Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch, for Indoor Fruit Fly Use (1-Pack)

Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch, for Indoor Fruit Fly Use (1-Pack)

Buy Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch, for Indoor Fruit Fly Use (1-Pack): Sheers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are aunt fannie’s flypunch features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Bye fruit flies, bye harsh chemicals; easy, safe, and effective for indoor use, without petrochemicals or harsh ingredients
  • Simple setup: just open the flip top and set flypunch where fruit flies are seen or feared; change every 30 days or as needed
  • Powered by a unique blend of specialized vinegar and ferment, manufactured in the usa
  • Safe near food and food prep areas when used as directed; cruelty free, hard working, and family friendly
  • A must for gardeners, farmer’s market and csa lovers, home brewers, and kitchen composts
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Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch, for Indoor Fruit Fly Use (1-Pack) AMAZON

Buy Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch, for Indoor Fruit Fly Use (1-Pack): Sheers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Will this kill gnats too?

It killed a ton of gnats in my kitchen

How to use it?

Open it up and leave it on your counter until you no longer see any fruit flies- and then leave it at least one additional week.

How long does this last?

It lasts pretty long, it’s just how quickly the trap liquid evaporates. I’ve had mine open for a few weeks now in my kitchen and it’s still 3/4 full.

What is with the warning not to put this down the drain? It says ‘non-toxic’ on the label.

Flypunch! Is 100% non-toxic. The epa requires certain language on the label we have to abide by. Personally, i pour the flypunch! Down the drain and recycle the bottle!

Help! How do i get the black lid off to peel the seal?

I don’t think it comes off just cut the foil around the opening with a sharp knife. Then snap the lid shut if you want to close it up.

I have cats. Can this container be knocked over easily?

Yes. It’s pretty light weight and the cats could easily knock it over.

Where is this product made?

I think it’s made in the portland area

Will it kill plants? My daughter dumped the whole bottle into my plants

I do not know. Just moved into a new apartment and no plants as of now.

Can this be used for mosquitos?

I don’t know if it can be used for mosquitoes. I use it for fruit flies.

Is this okay to leave out with my cats around?

I have ours on the island in the kitchen. It’s kind of positioned between some things so the cat can’t get to it. I don’t know if it’s toxic for the cats, but it would definitely be a mess if your cats love to knock things over.

Throwing away container seems wasteful. Can the lid be screwed off to clean out for re-use?

I would throw away the whole thing as i found this product worthless. Caught more flies with vinegar with a little dish soap in it.

Apple cider vinegar doesnt work……will this?

Yes! Works wonders! Gotta keep the bottle open at all times.

I’m trying to determine if i am catching any new flies. I noticed that some have sunk to the bottom while others are at the top. Is this an indicator?

I had the same result visually at first, but the thing i noticed most was how few of the darned critters were flying in and around my kitchen.

Refill available?

No idea. I’d think you would just buy more of the same product. It’s fabulous.

Does this work on regular flies? (it worked well when we had fruit flies, but these are the full sized flies and i wasn’t sure.)

I do not know – but i was not very pleased with its use on fruit flies – over rated.

Two weeks dealing with ff-today i found a can of green beans leaked in pantry- could that have been the start ? I have cap. 100’s. How long til gone?

Don’t buy , it did not worked as advertised.

How often should you replace?

Flypunch! Is most potent for 2 weeks, but it will keep catching fruit flies for a month. However, if you have a major infestation or you’re a food service establishment, we strongly recommend you replace every 2 weeks.

Do i need to purchase more than one?

It only lasts a week or so, which is long enough to clear up a moderate problem but if your problem is bad i’d get 2 of them so you can use one and then set out the next one once the first one no longer works.

I ordered this item and received it damaged and leaking.

It does bot

Can some one tell me how to use this? Do i just open the bottle and lave it open?

Yes, just open the cap and take off the foil. I sit it on my counter in the worst area and then once my problems was under control i moved it to a more convenient spot.

Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch, for Indoor Fruit Fly Use (1-Pack) AMAZON

Buy Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch, for Indoor Fruit Fly Use (1-Pack): Sheers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Definitely works very well

I had a small fruit fly infestation happening and it got to where i couldn’t keep it under control by trying to smack them out of the air. Saw this, reviews looked good so i gave it a shot. After about an hour it trapped one fly, after three hours it trapped two.
I just left it alone; unimpressed at that moment. Well, the next day i checked it and there were nearly twenty of them floating in the jar dead. I really haven’t had any of them bother me since. Amazingly simple effective product – get this one if you have a fruit fly problem.

5Expert Score
Very good product….!!!

I had had a problem with fruit flies for about a three weeks. I just could not get rid of them. I kept putting apple cider vinegar with a couple dabs of dawn in small bowls and leaving them on the counter. The flies would disappear. But then reappear a day later.
So, i thought it’s not gonna hurt to try a different concoction. And i purchased aunt frannie’s flypunch.
The flies were totally gone within a few hours and have not returned.
I would highly recommend this product.

5Expert Score
Defeated my month long fruit fly/gnat problem in a couple days!

Does it smell like vinegar? Yes. But did it take my month long bug problem and have it all over with in about two days? Yes! I just opened the lid and left it by the sink in the kitchen and there were soo many little flys in there within about 2 days. I am super impressed and if i ever get another fruit fly problem i will 100% being buying this again. I left it out for about a week to make sure it attracted any stragglers and i haven’t seen a fly since!

5Expert Score
Best stuff on the market

I have tried a number of products for getting rid of fruit flies and this is by far the best. You can simply open the jar and leave it in an area and see immediate results, or you can use it to fill those useless little red plastic apples you paid more for that did nothing. Adding this ‘punch’ to those red apples will get you the desired results in minutes!

5Expert Score
The fruit fly killer i've needed for months!

I have tried about everything out there. My kitchen was inundated with fruit flies, thanks to my garden produce and my sourdough starter! We tried sticky traps, traps with funky shapes, liquid baits, dish soap, and even my sourdough start with a little dish soap. All the things. I have used about 1/8 of this bottle, and the fruit flies are gone and i have seen two alive for the first time in maybe 5 months! If you are trying to find a fruit fly eliminator, aunt fannie’s flypunch is the way to go! Don’t waste your time or money on other methods.

5Expert Score
Very helpful

Ok, so i get these annoying fruit flies and then kind of forget about them until they start bothering me again- at which point i wish i had got something like this sooner. This is so easy to use. Just put it on your counter near your fruit and open the lid. The smell will start wafting into the room and obviously, if i were a fruit fly, i would be attracted to this. Yes, i have seen those sticky traps, but who wants to look at dead fruit flies on your kitchen counter stuck to a trap? When you are done with this just pour out the liquid and pitch the container. Fruit flies are gone.

5Expert Score
Worked amazingly!!!

I know there are mixed reviews on this product but it worked great for me! Within two weeks my gnat problem is 98% solved. I thought i only had a few gnats flying around but man was i wrong. Looking inside the bottle i see the problem was way worse than i thought it was. I’m super grateful for this product. You only smell it if you’re standing right next to it and it’s faint. You should order it, with the price point you’ve got nothing to lose but annoying gnats!

5Expert Score
Vanquish fruit flies!

So simple. Open set on shelf. Watch flies pile up in bottom fast efficient and works better than water and dish soap to rid the place. I’ll pay for it any time

5Expert Score
Does have an overpowering stench of vinegar

Update!!! After a day of use, i must say this stuff really works!! So i suppose i’ll just have to deal with the vinegar smell, i just don’t like it.

I have many lovely plants in my bedroom that, unbeknownst to me, had fruit fly’s in the soil when i bought them. So i tried this product since it seemed more natural. When i opened the jar, omg, the smell of vinegar was totally overwhelming! Also, the lid of the bottle leaked the stuff all over and now my bedroom smells like a vinaigrettesalad.

5Expert Score
Fly punch works

Since i bought the fly bunch, i have seen less fruit flies. The downfall is smells like vinegar.

4Expert Score
Best so far

I’ve had a serious fruit fly infestation all summer. I’v tried all the the homemade concoctions i could find on-line – to no avail. Sprays chase them away individually but requires diligence and it got hard on the budget. Aunt fannie’s is the only product that seems to help. If you’ve got a swarm like mine it will take numerous containers strategically placed. I hate winter but i can’t wait for cold weather which should give me seasonal relief from the nuisance.

Give aunt fannie’s a try even though it is not a magic bullett. My quest continues.

4Expert Score
Backstroking gnats in your coffee?

As good as this stuff is the gnats are still winning in our home. They may be harmless but they bug the hell out of me.

4Expert Score
I bought these last year and they worked very well……

The product did not work as well as it did last year……however it’s better than nothing!

4Expert Score
Worked eventually

Did not seem to work the first day or so. By day 3 it really kicked in not a bad purchase.

4Expert Score
It works but diy is cheaper

Our work lunchroom is (was) inundated with gnats or fruit flies. Within a couple of hours of placing this on the table, it was evident that it works well. Three weeks later it has a considerable amount of the little buggers in it. Due to the size of the area it was evident that more traps were needed. So to supplement it, i made two other traps using apple cider vinegar and soap, and those are working just as good if not better, for a fraction of the price of this item. So, it’s a good product but an unnecessary expense unless you don’t want the hassle of making your own.

4Expert Score
I could make my own?

Attracting fruit flies. Smells like it’s just apple cider vinegar with a little dish soap added.

4Expert Score

I tried making my own fruit fly traps with apple cider vinegar, but only caught one fruit fly in two days. Tried this, and even though it smells just like apple cider vinegar to me, it works so much better! Have caught nearly all the little buggers in a few days time.

4Expert Score
It did good

This did a good job of catching small fruit fly’s. I think if i purchase this again i would separate it into a smaller bowl so i didn’t have to see all the dead flies floating in the bottom on the container and i could use only what i needed instead of the whole bottle. Other than that, it did a great job.

4Expert Score
Definitely less fruit flies

I’m definitely seeing a lot less fruit flies. I keep it next to my bananas in the kitchen. The only draw back to me is that i can smell the vinegar odor. It’s not overpowering and it does work, so i’m happy.

4Expert Score

It does capture some of our fruit flies, but after a couple of weeks has not eliminated the problem. But i’ll be patient.

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