles.
  • ❤satisfaction guarantee – artigifts products are design to last, so we proudly offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. If you experience any issue with this product, you can return it for repair, replacement or fully refund.
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ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection, 5.9′ W x 7.7′ H, Black, Set of 2 AMAZON : ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection, 5.9′ W x 7.7′ H, Black, Set of 2 : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

Do you still have to turn off the water valve and bleed the pipes before using these?

If you live in the house full time, i don’t think you have to do all that. I don’t. If you are putting these on a winter cottage, maybe you would have to turn off the valve, etc. I just use them to keep the faucet from freezing. They work fine.

We live in arizona where it gets very hot rarely freezing. Are there any possible consequences if i leave these on the faucet all the time

I would get the styrofoam ones from hd for under $2.00, they work great & stay snug against the house. Love them. I returned the bags because they would not protect the main part of the faucet that needs protection.

What is the insulation r-value?

Don’t know the r-value. These kept my faucets from freezing last year here in texas when we had the deep freeze for an entire week and it was between 7f (night low) and 17 (day high) degrees.

I’m looking to use this to protect my toddler from smacking his head on something. Does it feel soft and padded when on?

It’s insulated so gives some padding, however not sure it would be enough to protect a head

For those who have used it several years now. How well does it keep out water, from the wall around the outdoor faucets?

I’ve only used it for one year, but it worked well.

Can i place flower pots inside to keep them from freezing?

I wouldn’t bank on it. These are made for outdoor faucets. They are not very big. If indeed they would work they may hold a quart flower pot but i’m guessing. Hope this helps.

Do these fit a faucet with a side lever?

I do not think it will fit with a side lever. It is very snug on our regulsr fawcet.

Can these be dried in the dryer?

No just lay them on top of the dryer ,they will last longer .

At what temperature does it protect to?

Not sure! We have been as low as 4 degrees and my faucets have been fine. I think i have seen responses that stated faucets have been good even at minus temperatures.

Are these covers flame resistant if near a home heating outdoor exhaust pipe?

I have mine next to a space heater inside my greenhouse for last 2 months and they did not catch fire to date

These are supposed to protect in minus temperatures?

Not sure what temperature they protect to, but they are better than leaving unprotected.

Can i leave an average size hose spliter on the faucet and this will cover it . 2 hose shut off adapter be left attached or will i need larger ones ?

Definitely purchase a larger one. These fit perfectly on the regular faucet.

Our faucet got a leak, and we were unable to replace it. The spigot has been capped, will this keep it from freezing and busting?

How high is up? Seriously – it all depends on the lowest temp to which you expect this capped off faucet to eventually get exposed. I use them in tallahassee; these insulators protected two exposed brass faucets – technically ‘hose bibs’ – when exposed to multiple freezes as low as 27 degrees for extended periods.
Which reminds me – it’s not just the temp, but also ‘for how long?’ because time plays a factor. Bottom line: how long will the fixture be exposed to what level of sub-freezing temps? Mine were so effective i purchased two more sets to give as gifts.

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What if i only need 3 of them? I have 3 faucets.

Buy enough for 3 faucets and give one away if you have too many

What the lowest temperature will the faucet protect to ?

I honestly don’t know .. We got to -25. Quite a few times for extended periods of time , it totally worked for me ,,

Where is it made from?

The outside is nylon, like a windbreaker, and some kind of insulation on the inside. I’ve used them 2 years and they seem to work fine. Hope this helps.

Will this help already frozen faucets?

They are like having a heavy pair of gloves with thick thermal padding. If the faucets are already frozen, i honestly don’t know that they will help an already frozen faucet thaw out.

Can i use these in addition to the traditional foam covers?

Would be hard to secure the rubber strap of the styrofoam cover once the bag is secured to the faucet

My outdoor spigot is quite larger than normal size, the top to the outlet is about 5.5 inches, and will this insulated cover fit over to it?


Does this work on brick face? I’m worried about the grout gaps

This goes on your outside faucet. I have a brick house and they work perfectly on my outside faucets. I don’t think whatever is on the house has anything to do with it.

ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection, 5.9′ W x 7.7′ H, Black, Set of 2 AMAZON : ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection, 5.9′ W x 7.7′ H, Black, Set of 2 : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Outside faucet insulators

Order was received promptly. I just put them on–michigan cold weather is coming and i just put them on a few minutes ago. They are very easy to put on and also look quite nice. They are constructed very nicely also–feel like they would make nice gloves to be out in the harsh weather. I would recommend them to anyone who mentioned a need of such equipment.

5Expert Score
Very good quality

These work perfectly for my outside faucets. Fit nicely, good quality and thick. Very happy with purchase.

5Expert Score

Used for outside faucets. So far working great. No freezing. The test will be when it gets really cold.

5Expert Score
Works great!

Great product and great service. Thank you, amazon!

5Expert Score

Recommend; very easy install-just easily put on faucets; so glad got this for faucets for cold weather!

5Expert Score
Peace of mind

Used last winter to cover outside faucets. Easy to put on and take off. They work great. Regardless of how cold it got, the faucets and hence pipes entering the house were protected. Bought an additional set for my vacation home.

5Expert Score
Does the job

Was able to install in seconds

5Expert Score
This was exactly what i was looking for.

Perfect for protecting my outside faucets.

5Expert Score
Highly recommned.

I have.been using these covers for two years now. I highly recommend…they are a must have for be!ow freezing winter weather protection. They will protect your pipes.

5Expert Score
Should've bought long ago.

We get some extreme winter temps from time to time and the faucets need protection. These are quick to install and work great. I wish i would’ve bought then sooner. Will definitely buy again, very satisfied with the purchase. ***highly recommended***

4Expert Score
Great protection.

No about faucet during cold weather.

4Expert Score
Helped me survive snowmageddon 2021

I bought two pairs for my three outside hose bibs in the spring of 2020. All three of my snuggly covered hose bibs survived the record breaking freeze of snowmageddon where dfw airport registered −2 °f (−19 °c) in february 2021 (when we had the electrical grid failures).

To be safe, in the fall of 2021 i had my plumber replace the 40+ year old originals with new ones that had freeze protection on them. But i still use these as they are better than the oval styrofoam cup types i have used in the past. The only criticism is that the black color has faded to a dark gray after two seasons. (see photo)

4Expert Score
Repels water and easy to use

I thought i would need to hire a plumber to replace my outdoor taps which aren’t flush with the outer wall, but these little things did the trick. Just the right length for my taps (i measured before i bought of course). They seem to provide a good frost protection for the rainy and cold weather here in the pnw. Got down in the teens and no pipe bursts with the protection in place. I had a pipe burst on january 1st when it was just in the 20s, so this seems to be doing the trick. Also, the outer shell repels water so far. This might diminish over time based on other reviews, but right out of the package, it is working.

4Expert Score
So far so good

These arrived on time. They look great and are very easy to put on and take off but i haven’t had an opportunity to test them out in our worst winter weather. I purchased them as a replacement for what i was using this year so next year’s winter will be my first real test of that.

4Expert Score
Could be good? We will see!

I just got these for my 3 outdoor faucets (jan. 12, 2020). Very simple and easy to install. I’m in the pacific northwest… And we get an occasional freeze into the 20s and occasional snow – it’s not like an arctic climate by any means. The true test for these will be this coming week with a forecast that has potential lows in the mid-20s. But, i was a little inspired by a review that i read on this product where someone (nicki) placed a small container of water inside one of these and placed it into their freezer. She didn’t specify how long it was in the freezer… But her pictures show that the one container inside the cover in the freezer was still liquid while the other container was frozen solid. I tried it myself and, not knowing how long she left it in her freezer, i left mine inside the cover and in the freezer for 8 hours. As you can see from my picture, the water was frozen solid. That said, this still could be a wonderful product. And, if the local temperatures around here actually dip as low as the forecast predicts, i will post a follow-up to this review. These covers are tidy, compact, simple to put on, seem to be water proof, and hopefully will perform well.

Update: as promised, here is my updated review. We experienced 4-5 days of freezing temperature (mid to high 20s) along with snow. These covers certainly did the job in keeping our outdoor faucets from freezing. I would recommend this product for similar applications. I’m not sure how they’ll perform in longer term freezes or even lower temperatures, but for our purposes these will work just fine! I’m changing my original review of 3-stars to 4-stars.

4Expert Score
Good protection

So far i’ve only used these for a partial season but they appear to be of good quality and are easy to use. I probably wouldn’t solely rely on them for single digit temps but otherwise a good, quick level of protection for short sub freezing spells.

4Expert Score
Just made it thru multiple days below freezing

They worked well. The opening could stand to be a little bit larger. I had to remove the handle from one faucet to get it over.

4Expert Score
Life saver

I bought a new but really old house and the water shut off is in a crazy place so i was driving myself crazy thinking what am i going to do when winter comes. After some research i ran across these and so far i’m a happy little camper. I live in wisconsin so winter happens in full force around here. It’s been unseasonably warm (it was 50-60 degrees the entire week of christmas) but a few weeks ago we had a full week of temps hitting a high of maybe 10 with a -10-15 wind chill. No busted pipes so far. January is always a beast so only time will tell if these socks are for real but right now they are a life saver. Like i said, my house is old, and the outdoor water spout is right beneath one of the wood siding panels on the house and only sticks out a little past it. I had no problem getting these on and since i only have the one outdoor faucet i put both socks on it. (for added protection and because i tend to lose things when i’m not using them.) fingers crossed they’ll hold til spring (which is about late may early june up here)…

4Expert Score
Seems decent (but will see after winter passes)

These seem like they will do okay insulating the water spouts, but we’ll see how things are after winter.

4Expert Score
The draw strings deteriorate quickly

Nice covers but after a few years in the weather the draw string rot away.

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