Asus E410 Intel Celeron N4020 4GB 64GB 14-Inch HD LED Win 10 Laptop (Star Black)

Asus E410 Intel Celeron N4020 4GB 64GB 14-Inch HD LED Win 10 Laptop (Star Black) Asus E410 Intel Celeron N4020 4GB 64GB 14-Inch HD LED Win 10 Laptop (Star Black) : Electronics

What are asus e410 intel celeron n4020 4gb 64gb 14-inch hd led win 10 laptop star black features?

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  • Intel celeron n4020 dual-core processor 1.1ghz up to 2.8ghz / 4gb sdram / 64gb emmc storage
  • 14-inch hd led display (1366 x 768) / integrated intel graphics
  • Webcam / wi-fi 802.11 / stereo speakers
  • 2 usb type-a hdmi / card reader / 1 headphone/microphone combo
  • 3-cell li-ion battery / ac power adapter / windows 10
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Asus E410 Intel Celeron N4020 4GB 64GB 14-Inch HD LED Win 10 Laptop (Star Black) AMAZON Asus E410 Intel Celeron N4020 4GB 64GB 14-Inch HD LED Win 10 Laptop (Star Black) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

The description and photo say this e410 model has a micro sd card slot. Is this true or is the seller offering a newer model without one?

Yes, this laptop has m.2 nvme slot for additional ssd. And this is only one option for upgrade this device, you can not upgrade something else here:)

Does it play youtube ?

It is very good and cheep solution for watching youtube videos, but not for making it.

Trae windows 10 o 11? Por la imagen del producto que aparece alli pareciera windows 11

Windows 10

Se puede colocar otra memoria de 4gb de ram para ampliar?

Lo siento no, no puedes actualizar la memoria en el asus e410

Does it have a micro-sd slot built-in to the laptop ?

Some models of this unit have a built in card reader, some don’t. You’d have to contact the seller to find out if it does or not. The photos in the ad look to be stock photos. I know, not much help but i try lol.

Does this have a mobile hotspot function ?

Im not sure, but save your money and buy a diff one… This one is trash, i returned it

Will this support a gamre like sims 4?

Hello, i just ordered this specifically to run the sims 4. If you do not plan to run with mods or custom content then this computer would work fine. However, if you run customer content and mods and have many expansion packs you will need to get additional storage.

Que core es?

Dos nucleos

Processor speed 1.1 through 2.8 ghz, why the range? Will it run a 1.5ghz program?

Probably not, it hardly played youtube… I returned it

Does the asus e410 have a cd port?


Does this laptop include a microsd port?

It says it does in the product information. But when mine arrived it did not have one.

How do you connect it to wifi???

Sometimes the wifi might disappear, but what i’ve done is completely turn off my laptop and turn it back on to restart it, then it should appear automatically, then you’ll just press on the wifi icon and connect it to your internet

Can i swap windows 10 hard drive out for windows 7 harddrive ?

The harddrive in this laptop is buit in motherboard and can not change, you can only add one more nvme m.2 ssd. And system on this pc is windows 11 in s mode, not windows 10. Theoreticaly, you can reinstall win 7 instead of preinslalled win 11, but, i think, it will be a huge problem with drivers.

Buenos dias. Cuantas lbs pesaria el envio?.?

Yo la mandé a vzla y me costo $20

How much does it really weigh? I know it’s not 1lb…

Real weight is 1.3 kg (2.866 lb) and small charger.

I received this laptop. But there is no card reading. Why it happened?.

It doesn’t come with a sd card slot not this version anyway.

It shows a micro sd card slot even on the user manual but it’s not there at all?

No, there is an hdmi slot 2 usb slots and a c-type size slot but that’s it. No sd card slot for extra memory. I used a usb backup and uploaded something from my sons asus for extra space.

How much storage is left over for saving music? I know it’s not 64gb

There are about 20gb free. And must be nvme m2 port inside for additional ssd.

Great for the price on september 25-9-22works for what i need it to do..i’m not a gamer

Same here.

Can this run roblox

Probably not, it’s an okay laptop for basic usage though

Asus E410 Intel Celeron N4020 4GB 64GB 14-Inch HD LED Win 10 Laptop (Star Black) AMAZON Asus E410 Intel Celeron N4020 4GB 64GB 14-Inch HD LED Win 10 Laptop (Star Black) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Good battery life – just don't go to win11

For the money this is a great buy. Don’t expect too much. I made the mistake of upgrading to win11 and lost about 5gb of built-in hard disk space (so now i’m down to 25gb). That’s not a prob for me since i never keep anything critical on my built-in hd anyway – nor should you 🙂 btw i always use an external keyboard + mouse (consider a usb hub that will cost you all of $10 i do appreciate the 2 built-in usb ports.

5Expert Score
Size matters

This has got to be the best computer deal i have purchased!!!! The 14inch screen is great and the size and weight of the computer is amazing. Super fast response, graphics are great and is easily storable!!! Great buy for the money. I will be buying two more for my kids!!

5Expert Score
What i needed

I like it. I don’t do gaming and mostly just do internet searches. It is a nice computer for my needs.

5Expert Score
Good laptop for web surfing and youtube

It is a good laptop for light tasks: office, web surfing, watching videos. Not for more. No coollers = no noise. Cpu is weak and after first loading you need few hours to update the system. After this it works good. Laptop has nvme m2 port inside for adding additional ssd disk. You can not upgrade anything else.

5Expert Score

Love it!

5Expert Score
Windows 11 w/microsoft office

I love that it’s updated to the latest windows 11 and it comes with a year subscription to microsoft office it’s great for school in personal

5Expert Score

Very good

5Expert Score
So far this been a very good asus laptop.

Very good product

5Expert Score


5Expert Score

Works pretty good

4Expert Score
Good for the money

Has windows 11 which surprised me. Good for my daughters homework.

4Expert Score
Good student laptop

I bought this laptop for my son for school and its perfect for that it also is a great gaming laptop because of the built-in system. The camera isn’t all that great but for a child for school its fine. They storage is also limited so make sure you have a sd card or usb backup.

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