AUGO Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out – Pet and Kid Friendly – Patent Pending Keep Open Feature – 38 Inch x 83 Inch

AUGO Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out – Pet and Kid Friendly – Patent Pending Keep Open Feature – 38 Inch x 83 Inch

AUGO Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out – Pet and Kid Friendly – Patent Pending Keep Open Feature – 38 Inch x 83 Inch – –

What are augo magnetic screen door – self sealing features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Breezy insect protection: keep bugs, mosquitos and other pests out with a screen that seals behind you magnetically as you walk through it. The polyester mesh allows fresh air to circulate while it is shut.
  • Most secure: unlike other screen doors that only have small strips every so often, our magnetic screen door has magnets that run along the entire length of the screen, and the velcro-like strip to attach it to the door frame is also full frame.
  • Easy to install: screen door measures 38′ x 83”, fits door sizes: 36′ x 83′. It is super simple, quick and fast to install the screen door. Simply attach it to the door frame with the included velcro-like strips. Extra push pins are included for added security and strength. For best adhesive results, clean and dry surface properly.
  • Kid & pet friendly: the polyester mesh fabric is durable enough to withstand thousands of uses, it is also lightweight enough for children and small dogs and cats to walk through and open without using hands.
  • Patent pending feature: are you walking through the doorway often, having a party or crowd or have another reason to keep the screen open? The handy snaps hold the sides in place and clear the doorway.

AUGO Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out – Pet and Kid Friendly – Patent Pending Keep Open Feature – 38 Inch x 83 Inch AMAZON

AUGO Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out – Pet and Kid Friendly – Patent Pending Keep Open Feature – 38 Inch x 83 Inch – –

Looking for specific info?

I have a mosquito farm. Will this keep the good ones in and the bad ones out?

But really, to keep mosquitoes from biting you get a small spray bottle like out of a travel kit. Take real vanilla extract and fill the bottle like a 1/4 full. Then get some bottled water and fill the other 3/4 up. Shake it up. It should look like light to medium brown water. Spray it on your arms legs face anywhere on your body that u get bit. They will stop biting you. It really works and smells good. I wouldn’t get it on clothing because it might stain.
No more mosquito farms please! Thank you

My husband has a defib/pacemaker will the magnets affect him?

I have a pacer/defib and have had the magnets brush across chest and cause it to give audible tone. This means my was pacer was paused, but is a temporary effect. Medtronic pacer/defib

Has the velcro caused damage or peeled the paint off anyones door?

I don’t know about this particular screens brand, but after all the time i spent looking at them from one listing to the next, probably having seen around a dozen or two, i feel more than confident in the fact that they are all pretty much the same exact thing. Having said that, we purchased one about 2 years ago and it has been an absolute pleasure to have it and it has been more than satisfactory the entire time. If you keep anything magnetic, like a broom to be more specific, leaning up against the wall next to the opening you choose to hang your screen on, the magnets in the screen will in fact attach itself, thereby causing the screen to remain halfway open if you don’t happen to notice that it took place. Otherwise, we have 2 dogs and 2 grand doggies who visit us often, and it’s an absolute god send for that purpose alone. Also, because we are very outdoorsy people, we tend to go through the doorway with full hands and with this screen, i can’t tell you how great it is not having to set things down or fumble and possibly drop the stuff. And then one last thing i’ll mention about it is, and it’s really just something silly, but it’s actually quite the conversation piece too believe it or not lol. People just trip over it because they’ve never seen anything like it i guess, so they think it’s just great.
The one downside as far as i’m concerned at least is, once you’ve had it for a period of time and have gotten real used to having, seeing and using it on the daily, be careful going through the same type door opening when visiting at your family or friends houses because you might just walk into the closed door or screen more likely, and you could be injured, embarrassed or both lol. Probably both hahahaha
nah but in my opinion, everyone looking to purchase one of these awesome magnetic screens, definitely will not be sorry nor disappointed. We personally wouldn’t ever want to be without one again!
Really hope my 2, i mean 10¢ has been helpful!
& to all

Can this be taken down easily? I’m interested in it being up for just the warmer months.

It can be taken down easily. It was easy to install as well. It’s also a much better product than the one you see advertised on tv.

I live in florida. How does it hold up in wind?

The sides and the top should since they are attached to the door frame but the bottom part just hangs. Since it is not a solid fabric much of the wind may go through the mesh anyways. I imagine you could attach something at the bottom near the split to give it more weight.

If i were to put this on the exterior, would it hold up with all the rain through the summer? Would it survive storms if i weren’t home to take it do?

Sunlight would wreak more havoc than rain. Won’t last forever but my last one held up for three summers even keeping it up year round.

Can this be shorten?

No i do not think you could shorten this due to the magnets holding the middle together and also there is a hem that goes around each panel.

Do they have 48′ x 83′ size?

at the moment we only offer one size.

How many magnets?

I do not know. This is my third door.
By far and away the best door i have had.

Can this attach to the exterior of a wood frame?

Sure it can, you can also use the included push-pins if you would like to.


Our door size is 95*32. Which item we can order?

Check the product specifications, height x width.

My door is 32 inches inside diameter and 36 inches outside to frame. Is this going to be too big for my door?

No. My doors are smaller than the max size of this, and it’s fine.

Can you make them to fit larger door jambs? Mine measures 40 x 100

I suggest you look for a brand that looks fit multiple size options. The width isn’t the problem, it the height. Those little buggers are fully capable of finding the area left uncovered.

.can i use the tacks without the velcro? I rent my place and don’t want to damage the door jam by adding and then removing the adhesive.

I would think you could just use the tacks – but then you’ll have multiple, tiny holes in the door jamb. Keep in mind, you’ll want to use plenty of tacks to secure the screen and you might have to rearrange to properly close the screen.

What is the best option for a temporary install if you want to remove after a day of use? Would be used for a nice day/night to let fresh air in.

Don’t use thumb tacks. Remove velcro after use. Use something like skin so soft oil or murphys oil soap to remove stickies left behind?

Can this be used inside the house like on a bedroom door

I am sure it can if the door frame is the right size.

If i use this product after the expiration date, will there be any effect?

This product has a sticker on the side of the wall, the purpose is to prevent the small insert comes from the outer edge. I think these parts may be affected if you use it after the expiration date because the adhesion may be weak.

But this sticker also has an extra nail to secure its position, so i don’t think to have any problems with the expiration date.

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Does it keep sun out?

It depends where you live the magnetic is great and looks great on my door! There is less sun coming in but doesn’t keep the sun out 100%

Anyone make a screen that rolls up? I don’t want to see the screen when i don’t need it

As you can see in the picture you can put the screen off to the side. Also because it’s velcro you can just take it completely off the door set it aside and it will take you less than a minute to put it back on.

Can i install one day in one door and next day in another door or velcro is forever for the same door? Are the pins working for metal surface?

No the double tape won’t stick anymore in another surface.. Has yo stay only in one place.
Also the pins won’t work on metal. I had to use the soft hammer to put it in the wood frame.
Also either the storm we had a few weeks ago it got wet.. So started coming off from
the frame( the glue didn’t stick anymore) had to buy liquid nails ( glue) and glue it back..

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AUGO Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out – Pet and Kid Friendly – Patent Pending Keep Open Feature – 38 Inch x 83 Inch AMAZON

AUGO Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out – Pet and Kid Friendly – Patent Pending Keep Open Feature – 38 Inch x 83 Inch – –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Perfect in every way!

I signed in to replace the one we have and was reminded that we got it in may of 2021. This thing survived two in and out seasons, plus the winter in between! No small feat with 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 adults and various other visitors. We have some great outdoor spaces and just leave the back door open when the weather is nice. This screen stuck to the doorframe like a champ and went back up easily if one of the dogs got too rambunctious. The magnets down the middle stayed right where they were, which had been a problem with other products in the past. Best of all it kept the bugs out! No sagging or gaps and the perfect length to cover the bottom of the doorway as well. If it weren’t for a couple of holes from the dogs scratching when the door was closed we could definitely go another season. Next time we’ll be sure to use the attached straps to gather the screen out of the way when we close the door. Perfect!

5Expert Score
Get it if you're over flies in your house all the time

I’ve had this bad boy up for about 2 weeks and i tell everyone how great it is whether they care or not.
We hosted 2 straight days of bbq’s and people, kids, and dogs in and out and in and out of our house and not one fly was in my house and trying to ruin my leftovers as we brought things in to clean up. We actually keep our slider open all the time now so the dog can go in and out as he feels fit.
I no longer have to yell like a crazy woman to close the flipping door at kids who like to not care about flies pooping on their food laying around. It’s so lovely. Just get one. Get one for your white elephant. Get one for your friends house who you can’t stand opening their door all the time. Just get one.
To add, our fly situation was so annoying we had 2 of those rackets to kill flies, i was paying kids $1/fly to entice them to help reduce their nasty butts flying around. And i have a plug in fly lamp to attract them with a sticky pad. So when i say this has made my quality of life better, i mean it.

5Expert Score
3rd purchase

After the third time, i think i have the installation down. I’ve had to buy this multiple times due to my dogs running through and tearing the screen. The product is great and super easy to install. I recommend using the velcro and push pins at the top to prevent the condensation from the seasonal weather wearing it down. Plus, if you have pets running in and out it helps keep it secure.

5Expert Score
Love it!

This product is so great! I wanted to buy when first came out a couple years ago, did not but other friends have and saw in action, purchased for my home and is amazing for the dogs. Recently adopted a dog who was scared, easily taught him to not be scared (he rammed the screen door before by mistake) and this has just been a perfect addition! Too bad winter is coming to alaska and trying to decide to leave up for winter or take down… This is a must buy!!

5Expert Score
Very happy lady

I bought this 4 days short of a month ago and i am so happy! I have 6 dogs, 5 retrievers and a shepherd, they are constantly in and out- jumping on the door. This thing has stood up to their paws scratching and the constant use. I’m very happy with it! Apart from the tacs pulling out of the molding every once and i while it is absolutely perfect.

Would recommend!

5Expert Score
It works great!

I ended up ordering three of these screens because i loved how they work so much. I have bought other screen from random stores and they wear and tear pretty quickly and the adhesive doesn’t hold up well. However, these are amazing! The screen is a thick material that feels very durable, it helps to give me privacy while at the same time allowing for easy visibility to the outside. The adhesive works great so far. The push pins did not bend while i pushed them through the adhesive into the wooden frame. And the cherry on top, the snaps on the sides to draw the screen open if need be. Easy to snap into place and snap open to drop the screens without worrying about tying/untying knots. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Love this well-made screen door

I had a prior one that was super difficult to install and then fell apart within a yr or so. The heavy duty part is important. After looking for a stronger material i ordered this one. So much easier to install. So much better material. It definitely helps reduce bugs and it is much stronger. Really love this one!!!

5Expert Score

I dont normally write reviews, but this screen is great! Our dogs love it, i dont have to open the back door so often now and let some breeze come in the house without worrying bout mosquitoes or flies. Its super easy to install, doesnt look tacky, and the magnet closes immediately!

5Expert Score
Super easy!

Absolutely perfect for my apartment patio door! Easy to install, works great to keep out bugs and also enjoy fresh air! The ability to tie back when not in use is also stellar! Would buy again and totally recommend! Oh and magnetic closure for the win!

5Expert Score
Figured out my gap issue, so far so good!

It was pretty easy to install, however, there is a gap and it’s letting flies in the house!! The magnets seem pretty weak in that area, so maybe i got a defective one. The rest of it seals up nicely! Still pretty frustrating. I like the concept though.

Update…a few hours later….after messing with the top part a little bit and moving it to different heights, my gap issue has been solved! So far, so good! Happy to have figured it out. Hope this helps someone having the same issues!

4Expert Score
Quick and easy, does the job

This was quick to put up and very easy. It lasted through the summer so we could have the door open without bugs coming in while also allowing the dogs to come in and out as they fancied once they figured out it wasn’t solid.

The magnets are strong and the adhesive works pretty well. Our door is a standard size but does not have smooth trim, it’s an old house with a slightly more ornate door frame and brick around that so it was hard to press the adhesive flat due to the size and shape of the door which is no fault of the product. It adhered pretty well, it popped off in the middle a few times which causes the magnets not to line up but i pressed it back in each time and the adhesive was still sticky enough to stick to the door. I only went with four stars vs five because we did have to stick it back up several times through the summer.

Unfortunately either my dog or squirrels put a few holes in the bottom yesterday. For the price, i will definitely get a new one for next year. It did the job well with minor issues and some of that may be solved by learning what went wrong with this first one when sticking it to my problem door frame.

4Expert Score
Help for country homes.

This product helped tremendously in keeping the flies out of the house. With outside animals this has long been an issue. I would have given this 5 stars except it restricts the forests quite a bit. This is on my doors. It may do differently on yours. We had to install differently on our doors dude to the swing. Also had a tendency to come undone. A staple gun took care of that issue. I have plans to buy another to add to the entry from our enclosed back porch to the kitchen because of the high traffic in this area.

4Expert Score
For the price, this thing does the trick

I bought this to fend off the flies but give my dog a way to go in an out as he needs while my wife and i are home.
I had no expectations when ordering this screen and it has really held up.
The install was pretty easy. While the adhesive is pretty solid, the kicker is the pushpins that make the screen a lot more sturdy.
In terms of durability, ours has lasted a year and a half thus far with a 70 lb dog going in and out of it to “greet” passers by. So i would say its fairly durable. But use the pushpins. They will secure the screen.

I would recommend to anyone.

4Expert Score
Great product, easy setup!

This product was perfect for the door leading to my balcony. The single door being left open, let a lot of flies in which then led me to this product. Installation was easy, the velcro is strong and great quality. The magnets in the center, connecting the two curtains are great but easily persuaded. Mine like to stick to my door if too close, also in installation the frame was installed tightly and so the curtains usually need a little help meeting. Would recommend allowing for some give to allow for easy closing.

4Expert Score
Nice addition 🙂

This addition has been a success! Unbelievably easy to put up and have had no problems using just the adhesive without the pins. It does have small gaps in the middle since there are not magnets on every inch of the middle, so that would be my only complaint. I love the tie back function because it gets it out of the day of my door for when i come home.

4Expert Score
Slightly too wide for us but works anyway

Had this a week now and this thing has been awesome for keeping out the relentless texas mosquitos. It was slightly wide for our older doorway but my husband made it work. I’m so happy we can finally keep the door open and not worry about mosquitoes. We have four kids and this thing feels durable also, which is crucial.

4Expert Score
Works well

I upgraded the velcro to a more industrial strength. For very light usage it would be ok

4Expert Score
Is good, in my case just a little bit larger that my door

The material looks ok easy to install just it was a little larger that the door in my case aorund 30mm more and sometimes the panela are not completely close in the bottom position

4Expert Score
Works as listed

I thought it would be a bit larger for my door molding
product should work fine
dog getting used to it

4Expert Score
Nice screen portal

I was happy with this purchase. It works as advertised, the magnets snap together quickly and for 22 bucks, a good alternative to installing a screen door especially for apts or condos.

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